day 30 inspired by a tutorial

Back to School: 30 Day Yoga Video Challenge! 

School is a busy time for all of us, so here is a 30 day yoga video challenge! This challenge is great for those who wish to stick to their yoga routine when things start to get busy :)  Even if you’re not in school anymore you could still try to challenge yourself with this! 

Each day do a video, each video is short so there should be no reason why you can’t fit these into your day :)

  1. Tension Free Flow | move with ease 
  2. Sun Salutation A - Suyra Namaskara A
  3. Morning Yoga Fix 
  4. 10min Yoga Flow Sequence
  5. Gentle Yoga Warm Up
  6. Yoga Without a Mat
  7. Yoga Twist Flow
  8. Heavenly Yoga Stretch
  9. Up the wall- Restorative Yoga Routine 
  10. Gentle Yoga Routine with Tara Stiles
  11. 10 min. Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Butt and Legs with Becca
  12. A Fun Sun Salutation
  13. Yoga Relax - 10 Minutes
  14. Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
  15. Open Hips Routine
  16. Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Mandala Namaskar I
  17. Yoga For When You Want to Lie on The Couch
  18. 10 Minute Yoga For Stress
  19. Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief
  20. Quick Full Body Stretch
  21. Travel Yoga- Morning Sequence
  22. Yoga Quickie: Twist Focus
  23. Vinyasa Flow Workout | Yoga Workout | Class FitSugar
  24. 10 Minutes of Yoga
  25. 10 min. Yoga Flow for Increasing Arm Strength
  26. Warrior Flow | Fast Paced Fun
  27. Core Power and Balance
  28. Morning Yoga for Energy
  29. Fresh Start Detox | Clean Body & Clear Mind
  30. Evening Yoga Flow | Sleep like a baby

Have fun! Remember, there is nothing wrong with modifying a pose if your body is not ready for it yet :)

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hello mansi! your art is very beautiful! i'm going through a lot of style changes, and art block has been hitting me pretty badly. do you have any advice as to how i could get out of it? thank you💕

i’m going through a pretty bad block right now as well and am not the best at dealing with them, but here are a few things that i usually try out:

  • Try going out of your comfort zone and try something new. Keep experimenting and just go with whatever your mind vomits onto the paper and you might actually come across something that works for you
  • just draw whatever you can. Let your hand move on it’s own and don’t think too much about the output, sometimes you just need to force yourself to draw
  • try art challenges like 30 day challenges, be open to prompts, find something that is fun but will also inspire you to draw
  • go to websites/blogs that inspire you. Look at other artists and observe their art and see what stands out to you, look at photography, graphics, paintings or really anything that inspired you in the first place
  • you could even look up tutorials and try improving in that one place you always felt you lacked, sometimes even going back to the basic helps a lot 

 that’s basically it, i hope some of this helped you out!

SUPER embarrassing post alert. Take a look at this beauty lol.. 

This is the first picture I ever posted on tumblr. December of 2014. YIKES. It probably took me a couple of hours to draw.

Now here’s my drawing from today. June 2017, it took me about 20-30 mins? I never thought I would see this day. It’s taken so many hours, tutorials, tears, and a some victories. I still have SO MUCH I would like to improve on but I’m hoping to inspire someone today. You’ll get there, just be patient and keep at it. 

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Is there anything in particular that you do when you have motivation to draw, but have no idea what to draw?

Hi anon ^^

To be really honest, I don’t often art block. In fact, it’s pretty rare when I have a lack of ideas. It’s the opposite, I have TOO MANY ideas and not enough time (or energy due to health problems). However, I have often sometimes ideas that don’t work. I think they are good, the sketch isn’t bad but when I start the CG art, it’s a disaster. I always try to find a way to transform a fail into a win but it’s not an exact science. The art ends up in the trash and I start everything from scratch. However, like everybody, I have “bad art days” (I answered about it HERE if you want to check it out).

Ok, but enough about me, let’s talk about you! If you have the motivation and no idea, there’s several things you can do.

1) Take your old artworks/sketchbooks and try to rework old ideas. Maybe a doodle you did one year ago will be the beginning of a fantastic series of artworks.

2) Ask your friends to prompt you. Even better, team up with a friend and illustrate/write an original story. If you are confident in your art skills, take commissions. You won’t have the luxury to “slack” and your client will guide you into drawing what they want.

3) Illustrate your favorite fan fiction. It’s time to illustrate this fantastic Mpreg knotting fic where Jared gives birth in a spaceship surrounded by the Starfleet team (yes, I made that up xD), or just this cute Coffe shop AU where Steve meets Bucky at the local hispter café. Remember that if you post the art online, it’s better asking the permission to the author first.

4) Do a travel journal. I know, you certainly don’t have the money to travel like the “Insta Girls” who post pics of the Statue of Liberty on Monday and the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday but there’s a way to avoid the problem: turn your TV on or go to You Tube and take as an inspiration documentaries and travel videos. When I was a kid I drew a whole travel journal based on the Duran Duran album Seven and the Ragged Tiger because the LP cover looked like an old map. I traveled through the jungle, met a tiger, find an old temple, etc. It was horribly drawn and written but it was a hell of a project xD You can do the same thing when it comes to food journal. If you want to link it to fandom stuff, you can do for instance a “Dean Winchester’s food journal”. If it’s not called The Life of Pie, I’ll be disappointed.

5) Draw what you have around you. Maybe you think it’s not interesting but at least you have drawn something, it’s better than staring at a blank page/PS document.

6) Browse art blogs on Tumblr or Deviant Art to find inspiration but remember, not to compare yourself to other artists, particularly pros with an art history of 30 years. It doesn’t make any sense. Unproductive and not good for your self esteem. Going to your local book shop and browse art books is great too ^^

7) Create and OC. Inspiration can be everywhere: a ridiculous doodle you did one day at the corner of a page, your boring neighbor from 5th floor, a girl you saw on Instagram, etc..They will all make great OCs.

8) And if everything fails and that you REALLY REALLY don’t have ideas, follow tutorials and try new art styles. Try to see the thing you can improve in your art. Do you have problems with anatomy? Lighting? The use of watercolor? Then go to Deviant art in the tutorial section and follow some tutorials on precise point. Push the limits, set goals you can reach. You Tube is really good for tutorials too.It’s better than crying in front of the computer. Ideas, inspiration in general comes from emulation, from doing something (or at least trying), not from staring at the horizon like a sad poet.

Good luck to you and don’t worry, if you have the motivation to draw, it’s already A BIG step. Ideas will come later. ♥

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30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

Seeing other people’s art. Speedpaints, my favourite artists, art references and tutorials - everything that pops up on my dash always, always inspires me to keep going. I could scroll through one of my favourite artist’s profiles and it would always get me hyped to draw, easily. Because I know that if I keep trying, I’m going to be as good as they are some day :) 

Ask meme here

This one lady came in for spider man and shes all telling me about comic con and I’m all “Woahyou actually got tickets??” And she goes “Sweetie im one of the main reasons there Is a comic con! Who do you think was the inspiration behind the Phoenix!”

Like, like, okay miss early 30s im so sure you were, the Phoenix started the present day mainstream comic scene okay

Then she saw I was doodling on a notebook and asked to see it, I explained it was a shit doodle being bored not practicing just messing around with people watching/doodling and concept tossing around. Like i could do better but this just isnt the notebook for it.
She tells me to fukkin look up YouTube tutorials on how to get better like??????????????????????????????????

Anyway its still a very busy morning,,, , why


Opals.  I did these using a tutorial by Kelly of basecoat-topcoat, who is one of my all-time favorite nail artists.  She has an ongoing series of stone-inspired nails that are so beautiful, unusual, and realistic (you’ve probably seen this one around, because people are always fucking stealing it).  I really wanted to try to recreate one of them, and I’m very happy with how they came out, although I do think hers were better.

31DC2014 day 30: inspired by a tutorial