day 4: fight!

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better

Who you should fight from Owari no Seraph
  • Mika: Don't fight him. He's a vampire whose sword sucks his blood. Don't fight Mika.
  • Yuu: Fight him. I dont know if you'll win I just wanna see someone fight him. You might die cause Mika would kill you but just fight Yuu. Fiiiight hiiim.
  • Kimizuki: Fight him. He's a good fighter but with a little practice you can probably take him
  • Yoichi: ARE YOU KIDDING?! DO NOT FIGHT. Why would you even want to fight him? CINNAMON ROLL TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD
  • Shinoa: Dont. Dont do it. You'll get wrecked.
  • Mitsu: Fight. Fight. Fight.
  • Guren: hit him in his pretty little face. Both with your fist and your face and then run away cause he'll kick your ass.
  • Ferid: Fight. You can take him. Or you can't. Who knows really?
  • Krul Tepes: Run. Run far, far away

Another AU I’m gonna slowly battle alongside the SU one. I absolutely love robots so the pure idea of the crew of P4 being robots was something I couldn’t not jump on. They all start off not knowing the truth but later they get triggered into finding out about what they are. Yu is the only human.

Yosuke is a prototype companion model unit 001, built to be a friend, a pet and a caretaker. Because he’s the first of his models his mechanics are not well hidden and thus he’s got joints and wires all on view. Extra wrist and ankle joints allow for flexibility in movement for any reason, fighting and protecting or even leaping across the house to catch that falling vase before it crashes to the floor. This model type is supposed to latch onto a human, and center their personality around the needs of that one person. Thus Yosuke was subconsciously looking for someone to make his master (even during the period of not knowing he’s a robot), probably developing feelings for the person he would like to have as a master since its his basic need in his programming to have someone to care for. He’ll end up with his partner being that person of course, who is more suitable then good old Narukami. And he’s not gonna say no to a personal bot~