day 241


I’m female

This girl is my lover

These girls are my sisters

What makes you think I’m a predator

And she’s just a fling

And they’re just some meat

We are goddesses

Queens of respect

The future

I would never do a thing to ruin that

My eyes are for her only

And my hands are to help lift up women

Not to finger one after the other

My ears aren’t for your untaught closed mind

“I was addicted to you from the very beginning”

Day 241

anonymous asked:

you keep talking about how democrats need to stop waiting for the perfect candidate otherwise they will keep ending up on the "wrong side of election results" but would you rather be on the right side of history even if it means being on the wrong side of elections

You don’t get to achieve the important things that put you on the right side of history if you are always on the wrong side of election results. In this country, with the system of government that our Founders created after declaring independence on this very day 241 years ago, you have to actually win elections to get things done, to protect people’s rights, and to make sure that those accomplishments survive which help more Americans live better lives for as long as possible while making the world a safer place for everyone.

We can’t achieve our goals with protest votes in every election. That’s why Republicans currently control the White House, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the majority of state legislatures, and a majority of Governor’s seats. Because….wait for it….Elections. Have. Consequences.

August 29, 2017

Hiveswap is not out…yet.

I stand here…on this battlefield…bloodied and weak…

And I am glad to say that the battle is over. A release date has been announced and a launch trailer released.

Im crying. Youre crying.

A true blessing has fallen upon us on this day.

This is what weve been waiting for since we were born.

There is so little time now until hiveswap is upon us.

In fact,

There are 16 days until Hiveswap releases.

It has been (-241) days since “January 2017”.

Green [Chat Noir]

Black [Chat Noir]
Red [Ladybug]
Gold [Chat Noir]
Black [Ladybug]

Green [Chat Noir]
Blue [Ladybug]

She was gone by the time he turned around.

He should’ve kept himself a secret. Ladybug had asked to keep her identity— Chat Noir should have done the same. Instead, he foolishly thought his love might reach her, and she ran away.

Of course she did, he thinks sadly, bitterly. Marinette loved Adrien. Chat Noir was merely a fighting partner.

He barely sees the akuma that flies to his ring, settles there, flaps patiently.

“Nyah, don’t do that, little papillon,” Plagg hisses, batting the butterfly away.

Adrien starts. “Sorry, Plagg,” he apologizes, cradling the ring away from the akuma, his eyes fixed on it.

“Call your purr-recious Lady,” Plagg says calmly, floating defensively between his human and the akuma. “Quick, befurr it gets you.”

Adrien flinches. The butterfly flutters toward him, only to retreat when Plagg swats at it again. “R-right.” His hand flies to his phone, unlocks the screen, hovers over the button to call Marinette’s number.

“Adrien,” Plagg complains.

“I know,” Adrien grimaces, pressing the button. He lifts the phone to his ear, feeling his whole body tremble at every ring tone.


He wants to close his eyes in relief, but the akuma is still present. “Marinette,” he says instead, flushing when he hears all the embarrassment and relief in his voice. “I, ah…”

“I’m sorry,” she blurts, as he says, “…there’s a black butterfly in my room.”

They both pause, parsing what the other has said, and then Adrien bursts into helpless laughter. “Please just come and purify this akuma,” he gasps. “And then, if you l-like…”

“I’ll come, of course I’ll come,” Marinette says immediately. “See you in a few.”

Ladybug knocks on a frame of his huge windows in the promised time. When he lets her in, she lands gracefully, tugging her yo-yo in after her.

“Plagg’s watching the akuma,” Adrien tells her.


“You don’t have one?” Adrien asks, uncertain.

“Oh, mine is Tikki,” Ladybug realizes. “Come here, little butterfly,” she adds when the akuma starts flapping away from her. The yo-yo flashes out and catches the creature, and she releases it a moment later. Then—

“I suppose I will see you later,” Ladybug tells him, and doesn’t look at him.

Adrien’s heart drops. “Of course,” he says meekly, staring past her shoulder.

“Humans are such fools,” Plagg yawns, floating past. “Cheese, Ladybug?”

Ladybug’s face wrinkles. “Phew, no, thank you, Plagg.”

The kwami shrugs. “More for me. But hurry up and talk it out, before more akuma come. I’m not a bug swatter.”

Adrien’s ears burn. Some hero he is, growing so negative that he’s attracted an akuma.

“I’m sorry,” Ladybug says suddenly, and her hand lifts to her earring. “I’m sorry,” she repeats. “I just… I didn’t…”

“It’s fine,” Adrien says automatically.

Ladybug shakes her head fiercely. “It’s not,” she insists. “For you to feel like this… for an akuma to have… I just… I never thought it would be you.” She finishes quietly, whispering.

“Me what?” Adrien croaks, stumbling blindly into a chair and sitting down before his legs can give out on him. Ladybug follows, but he still can’t look at her.

She struggles with herself for a moment. “You know I like you— l-love you. But you love Ladybug, don’t you? I can’t… Marinette isn’t Ladybug.”

Adrien looks at her suddenly, glaring. “And Adrien is not Chat Noir, but I’m Chat Noir more than I am Adrien. Ladybug or Marinette, I love you— all of you. I just don’t know if you love Chat Noir.”

Ladybug’s lips tremble, and then she pulls him out of his chair into a hug, and they sink to the floor in shock and relief. “I don’t know if I love Chat Noir, either,” Marinette whispers into Adrien’s ear. “Will you let me try?”

As If It’s Your Last

Originally posted by become-the-story

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Themes: angst | smut | zombie apocalypse!au

Word count: 13.5k

Summary: Yoongi and I are different as night and day; two completely divergent mindsets. Living too long the gloomiest scenario, I always risk my neck, while Yoongi is cautious, being on the safe side. Funny thing how polar opposites clash.

Warnings: just filthy smut ahead I guess


Today, it’s the day 521.

It’s been over a year since the world ultimately crumbled down. Almost overnight, a dangerous virus spread across the world; everything happened so fast the scientists couldn’t even trace its source. At first, I thought of it as fake news, but before I realised the threat was real, the virus had become cosmopolitan.

On the day 3, the government informed the people about the danger. The virus is being transmitted via blood. Slowly, it penetrates the person’s veins, killing the host within twelve hours. When the body temperature drops by fifteen degrees, the victim goes through the second stage—the infected human being becomes a mindless creature with a strong urge to feed on people’s brains.

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