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30 Day Teen Titans Challenge Day 30: What I miss most


Teen Titans had some of the deepest friendships of any show I’ve ever seen. All of the Titans would do anything to save one another, even go to Hell and back. There was everything from relatable (but not too cliché) crushes to creepy unusual hero-villain obsessive relationships. Most of the characters had profound character development and the main characters had their own story arcs (except for poor Starfire, which I’m still pretty sad about). The show had the perfect blend of humor, love and action, and I miss all of it.


It’s done ! :D :D

Which one do you prefer ? :P

1. Harpy
2. Centaur
3. Slime
4. Naga
5. Mermaid
6. Spider Girl
7. Plant Girl
8. Octomaid
9. Demon
10. Succubus
11. True Monster
12. Zombie
13. Insect Girl
14. Dullahan
15. Dragon/Reptile Girl
16. Ghost
17. Robot
18. Alien
19. Cyclops
20. Satyr
21. Canine Girl
22. Feline Girl
23. Yokai
24. Multiple Limbs

25. Favorite Monster Girl
26. Favorite Monster Girl Character
27. A Truly Gruesome Girl
28. A Group of Monster Girls Together
29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

MariChat May Day 30: Sick

Chat: Princess, your fever doesn’t seem to be going down at all. You better get some rest. I’ll be right here.

Marinette: *mumbling* I think you’re the one who’s making it worse and please do use the thermometer!!

I need some rest from watercolor so back to colored pencils!! And I can’t believe, the next one’s the last one!! 😢 I’m getting sad already. Should I draw for Ladrien June? I mean my art SERIOUSLY lacks Ladrien 😂

Day 30: Harry Potter changed my life! It changed my view on english, because I didn’t liked it for a Long time! I learned so much about life, friendship, family, Love and everything. My life without Harry Potter Not possible! I wished that some people would understand, that Harry Potter isn’t just a Fantasy-children-Book! It’s so much more!!!!


January Books & Cupcakes BPC 📚 // Day 30 ➜ Free Picture.

“Swords, sword-breakers, axes, bows, pikes, hunting daggers, maces, spears, throwing knives, wooden staves… While she generally preferred the stealth of a dagger, she was familiar with every weapon here.”

My dear old friends.

Dragonball & Vehicles DAY 30
Son Goku and Piccolo

The last one, and how can I end this without paying homage to the best filler episode in all of Dragonball Z.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little series.  For me, it was an excuse to get me to draw some vehicles, while drawing characters that I love (well, maybe not all of them).  I’m sure I’ll make a book out of these sometime, but for now you can just view them on here.

Thanks again, and have a good day! ;D

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30 day NHL Challenge

Day 30: favorite penalty called

Jonathan Toews 10 minute misconduct

This was HILARIOUS and the video is even better. First you see him actually throw the stick into the crowd and the guy who catches it holding it up triumphantly. THen you see his look of disbelief as they explain the penalty to him. But the best part of the whole thing is Brandon Bollig going “that’s a fucking penalty?” just looking so incredulous. It’s just the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Also I love both of these teams just sooo much.