day 7: fantasies

DAY 7: Fantasy/Soulmates@otayuriweek

Good luck soldier! Come back safe and sound

(The Russian fairy is a bit shy * laughs *)


  • Ahhhhhhhhhh ~ Fianally I did it ! 7 days of otayuriweek ♥ - I fall to the ground (With sore arms ) But I’m very happy. Thanks for reblogear my art, I love them (I do not know them but I love them ;D ) ~ It’s very encouraging♥  thank you very much
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh ~ ¡Finalmente lo hice! . Los 7 dias de la otayuriweek * caigo al suelo con los brazos adolorido. Pero soy muy feliz, gracias por reblogear mi arte, los amo (no los conozco pero los amo ;D )  Me han animado mucho♥ MUCHAS GRACIAS

::Murkami Lor:: 


Pinkie Pie as Yuffie Kisaragi! She took so long to detail and ink, but I’m generally happy with this one. Pinkie and Yuffie are both pretty funny and silly. And Yuffie plays with the 4th wall when she steals your materia in the first disc of FF7, so I found it fitting that Pinkie would play as her, plus their names are similar already!


Inktober | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Here are my first seven doodles for Inktober 2017, all in one convenient location! I’ve been having a lot of fun with these. Glad I decided to try it out for the first time this year! :>


Fluttershy of course has to be Aeris. Shame she won’t make to the second disc…Flutterith could’ve been another name. Not many people I talk to remember that in the original translated release of FF7 on PS1, Aeris’s name was actually Aerith. I grew up knowing that name, but since Kingdom Hearts and subsequent Final Fantasy games used “Aeris”, I guess I have to abandon the name I used to be familiar with… 90s anime surely loved their hair bangs. (I love those bangs too)


Allurance Week Day 7 - Fantasy/Fairy Tale

A lil bit of both I suppose???? A lil story where Allura is the Queen of Butterflies and has control over every butterfly in the world (magical powers and all that ahh) but all the butterflies are red/pink. Lance travels to the ends of the earth and finds the single blue butterfly and presents it to Allura

he wins her hand in marriage I guess and then drama!

(ffs just when I thought I could finish something on time smh)


Luna Valentine

Well technically it’s Nightmare Moon by appearance, but that’s only because I wanted to show a parallel to how Vincent Valentine can become a monster like Chaos. I thought Nightmare Moon’s armor would go well with Vincent’s sharp sabatons on his feet. …At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use Luna for this, but after reading Vincent’s quotes from the game, I felt that their personalities were a better match than expected. Vincent being in a coffin for so long is kind of like Luna being imprisoned on the moon. Both of them have inner demons they have to come to terms with too. And though they may seem distanced and cold at times, they do care.

The final day for @ffxvrarepairsweek
Crossover AU
Pairing : Noctis x Lightning

Actually this fanart based on a song from Powerless titled “Existence” and of course inspired by Tarot card 😂 (but I don’t know how to put it like a Tarot card so I just messed up with some graphic here 😂😂😂). One more thing, know why I named this pic as “Existence”? If you could find a “baby” in this fanart, just reblog and say it! Lightning and Noctis is guarding their baby here. Sorry for the messed background. FYI, I using this pic for my phone home screen, I luv it.