day 3: protection


thereallukeevans: Tasting the local dishes. My favourite thing to do #thetravellingwelshman #beautyandthebeast #dimsum [x]

  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small

Omg so these past few weeks I’ve found/rescued so many spiders from my room, and two just today, honestly its kinda starting to freak me out…(Spinarak and Ariados are cool tho..)

Guzmaaaaaaaa i know they’re your friends but plz stop inviting them into my room oTL

Dianakko Week 2017!

Days: September 17th to 23rd

  • Day 1 - Stars/Astrology
  • Day 2 - First/Casual Date
  • Day 3 - Cuddles
  • Day 4 - Protection/Working Together
  • Day 5 - Spellbound/Enchanted
  • Day 6 - Crossover/AU
  • Day 7 - Free Day

Hello Little Witch Academia fandom!

Probably known as the biggest pairing in the LWA fandom, what better way contribute to them than a shipping week!

Here’s some rules/reminders since the week is fast approaching:

  • Absolutely NO NSFW. Both mods have discussed this topic, and we’ve concluded that we will not put anything on this blog that is related to NSFW. Diana and Akko are canonically minors! Even if you “aged” them up, we will not add it to the blog! 
  • You can do any type of media! Fanart, Fanfiction, AMV, cosplay–the list is endless! Get creative!
  • PLEASE tag your posts with #dianakkoweek or, to help us out even more, tag the blog in the post! This makes it easier to find your contribution in case it doesn’t show up in the tags!
  • Don’t have a tumblr? Easy! The submission box is open!
  • Questions? Concerns? Please message us! We’ll be happy to answer!

We hope you have a wonderful time!


Due to the great success of the first event and people left wanting for more, we are delighted to announce the second ever Gency Week! It will take place in July 2017, from the 1st to the 7th.

The prompts for the week are:

  • Day 1 - Couple
  • Day 2 - Feathers
  • Day 3 - Healing 
  • Day 4 - Protect 
  • Day 5 - Ultimate 
  • Day 6 - Dragon 
  • Day 7 - Domestic 

Everyone is welcome to submit anything, so long as its relevant to Genji/Mercy and fits the prompts. ;) It can be art, comics, fics, drabbles, headcanons, songs etc.

You have a head start of almost two months (tho you may start now if you want), but we’ll post another reminder a week before the date! When it begins, remember to tag all your submissions under #gencyweek! We’ll be reblogging all submissions.

Have a wonderful spring and start of summer everyone!
- The D&S staff

Freezerburn Week!!!

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Hello everyone @the-sun-dragon here!!!! It’s just around 4 more weeks until Freezerburn Week!!! I’ve got to say @absolutelyxosmittenxo and I couldn’t be happier with the response this has gotten!!! The community has been so positive about it!!! We are extremely grateful to be able to contribute this!!

Freezerburn Week will be from: November 13 - November 21

The prompts are:

Day 1: Summer’s Night, Winter’s Morning

Day 2: Family

Day 3: Protection

Day 4: Alternate Universe

Day 5: Sparring

Day 6: First Date

Day 7: Reunion

Bonus Day: Free Day

Any type of media is allowed! Fan Art, Fan fiction, AMV, Playlists, Cosplay, or whatever else you wanna do!!! Although keep in mind that Freezerburn Week is for fans of all ages! So please, no nsfw. The tag we’ll be using is #freezerburnweek or you could just @ us directly. If you have any questions at all please feel free to send an ask. Thank you all for your support!! Love ya!!! <3 <3 <3

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A whole week to celebrate the queen of tokyo ghoul touka kirishima

  • day 1 : Broken / “I have to kill to eat and that is a beautiful thing?”  
  • day 2 : Lost / “For the sake of not losing anything, desperately trying to do something. It’s always because I didn’t know what to do that I blindly try to live.”
  •  day 3 : Protect / There’s no way someone who can’t even protect himself can protect anyone else, is there?“” 
  • day 4 : Found / “Absolutely nothing here belongs to you”
  • day 5 : Wings /“ And through those two my own flesh and blood, for me to once again see my sister.”
  • day 6 : Re/ “I’m not after your empathy. I empathize you. It must be terrible. Trapped by your past, unable to live in the present…”
  • day 7: Together /If you were to die I’d be heartbroken"

any original content will be accepted–fics, edits, gifs, headcanons, memes, anything the prompts are open for your own interpretation, no matter how abstract! make sure to tag all posts #toukaweek in one of the first five tag  so i can see and reblog them, and let’s have fun! 


  • All content should be your own - no reposts or edits of other’s work without permission 
  • NSFW content needs to go under a read more and be tagged appropriately with #nsfw

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Hi everybody! I’m @the-sun-dragon I’ll be organizing Freezerburn Week 2017! I love this ship. I’m super excited to put on this event and honored to be apart of this community. So, let’s spread the positivity and love!!!! Not only for this ship, but for all the amazing content creators!!!!

Freezerburn Week will be from:  November 13 - November 21

I hope that’s an ok amount of time.

The prompts are:

Day 1: Summer’s Night, Winter’s Morning

Day 2: Family

Day 3: Protection

Day 4: Alternate Universe

Day 5: Sparring

Day 6: First Date

Day 7: Reunion

Bonus Day: Free Day

Special shout out to @absolutelyxosmittenxo for helping me come up with prompts!!!! Thank you so much!!! 💙💛

Any type of media is allowed! Fan Art, Fan fiction, AMV, Playlists, Cosplay, or whatever else you wanna do!!! The tag I’ll be using is #freezerburnweek or you could just @ me directly. If you have any questions please feel free to send an ask. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!!! Love ya!!! <3

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Peridot let out a small whimper of pain as she shakily got back onto her feet, her vision slightly obscured by the cracks that had now been made in her visor.

“Lapis?!” she frantically called out, “Are you OK?”

No answer.  

Peridot desperately looked around for her partner - and froze in shock as her eyes met the dark blue Gemstone that was now lying on the ground.  The force of their enemy’s attack had poofed Lapis.

“Oh, Lapis…”  

Suddenly, Peridot heard the ominous crunching sound of their attacker’s footsteps drawing closer again.

“Oh no you don’t” Peridot growled to herself as she quickly moved over to Lapis’ Gem, practically throwing herself on top of it in order to keep it safe.  She took the blue Gem into her hands, checking it over for cracks.  She allowed herself a small smile of relief when she found that it was still perfectly intact.

“Just give it up, you pathetic little Peridot!” came the booming voice through the darkness, “Hand over that Lapis Lazuli, immediately!”

Peridot began to panic.  She knew that there was no way she could defeat this hostile Gem, but she had to try.  Lapis meant everything to her, and she was willing to give it all that she had in order to keep her beloved partner safe.  With tears now forming in the corners of her eyes, resigned to her fate, she bubbled Lapis’ Gem.  She would then try to send Lapis back to the barn - back home, to safety - as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The warrior Gem was now face-to-face with Peridot, drawing her weapon in preparation to do even more damage to the small green technician.

“No!” Peridot yelled, clutching the bubble that housed her partner’s Gem tightly in one hand and charging a bright ball of energy in the other, ready to attack.

“I’ll never let you take her, you clod!  You’ll have to shatter me first!”

The warrior Gem chuckled callously, a menacing grin now forming across her face as she raised her weapon.

“So be it.”

I did this drawing, and the accompanying short story, for the Lapidot Week day 3 prompt: “Protection”.