day at the shrine

“a man of love told me today:
if you’re a rind*
hang out with other rinds
yesterday’s gone
and has become nothing
never mind about nothing
tomorrow’s not here
so don’t even talk about it.” -Rumi

*an unconventional, free-living person who lives by his own rules.

Shrine Muhammad Yahya.
Multan, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

PAKISTAN. Sehwan. February 17, 2017. A baby bottle lies on the blood-stained floor at the 13th century Muslim Sufi shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar a day after a bomb attack in the town in Sindh province. Pakistan launched a nationwide security crackdown Friday, officials said, after a bomb ripped through the crowded Sufi shrine, killing at least 88 people including 20 children and wounding hundreds. ISIS claimed responsibility.

Photograph: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty

kagome and miroku are gossips. sure, kagome will talk with sango and inuyasha about things happening in the village, but the dirty laundry? she and miroku fucking live for it 

“did you hear about old man shiro? his wife found him at a bathhouse last week and he wasn’t bathing.” “you think that’s bad, I overheard temari and satsumi talking about that new merchant who has families in three different villages.” “haku left a prayer paper at the shrine the other day asking for a cure to his impotence.” “you know you’re not supposed to read those.” “you would have done the same thing.” “well it’s still not as bad as-”

and every one else just wonders why the two fucking Spiritual Leaders of the villages are l i k e  t h i s

My YOI experience
  • Me: What is Yuri On Ice? It keeps popping up on tumblr everywhere!
  • Me: Well, it's not my genre, but I can give it a chance
  • Me: **starts first episode** yeah I'm totally only gonna watch this one and then stop
  • Me: **binge watches whole show in 2 days, becomes obsessed, sets a shrine for Viktuuri, collects gay shots of Viktuuri on phone, life is ruined, house is on fire** FUCK

What if when Mob gets a little older, say high-school age, he does become a traveler of sorts. He can’t travel to different countries because he’s too young and doesn’t have the financial means to, but day trips to historic castles, shrines, gardens, and other interesting places are within his means. The day before he’ll pack some snacks, a sketchbook and pencils, maybe some extra spending money, and a map or directions on how to get where he wants to go and back.

While he’s there Mob will spend time listening to the spirits talk about the history of the area or interesting events that they witnessed. If he sees something unique - be it a flower, structure, or scenery - he’ll pull out his sketchbook and draw whatever piqued his interest. The people whom he allows to look through his sketchbook always comment that he’s getting much better at his drawings.

On occasion Teru or Ritsu will join Mob on his trips. Teru saved up and bought a camera so he can take pictures of wherever he goes. He uses the best photos to fill a small scrap book that, once done, he plans to give to Mob as a gift. Ritsu doesn’t accompany Mob as much as Teru due to his studies, but when he does catch an odd break from all the work he does like to spend time with his big brother.

Cursetale Fanfiction? Not Quite...

Author’s Note: I should apologize for this, but I won’t.

Day 1:

Discovered an amazing new AU (cursetale), with an amazing new skele to admire (Dre). I must look into this further.

Day 9:

His feet… are so tiny… and therefore… his socks… also… so. very. smol. Investigation underway. (What is this madness?)

Day 15:

Are they baby socks? Are they doll socks? Why doesn’t he wear shoes? Why does he only have one sock in this picture? Where is the other sock?!

Day 22:

Dre’s tiny feet and subsequently tiny socks have become my life now, and I am ok with this. Haunt my dreams, tiny socks. I welcome you.

Day 35:

Replaced all furniture with tiny socks. In an unrelated incident (alleged incident), I may or may not have bitten a baby at the store today. I needed those socks more than he did…

Day 48:

Shrine completed! Tiny Dre-feet pictures printed out and taped to closet wall? Check. Pile of tiny socks to live in? Check. Regrets? None.

Day 90:

What is therapy?

Day 91:


Day 167:

My dreams are haunted by fantasies by a tiny-footed skele making it rain an array of the smallest socks. I no longer wish for the waking world.

Day 201:

Managed to climb onto the roof. Spelled out “Notice me sockpai” in baby socks. Maybe someone will send help…

Day 204:

Don’t send help. I live here now.

Day 332:

I am ok with this.

Dre by @cursetale / Shady not-enough-sleep ramblings by me / Apologies by no one

I’ll tell you a story about Kirin Jindosh, the Duke’s Grand Inventor. Once he was commissioned to make a toy for a six year Tyvian noble girl. Jindosh worked for three months and built a machine composed of wood, brass, and the bones of several cats. It ran on a few drops of whale oil a day.  The little girl was told she would have a special treat and she was perfectly delighted until the moment it was activated. She lives at the asylum in Dabokva now, and will until the end of her days.
—  The Outsider’s Shrine, Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion (DH2) on HC playthrough.