day and the dawnstar

The Unwelcome Break of Day

Anthologia Palatina 5.172 = Meleager of Gadara (1st cent. BCE)

Morning Star, you enemy of lovers, why have you speedily
Appeared above my bed, just as I was being warmed
By the skin of dear Demo?  Would that you might turn
Your swift course back and become the Evening Star,
O you who cast onto me a sweet light that feels most bitter!
For already once before you went backwards to meet Zeus’ Alcmene-
You’re not unpracticed in reversing your course!

Ὄρθρε, τί μοι, δυσέραστε, ταχὺς περὶ κοῖτον ἐπέστης,
ἄρτι φίλας Δημοῦς χρωτὶ χλιαινομένῳ;
εἴθε πάλιν στρέψας ταχινὸν δρόμον Ἕσπερος εἴης,
  ὦ γλυκὺ φῶς βάλλων εἰς ἐμὲ πικρότατον.
ἤδη γὰρ καὶ πρόσθεν ἐπ’ Ἀλκμήνην Διὸς ἦλθες
ἀντίος· οὐκ ἀδαής ἐσσι παλινδρομίης.

Day and the Dawnstar, Herbert James Draper, 1906