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Ladrien June Day 30: All is fair in love and war

I have no idea what to do with this prompt so I just made a fan art as an end to my Ladrien June 2k17 ❤️😍 WOAH I ACTUALLY COMPLETED THIS DESPITE ALL THE DELAYS 😂😂 Thank you so much for all the likes and reblogs and comments! I’m glad that I was able to show more love to this corner if the love square. I don’t really have a favorite because OMG THEY ARE THE SAME TWO PEOPLE 😂

But really finally! I’m sad though qwq I’m gonna finish some requests next!

100 Days of Practice - Day 30

Today I had a long day of practicing and chamber rehearsals, and I’m absolutely loving this camp and these people 😍 and today I fulfilled my dream of playing on a Steinway!!! 😍😍😍😍 I would describe the sound as lying somewhere tropical on a feather bead, while having chocolate poured over you after winning the lottery 😜 so naturally, I excitedly freaked out to @itsaviolathing and took a bunch of pictures 🎹👌

day 30 ~ unmasked ~ he’s breathless

Ladybug was a hero. A courageous hero that not only defied gender roles but taught females to take charge, but unmasked?

The heroine was an innocent girl that wore pink and liked to sew and bake. You couldn’t tell the similarities unless you were to get close to either of them.

Chat Noir knows Ladybug’s soft side just as Adrien thought of Marinette as a headstrong girl that would protect her friends.

So when Adrien found out, he wasn’t as surprised as most people would’ve been. It was a slip of the tongue of course. It was kind of dumb though and Marinette was never going to live it down.

It was a tiresome day. Marinette was studying the night before and had no time for sleep. So when Chat Noir called Ladybug all he saw was an ear. At first, he thought that it was funny, considering that Ladybug was capable of putting a video call to her ear like someone’s grandma. It gets better though. Especially when he heard this,

“Bonjour, this is Marinette from Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, how may I help you?”

At first he stayed quiet, not very sure what to say.

“Excuse me?” she asked. Her voice was drowsy but she continued to be polite.

Adrien cleared his voice before speaking, “Bugaboo? Are you okay?”.

He heard a yawn, “Oh, it’s just you” she said absently, “do you mind if I skip patrol tonight?”.

He smiled at the thought of Ladybug standing on the roof of her home, getting ready to come for him. “Of course M’lady, I got you covered”.

For a second there was silence and the emerald eyed boy was suddenly conscious of the possibility that Marinette was angry.

“You sound like an insurance company”

And that’s how the call ended.

Marinette was humiliated. She’d woken up the next day cringing on the memory of last night. She was a klutz but Marinette never expected herself to be such an airhead!

How embarrassing.

Chat Noir knew her identity. Chat Noir knew her identity. Her identity Chat Noir knew. Identity her knew Chat Noir. Noir Chat identity knew her. Knew Identity her Chat Noir-

Is it too late to change her name?

Marinette’s head is started to hurt but the day just kept getting weirder.

It started when she felt a hand on her arm. Her instincts were to flip him but she hesitated when Marinette felt a finger swirl in her hair. She turned abruptly to see Adrien Agreste with a mischievous grin.

“Good morning Marinette”

“G-good morning…?”

“Marinette!” said an awfully familiar voice. She turned around to see Adrien Agreste running towards her in the hallway.

Panic panic pain cute blonde boy is running at you.

She stood there frozen.

When Adrien got close enough he was panting and sweating, He put his hands on Marinette’s shoulders an said, “you make me breathless”.

She looked at Adrien as he did to her. “You know, because I’m always chasing after you”.

Marinette didn’t break her gaze but he did. Adrien smiled sheepishly while looking down. He took one of his hands off her to rub his neck.

“You know…because I’m Chat Noir and you’re my everything”.

Adrien looked back at her. His eyes were sparkling.


day 7/ day 9/ day 14/ day 17

sorry i couldn’t participate as much as i wanted too

day 17 is my favorite one and probably my longest one so i recommend

have a good day~


                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Here’s to a fabulous human being and the perfect person to play Jemma Simmons! We at Team Biochem wish (both of) you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all that you do! 

Below is a culminated list of all of the different aspects Team B members love about EH/JS, as seen in the team project, “Biochem Birthday Bash” <3

Jemma’s love for tea // The way Jemma learned to lie // How Liz is the ultimate Fitzsimmons shipper // Jemma’s wardrobe // Liz’s leopard print obsession // Women in STEM representation // Jemma’s strength // Elizabeth + Maggie = BFFs 4 lyf // Jemma’s culinary skills/the sandwich origin // Jemma’s drive to protect people // Jemma’s love of space // Liz’s “fashion blog” // Jemma’s smile // Liz’s charitable efforts (Smile Train) // Jemma’s love of science // Jemma’s skepticism/refusal to believe in magic // The many expressions of Liz // Mental health rep - PTSD // Jemma’s Bravery // How well power suits Jemma (B is for Boss) // Team B <3 Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons

Happy 30th Birthday, Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons!!


30 Day Teen Titans Challenge Day 30: What I miss most


Teen Titans had some of the deepest friendships of any show I’ve ever seen. All of the Titans would do anything to save one another, even go to Hell and back. There was everything from relatable (but not too cliché) crushes to creepy unusual hero-villain obsessive relationships. Most of the characters had profound character development and the main characters had their own story arcs (except for poor Starfire, which I’m still pretty sad about). The show had the perfect blend of humor, love and action, and I miss all of it.

Inktober Challenge, Day 30. 


From Dusky’s beautiful Edit

Sakura Pigma Micron 005 and ShinHanArt Touch Twin Marker (CoolGray 1, CoolGray3 and 120 Black)

My Inktober Tag

It sounds like muted rhythms
The aftertaste of the way the outlines of our hands feel
It’s all just hollowed out bones of a skeleton
Barely holding themselves together
It’s teeth gritting against each other
The paints are splashed all over but the colours are numbed
Missing letters in poetry spelling out different tales
Matchsticks with burnt tips that refuse to ignite
Chafing raw wounds against wool
It’s a strange pain. Almost empty.
It’s a strange pain. Almost comfortable.
—  Tamarind Fall
NaPoWriMo day 30.

last day of crossember all crosses are here to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 

a collab between 11 artists are :












background made by @rahafwabas

thank you everybody for making this <3

crossember challenge by @byutak

cross!sans and cross!chara by @jakei95

happy new year!

Day 30 of the April Drawing Challenge.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do…along with the migraine that came back…sorry for the tardiness.

I decided to draw Lady Penelope, since I have never drawn her before.  So here she is with her “Pocket Gordon” having a nice chat about nothing in particular…because Gordon would totally call her for no reason.

(The phrase “Pocket Gordon” is totally Yolashillinia’s fault.  Used with persmision of course.  xD)