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Darry has a fight with Ponyboy’s new English Teacher…

You had a long night ahead of you grading paper that were due the next day, the whole week you had been awful sick and you just hadn’t gotten around to it. You sat in your classroom, it was way past 7, and you should’ve been gone hours ago. 

So, when a loud knocking sounded at your door you had to stop yourself from screaming. 

“Come in” You breathed, you looked up the moment the door opened and right before you, you saw the most beautiful set of pale blue eyes staring back at you… if he was the ocean he’d have swallowed you whole, and you weren’t sure if you’d mind. 

“Mrs Y/L/N, I presume?” He stated in a stern voice, he folded his arms and it seems as though he was sizing you up. Uh oh- confrontation- the last thing you needed. 

You assumed it was another Soc’s big brother wanting nothing more than to yell at you for giving their sibling a bad mark, maybe he’d even try to buy you off with money that you didn’t want. Maybe he’d threaten you like Charlie O’Brien’s big brother did last week… the possibilities were endless. 

“Yes, is there anything I can do for you, Mr…” You trailed off, waiting for the last name so you knew just what you were dealing with. You got up from off your chair and you extended your hand. 

“Mr Curtis. Ponyboy is my kid brother.” 

“Oh.” You said in surprise. “Is something wrong? Is he okay?” You were feeling slightly panicked, had something happened to him on the way home? Was it another no good Soc picking on the younger greaser kids? Did he get beat up? 

“He came home upset the other day, because of you!” His voice was raised and you involuntarily took a step back from him. “He said you accused him of plagiarism.” 

“Mr Curtis, please-” You tried to explain yourself. You felt horrible, you hadn’t meant for him to take it that way. 

“What you think that because he is a Greaser he is stupid? I’ll bet you’re one of those Socials that look down your nose at us. I’ll bet-”

“First of all, Mr Curtis” You yelled, closing the distance between the two of, so you were looking directly in his eyes. (or up at them). “Don’t you dare belittle me, you don’t know me.” 

“I know you’re a snobby soc that likes to take the credit away from the likes of my kid brother-”

“I’m a greaser, just like you, just like Ponyboy. I grew up on the East Side, my parent’s were so poor that they couldn’t afford to feed me and my three little brothers and sisters every night. We were so poor that we almost lost our home. I worked three jobs to help my parent’s keep our home and to feed us. You know how I got here? Pure dumb luck. I got a scholarship that probably shouldn’t have been given to me in the first place.” 

For the first time this afternoon Darry was silent. He didn’t know what to say to you. He was beginning to feel foolish. 

“But you know what I see when I look at your brother? A goddamn genius. He has something special Mr Curtis and it’s your duty to make sure he doesn’t lose that gift. He writes beautifully, he talks beautifully. One day he is going to make something of himself, he is going to leave us all behind. And let me tell you, I don’t know a single kid who deserves it more. And that is the truth.” 

“He said you accused him-” This time he was speaking softly, all suspicions of malice was lifted from his voice. 

“He took what I said the wrong way. I asked him to stay back after class and I asked him if he wrote it. And do you know why I asked him? Because it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s poetic, it is something you could never expect a young 15 year old kid to write. He writes of loss and tragedies… and he turns it into a masterpiece. I couldn’t comprehend someone so young writing something like this. So yes, I did ask him, but I never said I didn’t believe him.” 

You walked away from him, your heels clicking on the cold, wooden floor. You made your way to your desk and opened the draw, pulling out a 15 page document. 

“Read it, Mr Curtis. You’ll be lost for words.” 


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Words: 902

Pairings: namjoon x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: You were working on a project but someone else caught your attention.

25 Days of Bangtan: Day 21

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All That Glitters- 7

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: ~2100

Warnings: Soooo many bad language words.

Tags at the end.
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Masterlist   Part 6

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The next two days felt like an eternity. The hours stretched on and your phone didn’t stop ringing. First it was Lance, who left you one voicemail, one text message, and then nothing. Then came the onslaught from Hope, who said Lance had called her too. She left you a vast number of voicemails and texts. At first they were angry, pissed that you’d slept with him again. But then when you still didn’t answer, she became concerned, and when you finally picked up the phone and told her that you didn’t wanna talk about it, that you just wanted to forget it had happened at all, she obliged and dropped the subject.

Weeks went by. You hadn’t heard from Lance, and you hadn’t brought up the subject with Hope. Amber had apologized the last time you saw her for what almost happened, but then Hope told her to shut the hell up and to never talk about him again. After nearly three weeks had gone by, you’d mostly forgotten about him. You resumed your normal life, working at the gym six days a week. You did the paperwork, mostly, and it helped distract you. Your free time was spent with the girls or binging Netflix shows. The weather had warmed up, and when June bled into July, Hope called you early on a Tuesday morning to ask you shopping, deciding you both needed new swimsuits.

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Been A Day

This morning I woke up around midnight feeling sick. Took a half dozen tums, used the bathroom a lot and finally dozed on and off. Called the OB at 7:30 and got told to come in. 90 minutes of monitoring later I got sent to the hospital for more intensive monitoring and another ultrasound because Grunt was overly quiet even though I had mild contractions.

6 hours strapped to monitors later, i was still technically having contractions but not progressing so they sent me home. Now I’m waiting for dinner to be done heating up and then I’m gonna crash. Next 2 days are going to involved bossing Mr Meggo around to get the house cleaned and limited activity so I *hopefully* don’t go back to the hospital until the c-section on Monday.

Batman headcanon that one day, one of Bruce’s society bimbos comes to Wayne Manor looking for Bruce. Tim answers the door and, probably because he’s running on like 1.7 hours of sleep, sleepily informs her that Bruce is in the cave before shutting the door.

Of course, the next day it’s in all of the papers. However, since all Gothamites are afflicted by a disorder that prevents them from seeing that Batman = Bruce Wayne. All the newspapers read ‘BILLIONAIRE BRUCE WAYNE REVEALED TO HAVE MAN CAVE.’

Tim is super apologetic over the slip but Jason and Dick literally cannot contain themselves with laughter. Jason does not stop laughing until he nearly passes out from lack of oxygen. Because in a way, it’s kind of true. Bruce is a brooding middle aged man who goes to dark, quiet place to escape real life troubles and fill out his dark fantasies.

Jay and Dick start referring to the Batcave solely as the Man Cave from there on out. Casually over dinner, while on patrol, even laughing with other women at society parties. (“haha oh yes, dear Brucie just loves his Man cave. We have to drag him out of there.”) Bruce meanwhile is in the corner quietly chanting "I lOve AlL mY cHiLdeRn" in order to quell his rage.

In the end, Bruce comes down hard on the two of them. Cereal and cigarettes are forever banned from the house. Of course Tim and Damian side with Bruce and replace all of Jason’s leather jackets and jeans with brightly colored cardigans and trousers. Dick is given nothing but one piece 80’s disco suits. Dick folds immediately but Jason decides if he can survive death he can survive Bruce. He spends two weeks proudly strutting around the house in bright salmon sweaters with neon yellow pants before he too succumbs to the inevitable.

If the forbidden word is ever uttered, even by accident, all the oxygen is sucked out of the room while Bruce’s eyebrow twitches dangerously.

had every intention of coming back to my room after work and being a sloth for the rest of the day but ended up going out for coffee and to the tesla museum with my new american and chilean friends which turned into having “a beer” in the weird, like, yugoslavian communist bar next to the hotel? which turned into two shots of rakija and like four beers – for ~$7 each total – and four hours of conversation and playing a game of never have i ever and yep, we’re all messes really

but hey here’s tesla’s urn and some sunset

and a tesla coil!


i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.


It’s a bit hard to say since I take frequent breaks to stretch my back and relax my wrists, but I got at least a good 7-8 hours worth of work in today! Things are coming together quite well for Anime Milwaukee this upcoming weekend (table location post incoming). I’m trying a new way to store my journals and mini-frames that will hopefully let me be more organized behind the table AND let me store them all pretty-like in my office when I’m not at a convention.

The box for the mini-frames is definitely too small, though. I may have to pop by Michael’s in the next day or so to grab another one so everything fits more comfortably. The box as shown is missing two more wooden frames, and I’ll still have 13 more frames to finish before the end of Wednesday.

New buttons, too!

Lots of work done. Still three full nights’ worth of work left to go. Hoo-boy.

My cuties, I have to confess something^^

I won’t be able to post reactions this weekend~~ I’m really busy tomorrow and I’m travelling for seven hours on Saturday. I tried to come up with reactions today (and I so wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day!!) but it didn’t work because I was pressuring myself so much :/ 

So we’ll get back on track with reactions next week and maybe I’ll just write a belated Valentine’s Day reaction^^

I love you wery much, we’re only 7 followers short of 1100! Thank you so much and please enjoy the comeback on Sunday :*** I hope I can live-blog a bit on Sunday but as I know myself, I’ll probably just lie on the floor and hyperventilate and cry after watching the comeback :D 

Reid: I’ll do it.
JJ: Spence.
Reid: What? I’ve seen an episode of Mr. Belvedere.
JJ: You’ve never babysat by yourself before.
Prentiss: You know, he could do a couple of hours.
Reid: What could possibly go wrong?
[on next day, at the FBI Triathlon finish gate]
Reid: "A couple hours. A couple hours.“ You guys didn’t come home till sunrise.
—  Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau, Emily Prentiss. Season 7 Episode 16. Criminal Minds quote of the day.

so when i was 7 my mom got pregnant bc of our downstairs neighbor, who was mexican. i knew he didn’t speak much english, so one day while we were in the car i started hysterically crying in the back seat and my mom asked “hey what’s wrong?” and i replied “HE - HE WON’T UNDERSTAND US MOM” and she spent the next hour trying to explain that you don’t just come out the womb speaking spanish. life lesson kids.

let me also add that he acts like a dog now and insist that he be called fernando

Isn’t delightful

Leaving your class early because you’re so tired you feel sick, going to bed early still feeling nauseous. But waking up at 1 a.m. with terrible stomach pain and cramps, because your period which never starts in the middle of the night decide it would do exactly that this time. Throwing up twice in the next hour or so and curling up crying on your bathroom floor until it eases up a little and you go back to sleep at around 3.

And still having to get up and go to work bc your job is so that it’s really difficult to call a sick day without missing a bunch of deadlines everyday.

At least I slept until 7:30. Just for today… still feel nauseous though. I might just go finish what I had to do and come back home for the rest of the day.

Yep my period starts in exactly 7 days I know because I suddenly want to cry also eat 10 tacos and 4 servings of pasta.

Like during my actual period I feel next to nothing. Maybe 1 cramp and like, I’m extra lazy. But the week before I eat 10lbs of food in one sitting and I need 10 hours of sleep a night. Also I cry every time my shoelaces come untied.

So, Im awake. My body did the nap thing without my permission around 7:30-8 and I woke up 2 hours later.

I wish I had some good weed right now. At least the next 8 hours awake would be chill and I could listen to music and watch tv and feel something.

Instead Im going to watch Stitchers again for the umpteenth time and wait until I cant keep my eyes open again. And then 7am will come and my GSD will want out and I’ll start over again with a new cold wet day.

The circle of life is a lie. It’s a ball of string and someone swallowed it and is eating it and pooping it out at the same time.

Two Smoking Guns 10

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the fact that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,294

Warnings: Gonna get NSFW here soon, maybe a little here too.

A/N: As always I request feedback!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -

The entire next day you were simply buzzing with excitement you couldn’t find enough to do fast enough. Jess promised to come over hours before you needed to get ready just to help quell your nerves, and also she wanted to dress you up and do your hair and face and all that good stuff. You were so jazzed and pumped that you blew through all of your paperwork and school work, and cleaned your entire apartment from top to bottom. You couldn’t sit still, one minute you were such a nervous wreck you thought it would have been easier to hurl yourself out of the window, and the next minute you were Miss Calm-Cool-And-Collected, which only lasted for just that, minutes.

You sat cross legged on your couch trying not to freak out, as you picked apart the loose strands on your pillow, as soon as the first knock on the door happened you shot up and nearly hobbled yourself trying to get over the couch. You swung the door open, breathless and wide eyed. Jess stared at you startled till you grabbed her by the arm and yanked her inside.

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Turns out that the “special little surprise” during Star’s marathon on March 28th was Daron Nefcy’s Disney XD ID.

Welp, I’m surprised, that’s for sure.
She wasn’t kidding about the surprise being little though.

Actually, this is what happens when you are the creator of a beloved series who posts a cryptic tweet days before a very suspicious marathon and almost 7 months since the Season 1 finale, effectively giving the fandom (false) hopes about a long-awaited promo.

Time to scream in a pillow for the next ten hours or so.

But still, I’ll definitely keep an eye on the upcoming marathon: maybe there are other surprises coming, hopefully surprises I actually care about.

PS: Of course Daron Nefcy’s ID is beautiful and well-made: she’s a great artist and we’re all very happy for her, but that was not the “surprise” I was looking forward for.

Newborn Princess CHAPTER 7

Summary: As Happy comes back from a late run he hears crying and finds a baby in a basket on his doorstep, with a letter saying that it was his. Will he raise the child or give it up. 

Chapter 6

The next chapter is going to get intense. Hope you all enjoy :)

WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Blood

How could a day start so good and turn so bad in only a few hours? Happy would never understand how shit happens so fast because that’s how it happened…fast.

It was around ten and there was a party going on at the club, Happy sitting on the couch talking to his brothers with a baby monitor in his hand as his daughter slept in his dorm room. He always slept at the club when there were parties just in case he felt like drinking then there were people there to help just in case, plus her room wasn’t done yet.

“Uh…yo Hap Natasha’s crying but the door’s locked.” Half-Sack said getting everyone’s attention. “Look like she’s up.” Tig chuckled.

Happy leaned forward slowly, “What?” Half-Sack pointed behind himself, “I heard her screamin’ so I figured I’d just go put her bo-bo in her mouth but the door was locked.”

“Nononono.” Happy said as he stood up quickly, “I didn’t lock the damn door.”

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Pokémon to the Past

A set of seven posters I produced for a college project, the theme was “Retro Appeal” and we had a few options of what to do (taking old things and making them new, taking new things and making them old and so on and so forth).

I chose, in celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, to produce a set of 6 book covers, and a 7th “COMING SOON” poster- one for each Pokémon generation.

The idea was to de-invent Pokémon to make it appear like a children’s book series that ranged from 1936 until Sun and Moon which would be from 1956.

These 7 posters took me a solid 7 days of work with approx 4 hours sleep every night. They’re now placed in my exhibition space which will be happening next Monday, so hopefully people will like them C:

If anyone’s interested in purchasing prints or other items with the print on, please message me!

(I had to reduce the file sizes substantially so sorry for any low quality images or blurring :/ Tumblr sucks)


So tonight me and my friend went gym bashing, it was actually super fun and we ended up holding 5 gyms before we raked in the bonus, but at the end we saw that one of the gyms (we had lost) was being stacked on by team mystic, as we drove by we saw three people stacking up this gym, putting levels but not pokemon on it (presumably so that mystic people, in the morning, could just put pokemon on the gym without prestiging it). It was going on 2AM, really only people without jobs (or in our case we didn’t have work the next day) were out. So instead of attacking them while they stacked it, we waited until they were done. So after coming back from getting snacks at the grocery store we saw this

They had poured at least an hour, maybe probably more into grinding this thing all they way up to level 7, and kept 3 pokemon they could beat there to easily prestige it, which is bullshit loophole tactics so I did the only thing that felt right

I undid all their hard work in 10 minutes and memed on them

High school
Its four years of waking up at the crack of dawn struggling to get out of bed
“You’re just exaggerating” they say. “Stop being lazy” they say
It’s sitting in desks for seven hours being fed information that you’re expected to memorize
Memorize. Because it’s all about memory, right?
It’s taking 3 AP classes because everyone says it’ll look good on your college applications
It’s coming home after 7 hours of school and slaving away at homework
It’s staying awake until 1, 2, 3 a.m. trying to finish up that project that’s worth half of your quarter grade
It’s waking up the next day, having only slept for four hours
“Get a full night of sleep” they say. “Eat a balanced breakfast” they say
It’s being expected to join clubs and play sports in order to be a “well rounded” student
It’s being a varsity athlete, expected to come to every practice and play in all the games, but make sure you get good grades, right?
Its feeling stupid because after staying up half the night to study for that math quiz, you get it back with a big fat F on the top
It’s being excluded from groups because you’re simply just different
It’s being invisible, yet being urged to ‘find your voice’
It’s feeling unwanted and worthless
It’s anxiety and depression and heartbreak and tears and sadness and anger and frustration, so much frustration
But it doesn’t have to be that way
“Education” is not just defined as “school, textbooks, homework, quizzes, and tests”
“Education” is not being enclosed to one building for the next four years of your life
“Education” is not just “intelligent or unintelligent”
“Education” is not just learning facts and “memorizing”
Education is knowledge;
It’s about learning the tools and skills needed to survive on your own
It’s knowing how to make sense of what you see
It’s connecting to the world
It’s understanding what’s going on around you
It’s awareness
Education is curiosity
It’s not being afraid to ask questions
Education is about you;
It’s progress
It’s learning at your own pace, in your own way
It’s about exploring ideas and endless possibilities
It’s about becoming the person that you want to be.
—  high school: the worst or best four years of your life, astronomizingg