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Updated Promptio Week List

Because things change, work and class suck, *deep sigh* 

Day One: In the Dark: The parking garage thing, part 1 

Day Two: Mythicall Creatures: Sequel to Paper Thin. In which Gladio is trying to cope with whatever he might be now, while keeping Prompto’s secret, and dealing with his changed place in the world. Ignis doesn’t help. And then does help. Sort of. …Gladio isn’t sure what to make of it, honestly. 

Day Three: Dessert: @crossedquills and @cardigan-carm seemed to want a followup to How You Want to Be. In which Gladio and ‘Petra’ go out on a date. It’s as awkward as you’d imagine it would be, from start to sweet finish. 

Day 4: Gods: God AU, nothing has changed here 

Day 5: Momento: For @lhugbereth, parking garage thing, part 2. In which Gladio gets mean, the whole thing gets depraved, and that is not the proper use of flashlights, and I just want to say I’m sorry in advance and, actually, no one should read this. All complaints can be sent to @lhugbereth. She’s trading me Ignoct smut you guys, I can’t say no to that. You know I need Ignoct like I need air! ;_; 

Day 6: Family: Still the Bar AU, awkward family times and footjobs under the table.

Day 7: first(s)/free: *Shrug*   

OneNote is literally god’s gift to this earth. [ header art ]

I downloaded OneNote onto my mac air through my school’s office365 [which is a microsoft email login thing but is easily accessible on any kind of device and you can just delete the email acc later if you want]. OneNote can be accessed on a laptop, computer or ipad/tablet. i believe OneNote is available on the appstore as well?

I use OneNote as a digital bullet journal / planner and to write down all my study notes. i also have actual books for my study notes but i tend to prefer OneNote.

OneNote is super easy to use! think of it like an actual book:


When you open OneNote for the first time it will ask you to create a Notebook. You can name it whatever you wish and even choose the colour of it! You can have as many Notebooks as you like, so go wild !!


In your Notebook, you can have “chapters”, called sections or tabs. Depending on whether you use OneNote as a bujo or for study notes, these tabs can look like this:


Time to fill your chapters! These pages will contain all of your content. Whether that’s a weekly spread in your bujo or a page on DNA molecules in your humanbio Notebook. You can have as many as you want! Pages on OneNote tend to look like this:

Once you click on which page you want, it’ll open !

4. SPREADS [for planners]

Spreads are completely personalised and customised depending on you! Anything you do in your physical bujo you can do on OneNote. Habit checker? Tables? Homework diary? Inspirational quotes? Cute doodles? Day-to-Day planner? 

This is just an example of mine, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with yours !!


My study notes are basically just what my teacher says during class or puts on the board, which is why they’re almost always in bullet point form like this:

But obviously, you can edit your notes to be however you’d like them !!


One feature i really like about one note is the fact you can make the paper look like whatever you want. such as blank paper, margined + lined paper, graph paper etc. this is really helpful when writing notes and especially drawing diagrams !!

also, across the top is literally everything you’ll ever need.


Please download OneNote !! it’s so user-friendly and customisable. I was honestly shocked that more people weren’t using OneNote in the studyblr community. It’s such a lifesaver near test + exam time because all of your notes are in one place !!

also, OneNote autosaves and doesnt close if you close your laptop [as long as you’re not logged out or the computer is shut down] so you’ll never lose your work !!

HERE is another post about me yelling about OneNote lmao

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask !! ((-:


1. Wake up earlier. Not only does this improve productivity but it also gives you more time to make a good, hearty breakfast.

2. Make your bed. Let’s be real, being welcomed to a tidy bed after a long day at work/school (or a long day in general) is probably the best feeling anyone will ever experience.

3. If you want, spend a little more time on your appearance. Take some time choosing an outfit, applying make up or whatever. Do what helps you boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Stay hydrated, folks. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

5. Stretch everyday or start yoga (or do both, why not?)

6. Create a playlist consisting of songs that make you happy and listen to it. Listen to songs for the mood you want to be in, instead of the mood you are in.

7. Compliment at least one person per day. This could be an acquaintance, co-worker, class mate, stranger, whoever!

8. Use your manners. If someone holds the door for you, lets you go first etc, they did it voluntarily and didn’t have to do it, so a “thank you” wouldn’t hurt.

9. Eat your fruit and vegetables and always choose the healthy version over the junk food.

10. Have a good laugh. Catch up with friends, watch some ‘Parks and Recreation’, go see some stand-up comedy, reminisce about funny moments that have happened to you. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that humour has many benefits.

11. Be optimistic. Always look at the positives. There’s no point on focusing on the negatives because that isn’t going to help anyones mood at all.

12. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything to intense. A run around the block, a walk with your dog or even a 'Just Dance’ session will do the job. 

13.Bring a book/magazine or collect the daily newspaper with you. Spend you spare time reading.

14. Try and learn something new everyday. This can either be an interesting fact you saw online or a new skill someone taught you.

15. Help others when you are able to. Help your classmates with school work or offer to help you struggling neighbour lift those heavy objects.

16. Stop procrastinating. No matter how unmotivated you are to, push yourself and complete what you need to complete. Do what you gotta do. You know you’ll love yourself for doing it.

17. Drink some tea, because that stuff is goooooood (and also beneficial).

18.Make time to do things that help you relax, whether that’s painting, having baths, doing you nails or going for a run.

19. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, but instead grow and learn from them.

20. And lastly, be kind to yourself. If you love who you are, everyone else will

The ways in which I will love you

1. Truly
I won’t keep writing cheesy love poems or keep complimenting you. I will say what I think and be verbal about things you can work on, about what I don’t particularly like because there will be somethings I won’t.

2. I will love you.
There will be no reason.
Not any particular thing but you as a whole.
So you can change and grow, you can progress and you can evolve. As long as you’re you at the core, you have all my love.

3. I will be open to exploring your interests.
I may not care about sports but if that’s something you care about, I will ask you to teach me and I will sincerely learn and take interest.

4. Whatever path it may be, you won’t walk alone. On rainy days, I will share my umbrella and on windy days I will not make fun of your hair. On sunny ones I will share my ice cream and when your shoes are worn out, I will stop with you and help you fix them. Or wait until you find new ones that are just the right fit.

5. I will accept and try to love your crazy family as my own. I understand how complicated and unbelievable families can be but I do know the base is always love.

6. I will give you all my maps and some flashlights too so you can go on to explore parts of me I don’t display. There won’t be anything you will not know if you want to. I won’t let you read my diaries but I will let you read my soul.

7. I will step out of the goof closet I have been living in all my life and show you who I really am and make you laugh and smile and blush and yell.

8. I will say yes to adventure and to crazy sexual desires and have long lists of my very own I will like to explore with you.

9. I won’t cook or clean and I won’t be sorry about it. But I will keep your heart fed and the dark corners of your mind clean.

10. I won’t demand your phone/social media/bank passwords because all I really want is to look in your eyes and know what you’re thinking, to touch you and know what you’re feeling and to love a person I know as well and as little as myself.
As little as myself is only stating the disregard for the expectations and standards of the society and people and the masks we are given to wear on every birthday.

11. I will love the lazy Sundays at home as well as all the days we forget what day of the week it is or what time it really is because we are lost in time zones, on airplanes and in between magic.

12. When we argue I will never not stay silent or keep anything on the inside. I will get it all out so that there is never anything ugly left to grow on the inside.


Attention all Lena Luthor fans!

We have a little longer to go with this awful hiatus and the fandom is really in need of something constructive and happy right now.

What’s a great way to bring us all together? Our love for Lena Luthor!

Day 1 (April 17): When You Started Loving Lena
Day 2 (April 18):
Favorite Outfit/Look
Day 3 (April 19):
Favorite Headcanon/AU/Fics/Art/Videos (Recommend content or create your own!)
Day 4 (April 20):
Favorite Quote
Day 5 (April 21):
Most loved or wanted otp/brotp (SuperCorp? AgentCorp? Lena/Winn brotp? Whatever you like)
Day 6 (April 22): Favorite Scene or Episode
Day 7 (April 23):
Free Choice

Any posts that you would like to see reblogged here should be tagged as #lenaluthoraw and #lenaluthoredit

All positive contributions are welcome from all fans! For each day feel free to make text posts, photo sets, gif sets, fan videos, write fics, create playlists, or whatever you can think of to show your love for Lena during the week.

Spread the word! We can’t wait to see all of you amazing work!

Paper Hearts (Part 13)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 5.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1 ♡ 2  ♡ 3  4   5   6   7   8   9  ♡ 10  ♡ 11  ♡ 12  ♡ 13  ♡ 14

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Low-energy spirit communication

Everyone has days where we are simply too tired to even sleep. This may make full on conversations, pendulum readings, or even noticing the signs of a spirit impossible. However, working with spirits almost 24/7 has lead me to understand and find some interesting ways to communicate with my etheric friends.

1. Ask questions out loud and wait for the answer.
Whilst you may not have enough energy to communicate in a way to get instant answers, your spirit friends will try their best to reply to open-ended conversations. Often, if you ask a question and wait, you may feel or experience their answer. Falle likes to do this occassionally, if I ask him how he’s feeling, I often feel his emotions.

2. Random Number Generators
Similar to a pendulum, you can use websites like to speak to your spirit companions on low energy days. It’s very easy to establish, put the range of the generation from 1-2 or 1-3 (for a maybe option), then tell the spirit to answer a 1 if yes and a 2 if no. Ask a few starter questions, such as their name, and then you can ask them whatever you need to.

3. Shufflemancy
Similar to the RNG method above, this uses the spirit’s ability to manipulate results. Asking questions and then hitting shuffle on your playlist, the result that comes up is their answer. Analyze the lyrics to form a clearer picture.

4. Come in contact with their vessel.
I have found that if I am low on energy, coming into contact with the spirit’s vessel is very helpful. Even on low days, holding, wearing, or meditating with the vessel has allowed me to maintain contact and communication.

5. Ask for signs.
Is your spirit friend represented by something? Are they called or do they appreciate certain aspects of our world? For instance, let’s take my guide Rolana. She is a Robin and is represented by a Robin or Robin feather. On low energy days, if i ask her for a sign, normally within a few minutes i either see or hear a robin.

6. Ask them to manifest.
Manifesting may not be your spirit’s favourite task, however on low energy days, asking them to manifest is sometimes the easiest thing. Noises, smells, or physical anamolies (?) can be established as answers (tap twice for yes, tap once for no, ect.) and can be effective if your spirit is feeling up to it.

This is my attempt at an informational article! I know it is quite scattered and rambly, however I hope it can help anyone who needs it or learns from it!

Cliche For A Reason

No matter how many times they’re done, there are a few tropes I’ll read 100 times with the same ship, by 100 different authors.

Here are just a few of those tropes:

1. Fake Dating AU.

Whether it’s a short exchange with a stranger because there’s a creep who won’t stop hitting on them, or a fully planned out, year-long con to fool their family, I can never get enough of these.

2. Trapped in A Small Space Together

Freezing to death in an engine room. Hiding together in a closet to avoid being killed. Locked in a room, running out of air.

No matter the context, this one always makes my day, especially if one of the people trapped isn’t usually big on physical contact.

3. Taking Care of Children Together

Innocent little kids have a way of bringing out the soft side of even the fiercest characters.

4. Unnaturally Truthful

Truth serums, an excess of pain meds, and outside threats are just a few of the ways my beloved ships can be forced to admit things they never would under normal circumstances.

5. Amnesia/Forgetting The Other

Sometimes they hit their head. Sometimes they were brainwashed. Sometimes they died and came back to life.

Whatever the reason, one doesn’t know the other, and the other has to faithfully stick by them, and try to help them remember. (Or start from scratch, befriending them and falling in love all over again.)

6. Grumpy, Distant Characters Turning Into Human Puppies Around That Special Someone

This requires no explanation, I believe.

7. Everyone Knows One Loves The Other

Except, of course, the other.

8. First Kiss Forgotten

Maybe someone was under mind control when it happened, or maybe they just had a bit too much to drink, but Person A remembers Person B kissing them, and Person B has no idea it happened. (Or DO THEY?)

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on catching up when you’ve fallen behind!

A masterful skill that not even the best studyblrs may have tackled. A lot of advice in the studyblr community regarding this seems a little airy-fairy (I almost question if they remember what they themselves went through), so hopefully my post will shine a different light on it (or so I hope anyway!)

1. Work out what’s essential and what isn’t. You’ve basically wasted time right to get to this point right? With limited time left, use an Eisenhower matrix of Important vs. Urgent to determine what you need to do left. 

  • Important and Urgent - any and all due assessment tasks
  • Important but Not Urgent - studying lectures for exams, compulsory readings
  • Not Important but Urgent - additional homework tasks that need to be handed in but aren’t worth much, like logbooks
  • Not Important and Not Urgent - additional readings (although it’d be great if you did this, sorry, you’re out of time)

Then cross out everything that you can afford to not do. Ironically, I find that when I use the Eisenhower matrix when I am not strapped for time, studying (in the Important but Not Urgent category) usually gets the short end of the stick. But when I’m already falling behind, all the additional readings and homework tasks get thrown out the window and I just work on studying instead. 

2. Do everything that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Get all those pesky emails out of the way, all the small team meeting notes, everything else you need to do for someone else. That will cross out a whole chunk of things from your list. You’ll be left with the meaty stuff like studying, completing assignments, etc. 

3. It’s a little damn late for you to regularly revise, so just binge everything. Honestly, this is the best way to get everything done. Don’t switch tasks or subjects. You don’t want to spend about 20 minutes just getting into the flow before switching subjects once the hour’s up. Plus, since you’re already panicking, turn that fear and panic into motivation for you to really focus for long chunks of time - just think about what you do the day before a final exam - because the threat of the exam is imminent, you basically study the whole day right? Trust me, if you’ve really screwed up your study schedule, you won’t have to worry about common procrastination (assuming you don’t want to fail). 

University is just one assignment done, moving onto the next before you even have time to breathe. It’s usually quite different to high school in that everything is quite closely packed together since it’s a 13 week semester. In high school I thought that 3 assessments in a week was the end of the world (lol pls kid). 

So just do whatever needs to be done first, and then if you finish before the day the assignment/exam is done, then great, you can study for the next assessment task. 

Still, I do recommend chucking your phone out the window just in case, since people usually all study last minute, meaning they’ll be asking you “hey do you know wtf Prof was talking about in lec 5?″

4. Break up your courses into hour-long chunks. Although we’re bingeing, it’s important that you make a list, even if it just says “Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3″ so that you have a direction to go. Don’t allocate too much time for any one lecture, but at the same time, be realistic about how much you can cover in an hour. For example, if you’ve got 6 hours until an exam, you’re either going to study Lectures 1-3 really well, Lectures 1-6 so-so, and Lectures 1-10 superficially. 

So choose wisely based on what you know or don’t know. If there’s a topic you know quite poorly, consider if it’s worth the time to study and learn the concept, or just bank on the subject not showing up in your exam. I’m actually pretty poor at gambling what will be in the exam, so I always choose to just study everything at a basic level. 

A common pitfall I find in this area is skipping the basic stuff. You think you know it, but when you close your book and try writing it out on a blank piece of paper, you suddenly falter. This has happened to me repeatedly in an exam. I know all the really complex stuff like the back of my hand before I get into the examination room, and then I suddenly get a really simple question and I’m like wait, what was the answer again? I advise making lecture outlines that you just rote learn - this comes in useful for long response questions because you’ll often remember the small details, but will forget the next section, meaning you miss out on a massive chunk of information if you forget. 

5. Rinse and repeat. Usually after about 2 weeks(?) of catching up like this I finally see the light of day and I can return to my normal schedule. If need be, I usually cut back on sleep to about 6 hours vs. 7.5 hours, but never pull an all nighter. You cannot do this unless you have breathing room the next day (which you won’t because you screwed up in the first place). Unless it is the very last assessment task, there’s a massive risk of ruining your next exam. 

6. Try and never do that last minute ditch again. 

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana. 

Never again right? Remember that starting early and finishing early is the key to good grades. We’re all just young uni students at the end of the day though, so do remember to forgive yourself if you end up repeating the procrastination. I’ll be cheering you all on! 




11 Things Everyone Dealing With BDD Should Say (But Can’t).

1. “I’m sorry that I’m constantly focused on my appearance; I don’t mean to irritate anybody. But I can’t stop.”

2. “When I rant about how shitty I look, it’s not to get sympathy, and it’s definitely not to make anybody else feel worse about themselves. It’s actually just how I see myself, every day - And sometimes I just get sick of it.”

3. “Please don’t tell me it’s all in my head. It doesn’t help.”

4. “Don’t tell me I’m being ‘superficial’, ‘trivial’, or ‘obsessive’. I’m already fully fucking aware - trust me.”

5. “I’m sorry I can’t stop fixating on diets, or surgery, or whatever fucking fix I think I need. Again, I’m fully aware that I’m as obsessive as hell.”

6. “I don’t mean to give off the impression that looks are all that matter. They’re not. I know they’re not, but it feels like they are.”

7. “The only person I’m judging by these insane standards is myself.”

8. “Every time I’m in public, I can tell people are staring at me. I know they might not be, I know they probably couldn’t care less about a random passer-by like me, but I can tell they’re staring at me.”

9. “I hate myself every time I look in the mirror - and not knowing if what I’m seeing is ‘real’, an ‘exaggeration’, or ‘not as bad as I think it is’, only makes me feel worse.”

10. “I’m sorry if you’re feeling fed up with me. I’m pretty damn fed up with me too.”

11. “I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be more than this.”

We are happy to announce that Alex Danvers Network is hosting the Alex Danvers Week from July 3rd to 9th. All positive contributions are welcome from all fans! For each day feel free to make text posts, photo sets, gif sets, fan videos, write fics, create playlists, or whatever you can think of to show your love for Alex.  

Here’s the schedule for the week: 

Day 1 (july 3rd): The Moment You Fell In Love With Her
Day 2 (july 4th): Favorite Scene Or Episode
Day 3 (july 5th):
 Favorite Outfit(s)
Day 4 (july 6th):
 Favorite Relationship (Romantic Or Platonic)
Day 5 (july 7th):
 Favorite Quote
Day 6 (july 8th): Favorite Badass Moment(s)
Day 7 (july 9th):
Free Day

Any posts that you would like to see reblogged here should be tagged as #alexdanversweek. Please don’t forget to tag your posts in the first five tags.

So that’s it. Now spread the word! We can’t wait to see all of your amazing work!

Skid on my lawn and harass my family? Hope your job security is good.

Bit of background: (long story, tl;dr at the end)

I have known the people that committed these actions for quite a while. Some of them were good friends, some I had no beef with at all. Then they went rogue for no apparent reason.

Anyway, this happened a month ago and it progressed ever since. My family and I live in a rather quiet neighbour hood and like to mind our business. There are a few selfish individuals who live in my town who enjoy to harass people, do drugs and generally get up to no good. The main ringleader is a person I went to school with, he left a few years ago to go to a military school for whatever reason I wouldn’t know. Let’s call him degenerate.

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A temp I barely knew was actively trying to get me fired behind my back.

This happened a while ago but decided to post today as she rang a member of the office and used the threat of unfair dismissal claim if she wasn’t given a good reference. Not sure if it belongs in here or not.

TL:DR An office temp I’d spoken to a handful of times conspires to have me fired without my knowledge. It’s a very long story so be warned it’s a bit of a vent.

So, we had a temp covering maternity leave that turned out to be a bit of a nutjob. She was EA to Deputy CEO and seemed to think this gave her some sort of status. We’ll call her the temp. I’d spoken to her twice maybe three and was incredibly nice; I make it my business to be nice to everyone. What she didn’t know is that from about a week after she started I knew she was sending daily complaints (all unfounded and untrue) to my manager about me. My manager and I get on socially and professionally and he was dumbfounded by her doing this. I still have no idea, why she did it to me either and until today I’d put her out of my mind.

We are talking 3 or 4 complaints a day and asking for stuff to be taken further and why wasn’t I getting warned/reprimanded, whatever?

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Hi all!! This is the official announcement for Polyamorous Cool Kids Week 2017! It’ll be running from Sunday, June 11th through Saturday, June 17th.

Here are the themes for the week:

Sunday June 11th, Day 1: First meetings; we know from Three Gems and a Baby that the cool kids met back when they were young, but how do you imagine their first encounters with each other?

Monday June 12th, Day 2: Date Night; It’s date night!! What do they do?

Tuesday June 13th, Day 3: Fluff/Angst; A situation that’s either very sweet or very sad. Or both! You pick.

Wednesday June 14th, Day 4: Free Day

Thursday June 15th, Day 5: Alternate Universe; Pick whatever AU you want and do something with that! For example: magic/fantasy, mermaids, werewolves/vampires, etc!

Friday June 16th, Day 6: Beach boredom; It’s a slow day in Beach City. What do they do to kill time?

Saturday June 17th, Day 7: Domestic Life; Years have passed and the three are all living together! Give a snippet into their everyday lives with each other.


  1. Any and all kinds of media, be it art, writing, fanmixes, AMVs, gifsets, etc. are all welcome so long as they are made by you! Submissions can range anywhere from drabbles to full-length fics, sketches to finished illustrations, and from 15-second edits to full-length AMV’s! Don’t feel like you have to go all out unless you want to.
  2. Please post anything you want me to see and reblog under the tag #PCKW.  Please make sure you include this tag as one of the first five in your post, otherwise it won’t show up in the tag when I search for it!! If you don’t want to post something to your blog, you can also submit it via the submission box. You will be credited unless you explicitly want it to be anonymous! Please pick to either submit or post, though! Don’t do both!
  3. Try and post your completed submissions on the day of the prompt if possible (according to EST). If you miss it, no big deal. The tag will be checked and late posts will be reblogged for a week after the official event ends!
  4. Please keep everything like, appropriate for ages 16 or younger. Explicit content (language is fine) will not be reblogged. Sorry!
  5. You may participate in as many or as few prompts as you’d like, of course!!

Most importantly, have fun!! I’m so excited to be running this event and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates! :’)

-Mod Nim ( @stevonnie )

Hello everyone!
ssweek would like to invite you all to participate in SasuSaku Week 2017, a week long event dedicated to celebrating the relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno/Uchiha from the series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

The SasuSaku Week will be held from May 8th until May 14th 2017 and will feature the following prompts:

— May 08. Day 1: Favorite Canon Moment(s).
— May 09. Day 2: Saddest Scene(s).
— May 10. Day 3: Favorite Quote(s).
— May 11. Day 4: Favorite Movie Moment(s).
— May 12. Day 5: Favorite Parallel(s).
— May 13. Day 6: Underappreciated Moment(s).
— May 14. Day 7: Free Choice.

All fanworks are welcome: gifs, edits, metas, fanfics, headcanons, graphics, amv, cosplay or whatever you want, as long as it’s related to SasuSaku.
Please tag your work with the #sasusakuweek tag and make sure it’s within the first five tags of the post as per tumblr tagging rules.

Everyone is invited to participate in this event and have fun!


What’s a better way to bring together the Nitwit Brigade and also help our fight against Karamel fans and the disgusting ship they endorse? We bring you Kremlin Annihilation Week!

day 1 (10th april): the moment you knew you hated mon-el
day 2 (11th april): most abusive moment(s)
day 3 (12th april): worst episode(s)/scene(s)
day 4 (13th april): worst argument(s)
day 5 (14th april): worst lie(s)
day 6 (15th april): worst moment(s) passed off as cute or funny or romantic
day 7 (16th april): free choice (anything that takes your fancy)

You can make gifs/graphics/text posts, whatever you want to make, in whatever form you wish to do, to participate in the annihilation week!

Please use the tags #karamelaw & #karameledit if you do decide to participate!

We start on Monday 10th April through to Sunday 16th April.

You guys submitted prompts and voted on them and we are ready to officially roll out our Eren/Levi 2017 Summer Week with Alternate Universe themes!

The prompts are arranged by order of popularity with the most votes being Day 7. They are:

Day 1: Medical AU
Day 2: Teacher/Student AU
Day 3: Idol/Band AU
Day 4: Kimi no Na wa AU
Day 5: Actor AU
Day 6: ABO/Omegaverse AU
Day 7: Mafia AU
Day 8: Bonus Day

This event is going to run from July 23 to July 30 with the 8th day being a free bonus day open to whatever prompt of your choosing! All forms of art are good entries from fanart to fanfic to graphics and so on.

You can tag your entries as #ererievents, #ererisummer2017, or #ereriauweek. Please remember tumblr only tracks these when they’re placed in the first 5 tag slots. We won’t see them if you don’t tag them in those spots! If you have any problems with your submission not getting reblogged, please contact us. 

As usual please go over our rules before creating your submission. Send us an ask if you have any questions! We are always happy to help. Most importantly, please have fun and give our boys some love! 

I’m excited to bring you the very first Todoiideku Week (Jul 23 - 29) !!

Hungry for more content of the boys? Want an excuse to celebrate your love for them? This is the week for you! Todoiideku Week is full of prompts for you to show your passion for the relationship between Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya, and Midoriya Izuku! All work created for this event will be posted here: submit your entries by mentioning the blog and tagging your work within the first five tags with #todoiidekuweek ! Please make sure to read up on the info/guidelines + rules beforehand!


Day 1 (Jul.23): Beginnings

Day 2 (Jul.24): Past / Future

Day 3 (Jul.25): Hurt / Comfort

Day 4 (Jul.26): Proximity / Distance

Day 5 (Jul.27): Victory / Defeat

Day 6 (Jul.28): Work / Play

Day 7 (Jul.29): Alternate Universe / Whatever You Want

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all the study tips!!

1. make an exam/test schedule - plan out when, what, and for how long you should study for the test. try to start studying one week in advance from the exam.

2. make a to-do-list - making a to-do-list is really helpful for me, especially if you have any after-school activities. i would record homework with due dates the closest to the current date, and other tasks that i need to finish that need to be finished the soonest

3. your mental health is more important than your grades - if you need to take a day off of studying, do whatever you have to to get better. you should always be your top priority.

4. set realistic goals - i remember this year in my family and consumer sciences class, we were taught to set “S.M.A.R.T” goals - “specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based” goals. one example of setting a S.M.A.R.T goal is somethign along the lines of “i want to have my homework finished by 6:00 p.m. everyday for 2 weeks straight.”

5. improving your concentration - make sure that there is no noise to distract you while studying, but if listening to music while studying is the best help for you, be my guest. set reasonable time limits for each portion of the task and also for completing the final project.

6. falling behind - if you got sick, or you’ve scheduled too much at once, or you just weren’t really up to going to school, falling behind and catching up can be physical hell. what i do to catch up is i try to level with all my teachers and to see if they can allow me to have one extra day to finish all my assignments ive missed.

7. stop procrastinating - okay okay listen, i know it could be frustrating to have your phone on your desk and to not have the constant notifications, but still, studying is more important than the freaking kardashians.

8. environment visuals - start with cleaning up, and maybe doing a little rearrangement to your study space. this was the best thing i could’ve possibly done, and i made the study space smell great with a mint smell

9. watch videos - watching videos is very useful when you don’t understand a theory.

10. want to study - think about WHY you want to study. do you want a better, higher grade or is it because you want to pass the subject. Once you figure out the reason why, it’ll be easier to get your motivation back. :))


i really, really hope this will get you back into your studying groove <3


June 11–17, 2017

Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been wallowing in the beauty of Chlonath for a good long while! And so in order to encourage more content for this pairing, staring June 11th we have some excellent prompts to last until June 17th!! Please join us in whatever capacity so show our favourite tomato and self-titled princess of Paris some much needed appreciation!

The Prompts!

Day 1: Bickering/Flirting
Day 2: Honey/Tomato
Day 3: Art
Day 4: Rescue/Transformation
Day 5: First Kiss/Holding Hands
Day 6: I Hate That I Love You/I Love That I Hate You
Day 7: AU

Please tag your work #chlonathweek2k17 and I’ll be sure to reblog all the content I can!! 

In the meantime, please feel free take a look at my chlonath tag to see all the amazing art that this fandom has blessed us with! And please we reblog this post to let others know!! As June gets closer and closer, I’ll be sure to reblog as much chlonath content as I can in preparation for the amazingess that will ensue! ^^