day 5: protect


Due to the great success of the first event and people left wanting for more, we are delighted to announce the second ever Gency Week! It will take place in July 2017, from the 1st to the 7th.

The prompts for the week are:

  • Day 1 - Couple
  • Day 2 - Feathers
  • Day 3 - Healing 
  • Day 4 - Protect 
  • Day 5 - Ultimate 
  • Day 6 - Dragon 
  • Day 7 - Domestic 

Everyone is welcome to submit anything, so long as its relevant to Genji/Mercy and fits the prompts. ;) It can be art, comics, fics, drabbles, headcanons, songs etc.

You have a head start of almost two months (tho you may start now if you want), but we’ll post another reminder a week before the date! When it begins, remember to tag all your submissions under #gencyweek! We’ll be reblogging all submissions.

Have a wonderful spring and start of summer everyone!
- The D&S staff


Sormik Week 2017 is coming! I’m so excited to see this week happen again and I hope you are too. This year, the week will be from July 22nd to July 29th!

Prompt List: Journey’s End
Day 1, July 22nd: Elysia (Innocence/Beginnings)
Day 2, July 23rd: Ladylake (Conflict/Trust)
Day 3, July 24th: Marlind (Knowledge/Nature)
Day 4, July 25th: Pendrago (Loss/Protection)
Day 5, July 26th: Lohgrin (Truth/Time)
Day 6, July 27th: Lastonbell (Promises/Acceptance)
Day 7, July 28th: Camlann (Family/Fate)

Bonus Day! July 29th: Katz Korner (Free Choice)

As you can see, there is a bonus day this year! Do you just have an idea that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the prompts, or an extra scribble you don’t know what to do with? This day is for you! Crackfics, guilty pleasure AUs, corny fanfic tropes, anything you wanna post that day, go for it!

All entries tagged #sormikweek2017 will be reblogged here! Please consider reblogging this post to spread the word.

Thanks so much to @applegelstore for the amazing promotional artwork!

Click here for some basic information about ship weeks and feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions. Hope to see everyone there!

Hello everyone and welcome to Stydia Appreciation Week 2017! Hosted by @stydiadetectives​ & @stileslydias​ (tyty to rachel aka stydiadetectives for the gorgeous banner!!)


  • reblog this post to spread the word!
  • tag all posts as #stydiaweek2017 within the first 5 tags so everyone can see them!
  • you can post anything during this stydia-positive week including; gifsets, edits/graphics, videos, etc!

The week is to take place from: Monday July 31st to Sunday August 6th 2017 in your respective timezone! This means we are starting the day after the premier episode on July 30th!

The Week:

  • (Mon. July 31) day 1: #when it all began [when did you start shipping stydia?]
  • day 2: #the time they made me swoon [moment(s) they made you feel something]
  • day 3: #married [banter, banter, banter, oh my!]
  • day 4: #that soft look tho [the times where their eyes did all the talking]
  • day 5: #protective mode activated [the time(s) they were protective over each other and/or hurt/comfort scenes/moments]
  • day 6: #playlist [song(s) or lyric(s) from the show - or just song(s) or lyric(s) that remind you of stydia — edit with the lyrics or song title(s)!]
  • (Sun. Aug 6) day 7: #this is why they are my otp [moment(s)/reason(s)/etc why stydia is your otp]

This is one of the last times we’ll all be together again while the show airs, so let’s make the most of it!!

Hello everyone! So, the TianShan Week is coming, an event to celebrate He Tian and Mo Guan Shan pair from the chinese bl comic One Day, mostly known as 19 days and it will take place between February 13th and February 19th. The rules are - no character/pairing bashing, keep it centered on our pair and the mentions of any other character/pairing at minimum, do not repost or edit fanarts without permission, tag your contributions of any kind with “tianshanweek” in the first five tags of your post. Trolls are not allowed.Below are the prompts, feel free to interpret them as you please! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ 

Day 1: Pursuit
→  an effort to secure or attain; quest.
Day 2: Dear one
 a loved one, a sweetheart; one dear to one’s heart.
Day 3: Hunger
→  a strong desire; need for food.
Day 4: Shield
→  a person or thing that provides protection.
Day 5: AU
→  alternate universe.
Day 6: One Day
→  the indefinite time yet to come.  
Day 7: Freestyle
→  at your choice.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing your posts and have fun! ♡

In this shadow work challenge, we will be exploring our past and delving into some of the core experiences that have helped create and reinforce our shadows. Please keep in mind that shadow work is a highly individual process and there is simply no way I could ever devise any sort of curriculum that yields impeccable results for everyone. It is up to you to give this challenge true substance. This is not a set of step-by-step instructions or specified exercises, but a collection of interrelated subjects that form a generic basis for shadow work that you will [hopefully] be able to build off of. 

The prompts included were designed to be responded to in one (or all) of the following ways: journaling, creative expression, or tarot reading. I recommend journaling and/or creative expression as the basis with tarot as a supplement, but it can serve as a stand alone tarot evaluation as well (which is why I created this Tree of Life Spread). Whatever works for you, go for it! This challenge is only meant to get your mind reeling, and as you will see it’s pretty cut and dry, so I encourage you to use it as you please– get creative and allow it to evolve as you go. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, please share your work and tag “january shadow work challenge”. I for one would love to see it, and I’m sure those who are trying to get their foot in the door with shadow work would appreciate some reference material. In any case, I thank all for participating and as always I welcome public or private feedback! 

(P.S. I did not get to work on/edit this as thoroughly as I would have liked, so please forgive me for any errors or sloppy writing in general! Also, feel free to shoot me an ask if you have any questions. Best Wishes and Happy New Year!)

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