day 7: happy endings

Day 7: Happy Ending #apritelloweek2017 So, here it concludes the week with a happy family that didn’t die 🙃 😂 Now seriously, this week has been my salvation of cuteness after the finale, and maybe my submission didn’t appear, I am happy that my doodles and sketches made it. Everybody’s work was amazing and I am so happy we have such talented artists in the fandom, even if the series is over I am so happy you still loved our dorks and of course, Apritello, I will still continue posting TMNT art and stuff and also more Apritello for the future. Well I have nothing else to say so just thank you so much for this week and I hope you liked it 💛💜

Imagine bringing your son to see Chris.

A/N: I just really like the name ‘Jack’, this is not part of a mini-series.

In the third week of September, Chris and Dodger traded the comfort of your beautiful home in Los Angeles for a simple two bedroom apartment in Atlanta. After two weeks of rest from filming ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’, Chris was back to work for the second part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. Marvel was still yet to give Chris a definite wrap date, but it was estimated he’d be home before Christmas. If the two of you were to compare your schedules for 2017, Chris had had it a little tougher. He worked out that in between the the press conferences and promotion events for ‘Gifted, and the back-to-back filming for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’- he only had three measly months with his wife and son. Those had been his words exactly so it wasn’t hard for you to work out that he was dreading his thirteen weeks in Atlanta.

You understood his dread, it was the same one you felt whenever you had to leave for months on end. The dread had nothing to do with the job itself. The job was the fuel for the fire within, it sparked excitement and passion and immense joy. Acting, filmmaking, the idea that you could change someone’s life through a simple film- it was what got you out of bed in the morning. You weren’t numb to the difficulties of being away from each other, but as veterans of the industry, both you and Chris had been well ferberized; long distance became a friend rather than a enemy. It wasn’t until the birth of your son that changed how the two of you viewed your fulfilling yet incredibly demanding jobs.

Before, thirteen weeks in Atlanta would’ve been nothing to Chris. Atlanta was just another state in America, he was just a short flight away from home. He could take Dodger along with him, he was surrounded by his cast mates who really felt more like his second family, and it was easy for his friends and family to visit if they wanted to. You weren’t constantly on his mind because he knew you were busy with your own career, and when you checked in you were checking in as his wife and not the mother of his child. It was different now, when you called it wasn’t just so you could hear his voice. There was a child in the picture, a three year old who didn’t understand the industry and wanted his parents around. It eased Chris slightly knowing you were on break while he was in Atlanta, he would’ve felt much worst knowing his little man didn’t even have you with him.

It was hard, neither had admitted otherwise. Every interview, every time someone asked “are you thinking about Jack right now?” The answer was always yes, it didn’t matter what you were doing or who you’d left your precious boy with- Jack was always on your mind. You were a little better than Chris, you could say goodbye without making too much of a fuss. Chris would’ve taken you and Jack with him to South Africa if you’d let him. Every day for the two weeks before he left for Atlanta, he’d a specific amount of energy dedicated into convincing you to come with him for the thirteen weeks he was away. “You’re on break, Jack’s three. We’re in a sweet spot right now where neither you nor him have to be anywhere, if our roles were reversed I’d definitely take advantage of the situation and go live with you.” His reasoning came to no avail. It wasn’t because you didn’t think he was right about how things were currently in a sweet spot, but because you knew he was going to have sixteen hour days ahead of him. You and Jack were hardly going to see him, you didn’t want to get in the way of their shoots by being on set. Whatever moral support he craved from the two of you were going to have to be given in spirit whether or not you were in the same state. You loved him and you wanted him to have his wife and son with him but you couldn’t do thirteen weeks in Atlanta.

You did, however, agree to two weeks after a week of your boys begging, whining, and pouting. And when you said boys, you meant Dodger included. It was Chris’ puppeteering, he had a masters in manipulation and tugging at your heartstrings. He knew how much you loved him, it never took long for you to cave. The sentence that got you this time was, “I just need my girl.” It was a sentence that got you every time, really. After you hung up, you went online and booked your flights. You didn’t verbally tell Chris you’d agreed to his request, you just forwarded your e-ticket confirmation. Ten minutes later, you received a MMS of his happy face.

Chris’ day ended around 7:18PM and arrived at the apartment a few hours later at 9:28PM. He stood outside his front door and just smiled knowing his little family was waiting for him behind that door. He had no idea how literal that thought was because inside, Jack and Dodger were waiting in front of the door ready to pounce. Their sharp ears had heard the jingle of Chris’ keys, causing them to barrel from the bedroom to the front door. All the while Jack was shrieking with excitement, “Daddy’s home!” You would’ve been surprised if Chris didn’t hear it through the walls.

“Oof,” Chris stumbled slightly when Jack and Dodger threw themselves at his legs. He looked down and chuckled, resting a hand on his son’s head. “Hiya, bud.” Chris closed the front door behind him and lowered his bag. “What are you-” he lifted Jack into his arms, “still doing up? And-” he sniffed the air, narrowing his eyes at the strong smell of cinnamon. “Why does the apartment smell like cinnamon?”

“Waddles is making cinnamon waffles,” Jack explained as Chris followed the scent around the corner to the kitchen. He chuckled when he saw you making waffles with ‘Waddles’, the penguin shaped waffle iron. He still couldn’t believe you’d brought that along for a two week trip, but then again he was glad you did. It was a Sunday tradition to have penguin waffles, Jack couldn’t be deprived of that while he was in Atlanta. “We’re having a midnight snack.”

“But it’s only nine-thirty-”

“Yeah, but his bedtime’s eight. Nine-thirty is his midnight,” you said and Chris laughed, setting Jack down on his feet. Jack padded off to join Dodger on the couch whereas Chris walked over to you, pecking you on the lips. “I missed you too, Captain,” you winked and he chuckled, patting your butt.

“Why is he up past his bedtime?”

“He wanted to wait for you,” you answered. “Usually he falls asleep while waiting, but tonight he’s just not tired. Which is surprising considering we spent the whole afternoon at the trampoline place. I don’t know, I think all the excitement from being Tigger is still coursing through his little body. It was so cute, I wish you were there. He wore his little Tigger onesie and sang ‘The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers’ while jumping. I got photos and videos, I’ll show you later.”

“That’d be great. Thanks, baby,” he kissed your cheek then walked over to join Jack and Dodger on the couch. “How was the trampoline park?” He quizzed, plopping down next to Jack. Dodger jumped off the couch then jumped back up onto the other side of Chris. “Did you have fun?”

“So much fun, Daddy,” Jack crawled onto Chris’ lap, cupping Chris’ face in his small hands. “I bounced and bounced and bounced.” Chris smiled, scrunching his nose at Jack. “You should’ve seen me, I bounced so high! Tigger would have been so proud of me.” He said with a wide grin.

“Is that why you’re hungry again, because you bounced so much in the day?” Chris asked, tickling his sides. Jack giggled and squirmed, falling into Dodger as he tried to escape Chris’ tickles. “You’re lucky you’re three, pal. Otherwise you’d have to join me and the rest of the Avengers at the gym tomorrow.”

“The gym?” Jack gasped excitedly as he rose to his knees. “I want to go to the gym!” Chris looked over at you and laughed when you pursed your lips at him. Jack idolized his dad, anything Chris did- he wanted to do too. “Can I come to the gym with you tomorrow?”

“Why don’t you come eat your waffles, mister?” You called and Jack’s eyes lit up. Chris helped him off the couch and he quickly ran over to you, making speedy sound effects with his mouth as he did. Chris and Dodger followed at a slower pace, settling at the dining table where you and Jack were walking over to with a plate of penguin waffles. “Do you want syrup, buddy? Or are you just going to eat them like that?”

“Syrup and ice-cream, Mama!” Jack clapped excitedly.

“No,” you laughed with a shake of your head. “You get syrup, or nothing.”

“But we had syrup and ice-cream the last time Waddles made waffles, remember?”

“What?” Chris turned to you with a dramatic gasp. “He had syrup and ice-cream, Mama?” You rolled your eyes, involuntarily smiling. “All the times you reprimanded me for feeding our son unhealthy foods, you look like a total hypocrite now.” He teased and you rolled your eyes. “What exactly do the two of you get up to when I’m not around? Do you phone it in and just feed him candy and pizza?”

“You can’t forget ice-cream, we eat ice-cream at every meal.”

“And we stay up all night watching Disney movies,” Jack added, grinning.

“Do you?” Chris gasped, giving Jack the enthusiastic response he wanted. “Aw, no fair.” He pouted when Jack nodded. “Do you know you are living the life I’ve always dreamed of having?” Jack giggled as he took a bite of his waffle. “How come Mama lets you do all the fun stuff, yet I have to eat my vegetables and go to sleep on time?”

“That’s ‘cause Mama loves me more,” Jack retorted, drawing laughter from the both of you. Chris looked over at you with a raised brow and you stifled your urge to laugh even harder. “Do you love me more, Mama?” Jack asked the same question Chris had silently asked moments before. You just chuckled and reached down to pat Dodger who’d rested his head on your lap.

“I love Dodger the most,” you answered.

“Dodger?” Both your boys gasped and you laughed.

“He doesn’t bother me with ridiculous questions like who do I love more.”

“I know it’s me,” Jack shrugged nonchalantly, a little too smugly for Chris’ liking.

“You keep wishing, little man.” Chris bit playfully. He really wouldn’t have cared if you said you loved Jack more, after all a mother’s love was incomparable. But he was competitive and he liked competing with his mini-me. “Mama makes you waffles and lets you stay up late, do you know what she does for me? She-”

“Hey, no,” you cut him off, laughing. He smirked, wiggling his brows. “Chris Evans, eat a waffle and shut up. I’m ending this, I love the both of you equally. Jack, Daddy, Dodger- I love all three of you with my whole heart, okay? There is no need to compete for my love ‘cause I have distributed it evenly amongst the three of you, okay?”

“Okay,” they nodded and you let out a sigh, resting your chin in your palm. You watched them as they ate, smiling at the way they were playing with their penguin shaped food. You loved every silly little moment with them, all that domestic bliss. You were glad you decided to fly out, get a good dosage before you had to depart from Chris again. You didn’t really notice how much the two of you had missed him until now. The fact that Jack fought so hard to stay awake just to spend time with Chris was a real eye opener. You’d lied when you said he wasn’t tired, you’d seen him yawn a few times while waiting. But he was wide awake now, happily chatting with his dad and munching on his waffles.

“Daddy, guess what?” Jack said after a while.

“What is it, pal?” Chris asked, unaware he was about to be attack by Jack’s quick wits.

“Jack, Daddy, Dodger,” he repeated what you’d said earlier, much to both your confusion.

“What?” You and Chris quizzed simultaneously with narrowed eyes.

“Mama said my name first,” he answered with a cheeky grin and the two of you burst into laughter.

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RobRae week DAY 7: winter

Going for happy ending ‘cause I’m saving the angst one for another time. Sorry I’m not keeping up the painting streak and did a gif instead but my wrist seem to hurt more frequently now.

Thanks for sticking by RobRae week! Honestly, my favorite part of it all was reading the tags and finding people opening up more to this pair, platonic or romantic, or just simply liking the art. But hey, isn’t that what ship weeks are for?

Here’s the rest of my RR week contribution

‘Till next time,


Happy LWA Week | Day 7 | A Ship

Caption them.

Up until the very end I was debating whether or not to draw Diakko. I thought I’d draw my guilty pleasure but I decided to separate the universe from this one (I have two AUs now, shit) because that one is rather angsty and everyone will be happy in this AU.

And you know, I don’t know what happened here. They were supposed to be only serenely walking together being happy but my hand slipped, it seemed. Now there’s lewd hand-holding.

Anyway, I’d like to thank @hanasaku-shijin for making my week enjoyable. The Happy LWA Week saved me from wallowing in self-pity since this time is a rather shitty time for me. Your fics have also cheered me up, even though the Years Later AU is kinda sad. I hope you keep writing and stay safe.


31 Days of Johnlock

Day 6 - Happy Hanukkah!

Sherlock couldn’t find the right costume in the last minute so he settled to be the holiday armadillo. Sound familiar? ;)

Gen Jojo Week!

Day 7 (optional prompts: Happy Ending | Halloween …+modern AU and Family whoops!)

HECK YEAH I did the whole week :D 10/10 would definitely do again *thumbs up emoji*

Give Jon all the happy endings with his wife and kids and grand kids and great-grand kids etc etc pls ;-;

…don’t think too much about how folded up Haruno/Giorno must be there, he’s comfortable :’)

[NijiHai] You are you, I am me

Day 7: Free - you are you, I am me

Summary: They are not morning persons.

Haizaki is staring at the ceiling of the bedroom. He woke up an hour ago but he still doesn’t have the strength to get up and to live through the day. He feels extremely comfortable and peaceful right now, he will stay here all day if he wanted. He sighs with contentment and rolls to the other side of the bed, hugging the blanket.

“Hey Shougo that’s my side of the bed, go away.”

Nijimura is half-asleep when he comes back from the bathroom, and eyes Haizaki suspiciously.

“No, I’m good here—”

Haizaki’s muffled reply is short interrupted as Nijimura shoves his lover and crashes on the bed, not bothering to check if an arm or a leg is on his way. The younger of the two yelps and nearly falls off the bed, resulting in kicking Nijimura in the waist and taking the whole blanket down. Nijimura instantly reacts and without a second thought, he grabs the duvet and pulls it towards him, hissing like a cat.

“And that’s my blanket, you shit!”

“What the fuck you make me fall off the bed and all you care about is your pretty ass not being covered?!” Haizaki retorts with disbelief in his voice.

“You didn’t fall, stop exaggerating! Now get back here or get up, choose!”

Haizaki groans and flops onto Nijimura with all his might. The blanket acts as a cushion between their bodies so the impact isn’t as powerful as he intended to be, but still Nijimura gasps and feels all the weight of the world crushing him. He soon hears Haizaki’s loud chuckles and that annoys him to no end.

“Don’t underestimate a guy who did karate,” he growls.

Nijimura pops on his elbows and gives a strong swing of leg that makes Haizaki squirm at first, then roll on the other side of the bed and yell. It’s Nijimura’s turn to take revenge and he simply sprawls himself over the bed, with his head on Haizaki’s chest. The room suddenly goes quiet and they both stare at the ceiling, taking regular breath.

“You’re so childish sometimes,” Haizaki mumbles.

“You’re one to talk, who decides to crush the other with his own body for a stupid reason?” Nijimura replies.

I didn’t try to kick you!”

“You didn’t try, you did it!”

“That wasn’t on purpose and you clearly wanted to kill me!”

“Don’t hog the bed and the blanket then!”


“Stop making whale noises!”

In the morning, they’re not less energetic. They bicker even more, because whatever they say, loving without some hate isn’t funny or interesting, right?

They end up falling back asleep in this position.

Several Shades of Sadism ~Rei Shindo [Walkthrough]

A guide to help him find the right way.

Its Rei Shindo’s walkthrough, so play his route will all love and affection. 

Please do not be afraid to use my invite code when you play the game so we can both have a surprise.  Some of my choices here might not be all correct so please bear with it and lets help each other with the right ones.

Invite Code: LjwhQU

Let’s not forget the others~

Chiaki’s Walkthrough 
Toma’s Walkthrough
Minami’s Walkthrough
Mei’s Walkthrough
Shizuka’s Walkthrough 

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Nalu Week Day 7:The Aftermath

Synopsis: Acnologia has been defeated by the seven dragon slayers. But is the outcome really a victory- or a tragedy?

Rated T (for mild language and character death)

Pairing: NaLu



That was the voice of Lucy Heartfilia as she searched along with her fellow guild mates for her dragon slayer of a best friend/partner through the debris that covered the entire destroyed town where the war against Alvarez had finally ended.

The seven dragon slayers, Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Wendy Marvell, Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Laxus Drayer, and Erik/Cobra, had just defeated the mighty Dragon King Acnologia in an epic battle that lasted for what seemed like an eternity. It finally came to an end with a massive Dragon Roar combined with all the dragon slayers’ elements in one final attack countering and pushing back Acnologia’s own Dragon Roar, which was enough to take down the evil dragon once and for all. The impact caused such a huge explosion, it could be seen from across the continent as it wiped out the entire town. When the dust cleared, all the Fairy Tail members, along with some members from allied guilds such as Crime Sorciere, Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus, emerged from where they hid and stared in shock at the horrible display in front of them.

The place was a total wasteland. Collapsed buildings were all over the place; the streets torn to shreds; rubble, brick, dirt, and debris covered the entire area. Just the sight of it made everyone sick to their stomachs, but each of them were still thankful they evacuated the entirety of Magnolia before the war even began.

After taking in the aftermath of the battle, everyone split into groups and started searching for survivors. It didn’t take long for someone to find the torn up, mangled corspe of Acnologia, back in human form, dead in the middle of the ruins. His remains were… not very pleasant to look at for anyone, and all they could only hope for was that the dragon slayers didn’t meet the same fate.

Thankfully, they didn’t. Gajeel and Wendy were found alive by Levy, Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily under some rubble. Gajeel had apparently shielded Wendy from the explosion, keeping her safe from harm. Thankfully, Gajeel was also able to change his skin to iron plated just in the nick of time. The two of them, injured and worn out from the battle but very much alive, were pulled out of the rubble and brick and brought to safety.

Sting and Rogue were found nearby by Yukino, Minerva, Lector, and Frosch. The two of them were saved by Rogue’s shadow dragon slayer magic as he was able to pull himself and his best friend into his shadow to protect themselves. They also had plenty of injuries and cuts, but other than that they were just fine.

The Thunder Legion managed to find Laxus safe and sound before Freed could start freaking out. The mighty grandson of Fairy Tail’s current master had suffered a lot throughout the war, with almost dying from cancer and all, but still managed to give his all against Acnologia. When the explosion occurred, he just barely managed to duck behind what was left of a nearby building just in time. He still didn’t come out of it unscratched, but was unfazed none the less.

Erik, with a cocky smile on his face while sitting against a broken lamp post, was found by Jellal and the rest of Crime Sorciere. He had just barely managed to jump for cover inside what was once a basement. He had gotten quite a few more scars on his body, but managed to live to see another day as well.

Their clothes were torn, they all had multiple injuries and cuts all over their bodies, and they probably were not going to be able to move all that well on their own for a while. But they all survived the greatest fight of their lives.

That just left one last dragon slayer.

And he was no where to be found.

Before the battle against Acnologia, Natsu had already taken a huge toll on his body and magic after facing his brother Zeref in a heated battle all on his own. And even before that, the mighty demon E.N.D. had awakened and rampaged throughout the final moments of the war, until Lucy and Gray had finally managed to seal away the demon forever and still save Natsu at the same time. The already worn out dragon slayer didn’t even get much of a chance to rest up and replenish his magic power before Acnologia showed up and started an apocalyptic battle between him and the dragon slayers.

Needless to say, Lucy was against him fighting Acnologia from the very get go. She knew how bad of shape he already was in, but with Natsu being Natsu, he wasn’t about to listen to her.

“This is what Igneel trained me for, Lucy,” he had told her. “I’m not about to disappoint him.”

“Natsu, look at yourself!” she had protested, pointing out the fresh wounds and scars on his body. “You are in no condition to fight, especially against something like that!”

“I have to do this, Luce!” he had argued back. “I got to protect you and the guild!”

“NO!” She had grabbed him around the waist, holding him back from the battlefield. “PLEASE, JUST SIT THIS ONE OUT, NATSU! THE WAY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, YOU MAY NOT MAKE IT BACK! I CAN’T BARE THE THOUGHT OF YOU DYING ON ME! I CAN’T!”

Natsu had turned around to retort, but stopped when he saw the run of tears going down her cheeks. She was scared, he could tell, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He had to do this, and he needed to show her.

“Lucy,” he had said, causing her to look up at him through tearful eyes, “you believe in me, don’t you?”

“Y-yes, but-” Lucy sniffed, before Natsu did something unexpected: he kissed her on her forehead.

“Then trust me for what I’m about to say.” He then gave her a soft smile. “I’m not planning on dying, but I do plan on giving it my all to defeat Acnologia and protect you and everyone else. I made a promise to you a long time ago to protect your future and I plan on continuing to keep that promise.“ He held her head his his palms as he rested his forehead on her’s. “And I swear to you right now, when this is all over, we are all going to be walking back to the guild together, alright?“

Lucy wanted to retaliate, she really did. But she trusted Natsu, maybe more than anyone else in her life. And besides, she knew better than anyone that it was impossible to stop Natsu when he’s got his mind on fighting for the people he cares about. Maybe, hopefully she thought, his drive to protect her and the guild was going to be enough to keep him alive?

She didn’t like this, but she knew that in the end she had no control over him.

“Alright,” she finally answered after a few seconds, giving in to him, “I believe in you.” Natsu shot her one last grin before turning around and ran as fast as he could to join the fight against Acnologia. Lucy watched him run for a few seconds before she ran the opposite direction towards the back of the battle lines where the rest of the guild was, getting themselves ready to aid the dragon slayers in whatever way they could. “Stupid Natsu,” she said, still crying as she ran. “You better keep your promise and make it back to us alive.”

That was hours ago, but it felt so much longer than that. It felt like it had been years since she last saw him and his goofy grin she loved so much. Now here she was, along with the rest of her friends and allies, spending hours upon hours searching every nook and cranny in the ruins of Magnolia for any sign of him, praying to whoever was out there listening that he was alright. Though some were starting to lose hope that he was, Lucy was too stubborn to quit looking.

“NATSU! THIS ISN’T FUNNY! COME OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!” Erza yelled, searching right behind Lucy. She may have seemed angry, but she was just as worried about him as everyone else. And quite impatient too. “Can’t you dragon slayers try and find his scent?” she asked Gajeel who was being assisted by Levy as he limped, Wendy and the exceeds not to far behind.

“I would if I could, Erza,” he grumbled back, “but the air is so messed up right now from that explosion. I can barely smell shrimp’s scent here.” Levy made a pouty face in response.

“I can’t pick up anyone’s scent either,” Wendy added, sad that she couldn’t be of any help, “I’m sorry.”

“No one’s upset at you, child,” Carla said reassuringly.

“Erik, have you possibly been able to pick up any sounds that could lead to where Natsu is?” Jellal asked his companion, as he and Crime Sorciere were searching nearby.

“Believe me, if I did hear anything annoying enough to be Natsu, I’d let you know,” the poison dragon slayer replied. “But so far nothing.”

“I hope that doesn’t mean what I fear it means,” Meredy said worriedly.

Jellal feared the same, but decided not to be vocal about it. “Let’s check over this way.”

“DAMMIT, NATSU!” Gray yelled angrily as he and Juvia searched not too far from where Lucy and her team were. “IF YOU DON’T SHOW YOUR SORRY ASS IN THE NEXT FEW SECONDS, I’M GOING TO BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU WHEN I FIND YOU!”

“Gray-Sama,” Juvia said calmly behind him, “don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? I mean, Natsu-Kun and the other dragon slayers did just spend a lot of magic energy taking down Acnologia. Surely he’s probably already in bad shape.”

“I don’t care, Juvia! That idiot has gotten everyone worried sick over him and hasn’t even got the decency to at least show his ugly mug or even respond to anyone! He damn well deserves what’s coming to him!”

Juvia was right, it was harsh, but Juvia knew for a fact that Gray was simply putting on an act. She could see it in his eyes as he talked to her: he was truly very worried himself over Natsu, but was too stubborn to admit he cared for his life long rival, instead choosing to mask it with anger. Juvia simply nodded in response and continued calling the dragon slayer’s name, knowing that Gray was more likely to just yell at Natsu when they found him.

That is if they found him.

“I swear when I find him, I’m gonna knock some sense into hi-”

Juvia bumped into Gray’s back as he stopped dead in his tracks. “Gray?” she asked worriedly, forgetting to add “Sama” to his name. “What’s wrong?” She moved to face him, and saw him staring straight ahead, his eye wide with looked like… horror?

“Oh no,” she barely heard him whisper before he made a mad dash straight ahead, leaving her behind in a cloud of dust.

“Gray?! Gray!” She called after him as she tried to catch up with him, but he was too far ahead of her to hear. Either that, or he was too focus on what was in front of him to process her talking to him. She watched as he stopped in front of something and started digging franticly in the dirt. Juvia felt sick thinking about what, or who, Gray was digging for. ‘Oh god, please no,’ she feared in her head.

Gray kept digging and digging through the dirt and rock, getting his hands all cut up. But he didn’t care. He recognized that white anywhere, and it could only mean what he and everyone else feared the most. “No no no no no,” he chattered franticly as he dug deeper and deeper to get the object out. “It can’t be! Please don’t do this to me!” He kept digging until finally he got it out. His hands were shaking as he pulled it out and sat there in shock as he stared at the object in his hands, feeling sick to his stomach at just the sight of it and what it meant.

Juvia had finally made it over to him and gasped when she saw what was in his hands. “No,” she whispered, covering her mouth with both hands. The rest of the guild, having heard Juvia yelling for Gray and seeing him run off towards something, surrounded them to see what was going on, but all of them stopped in their tracks once they saw what he was holding.

It was a white dragon-scaled scarf, all torn up and covered in blood.

Lucy hesitantly stopped in front of Gray as she looked down in horror at the scarf in his hands. “G-Gray,” she managed to say as her throat felt choked. “Is.. i-is that…?”

Gray didn’t respond. But the expression on his face was enough of an answer for her.

Lucy slowly backed away, still staring at the scarf, before turning around and started yelling. “NATSU! NATSU, WHEREVER YOU ARE PLEASE COME OUT! THIS ISN’T FUNNY, NATSU!“ She kept yelling. But no answer. “I-I PROMISE IF YOU COME OUT RIGHT NOW, I’LL… I-I’LL LET YOU STAY AT MY APARTMENT WHENEVER YOU LIKE AND EAT AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU WANT! JUST PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF, NATSU! NATSU!”

“Lucy,” Erza said, putting a hand on her shoulder to stop her in her tracks, “it’s no use. I don’t think he made it.”

Lucy turned to face the knight, tears threatening to let loose. “Wh-what?”

Gajeel, Levy, Wendy, and the exceeds stood right by them. “The air is clearing up, but I still can’t get his scent. He must have been…,” Gajeel said, “too close to the explosion to even get to safety. That fool.” He didn’t notice, but his eyes were getting a little watery. “We tried telling him not to push himself too hard in the fight, but he wouldn’t listen. I… I fear the worst has most likely happened.”

“Y-You…” Wendy choked out, tears already going down her cheeks, “you mean he’s…?” She didn’t have it in her to say the word.

“No!” Lucy yelled, pushing herself away from Erza and facing her friends. “This is Natsu we’re talking about! H-he must have survived! He’s just gotta! We just haven’t found him yet!“ Lucy honestly didn’t know who she was trying to convince more, them or herself.


“Natsu promised me! HE promised me he’d come back to me alive! He would never break a promise! Never!


“A-All we have to do is keep searching till we find him! He’s gotta be around here somewhere! We just have to split up into groups again and-”

LUCY!“ Erza yelled, grabbing Lucy’s arms to keep her in place. “Look at the facts! He was already spent before the battle, he was way too close to the explosion, we spent hours searching for him everywhere and we can’t find his body anywhere, and the only thing we have found is what remains of his scarf! There might not even be anything left him to find!“ Lucy stared at her as the knight started crying. “I’m sorry Lucy,… but he’s gone.”

Lucy stood there, processing what Erza had said. She didn’t want to believe it. He had promised her that they were all going to walk to the guild together, not without him. She tried to think of something, anything that may point to the alternative she wanted. But she couldn’t.

Lucy then heard sobbing. She turned to see Wendy, balling into Gajeel and Levy as they hugged her tightly, crying themselves. The exceeds were right beside them, with Lily and Carla holding Happy as the poor little blue cat was having his own trouble coping with what was happening.

“No, I don’t want this,” the little cat cried. “Please, someone wake me from this nightmare. I don’t want be without Natsu.”

“Shh,” Carla whispered gently as she let him cry on his shoulder. “I know, Happy.”

“Happy…” he sniffed. “I don’t think I want that name anymore.”

Lucy’s heart felt like it was yanked from her body when she heard him. She wanted more than anything to go over there and hold the little feline and try and comfort him, but she couldn’t bring herself to move.

It was then she took in the rest of her surroundings and noticed that not a single person from Fairy Tail there was dried eyed. No one said a word or even made much of a sound. They just all stood there, some with their heads down and some upwards, and wept. Even the tough guys like Laxus couldn’t stop themselves from crying.

The only ones who weren’t standing were Juvia and Gray, with her holding him close as he cried into the scarf. Lucy wasn’t 100% sure, but she could’ve sworn she heard Gray say something like “Why do all the people closest to me always end up dying?”

That’s when it finally registered in Lucy’s mind. Natsu was dead.

“No,” she whispered as she collapsed onto her knees. Then she broke down, wailing and sobbing louder than anyone else around her. She felt Erza putting her arms around her, putting her in a embrace as both girls cried their eyes out onto each other’s shoulder. “NOOOOOO!“ She screamed. “NO, NATSU! PLEASE, DON’T LEAVE ME! PLEASE! I NEED YOU! NATSU!”

She cried and cried for what felt like an eternity, hoping that somehow she would wake up from this horrible dream. But she never did. This was really happening. She had just lost the person who meant the most to her. The boy who brought her to Fairy Tail and gave her a home and a family. The boy who would always barged into her apartment just to sleep in her bed and eat her food. The boy who took her on so many memorable adventures. The boy who was always there for her when she needed him. The boy who became her best friend. The boy she… fell in love with at some point down the road. He was gone. And she was never getting him back.

“Why him? Why did it have to be him?” she sniffed.

After awhile, Makarov spoke up. “Come on, everyone,” he said, his voice exhausted. “It’s time we head back to the guild.” He then turned to the allied guilds, who stood back and gave Fairy Tail space to mourn the loss of their comrad. “You’re all welcome to come with us to get yourselves checked up and rested for the night. It’s the least we can do for all the help you’ve all given us during the war.”

The other guild masters nodded in response and everyone got ready to leave. Makarov walked right beside Mavis as the two Fairy Tail masters led everyone back to whatever was left of their guild hall. “I guess it was just wishful thinking to believe we would all make it out of this one, huh?” he chuckled sadly. Then his face when back to a serious and mournful expression. “That brat was always causing so much trouble for me with his destructive behavior.” And like a father mourning his dead son, he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. “And yet… the guild will never be the same without him.“

“One thing is for sure though,” Mavis said sorrowfully, “his sacrifice will be remembered for generations to come.” Makarov simply nodded in response.

The majority of the Fairy Tail guild started their slow walk home, leaving Lucy, Erza, Gray, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Wendy, and the three exceeds in the far back, still frozen in their spots. Noticing that the others were ahead of them, Juvia supported Gray as he got up from his spot and slowly trudged after the rest of the guild, the scarf still in his hands. Gajeel, Levy, Wendy, and the exceeds, started to dragged behind them.

“Come on, Lucy,” Erza said to the girl in her arms, who was still letting tears loose, “Let’s get back to the guild.”

Lucy didn’t give a response, she simply just let Erza help her up and walk her the rest of the way. She didn’t have the strength to walk on her own right now. She couldn’t even think straight. All she could do was cry and think about that stupid goofy grin that she loved so much and would never get to see aga-

“Erik? Something wrong?”

“I…think I heard something. But… it couldn’t be.”

“What?! What is it Erik?! From what direction?!”

Lucy didn’t see it, her mind too foggy with grief, but apparently Erik had pointed to the far right where the corpse of Acnologia was still at. And apparently something happened because someone gasped and then yelled “EVERYONE, WAIT! SOMETHING’S OVER HERE!”

That apparently got everyone’s attention as they all turned around to see what Crime Sorciere had found. And what they all saw made a everyone stop dead in their tracks and gaped at the site in front of them. Lucy took a little extra time processing what was going on, but when she looked up and saw the shock in Erza’s eyes and then followed to where her eyes were looking, she too widened her eyes at the site in front of her.

Right under Acnologia’s corpse, something was moving and trying really hard to set itself free from under its underground prison. Then a human arm came out and struggled but managed to push the dead body off it. When the weight was finally released off of it, a person slowly tried to pushed himself from under the rock and debris around where the body once was. There was a group gasp at the first thing everyone noticed on the rising person who seemed to be in a lot of agonizing pain.

He had pink hair.

He was struggling really hard to get himself out of the ground, occasionally blurting out an “ow.” He was in so much pain in so many areas of his body, which was covered in dirt, blood, fresh scars and wounds, and it didn’t help that the only clothing he had on left was a pair of torn up pants. And yet, nothing seemed to stop him from finally managing to stand up on his feet. He wobbled a bit, but then finally managed to find his balance.

“MY GOD,” he yelled. “I am going to be feeling that for at least a (ow) week or two!” He then looked down to see what remains were left of the evil dragon king. “Whoa! Is that Acnologia?” A grin formed on his face. “We did it! We defeated him! YAHHOO-OOOOWWWwww, bad move. Bad move.” After scolding himself for trying to stupidly jump in his body’s condition, he felt a whole lot of eyes on him and turned to see all of Fairy Tail and the allied guilds, all staring at him. “Oh hey guys! Did you see that?! We (ow) defeated Acnologia! HAHA! It was awesome! Best battle EVER! He didn’t know what hit him! Of course, I don’t remember much of how we beat him, but it must of been (ow) awesome!” He then heard something growl and placed his hand on his stomach. “Aw man. All this fighting and war stuff has gotten me hungry. Any of guys got any food I could… why are all of you guys looking at me like tha-WHOA!” He was too busy rambling that he didn’t take notice of the blonde girl who ran towards him until she finally tackled him to the ground in a hug.

“NATSU!” Lucy sobbed happily into his chest.

“Ow!” Natsu exclaimed in pain. He then looked down at the girl who was holding on to him as if for dear life. “Wha-Lucy?!”


At this Natsu smiled and managed to wrap his arms around her. “Well of course I’m alive, you weirdo. Didn’t I tell ya I wasn’t planning on dying today and that we were all going to be walking back to the guild together?”

Lucy looked up at Natsu through her still teary eyed eyes and smiled, for the first time in hours. “Yeah, you did,” she sniffed.

“Wait,” Natsu said confused, “why are you crying? Did you really think I was dead or something?”

“Yeah,” she said, trying to wipe the tears from her eyes. “I thought I’d lost you forever. But I didn’t! You’re here! You’re alive! Oh god, I’m so happy you’re alive!”

Speaking of happy, the little blue cat was the very next to come and greet the friend he had thought was dead just a few minutes ago, and not far behind him was the entire Fairy Tail guild running towards him, laughing, and celebrating the return of their once thought dead comrad.


“You tell him, Happy!” Lucy laughed, playfully, and gently, hitting Natsu where he wasn’t wounded.

Natsu couldn’t help but chuckle as he held both of his bestest friends close to him in a hug. “Don’t worry, guys. You two are stuck with me for life.”

Lucy smiled and then did something Natsu found unexpected: she kissed him on the cheek. “Best news I’ve heard all day.”

“Aye sir!”

Before Natsu could even comprehend what Lucy just did, they were surrounded by the rest of their friends, all of them so happy to see their fire dragon slayer still alive.

“Oh thank goodness!”

“Welcome back to the land of the living!”

“I’m so glad to see you’re alright, Natsu-nee!”

“What a huge relief!”

“We were all so worried!”

“Its so wonderful to see you safe and sound!”

“Great to see you still in one piece, man!”

“Were you trying to scare us?!”

“Gihi! Must’ve annoyed the people running the afterlife so much they sent him back!”

“Cheating death is so manly!”

“I’ll drink to that!”

“Fro thinks so too!”

“YOU IDIOT!” All eyes turned to Gray, who though was yelling, had relief written all over his eyes. “What the hell were you doing making us all worried like that?! We all thought you were dead!”

“What’s the matter, Frost Face?” Natsu retaliated with a smirk. “Did you miss me?” Then he noticed what was in his hand. “HEY! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SCARF, DUDE?!”

“Me?! Why don’t you take better care of it and not lose it in battle and maybe it won’t look like this, Flame Head!”

“Why you-! Wendy, heal me up so I can beat up Gray!” He yelled, fralling his arms around. Everyone laughed as Natsu acted like his usual childish self that they all knew and loved.

Yep, Natsu Dragneel was definitely alive.

“Come on, everyone,” Makarov laughed, “Let’s go home. And will someone help Natsu there and to the infirmary? I don’t think he’ll be able to walk for a while.”

“But Gramps, I’m fine,” the dragon slayer protested. “Look, I can walk on my own.” To prove he could, he unattached Lucy and Happy from himself and struggled to stand up. “See? I’m all good.” Unfortunately, as soon as he took one step forward, he started to fall down.

“Whoa there, partner,” Lucy said, catching him just before he could hit the ground. “Why don’t you just let us help you, ok?”

“But I-”

“Don’t over work yourself, Natsu,” Erza said smiling. “It’s a miracle enough that you’re alive. So let’s keep it that way and get you back to the guild in one piece, sound good?”

Natsu was about to retort, but decided not to on account that he couldn’t think of a good one that would work. He sighed in defeat. “Fiiiiiine.”

Lucy giggled in response, which caught Natsu’s attention. Any sign of sadness and tears were completely gone from her face he could tell, and all that was left happiness, joy, relief, and love. He just couldn’t help but smile in return at how beautiful she was right now.

Lucy felt his eyes on her and smiled back. “Thank you so much, Natsu.“

Natsu raised an eyebrow in confusion. “For what, Luce?”

Lucy blushed a bit at that nickname. “For everything. For bringing me to Fairy Tail all those years ago. For all the adventures we’ve went on together. For all the times you were there for me when I needed you the most. For always being the Natsu I know and… love. I just don’t know what I would possibly do without you in my life.”

In response, Natsu gave her that stupid goofy grin she loved so much she was once afraid she was never going to see again. “I don’t know what I’d without you either, Luce. I can’t think of anyone else who is more important to me. You just make my life complete, you know?“

Lucy blushed at Natsu’s confession. It was really sweet. But before she could reply…

“They’re in lllooooovvvee!” Taunted Happy. Natsu and Lucy turned to see that the blue cat, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, Carla, and Lily were all standing around them giving knowing looks their way.

“Yeah? So what if we are?” Natsu said in defense, unknowingly causing Lucy’s face to go redder.

“Well well, it’s about time one of them admitted it,” Gray smirked.

“Didn’t know Salamander had it in him,” Gajeel teased, earning him a glare from Natsu.

“Yay! Love Rival has Natsu-Kun, which means Gray-Sama is all Juvia’s!” Juvia said, hearts in her eyes as she hugged Gray. The Ice Maker mage just sighed in response.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Wendy said innocently.

“I’m totally calling Maid of Honor at their wedding,“ Levy said to Gajeel, which everyone heard.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Lucy exclaimed in embarrassment. “One step at a time here, people!” Everyone laughed in response, even Lucy in the end.

“Alright, you guys,” Erza finally said, “Let’s go home.”

And so, with Lucy helping Natsu walk, they joined everyone else as they all continued onwards back to the guild, this time in high spirits. The war was over. They had beaten Zeref and the Alvarez Empire and have taken down Acnologia once and for all. And to top it off, they all made it through all of it together.

Lucy, in particular, couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she gazed at the dragon slayer right beside her as he was having a very much heated argument with Gray. She just couldn’t get over the fact that Natsu was alive. She was so afraid she would suddenly wake up and this was all just a dream, but as she held on to his arm over her shoulder and felt the toasty warm heat his body gave off, she knew it wasn’t. He really was alive. The boy who brought her to Fairy Tail and gave her a home and a family. The boy who would always barged into her apartment just to sleep in her bed and eat her food. The boy who took her on so many memorable adventures. The boy who was always there for her when she needed him. The boy who became her best friend. The boy she fell in love with at some point down the road. He was right beside her and there to stay.

It truly was a victory for everyone in Fairy Tail that day.




“But seriously, does anyone have any food I can eat? I’m SOOOO hungry!”


Well there you have it. My first attempt at a Fairy Tail fanfiction. Did you like it? Dislike it? Please let me know. I’d love to see what people think of this.

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