day a for king

Headcanon that King Fluffkins loves Kevin. Every time Kevin comes to visit, King is there, sitting on him, getting in the way, curling around his feet and purring.

Neil teases Kevin about it, saying it’s because Kevin is King’s queen.

Kevin pretends to hate it, but he feeds King biscuits to encourage the behaviour when he thinks no one is looking.

Andrew is looking.

King Jackson 💕

24 years years ago today a gift to mankind was born. ❤

Thank you Jackson for teaching us so much over the years. Thank you for teaching us to value the little things in life. Thank you for teaching us the true meaning of friendship. And most of all thank you for always worrying about us. You are truly a gift to us all. You are the most humble man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you so much for everything you do. Please continue to stay the happy extra virus you are. And please please do better with paying attention to your health.

Happy birthday Wang Puppy! ❤

Happy Birthday to the love of my life Jackson Wang. Aka my cutie baby cupcake muffin sweetie gumdrop brownie sugarplum honey hubby pie. 

Jackson is one of the very few men I actually care about in this world besides my grandpa and uncle. Its been a long journey stanning Jackson but its only the beginning. I wouldn’t have thought I would stan someone like him in April 2014. My heart and soul became so dedicated so quick. I didn’t even question it. Okay maybe I did at times.  But I couldn’t tear myself away from him.

I found Jackson during a part of my life that needed to get better. I was letting myself get hurt over and over by guys. So I needed a distraction.

I didnt think Jackson would be a permanent distraction. Lets be real I barely even talk to guys in real life now whats the point they arent him 

Now he’s a big part of my life. He’s my vitamin. When I’m down (which is alot) I watch him. I listen to his voice in music to reassure myself that everything is going to be okay.  Theres nothing like Jackson’s voice. 

The little things about Jackson made me swoon and stay in his lane.  He isn’t one dimensional. He’s complex.  People might see him as the trickster and bluff king from the outside. But on the inside Jackson is the most sweetest and caring person ever to walk this Earth.

I think that’s why I call him an Angel. Because everything he does is from his heart. He never wants to hurt anyone. I’m not religious but I feel like I was meant to stan Jackson. It’s like my calling. 

Everytime I have met Jackson I fall more in love with him. The first time I saw him live in 2015 for the Chicago fan meet, my whole body was weak. Have you heard of people saying their knees get weak because of a person? Well mine did.

From that moment I knew he was my ultimate bias. No other idol (or man for that matter) has ever made me feel the way I do like Jackson. 

When Jackson is sick, I’m sick too. When Jackson is hurt, I’m hurt too.

It might sound silly or overdramatic but I really have an emotional connection to this boy.

I’m blessed that Mama Wang gave birth to someone that has changed my life.

Happy Birthday My Love. Take it easy. We all worry about you. Ahgases. Jackys. Take care of yourself Love. That’s all we want.   ❤

Happy King Jackson Day.


Taiko’s Mother’s Day


This is just a little scene I made… @xchellmoonchild had an OC Taiko whose baby died before he hatched, and after reading/seeing a lot of sad posts on their tumblr I decided to write a reunion. Just in time for Mother’s Day as well ^_^ Yes I didn’t miss the deadline!! Anyway, I hope it’s okay… I cried while I was writing it.
*Also yes I used Viola. I couldn’t think of any other way to bring Helidon back. She’s a good person sometimes :)


“Viola… if I show you something, do you promise to keep it just between us?”

“Listen to me, Viola. This is important. You absolutely cannot let your father know I’m showing you this – he’s a better person than he was, but he’s still a bad person. He’ll use them for evil.”
“I know that! Don’t worry Grandpa, I won’t tell him.”
“Good… and remember, they’re only for emergencies. You can’t use them for selfish things, that’s how I got banned from using them.”
“Okay, I get it! Just show me.”
“Do you promise you’ll use them properly?”
“Grandpa… if you didn’t trust me, you wouldn’t even be showing me how to make them, right?”
“… Right.” Katas smiled at Viola. “Just checking.” He chuckled. “Okay… first of all, focus your energy into the dragon. Try to imagine it growing – as if you’re building a ki attack, but visualise the dragonballs instead.”
“Okay…” Viola mumbled. She stared at the small model dragon she had made in front of her, and concentrated.
“Visualise the dragon coming to life, focus as much energy into it as you can.” Katas said. “Remember the more energy you give it, the greater the wishes it can grant.”
“Mm…” Viola uttered, her eyes closed in concentration. She felt her energy leave her body; she felt herself become drained… Then she opened her eyes, and smiled.

There were dragonballs. Seven of them, scattered around the dragon. It was glowing slightly, as if it had its own life force. She could feel it; it was real! But then… “Wha?” Viola blinked, disheartened when the dragon’s energy disappeared, and the dragonballs faded away. She looked at Katas, confused. “What happened?” Viola frowned.
“Don’t worry.” Katas waved a hand. “Not everyone can do it right away – and your powers have probably been weakened by your icejin blood.” He smiled. “But it’s okay, you’ll get it. Try again.”
“Okay.” Viola sighed, and once again focused her energy into the dragon.

“I’m putting my trust into you. The dragonballs are not toys, they are a gift. Never use them for selfish reasons, and never unless you absolutely have to. They’re for you to protect yourself and your family, understand? If you use them for bad reasons, I’ll know – and I’ll come for you!”
“Haha. Okay Grandpa, I get it. I won’t abuse them. I promise.”

Viola stared dreamily into the street, at a gift store opposite her favourite café. She was relaxing with a coffee, after shopping for Frikiza’s Mother’s Day present. The store was promoting Mother’s Day. Everywhere Viola looked there seemed to be signs and promotions for it. It always made her remember… him. The person that had taught her to create dragonballs. He was her grandfather… Or at least he had been, for a short while. She hadn’t known him long. He was her grandmother too though, technically. He was the sole parent of her father, someone he’d been separated from for hundreds of years. Viola never forgot how happy he’d been to meet her father. He’d spent so long waiting for a chance… even if it was only for such a short time, he’d been grateful for every second he got with his child. Viola couldn’t imagine what it was like. She wasn’t a mother herself, but she’d been happy for him all the same. Parents should be with their kids, right? Even though most of the people in Viola’s life had difficult families. Maybe she was just lucky to have had both of her parents with her all the time – even her own brother couldn’t say that. Viola was the only child of Piccolo Daimao that had grown up in a normal home, and even then it wasn’t all that normal compared to most families. Still, though… it was normal enough to appreciate that parents should be with their children on Mother’s Day. Or Father’s Day, or Christmas… pretty much any day you could buy a card for. Any day that reminded her of Katas. She smiled slightly, setting down her coffee. She’d been thinking about this idea for a while… Would Katas be mad at her if she used the dragonballs? It wasn’t exactly an emergency, and she didn’t need to do it. It was a good thing, though… and it was nice to do good things, right? Maybe Viola wouldn’t normally bother, but she’d seen so many Mother’s Day posters today it kind of felt like a sign that she should. So yeah, maybe she should. If Katas had a problem with it he could always send some angel down to take her dragon powers, right? It was kind of a miracle that she even had them at all. … Whatever. Viola wanted to, and she had a habit of doing whatever she wanted. She’d have to wait until tonight though, when her family were sleeping. The last thing she wanted was for her father to find out she could make dragonballs.


It was late at night, in a forest far away from her home and civilisation. Viola stopped in a clearing, certain that nobody would see her here. She looked around, just to make sure… yeah. Nobody was here. She couldn’t sense anybody for miles. Okay. She reached into her bag, and pulled out seven dragonballs, dropping them onto the ground. She squatted down beside them and whispered, “Iggy. Come out quietly.”

The creature didn’t obey. With a great beam of light Viola’s dragon shot out of the dragonballs, taking up a good portion of the sky above them. “Iggy!” Viola hissed. “Come down! I don’t want anybody to see you!”
“Shouldn’t I be here…?” The dragon spoke, lowering herself below the trees.
“I’m not sure. My grandpa told me to only use you in emergencies.” Viola giggled. “So I guess we’re breaking the rules a little… but it’s for a good cause. You’re okay with that, right?”
“Yes.” Iggy nodded. “But it’s late. I’m tired. Speak your wish now please.”
“Okay.” Viola sighed. Seriously? The dragon had been sleeping for years! “Whatever. Listen – I want you to do something good in honour of Mother’s Day. Reunite a parent and child that have been separated.”
“Which parent and child?” Iggy questioned.
“Doesn’t matter.” Viola shrugged. “It doesn’t even have to be someone from Earth. Just pick someone that deserves it, I don’t care who you choose. Oh!” She looked at Iggy sternly. “But – if one of them died because of sickness, cure them. Don’t just bring them back to life for them to die again later.”
“Oh…” Iggy uttered. “That’ll take up a lot of my power, to fix them as well. You won’t be able to make any more wishes for a year.”
“That’s fine. I’m not even supposed to make this one.” Viola replied. “Do it.”
“As you command.” Iggy’s ki rose briefly, and her body glowed. “… It is done. Farewell.”
“Wha –” Viola began to cry out, but before she could stop her Iggy disappeared, along with the dragonballs that had turned to stone as soon as their wish was granted. Viola let out a sigh. Damn. She’d at least wanted Iggy to tell her who she’d chosen. … Meh. Whatever. She trusted Iggy’s judgement. One more mother was seeing their baby again. “Sorry, Grandpa.” Viola giggled, glancing up at the sky. “You’re not the only one that gets a second chance.” She jumped into the air, and flew back home.


Meanwhile, on the distant Planet Namek, the gilled Namekian Taiko let out a sigh as he lay in bed. He couldn’t sleep. He took another drag of his cigarette, hoping it would relax him. … Nah. He didn’t feel any different. He exhaled slowly, closing his eyes. This was so frustrating. He had a busy day at school tomorrow; his students were having their assessments. He needed to sleep… Dammit. This was pissing him off.

Crack. Taiko frowned as a sound came from somewhere nearby. What the hell was that…? Crack. Again. What? He sat up, his ears poking upright in alarm, and he stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray at his bedside. What was that noise? Crack. It sounded like it was coming from inside the house… he could feel a small energy all of a sudden. Did an animal get in here? Taiko rose from his bed, and stepped out into the corridor.

Crack! The sound grew louder. Taiko jerked his head towards it, and he stopped. It was coming from… the spare room. It was – … it used to be a nursery. A long time ago. The door was closed. Nothing could get in. Still, though… the sound was coming from inside. Taiko became unnerved. This energy felt familiar. It felt like… No. No, that was impossible. What the hell was going on? What was making that sound? Crack!

Taiko’s entire body froze. He tensed and gasped, his breath catching in his lungs at that sound. It sounded like… But that was impossible. He knew it was impossible. It wasn’t just the sound, though. The energy was stronger. That energy… “Waa!”
“H…” Taiko choked, his body shaking. He stared at the door with wide eyes, his breathing becoming frantic. No… No no no –
“Helidon!” Taiko screamed, and raced towards the door. He opened it clumsily and burst into the room, convinced he wouldn’t really see – … Kami.

Taiko panted breathlessly, his heart pounding at the vision he saw before him. It was… an egg. A cracked egg, with a crying baby sitting in the remnants of its shell. His baby… No. No way. This was impossible. He’d gone crazy! He’d lost it! Taiko let out a loud cry, scrunching his eyes shut in an attempt to block out what he was convinced was an illusion. No. He could still hear the baby, wailing loudly. No! In floods of tears Taiko grabbed hold of his ears and ripped them off, destroying his ear drums. The room fell silent, but when he opened his eyes the baby was still there. Why was he there! Kami… was this real? Was this - - no way! Taiko threw his claws into his own eyes, screaming in pain as he tore them out. Okay! Okay this couldn’t be real, and if this wasn’t real then the baby would definitely not still be there when – shit but Taiko could still feel his ki! He screamed again, regenerating his eyes and ears, and as soon as he did his drums became flooded with the sound of the baby crying. The image of him came back; he was still there as clear as day, sitting in his egg and crying. His ki was strong. He was healthy… “Helidon!” Taiko cried.

He raced over to him, and he stopped dead. He was terrified to touch him in case he disappeared. How? How was this happening? “Helidon!” Taiko sobbed. He grabbed hold of his own antennae, tugging on them in his anxiety, adrenaline rushing through his veins. How? How was this real? Was it really…? “H…” Taiko gasped, and extended his hand out. Slowly, slowly… “Nrrg!” He cried out when the baby grabbed it. It was real. Taiko could feel him. His hands were warm. Taiko could feel his energy. It was real! “Baby!” Frantic, Taiko grabbed hold of the baby and pulled him up into his arms. “It’s you!” He wailed. “It’s you!” He buried his face against Helidon’s head, sobbing loudly. Tears streaming down his face, he held onto Helidon as tight as he could, terrified to let go in case he went away. “Ssh, ssh.” He soothed him desperately, bouncing the tiny screaming body as calmly as he could. He couldn’t do it calmly; he was a wreck. He bounced the baby softly but unevenly, his entire body trembling. “It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay.” He spoke shakily. His heart was racing; he didn’t even know if he believed the words. Yes. Yes, he did. Of course he did. Everything was okay. Everything would forever be okay, nothing would ever not be okay again. His baby was here… his baby was here! “It’s okay!” Taiko exclaimed, laughing through his tears. “Helidon, how – how are you –” He lifted the baby up, causing Helidon’s cries to soften. Helidon stared down into Taiko’s eyes, and Taiko suddenly didn’t care why he was here. What did it matter. What the hell did anything matter now! “Th…” Taiko choked, mesmerised by the most beautiful sight in the world. He’d never seen Helidon’s eyes before. They were… wow. “Those are your eyes.” Taiko laughed, a wide smile fixed permanently onto his face. It wouldn’t ever, ever leave. “Same as mine – my baby!” He pulled Helidon against him again, hugging him. “I’m your daddy. It’s okay, I’m your daddy. Ssh. Ssh.” He rocked back and forth, his face buried against Heildon’s skull once more. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” He closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Helidon’s breathing. He wasn’t crying anymore. He was grunting, and gargling, and tugging on Taiko’s clothes. Taiko laughed, causing more tears to spill from his eyes. “Thank you…” He whispered, to whoever or whatever the hell made this happen. “Thank you.”


The Adventure of the Second Stain - Locations

Top - Westminster Abbey, viewed from the House of Parliament 1895

  • “A crime of mysterious character was committed last night at 16 Godolphin Street, one of the old-fashioned and secluded rows of eighteenth century houses which lie between the river and the Abbey, almost in the shadow of the great Tower of the Houses of Parliament.”
    • Note in Book: Godolphin Street is a fictitious address, but there are streets around the Abbey that fit this description well.

Middle Left - Charing Cross Station and Hotel Exterior 1864

Middle Right - Charing Cross Station Interior 1900

  • Mme Fournaye, wife of murdered spy Eduardo Lucas, was spotted causing a scene at Charing Cross the morning after his murder and was arrested four days later in Paris.

Bottom Left - Suspension Bridge, Hammersmith 1887

Bottom Right - King Street, Hammersmith 1903

  • John Mitton, valet to Eduardo Lucas, was cleared of the charge of murder because he was visiting friends in Hammersmith the night of the murder.
    • Note from Book: The original stone pillars of the bridge still stand, but the main support and bridge deck have been replaced to accommodate the increase in traffic and vehicle size.

Books referenced

Feel free to add to this post if you have other images or info!


Now that our Evil Queen (who has learned to love herself) has been sent to the Wish Realm - the one in which mean young King Henry wants her hung, drawn and quartered for abducting his mother never to be seen again and murdering his grandparents - I propose the spin-off:

Evil Queen: Fugitive

Pilot: Regina returns from a day’s hunting the King’s deer to find her new boyfriend Robin brutally murdered by royal soldiers. She doesn’t weep over his disembowelled corpse. She must evade the patrols, flee into the deep forest, regroup, and bring the fight to her new nemesis… one she can never kill because she loves him like the son he doesn’t know he is.

Can Regina find allies among the suspicious denizens of this Realm? What will her merry band of outlaws and misfits look like? A transgender fairy, a lonely dragon with a sleeping-curse habit, a friendly troll who likes to cook…

Join us every Sunday for real adventure in Evil Queen: Fugitive!

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i just saw vukica's day/winter court edits and i cant stop imagining helion's wife holding a lion cub and LOOKING FIERCE and then we have kallias's wife holding a snow leopard, full grown, sprawled across her lap, looking like she'd murder you for BREATHING

Dedicated to the beautiful @vukica10 for making these edits. Day//Winter

Prompt: the anon’s ask + the baby bats going to different courts for help to defeat the King of Hybern 

The Lady of the Day Court sat on her throne, her back straight, her eyes calculating, her eyebrows pinched on her forehead. Helion sat beside her, holding her hand over the slight space between them. A small tick worked in her cheek, her dimples digging into the plushness of them. 

Her face was impassive, not a thing to be read, not a thing given away by her expressions. Her lips were of the darkest plum hue, pursed ever so slightly, her deep brown eyes fixated on the High Lord and his compassions. 

“My wife has a knack for determining the worth of the people around her,” Helion explained. Her only response was a slight exhale of breath, her chest barely moving. White paint swirled across the High Lord’s forehead, creating patterns, before curving down the sides of his face, caressing his cheeks, and then expanding over his bare shoulders. 

A band made of thin rods sat on his brow, the curled ending resting on his nose, beads of gold and red decorating him. But his wife, she wore the crown. A crown of woven fabric and gold, taller than her head. But she never seemed to be off balance. 

“Your intentions are true, Rhysand” Her red, blue, and yellow beaded and woven necklace started at the base of her neck and extended down, right above the curve of her chest. Her deep blue dress, mixed with the brightest golds and reds consisted of a v neck line, before bellowing in front of her, a large slit leaving her legs bare. The sleeves were firm against her arms. “Your greed is scarce, and your heart beats strong” 

Something yawned from her lap. Cassian’s eyes swiveled down, not the best decision on his part. The Lady’s hand curved down, stroking behind the small beast’s ear. The beast yawned again, sharp teeth poking out of its mouth. 

Only large enough to fill up the Lady’s lap, the beast turned around gently, its four paws stretching in opposite directions. The Lady looked down, a small smile pulling at her full lips. “Yes, indeed, you are worthy of our help” 

She squeezed her husband’s hand before rubbing the beast’s mouth gently, it’s teeth sinking into her finger. Playful, merely a babe. Slowly she stood up, holding her animal in her arms, slight muscle flexing in her bare legs. “Follow me, if you would. We have plans to form” 

Rhys cleared his throat, getting up from his kneeling position. “Will Helion be joining us?” 

A bright smile spread across her face. So wide, and so joyful, each of her perfectly straight and white teeth shone brightly. She shook her head, her tight, wavy hair falling over both shoulders now. “Now why on earth would he do that? It’s not his area of expertise, is it, my everything?” 

Helion gave her a half smile, the side of his lips pulling up, before he tilted his head back as she bent forward, placing a kiss on his lips. “He is the one who sits pretty on the throne, do not be mistaken” 

The Lady of the Day Court walked off the dais and passed between the two Illyrians and the High Lord, her beast tucked under her right arm. She looked back, before curing her fingers forward. “We haven’t got all day, now have we?” 

A female with a flower printed cloak lead them through the palace made entirely of ice, her feet scarcely making a sound on the cold floors. Her slippers effortlessly transported her, before she stood before two thick doors made completely of ice. 

“Is the Lord ready?” Her voice was soft, airy, but held a firm sense of belonging. The two guards nodded, stepping aside as they drew the doors open. At their sides, wicked blades with many sharp edges rested, ready to be drawn at the slightest wrong move. 

A blade of her own was strapped to the female’s back, as she walked through the opening doors. Azriel looked to Cassian, but Cassian gave a mere shrug. He had no idea why she was permitted a blade inside the throne room. 

The female walked through the room of ice, the walls of the room slowly curving upward, creating a domed atmosphere. Each step was louder, but still, the female managed to walk with such grace and elegance, it was shocking. 

The female lifted her hand, commanding them to stop as they neared Kallias. She, however, continued to walk until she was climbing the ice steps, nearing the throne. Her hands reached up, pulling back her hood, her raven black hair slowly unravelling slightly past her shoulders. 

She turned around, unbutton the cloak at her neck, revealing a pillowy cream tunic, and tight cream trousers. A belt of grey wrapped around her waist, further more defining her physique. She then lowered herself on her throne. 

“Were they kind?” Kallias angled his head slightly at the female, still watching the three guests. She smiled and nodded, placing her hand on his arm, her fingers curling over the soft fur of his own cloak. 

“Extremely so, Kallias” He turned fully to her, both their eyes connecting. His of a cold icy blue, hers of an equally cold grey. She reached up and cupped his chin gently, her fingers of a gentle olive undertone stroking his jaw. “Let’s get down to business, if you permit it, my lord” 

Kallias nodded, the blue crystal jewel bouncing on his forehead. His fingers curled around hers, drawing soft circles on the back of her hand. She faced forward, whistling softly. 

The doors opened behind them, and slowly, as if prowling, a beast walked past them. It’s long, spotted tail curling behind it. Shoulders flexing, hind legs ready to propel it forward, and sharp teeth ready to sink into the flesh of it’s Lady’s enemies, the beast climbed into her lap. 

A soft grunt left her lips and Kallias smiled, before turning back to his fellow High Lord and his Commander and Shadowsinger. “What do you want of me, Rhysand?” Kallias’s voice was soft, but strong in the room. In his element, in his Court. 

“Yes, that’s a brilliant question” The female quirked her eyebrows, her slanted eyes moving over the three faces. The beast tilted it’s head to the side, its tail curling around its body, before hanging limply over the side of the throne. 

Rhys took a step forward, but slowly took it back when the beasts’s eyes lock on his. The female tsked softly, running her slender hand down the whisking tail. “I believe it is in our best interest to assist you, Rhysand, so we shall” 

Kallias gave a sharp nod, before getting off his throne. He knelt before his Lady slightly, kissing her knuckles, before closing his cloak at the neck, and walking towards Rhysand. He, too, looked like he was prowling, his footsteps not making a sound. 

“Let’s chat in another room” Kallias gestured to the large doors and the four of them left, leaving the mysterious girl, cooing and talking to her large beast, of fur, claws, and fangs. 

This was so fun to write, so I hope you guys enjoyed it. And please, please, check out the wonderful edits that inspired my writing. They’re beautiful! 

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Thomas should be the princess who the dragons are protecting

Oh my god



I lOVE that idea!! Like one day the king and queen are like “son we’ve decided to get you some body guards/care takers” and he’s not expecting FOUR DIFFERENT DRAGONS. 

Morality keeps calling him ‘hatchling’ (bc all humans are young in a dragons eyes), Logic has taken to being his tutor since he knows he could do much better then the current one. Prince would be the one that’s challenging Thomas to go outside of the boundaries without fear (both literal and metaphorical). Anxiety would stay around the tower and be more like the cliche dragon of acting all territorial and mean to any random visitor that comes by.

But all together Thomas loves them even if they are A) dragons and B) a little odd. Imagine his shock when he finds out they have human forms.