day 241


PG, 400 words.

Just as Sam brings him another beer (not really Blaine’s drink, but since it’s a pub and he’s here with the guys, he figured he could compromise this time), Blaine’s phone rings.

It’s a crowded place and through all the noise Blaine has trouble hearing Kurt’s words, but after Kurt yells  ‘Come home now please, it’s important’, Blaine shouts back that he’ll be on his way right away.

He hands his beer back to Sam with an apologetic face, and stands up.

“Hey, Blaine, where do you think you’re going, man?” Bruce asks him, and the others immediately chime in.

“Yeah, we just barely started, bud!”

“How about that darts competiton? Not cool!”

Blaine quickly gets into his coat, and ties a scarf around his neck.

“Sorry guys, just got a call from Kurt, it’s an emergency,” he says, getting on a glove. It gets stuck and he realizes he’s trying to shove it on the wrong hand.

“Since they married, Kurt’s got him under his thumb,” Jack says, shaking his head, and the guys laugh.

“Come on, Jack,” Blaine says, rolling his eyes, “That’s not true.”

“Yeah, he keeps running off to Kurt at the first call, like a dog on a leash,” Kyle shouts, and Blaine’s sure that Kyle already had too much, judging from his red cheeks and neck.

“I’m not…” Blaine wants to say, but the shouting and laughing gets louder, and he can’t even defend himself.

“That guy got your freedom, you’re not a mustang anymore,” Bruce states, as if he’s sharing some deep and dark wisdom, “You’re just a friggin’ pony.”

Everyone at the table laughs obnoxiously, except maybe Sam, who is guiltily staring at his beer.

“Shut up!” Blaine smashes his fist on the table to get the general attention, “I’m not some toy, I’m not some trapped spirit, okay? I’m a married man. Kurt doesn’t have my freedom, Kurt is my freedom. We’re each other’s freedoms.”

The guys get quiet, and their silence enrages Blaine even more.

“He would run to me too, if I called him in need,” Blaine states proudly, “It’s called trust, and if you’re all too shallow to understand that, well, I give you my regards.”

He takes his messenger bag, and prays that it doesn’t get stuck, because that would totally ruin his speech. It doesn’t, and when he storms out of the pub, he can see thought the hazy window, Sam giving him the thumbs up.

Day 241: Just For the Night by till.the.tears.stop.falling

Title: Just For the Night
Author: till.the.tears.stop.falling
Main Character(s): Kurt & Blaine
Rating: M
Status (As of date of post): WIP
Summary: Kurt Hummel is living alone in NYC, trying to balance schoolwork and a very minor role on Broadway. After a night of heavy drinking, he invites a stranger to spend the night in his apartment. Little does he know, his life will never be the same. AU Klaine
Why I love it: I feel like I’m jumping on this bandwagon super late, but this fic is INCREDIBLE! It has made me laugh so much in the last 24 hours, I can feel my abs beginning to develop (well, not really, but still, it’s hilarious!). It’s got a bit of everything, romance, humor, smut, drama, EVERYTHING, and it is all extremely well written too! I love seeing Kurt and Blaine slowly being able to trust each other more and watching their feelings for each other grow from purely physical to a more deeper mutual understanding of one another. If you are looking for a great humorous fic, look no further, this story will definitely make you laugh the whole way through!!


June 26

A Prayer For Today #241

Dear God,

I don’t want to hide from You. I don’t want to pretend things are okay when they aren’t. I don’t want to wear a mask in front of The One who formed my face. I don’t want my worries to take me away from You. I don’t want to be swept away by my fears when You have called me to be brave and trust You.

You never said it would be easy, so I don’t know why I expect it to be. You said You’d be with me through everything and I want to press on knowing I’m not alone in my suffering or struggle. I know You love me God. I know You want Your best for me. I know You aren’t holding anything out on me. Help me to love You, to do my best for You, and to not hold back any part of myself from You. I need You all the time God and that will not change. No one in this world can ever be who You are to me. You are home. You are the safest place I can go. You are my family and I need to always be holding Your hand.

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The Fly Killer at the heart of the ‘Sara’ sound

As much attention as the tack piano intro gets, for me the really stand-out musical decision that marks the song’s elevation from demo to full studio production is Mick’s choice of brushes on the drums.

I have more to say about this later, but for now just let’s say that the beat-box on the demo is just that: it’s there to provide a tempo and an anchor for Stevie in particular to play off. Square and solid and… boxy!

Brushes, though. They’re sexy and swishy and silky. Sensitive and responsive, especially in the hands of a great 'feel’ drummer like Mr F.

A long way from their origins as a fly-squisher (full story here).