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Plans - XIV

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“What do we need?” Virgil asked.

“If we really are going to stage a breakout, then I need to pick up some things from my house. It’s probably not safe to stay here after a raid, so we should get back to my house and then we can rest there,” Patton said.

Roman groaned softly. “My legs are going to fall off.”

They traveled again through the tunnels, completely silent. Virgil was still anxious, Patton felt determined, and Roman was just exhausted. They would get to Patton’s house, crash there for the night, and then make more plans the next day.

When they finally arrived back in Level Two, Patton led the way. They group had picked up staying in the shadows and out of the line of sight of police, so it was simple for them to get to Patton’s house. Surprisingly, there was nobody around.

“It’s been a few days since I was proclaimed a fugitive,” Patton said softly. “They probably stayed here for a while before deciding it wasn’t worth it…but just in case, let’s take the back.”

They moved silently and Patton opened up the back door. They all went inside and Patton shut the door silently. They wouldn’t turn on any lights, in case the house really was still being watched. There was no need to alert anyone that there were people inside.

Patton left to his room to get his watch key and other supplies. Roman crashed on the couch. Virgil, while he wanted to continue pacing and fretting, was also feeling quite exhausted. And hungry. Having only tea and scones all day wasn’t the best, nutritionally. So he left to raid Patton’s kitchen and ended up pulling together a simple platter of crackers, cheese, and meats for them all to eat.

When Patton returned, Virgil was sat on the floor, anxiously nibbling away at a cracker, and Roman was chewing on some cheese. “Where’s LOG-IN?” he asked.

Virgil pointed back towards the kitchen. LOG-IN sat at the table, eyes blank while text scrolled over the glass.

“He said something about trying to tap into his code,” Virgil said. “I told him not to hurt himself.”

Patton seemed uneasy, but nodded. He took a seat beside Roman’s head and took a couple pieces to eat himself. “We need a plan.”

“Yeah. You said you know the facility, right?”

Patton nodded. “I know how to navigate once we get inside. But getting inside is going to be difficult.”

“You still have your police ID right?” Roman asked. “We can use that to gain access.”

“That will give me access, not you two, and that’s only assuming that I don’t set off an alarm because I’m a fugitive…We’ll have to figure out another way.”

Virgil took another cracker. “Roman, do you know any dirty cops that we can pay off to let us in?”

Roman hummed and slowly sat up. “I can check my contacts, but I don’t know who would be on duty at the time.”

“I can figure that out,” Patton said. “How much is it going to cost to pay them off?”

“A couple thousand, probably. They claim their morals have high prices. But I can cover that. That’ll get us inside and probably a few minutes before a different guard finds us and an alarm is triggered. So we’ll have to move fast.”

“We don’t know where Parker’s being kept either,” Virgil muttered. “Can we check police databases?”

“I can try,” Patton said uneasily. “But I’m worried that it’ll set something off, either with my ID or because it’ll realize that we’re here in the house.”

Virgil nodded. “If that’s the case then we’ll check tomorrow, when everything is put together. We’ll be prepared, and then if something does go wrong, we can book it out of here straight away…The jail isn’t that far either, right?”

Patton nodded. “Just a few streets away. We can easily make it on foot.”

“Then…it’s a plan.”

Raptor Bughead Fic Rec of the Day #13

to die by your side (is such a heavenly way to die)
Written by: juggydunes ( @juggydunes​ )
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary:  “Every person has two dates on their wrist. One is when they die and the other is when they find their soulmate. What happens if both dates are the same?”

Why You Should Read It:  It’s the quintessential soulmate AU with a twist. What do you do when you know the day you’re going to die and when the day arrives? Jug is already such a tragic character, that this whole concept couldn’t fit anyone better and the writing does an excellent job of exploring this characterization and painting the world of Riverdale in grey. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak). Go check it out! 

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RobStar Week 2017 - Day 2

Day 2 – Arrival (Teen Tyrants)

Dark energy arched around a small cylindrical room, runes of unimaginable complexity and intricacy were drawn into the ground in a blood red chalk. In the centre of the room sat a small shrine with a collection of items of different magical symbolism were seated on small plinths surrounding the shrine, dark energy connecting from them to the centre shrine. A few feet above the shrine hovered a sorceress cloaked in red, the energy from the shrine seeped into her body as she channelled her power. Her vibrant magenta hair contrasted majorly with her grey skin tone, her eyes were closed in concentration as she tried to pinpoint the source of a small ripple she had felt throughout reality, it was a tiny, miniscule event like a single rain droplet hitting a lake but she had felt it and the energy surrounding it seemed familiar. Repeating her mantra she felt herself approaching the energy spike and a few moments later she had found what she had been searching for, a tower, their tower.

Unclasping her communicator from her belt she held it to her mouth, “Hey dipshits! Come to the shrine I’ve got something” in a few short moments the dark, twisted team had assembled.

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【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】



I want to say thank you first to my family, who have been the motivation of my life.

Thank you so much to Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, Vice President Choi Yoojung, Director Yoon Seokjoon, Director Kim Shinkyu, Director Lee Hyuk, Director Chaeeun who always help us become a cool BTS. I’ll work hard with the same mindset as my debut days.

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Sunhakie, Kwangtaekie-hyung who always silently take care of us from behind, thank you and I love you!!

Bighit’s music team that worked really hard this time too, Pdogg-hyung, Dohyungie-hyung, Donghyukie, Joonsangie, Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoung-nim, you’re the top in Korea.

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, teacher Sungdeuk who give Bangtan wonderful wings, thank you for give us really wonderful wings this time too.

People who help Bangtan every minute, every second, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-nim, Seolhee-noona, Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, Joy-nim, team leader Heesun, Hayan-noona, Jinah-nim, Kyungjin-nim, Sunho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, Iseul-noona, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-nim, Onnuri-nim, Hyekki-hyung, Eunjung-nim, Eunsang-nim, Junho-nim, team leader Jaedong, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Hyunmin-nim, Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Yeonhee-nim, Hyewon-nim, Miryung-nim, Yeji-nim, thank you so much. Thanks to you BTS can carry on activities without any trouble.
Sincerely thank you so much.

Head of Department Hajung, Hyeso-nim, Seoyeon-nim from the style team, thank you for giving us cool styling!

The best Hair & Makeup team, Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Dareum, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoung-nim, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, thank you for creating our images.
Korea’s best video team, Director Lum, Director Hyunwoo, Director Sunwook, thank you for shooting cool videos for us this time too!!!

Our ARMYs who give us excessive love every album!
Thank you so much and I love you.
I’ll come to find you with cool music and cool performances.

I love you!!

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook

A fan wanted to take a selca with Youngjae but the bodyguard asked her to move so with heavy heart she walked but Youngjae called & walked to her so that she could take a selca with him. This warms my heart. Our Sunshine is really concern about everyone - the bodyguard he wanted to share umbrella with and of course especially the fans. I’m really proud to be a fan of Choi Youngjae. 

by:  chi_891116


more magician reigen bc its so much fun

and also ritsu bc definitely super fun

louis is the kind of guy who complains about valentine’s day being a hallmark holiday but in reality you know he spoils harry to the extreme starting the night before all throughout the day of

With Pride month coming to a close, I want to remind you all how loved you are. I know for so many of us, this month feels like the one time we are cared about, so I want you to know that for the other 11 months, you are cared for. There may be fewer visible displays of pride, but it is still out there and sapphic identities are still beautiful, and wonderful, and worthy of pride. One day, we will be able to be open and publicly supported every day of the year, and until that day arrives, remember that you have a whole community of people who have your back even when times get rough. I hope this month has treated you well, and I hope next year is better.

I really love this pic so much , he looks like an innocent little kid and it’s so cute omg this is a masterpiece okay I’m just saying


Snapchat adventures after the mail arrived today— the prints came out better than I could have hoped omggggg!!

This is the biggest comic project I’ve ever worked on and it’s beyond amazing to finally have physical copies of it– I’m happy as hell rn 🎉🎉✨✨