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JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

Today I got back to work, so I’m here again with the shitty paper and shitty everything. I was so sleepy that I don’t even know what I was drawing when I got the chance (just look at some hands, omg), so please, just ignore the anatomy and let’s pretend it’s good. 

And Ishval Kimblee just because yes, I only wanted to draw some stretching poses and he was the first thing my hand was able to draw this morning. 


I am in DESPERATE need of more girls on my TL. So please, PLEASE like or reblog this if you post any of the following, and I’ll follow you. You do NOT need to follow me first.

What I’m looking for (biases are in paranthesis, but if you’re a blog for someone else in the group that’s more than fine!!):

  • 2NE1 (Minzy, CL)
  • 4Minute (Sohyun, Hyuna)
  • After School (Lizzy, Kaeun, Uee, Nana)
  • Ace of Angels (Seolhyun, Hyejeong, Yuna)
  • apink (Namjoo, Naeun, Chorong)
  • Ailee
  • BESTie (Dahye, Haeryung)
  • CLC (Seungyeon, Yeeun, Sorn)
  • Dal Shabet (Serri, Gaeun, Woohee)
  • EXID (Solji, LE)
  • f(x) (Victoria)
  • FIESTAR (Jei)
  • GFriend (Sowon, Yerin)
  • Girl’s Day (Yura, Minah)
  • Hello Venus (Yooyoung, Lime)
  • KARA (Hara, Youngji)
  • LABOUM (Haein, Solbin, ZN)
  • Ladies’ Code (Ashley, forever Rise & EunB)
  • MAMAMOO (legit all of them I seriously can’t choose)
  • miss A (Suzy, Jia)
  • Nine Muses (Kyungri, Sojin, Minha, all of them tbh)
  • Rainbow (Woori, Seungah)
  • Red Velvet (Yeri, Seulgi, Joy)
  • SISTAR (Hyorin)
  • SNSD (Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon)
  • SONAMOO (Minjae, D.ana)
  • SPICA (Jiwon, Narae)
  • Stellar (Hyoeun)
  • Sunny Hill (SeungA)
  • T-ARA (Soyeon, Jiyeon, Boram)
  • The Ark (Jane, Minju, Halla)
  • Wa$$up (Jiae, Nari, Jinju)

“ b a y l e y aesthetic

                          – the sun sets to always rise again

Thank you all

even if I didn’t post up your birthday wishes I promise I read them, thank you all so much for the best birthday I have had in YEARS. 

I was waiting till around the end of the day to share this since the news is so great, I GOT A COMPUTER GUYS!

This is  the first and biggest step to getting me back to digital art guys, I am so excited!!!

General - He Finds Out You're Ticklish

Word Count : null

Requested? : Yes

Subject : Boy & Reader>

Author : korin

Author’s Note : This is my first kind of blurb-thing, haha. I hope it meets your expectations.

Calum would use it to his advantage. Whenever you were being particularly stubborn about a something - whether it be what movie to watch, or whether you should buy some of his favorite candy at the store later - if you were leaning on the side of the fence that said no, he’d whip out the fingers. His weight would be on top of you, legs on either side of you as he tickled you to absolutele insanity - giggles escaping your lips with breathy protests in between. He’d look down at you, with the occasional husky chuckle and an Aw, babe please? He’d pout and whine in a voice that comically juxtaposed the smirking expression etched in his features. His chocolatey eyes would sparkle with something you swore was evil as he continued to plow on until you admitted defeat, smirking with this cockiness you knew came along with knowing he would get whatever he wanted. I knew you’d come around eventually, babe, with a kiss on the lips as he climbed off and left you lying breathless and red- faced.

Michael hated losing. Tickling would be his way of expressing his annoyance and frustration over you winning against him in a videogame you had never played before. It would start with him dropping his controller carelessly onto the table, arms crossed with an annoyed huff as he glared over you - you would be oblivious, still basking in the smug glory of winning against the king of videogames himself. All you would know is you’d be smirking as you rubbed it in his face, Wow, you really suck ass at this ga- before you knew it, you’d be tackled onto the couch with his face buried in the crook of your neck as those adorable fingers began attacking you with no mercy, forcing out uncontrollable bursts of giggles. Wheezing is involved when you woulf try to tell him to stop, but he’d refuse. Only if you tell people that I’m undefeated and that you lost. You’d refuse for a good five minutes before the actual physical laughter made you need to pee. Fine! Fine - you won now stop before I pee all over you goddamnit!

Ashtonwould see it as a game. It would be a game between the two of you, trying to administer surprise attacks and catch each other off gaurd. You two would be sitting on your couch, watching a movie when you’d pounce and begin attacking him, taking delight in the loud giggles that escaped his lips and echoed around the room as you continued your attack. You wouldn’t be able to to contain your own giggles and your eruptions of laughter would mingle with his, creating this musical medley of sounds of joy before Ashton would beg for mercy - Baby, please! My stomach hurts. You’d laugh and continue, giving in only when he offers something in return - a kiss. This would make you snort but stop all the same because no matter how much you teased him about being a sappy, romantic loser, you would never turn down a kiss from that boy. The ultimate surprise attack would come when you two were on your weekly run on the trails - you’d be jogging along, your breathing in time with his as you approached a field alongside the path when you’d suddenly find yourself sprawled on the soft green. You would have hardly any time to react before you were gasping from breath because of the burst of manic laughter that erupted from your lips like an uninvited and unexpected burp. It was ugly kind of laughter, loud and obnoxious, not cute laughter, but you didn’t care because Ashton would be grinning down at you and giggling along until you’d beg breathlessly for him to stop - only, of course, for a kiss in return.

Luke would discover your ticklishness by accident. The two of you would be intertwined with your limbs tangled and faces pressed into gaps and crooks with fingers tracing skin when he’d graze a spot that was just a tad bit more sensitive than others. This would draw some giggles out of you that made your lips vibrate against the hollow of his throat. He would pull back slightly in confusion, eyebrows furrowed and eyes asking the question - What was that? You’d bite back a smile as you admitted that you were ticklish there, and it was then the smile would grow on his lips, teeth dragging over his lip ring as a mischievous gleam enters his eyes - you knew you’d regret telling him this bit of information. From then on, whenever the blonde was bored, he would reach over and begin digging his fingers into your sides, and especially that one spot that draws more than just a few giggles - a manic-sounding squeal of laughter that gets Luke laughing that laugh. You know, that laugh - the one that started out with a high pitched giggle that ended in a gasp for air that made the smile on your face painful. The tickling would become unending when you find


I hope you liked this! Please feel free to send in your requests here.

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so today i went to work, watched the entirety of the lizzie bennet diaries, and still didn’t get my car back

one of those things was pretty fun

the rest, not so great