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last day of crossember all crosses are here to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 

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Inktober Challenge, Day 30. 


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Sakura Pigma Micron 005 and ShinHanArt Touch Twin Marker (CoolGray 1, CoolGray3 and 120 Black)

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30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Prompt: Popsicle
Character: Jason Todd (Bat Family)
Requested by: @sofiama

AN: And so the 30 day challenge comes to an end :) I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who took the time to read the stories that I posted this past month. Especially you @sofiama! I really appreciate all your support and kind words and than you again so much for helping me decide which prompts to use for some of the characters! Love you so much!! <3 <3

Please enjoy some Jason fluff to end off this wonderful challenge!!

You storm into the apartment, slamming the front door behind you.

“Babe?” Jason asks, concern evident in his voice.

You ignore your husband and go straight into your bedroom, slamming that door behind you too. Once there you begin to strip out of your work clothes before heading to the bathroom and locking that door behind you.

You immediately begin to fill up the bathtub, throwing a bath bomb in with the water.

You hear a knock on the door, “Babe?” Jason asks again, but you ignore him.

You’ve had a long and frustrating day at work and you don’t trust yourself to not snap at him for no reason. You don’t want any reason to present itself, imagined or otherwise, for you to get mad at him. So you keep quiet.

Jason doesn’t try to get your attention again. This isn’t the first time you’ve come home in a terrible mood because of work, and he knows that you just need time to unwind.

Once the water is ready, you slip into the bath and allow the oils and salts and the warm water to relax your tense muscles and let your mind drift away from work and all your frustrations. You can’t help but think: “Thank God it’s Friday.”

You soak in the bath for over an hour before finally feeling relaxed enough to function like a normal person again. You climb out of the now lukewarm water and pull the plug to let the water off before toweling yourself off and pulling on your comfy clothes.

When you finally come out of the bathroom and into the kitchen you find Jason sitting on one of the barstools at the kitchen counter, holding a popsicle out to you.

You grin as you take the popsicle from him and sit down next to him as you unwrap it. He has a popsicle of his own and the two of you eat your popsicles in comfortable silence.

You’re about three quarters finished with yours when you finally say: “Sorry for ignoring you earlier.”

He shakes his head, “Don’t worry about it. Anderson again?”

You groan, “I swear he lowers the IQ of the whole building every time he speaks out loud.”

Jason smirks at that, “What did he do this time?”

You launch into the story, detailing exactly how rude the insufferable man had been to you and basically everyone else. You stop the story when you notice that Jason has that look on his face that he gets when he’s plotting some form of cruel and unusual torture.

You decide to put a stop to that by planting a kiss on his neck in order to distract him.

He flinches at the touch of your cold lips to the sensitive skin there.

“Hey!” He protests, “Your lips are lips are damn cold!”

You grin cheekily at him as you eat the last of your popsicle, “Oh, really? I hadn’t noticed.”

Jason gets a different look on his face, and before you can run away he grabs you around the waist and stats planting cold kisses on to your own neck.

You squeal and squirm but he doesn’t let up, “No fair!” you complain in a shriek, “You’re too strong for me!”

He chuckles evilly, “All’s fair in love and war. And you, my love, have started a war.”

“This is no war! I can’t fight back! It’s a massacre!”

“Details.” he growls into your neck.

The next thing you know, he’s scooped you up into his arms and his lips move to yours as he carries you to your room.

You can’t help but feel your love for your husband bubble over as his lips wipe the last of the lingering frustration out of your mind and carry you away to blissful happiness

Molecule of the Day: Nalidixic acid

Nalidixic acid (C12H12N2O3) is a cream-coloured powder that is insoluble in water. Discovered in the 1960s, it has since been used as an antibiotic due to its ability to kill bacteria. 

It does so by inhibiting topoisomerase and DNA gyrase, which help to relieve overwinding strain during DNA replication. Since DNA, which is normally coiled in a double helix, is unzipped by helicase when it is replicated, the DNA to the sides of the replication bubble experience overwinding strain, much like how 2 ropes twisted together are difficult to separate by pulling them apart in opposite directions, since they become more and more tightly twisted together as they are separated. Consequently, the DNA becomes supercoiled.

Since DNA gyrase relieves this strain by cleaving, rewinding, and rejoining the 2 DNA strands, and topoisomerase separates the 2 interlocking circular bacterial DNA, their inhibition results in strain on the DNA molecule during replication and prevents separation of DNA into the daughter cells during binary fission. This either inhibits replication in low doses or produces double-strand breaks in the DNA at high doses. Consequently, nalidixic acid is bacteriostatic at low doses and bactericidal at high doses.

Nalidixic acid can be synthesised from 2-amino-6-methylpyridine and diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate: