day 3 30 day challenge


30 Day Thinspo Challenge

day 3 ~
Post a picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like best?

These two pictures are my favorite right now- I miss my chest bones, and their arms are so slender, and the first one has like the perfect waist.

ppmint_b Thoght there was an intruder. Turns out Marceline just doesn’t like PB’s clock

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vampire-queen your clock is ridiculous @bb-gum

bb-gum You are ridiculous. You scared me to death

bb-gum Peps why did you post this photo?

finnthehumann you guys had a slumber party? #mathematical



vampire-queen LOL

Day 3: grumpy morning heads

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Day 3: 30 Day Spider-Man Challenge

Favorite cartoon adaptation

Quite possibly the most recent one with Drake Bell as Spidey (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Why? Because they did this

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And this 

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Oh and also this

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And let’s not forget

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(Miles was voiced by Donald Glover btw who’s a huge Spidey fan and who fans were petitioning to get him to be the new Spider-Man in the MCU…also he’s one of my celebrity crushes)

Plus, chibi Spidey is just too adorable

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This show is honestly so great. The characters are pretty diverse. Dialogue is funny. Puns are on point. And, I just love how the story is told with occasional wall-breaking. I love this cartoon so much and I really need to catch up on the latest seasons

30 days in eldarya challenge

DAY 7: ‘‘…And which stole your heart after knowing closer? ’’

I really like Nevra when he’s not in his “flirty mode”. And Leiftan is such a cutie, I don’t know which one I should choose tbh! I guess only time will tell…

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Day 3: what’s in your bag? | 8.13.2017 | 30 Day Back to School Challenge by @universi-tea

  • clear folder for putting homework
  • pencil case (I will do a seperate post later)
  • water bottle to stay hydrated and umberalla
  • caculator
  • my bullet journal
  • my emergency kit (also will do a seperate post)
  • wallet and keys
  • a book for killing time in my 1-hour lunch period
  • textbooks depends on what lessons I’ll have (and acts as the place for me to mark lesson notes)