day 241

Green [Chat Noir]

Black [Chat Noir]
Red [Ladybug]
Gold [Chat Noir]
Black [Ladybug]

Green [Chat Noir]
Blue [Ladybug]

She was gone by the time he turned around.

He should’ve kept himself a secret. Ladybug had asked to keep her identity— Chat Noir should have done the same. Instead, he foolishly thought his love might reach her, and she ran away.

Of course she did, he thinks sadly, bitterly. Marinette loved Adrien. Chat Noir was merely a fighting partner.

He barely sees the akuma that flies to his ring, settles there, flaps patiently.

“Nyah, don’t do that, little papillon,” Plagg hisses, batting the butterfly away.

Adrien starts. “Sorry, Plagg,” he apologizes, cradling the ring away from the akuma, his eyes fixed on it.

“Call your purr-recious Lady,” Plagg says calmly, floating defensively between his human and the akuma. “Quick, befurr it gets you.”

Adrien flinches. The butterfly flutters toward him, only to retreat when Plagg swats at it again. “R-right.” His hand flies to his phone, unlocks the screen, hovers over the button to call Marinette’s number.

“Adrien,” Plagg complains.

“I know,” Adrien grimaces, pressing the button. He lifts the phone to his ear, feeling his whole body tremble at every ring tone.


He wants to close his eyes in relief, but the akuma is still present. “Marinette,” he says instead, flushing when he hears all the embarrassment and relief in his voice. “I, ah…”

“I’m sorry,” she blurts, as he says, “…there’s a black butterfly in my room.”

They both pause, parsing what the other has said, and then Adrien bursts into helpless laughter. “Please just come and purify this akuma,” he gasps. “And then, if you l-like…”

“I’ll come, of course I’ll come,” Marinette says immediately. “See you in a few.”

Ladybug knocks on a frame of his huge windows in the promised time. When he lets her in, she lands gracefully, tugging her yo-yo in after her.

“Plagg’s watching the akuma,” Adrien tells her.


“You don’t have one?” Adrien asks, uncertain.

“Oh, mine is Tikki,” Ladybug realizes. “Come here, little butterfly,” she adds when the akuma starts flapping away from her. The yo-yo flashes out and catches the creature, and she releases it a moment later. Then—

“I suppose I will see you later,” Ladybug tells him, and doesn’t look at him.

Adrien’s heart drops. “Of course,” he says meekly, staring past her shoulder.

“Humans are such fools,” Plagg yawns, floating past. “Cheese, Ladybug?”

Ladybug’s face wrinkles. “Phew, no, thank you, Plagg.”

The kwami shrugs. “More for me. But hurry up and talk it out, before more akuma come. I’m not a bug swatter.”

Adrien’s ears burn. Some hero he is, growing so negative that he’s attracted an akuma.

“I’m sorry,” Ladybug says suddenly, and her hand lifts to her earring. “I’m sorry,” she repeats. “I just… I didn’t…”

“It’s fine,” Adrien says automatically.

Ladybug shakes her head fiercely. “It’s not,” she insists. “For you to feel like this… for an akuma to have… I just… I never thought it would be you.” She finishes quietly, whispering.

“Me what?” Adrien croaks, stumbling blindly into a chair and sitting down before his legs can give out on him. Ladybug follows, but he still can’t look at her.

She struggles with herself for a moment. “You know I like you— l-love you. But you love Ladybug, don’t you? I can’t… Marinette isn’t Ladybug.”

Adrien looks at her suddenly, glaring. “And Adrien is not Chat Noir, but I’m Chat Noir more than I am Adrien. Ladybug or Marinette, I love you— all of you. I just don’t know if you love Chat Noir.”

Ladybug’s lips tremble, and then she pulls him out of his chair into a hug, and they sink to the floor in shock and relief. “I don’t know if I love Chat Noir, either,” Marinette whispers into Adrien’s ear. “Will you let me try?”

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Any fan fictions where we see Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process?

Hi there Anon :)

Here are some fics where Rick and Michonne go through the pregnancy process for you:

241 Days Journey by fithola

Follow Rick’s and Michonne’s journey as they navigate their first pregnancy. AU/ No Zombies. 

Lost In A Dark Place by goshangie

Rick and Michonne have known each other as kids but when Michonne moves to New York and Rick stays in Kings County their friendship falls apart. After 10 years she’s back but they are both strangers to each other now. Will they be able to work through their shaky relationship or will anger get in the way? A/U. No zombies. 

Seed by malladay

Several months after the group’s first run in with Negan, they find themselves regaining hope, and Rick and Michonne begin to seriously consider what the future holds for them. Pregnancy Fic. 

We hope this helps! 

Also please check out these other Michonne/Richonne Pregnancy Fics below: (please note some of these fics may deal with miscarriage/infant death) 

☆ UPDATED ☆ Pregnant Michonne/Richonne Fics

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you keep talking about how democrats need to stop waiting for the perfect candidate otherwise they will keep ending up on the "wrong side of election results" but would you rather be on the right side of history even if it means being on the wrong side of elections

You don’t get to achieve the important things that put you on the right side of history if you are always on the wrong side of election results. In this country, with the system of government that our Founders created after declaring independence on this very day 241 years ago, you have to actually win elections to get things done, to protect people’s rights, and to make sure that those accomplishments survive which help more Americans live better lives for as long as possible while making the world a safer place for everyone.

We can’t achieve our goals with protest votes in every election. That’s why Republicans currently control the White House, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the majority of state legislatures, and a majority of Governor’s seats. Because….wait for it….Elections. Have. Consequences.

The 100 S3 Hiatus Diary

Once again, let me present to you a chronicle of our fandom’s most glorious hiatus moments. In truest hyperbole fashion we did not scale back after last year’s already impressive BS recordings. Here’s all the drama we managed to fit into the 257 days between the Season 3 finale on May 19, 2016 and the Season 4 premiere on February 1, 2017:

FYI: Entries are mostly focused on the Twitter fandom unless otherwise noted. Also beware, this diary deliberately generalises from the loud few to the many. 

Day 2: Emma Caulfield of EW writes a *love letter* bashing Bellamy into a verb and adjective. Half of the fandom cackles, other half is ready to “bellamy” her. 

Day 3: Ongoing belittling of Jasper’s PTSD in tandem with outrage from same people that show didn’t depict enough PTSD victims.

Day 6: #GiveBellamyBlakeABoyfriend circulates and is amusingly shared by lovers and haters.

Day 7: Kass Morgan is confronted with fandom members defacing and even burning her books. Because we are classy.

Day 10: Tumblr heats up when Johnny Depp beating Amber Heard gets compared to how Bellamy treats Clarke. Because bisexuality. Oh yes.

Day 11: Devon zings Harry Styles - and popstars in general - for trying to act. Somewhere Shawn Mendes cries a tear. 

Day 12: The Fandom-is-Broken article hits. Outrage everywhere, while our fandom is like “yup, sounds about right”. 

Day 15: Bob at Phoenix con says Bellamy wouldn’t have sided with Pike had Clarke returned earlier. Somehow he gets hate for that. Still unclear why. Most likely for no reason at all. 

Day 16: More Phoenix con: Bob utters word “YET”, causes avalanche. Emma Caulfield tweets her and Bob’s are besties now. Fandom responds in typical forgiving ways. 

Day 18: Tumblr has Brollexa gaining traction among BCers, the polyamorous turn it into Clexamy. Not appreciated by the CL fandom. Devon tweet-deletes, shits on cast members for making money off cons instead of donating to charity.

Day 21: Eliza and Bob get nominated for Teenchoice TV Chemistry. Disgust in CL fandom as entertaining as surprise in BC fandom. 

Day 23: Fan at Oz Comic Con asks Eliza about Chemistry nomination and gets booed. Bob speaks slloooowwwhhhuuurr to the iddiiiooootttss on twitter. Most likely entirely unrelated. 

Day 24: Eliza gets called fake/lost/drunk by BC fandom for voicing opinions about Bellarke. Beware of having opinions about ships.

Day 25: Bob replies to hate tweet. Backfires into him getting criticised for passive aggressively focusing on negativity only. 

Day 26: First hiatus hack! Eliza’s instagram. Leads to Alycia unfollowing her. Fandom entertained for a while. Plus the gem of someone comparing Lexa’s death to the Orlando shooting.

Day 28: Alycia cancels Brazil con. In a roundabout way it’s Bob’s fault.

Day 31: On the shipping front Bob  & Shampoo compete against Lexa & Bullet. Because why not. 

Day 33: Somehow BC fandom hits jackpot by criticising both Adina and Mike on same day. For not being pro-BC enough. Adina! Mike! 

Day 35: Layne Morgan attacks Ben Batemen for elevating himself to lgbt+ spokesperson. Fanbase first stunned, then divided. 

Day 37: Second hiatus hack! Layne’s phone. Apparently private numbers get leaked, some idiots message Jason’s wife.

Day 41: Third hiatus hack! (@)emiliascara hacks into Marcus Catsaras’ (Alycia’s boyfriend) icloud, finds footage of him cheating. Catsaras deletes his twitter/fb accounts. Because hell has no fury like a riled-up CL fandom.

Day 42: Lindsey jumps in to fight hackers, (@)morleydebnam jokes about hacking Lindsey.

Day 44: Hacker exposed as guy from Toronto (Michael Brand/Bahramian). 

Day 46: CL fandom overruns and impressively wins 9 of 11 E!Online polls. Still peeved over other fandoms bonding and voting against them. 

Day 48: Jarod speaks up after Alton Sterling shooting. Ends with him getting attacked over *representation* issues. 

Day 52: Eliza vs Alycia in Radiotimes quarter finals. Which fosters minor drama.

Day 56: Layne officially disinvited from clexacon. 

Day 57: Some panelists boycott clexacon after Layne’s exit. Meanwhile the gullible have a clickbait-freakout over O killing Bellamy. 

Day 58: Ben Bateman steps back from clexacon allies panel. (@)riserellamy makes it their mission to get all Arryn-haters blocked by Bob. 

Day 59: Eliza talks freely and excessively about Lexa and Clexa at Brazil Con. BC fandom really wishes she wouldn’t. 

Day 60: From the fanfic policing front: Author gets such harsh attacks for writing Lexamy they pull the fic. 

Day 61: S3 DVD is out! Deleted scenes reheat old rage. While Ricky retweets shade about him not being in the bloopers.

Day 62: #OlicityMafiaExposedClexaParty happens. CL fandom first fandom ever to cheat in a poll. 

Day 64: She said “ship”.

Day 65: Whole fandom aflame over the shit/ship debacle. Shit memes everywhere. Aaron doesn’t give a SHIT. Eliza probably avoids her mentions. Tumblr births Bellarke Drags. The best of days.

Day 66: clexasources promotes WB survey asking people to criticise show. Eliza shall be saved by cancellation. 

Day 67: ELSchaaf claims Eliza speaks condescendingly of Bellarke because she’s threatened by Bob’s popularity. Fandom appalled. In conjunction CLs figure out ELSchaaf is involved with Unity Days. 

Day 68: ELSchaaf on tumblr rampage, invites haters to call her names at con in person. Unity Days reacts swiftly and removes ELSchaaf. 

Day 70: Bellarke Shit necklace sparks controversy. 

Day 73: Wizard Con: Marie says Clarke has *nappy* hair which Eliza laughs at. Racism outrage in some fandom corners. 

Day 75: Jason’s SDCC talk about bi-Clarke getting “with everyone” resurfaces. Not the most well received. clexasources deactivates after Bob+Eliza photo post leads to attacks by followers.  

Day 78: Supposed insider troll Jason Blue stirs up rumour drama of Octavia dying. 

Day 82: Bellarke fanart repurposed as Braven fanart. Bob-birthday charity criticised for being organised by a BC shipper. 

Day 84: Pedowitz stands behind show at TCAs, does neither criticise nor cancel it on the spot, as some had hoped. 

Day 103: Fanfic policing, part 2: Bellamy goes down on Clarke in the commander’s throne. People - ignorant of the concept of *fanfiction* - are mad. 

Day 106: Eliza posts candid pic with guy-boy-friend. Apparently this makes her a lesser lgbt+ ally. 

Day 111: Fanfic’s blowjobgate! Briller&Harper fic on kinkmemes ignites long and nasty Bellarke fanfic community wars. Who gets to and with whom and with how many is not the author’s choice alone. 

Day 125: Tumblr aflame over Bellamy hating Aurora Blake, with usual shades of misogyny and racism. 

Day 130: HYPE article about ADC at Copenhagen Con calls out fans for slightly inappropriate fan behavior. More inappropriate fan behavior in reaction leads to article edits. 

Day 132: Kim retweets Fa Panini’s cute Becho fanart. BC fandom takes that as confirmation of things to come. Mild panic. 

Day 135: A clearly mangled and misrepresented SDCC comment about Clarke and love interest in S4 causes freakout. Because fandom will forever step into all clickbait traps willingly. 

Day 144: The usual bi-monthly kerfuffle about Clarke being forgotten as bi-rep in article. 

Day 145: Layne Morgan sick of TV bi girls ending up with men. Not that stats have discredited this stereotype at all. 

Day 155: Supposed insider troll Jason Blue claims insider cancellation knowledge. Insider arguments quickly debunked. 

Day 159: Photoshopped Variety tweet circulates, claiming show cancellation. Mo Ryan refutes it. 

Day 165: Lindsey stumbles into sexypilgrim drama. Apologises later for wishing people would get involved in causes beyond online outrage. 

Day 166: Press day! Drama day! Fandom-uneducated Nadia voices “Luna is stronger than Lexa”. She may forever feel the consequences. 

Day 167: Nadia tweets “Fiction”, deletes account. #NadiaDeactivatedParty follows. Eliza and later Arryn claim account is fake. Fandom thinks Eliza would rather lie than defend Nadia and her anti-Lexa statement. 

Day 170: Meanwhile in the fanfic warzone: “Bellamy rapes Lexa” gets countered with “Lexa castrates Bellamy”. 

Day 190: Bob reaches annual patience-for-twitter threshold, carries out annual twitter deactivation. States he was made to join. Fandom: lol, ok, see you in a bit. 

Day 199: Bellarke and Clexa both in same Hottest-Ships-of-the-Year list. But fandom can’t share nice things. 

Day 201: Guess who’s back on twitter, guys?

Day 216: BC-shipping jewellery artist called out for making money off Clexa art. Not allowed in the age of receipts. 

Day 219: In spirit of Christmas, Aaron issues Lexa apology. Fandom - less spirited - counters it’s 9 months too late, and never enough. 

Day 221: Katie affirms in slightly too bitter way that show is more than just Clexa. Bad move, girl.

Day 222: (@)bellamysbriller - whom Katie retweeted the day before - is exposed for catfishing and bullying. 

Day 228: More jewellery controversies, as jewellery donations to charities can only come from people who’ve never made controversial statements. 

Day 233: clexaspoilers surfaces, claims access to screeners, reveals Clexa parts. Fandom calls it baiting to make them watch, even though account claims now they DON’T have to watch. 

Day 238: BC fandom gets high on SHE HAS BELLAMY, and actually manages to trend for once. Stunning friends and foes alike.

Day 241: Unity Days report of Lindsey supposedly saying Bellarke is boring. Lindsey gets attacked and goes on twitter detox. BC fandom to blame.

Day 243: Fourth hiatus hack! Ricky’s phone. Beware of Ricky nudes. 

Day 245: Alycia’s management removes The 100 from “known for” section on IMDB. BCers shocked, CLs shrug. 

Day 248: BCers think 600 cookies might be helpful for show renewal. Laughs and eyerolls all around.

Day 249: S4 poster arrives. Cast, writers and fans partake in a who’s-who guessing game with silhouettes. Body shaming leads to #titsoutforeliza, someone leaks S4 callsheets and Funko whitewashes Raven and Bellamy. A busy day.

Day 252: CLs set up White House petition to get Jason fired. A single signature last we checked. 

Day 257: Final hiatus day: (@)the100leaked pops up to generously leak part of the Season 4 finale script and cause mass hysteria. Tadaaaaa! 

And that’s it! See you all next hiatus! Just kidding. I accept more entries, if you can link me to the evidence.

😊DM Diary (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Hi darling ☺️ ! Could you write something about y/n has a habit where she dms Gray every night before she goes to bed telling him about her days, her problems & just venting. He’s pretty much her diary! He randomly replies one night, & every night they always seem to talk & eventually they end up meeting or something cute? I know this will never happen but a girl can dream 💕 love you!

Warnings: None

A/N: Happy birthday @scuteedolans! I love you so much and I hope I did your request justice! I’ll also try and update DLE for your present! DM messages are in italics.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Dear Grayson, Hey Grayson. My name is Y/N and I’m such a big fan. I decided to vent to you, like you’re my diary? I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Just some things I need to get off my chest so I feel this is the way to do it. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Honestly, my heart skipped a beat. I was driving when I got the notification that you had followed me. I almost wrecked the car out of pure excitement. Anyways, I just hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much.

Xx Y/N

This was the start of many DM’s later that I would DM Grayson. He was my person I could vent to. He was like my diary. I remember when he followed me, I was driving when I got the notification. I almost wrecked the car, but I didn’t. My best friend and I would get in an argument and I would tell Grayson about it. Some coworkers being dumb at work? I would tell Grayson. I would also ask how his day was going and make sure he was doing okay and I would let him know that if he ever needed to vent that I was there for him. I did this for about three months. Every single night I would write him different DM’s and let him know that I was always as positive as I could be. My friends would always make fun of me and tease me for DMing him, but I didn’t care. Until one night I got super drunk and sent him a DM. It was the night before my birthday and I was getting hammered with all of my friends. Then Grayson came to mind and everything went downhill.

Grayson, I love you so much. I don’t think you know just how much I really do love you. You’re such a wonderful human and I’m a little drunk and all I can think about is how amazing you are. How attractive you are and how much I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fuck we can too IDC haha. But Grayson today is my birthday and it would mean the world if I got a DM from you because I love you and you’re so cool. Thanks for being so great tbh. -Y/N

When I woke up with a massive hangover and a craving for water the next day, I saw the message. I left my friends who were still asleep in the house as I scurried to my car to go home. I still can’t believe I sent that. I groaned at the sunlight as I started my car and drove to work. I just shudder at the message I reread over and over and over again in my mind. I parked in the front of the mall and I walked to Forever 21. I was hungover and wanted to leave. I groaned as I folded some clothes and dealt with some grumpy customers. I could feel my stomach churning.

That night was the first time I didn’t DM Grayson. I didn’t DM him for awhile after that. I was so upset about what I sent him the night of my birthday. However everything changed whenever I was handing some swimsuits up before we closed for the night.

Hey Y/N! Haha thank you so much for all of your positive DM’s! I’ve noticed you haven’t messaged me in awhile :/ are you okay? Sorry it took me forever to respond, but I enjoy reading your messages so much! Haha and if we ever met, maybe we can work out that kissing deal? You’re really cute tbh and I hope you had such a great birthday! Ethan and I have been working our tails off for the new videoes. Hope to hear from you soon! What’s your snap? -Xx Grayson :)

“Okay Y/N you can–” My boss started to say, but I cut her off.

“GRAYSON DOLAN JUST DM’ED ME HOLY SHIT I NEED TO LEAVE!” I screamed in my manager’s face as I quickly typed my message back to him.

My snap is @your_snap_name_here123 and you’re honestly so great! I was just so embaressed about my drunk message to you…

Don’t be nervous. Trust me I’ve read way worse lol. And I added you :) wow 10,763 points? WEAK!

I saw my friends Cassie and Miranda walking out of Torrid laughing. They were walking my direction.

“Hey Y/N did you–” I cut Cass off as I flashed my phone in front of her face, causing her to drop her pop.

“GRAYSON DM’ED ME YOU GUYS!” Miranda then took my phone as she read through the message over and over.

“Nah it’s whatever I wasn’t thirsty anyways.” She muttered.

“Holy shit.” She gasped as Cass took the phone. Just then my phone buzzed with a snap from who I assumed was Grayson. I snatched my phone back as I saw Snapchat from Grayson Dolan across my screen. Grayson Dolan just snapchatted me. I was doing my best not to freak out in the middle of the mall. I opened the snap which revealed Grayson drinking some coffee.

 That started our 241 day snap streak. We played multiple games of truth or dare trhough snap and we just became super close. We told each other so many things that I didn’t ever repeat. Not even to my groupchat. We would even do silly dares like I remember I had to take three shots of maple syrup while I dared him to eat a Vegemite and ketchup smoothie. This was the beginning of our talking until I went out to LA with my friends that summer and Grayson and I met up. We all went to the beach together and we had so much fun. Grayson and I made smores while Maddi and A’ishah  hung out with Ethan and went skinny dipping, but they didn’t tell us they went skinny dipping. Grayson and I talked about anything we could think of. I talked to him about moving all over and he talked to me about youtube. I honestly had the greatest weekend with him.

“Okay so truth or dare?” He asked me as I smirked.

“Truth. I never do dares with boys.” He chuckled.

“So how has this weekend been on a scale of 1 to 10?” He asked as we walked along the shore of the beach.

Originally posted by love-me-like-this

“11.” I chuckled with him. “What if I said dare?” I asked throwing his arm over my shoulder as he laughed.

“I would have dared you to kiss me. Like you said in your DM. Remember?  I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fu–”

“Yes yes I remember Grayson Bailey.” I said with a chuckle which made him cackle.

“So is it a dare?” He asked with a smirk.

“I don’t kiss on the first date. But I can give you a kiss on the cheek.” I giggled which he shrugged.

“That’s fine. That means more dates in the future?” He asked as I nodded. I started to lean in to kiss his cheek.

Originally posted by 03sandraa

That was when he turned his head and pressed his lips to mine. “Grayson…” I groaned with a laugh.

“Oh well that was our first kiss. Guess we can have multiple other ones now.” He said pressing his lips back to mine as we shared a laugh.

Originally posted by brokenheartstrings16

“I hope your birthday was just as amazing as you are.” He smiled. I smiled with him.

“Nope. It was as amazing as you.” We laughed at our cheesiness as we continued kissing.

“But all I know is nothing happens if you just give in; it can’t be any worse than how it’s been! And it just so happens that we just might win! So whatever happens, let’s begin!”

Day 241: Katherine Plumber (Newsies)

It’s finally Disney On Broadway Week! Let’s celebrate the amazing translations of classic Disney films to the Broadway stage! As with all themed weeks, these are all planned out, so no requests please!

I need to glow brighter.
I need to stand taller.
I need to bleed more red – carnal-colored, like your mouth. My pink carnation veins are not enough.
—  be better // abby, day 241

He tucks a strand of her unruly hair behind her ear.
236, 237.
Her eyelashes flutter, eyes heavy of sleep.
She kisses his collarbone, leaves a poem.
238. 239.
Sleep, emma lath. Tomorrow is another day.
240, 241.
He doesn’t know if he’s counting her freckles, or the reasons he loves her.

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 17 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 135 days

Justice League; 150 days

Black Panther; 241 days

New Mutants; 297 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 318 days

Deadpool 2; 346 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 381 days

Venom; 472 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 500 days

Aquaman; 549 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 604 days

Captain Marvel; 626 days

Shazam; 654 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 682 days

Justice League 2; 724 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 744 days

Untitled DC movie; 864 days

Cyborg; 1018 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1046 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1130 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1144 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1235 days

365 Days of Headcanon Prompts

—- Below is a list of 365 prompts, as originally posted by  germanicheadcanons. Apologies for the length and lack of read more, even though I never intend to delete this blog ever better safe than sorry. Enjoy, be inspired, and I look forward to see them ^^


Day 1: Childhood
Day 2: Scars
Day 3: Dreams
Day 4: Nightmares
Day 5: Strengths
Day 6: Weaknesses
Day 7: Crises
Day 8: Loss
Day 9: Desire
Day 10: Clothes
Day 11: Destiny
Day 12: Training
Day 13: Education-
Day 14: Work
Day 15: Profanity
Day 16: Sleep
Day 17: Meals
Day 18: Smile
Day 19: Fear
Day 20: First Kiss
Day 21: Parents
Day 22: Siblings
Day 23: Heart
Day 24: Illness
Day 25: Hair
Day 26: Skin
Day 27: Pet peeves
Day 28: Anger
Day 29: Patience
Day 30: Happiness
Day 31: Grief
Day 32: Death
Day 33: Souls
Day 34: Hesitation
Day 35: Agility
Day 36: Future
Day 37: Lonely
Day 38: Friends
Day 39: Sex
Day 40: Kinks
Day 41: Weapons
Day 42: Health
Day 43: Cooking
Day 44: Music
Day 45: Art
Day 46: Intelligence
Day 47: Social
Day 48: Lost
Day 49: Injuries
Day 50: Fight
Day 51: Love
Day 52: Hate
Day 53: Disappointment
Day 54: Aspiration
Day 55: Admiration
Day 56: Sunshine
Day 57: Ocean
Day 58: Heights
Day 59: Cold
Day 60: Pain
Day 61: Resilience
Day 62: Hands
Day 63: Children
Day 64: Technology
Day 65: Sexuality
Day 66: Adaptive
Day 67: Writing
Day 68: Sad
Day 69: Spiritual Faith
Day 70: Loyalty
Day 71: Honesty
Day 72: Morning
Day 73: Evening
Day 74: Night
Day 75: Phone
Day 76: Sunset
Day 77: Medicine
Day 78: Jewelry
Day 79: Relatives
Day 80: Book
Day 81: Photos
Day 82: Colours
Day 83: Diary
Day 84: Tears
Day 85: Humility
Day 86: Selfless-
Day 87: Movie-
Day 88: Heat-
Day 89: Cake-
Day 90: Money-
Day 91: Fun-
Day 92: Comfort-
Day 93: Waiting-
Day 94: Scent-
Day 95: Voice-
Day 96: Seasons-
Day 97: Handwriting-
Day 98: Face-
Day 99: Storm-
Day 100: Time-
Day 101: Selfish-
Day 102: Sweets-
Day 103: Doctors-
Day 104: Shots-
Day 105: Dominance-
Day 106: Submissiveness-
Day 107: Tact-
Day 108: Alcohol-
Day 109: Party-
Day 110: Horoscope-
Day 111: Instruments-
Day 112: Facial Hair-
Day 113: Animals
Day 114: Popular
Day 115: Eating Disorder
Day 116: Dolls
Day 117: Deadly
Day 118: Transportation
Day 119: Military
Day 120: Drinks-
Day 121: Allergies-
Day 122: Gems-
Day 123: Germs-
Day 124: Clingy-
Day 125: Hometown-
Day 126: Safe Place-
Day 127: Compassion-
Day 128: Hobbies-
Day 129: Video Games-
Day 130: Drugs-
Day 131: Nicknames-
Day 132: Wedding-
Day 133: Jewellry-
Day 134: Gender-
Day 135: Bullying-
Day 136: Logic-
Day 137: Abuse-
Day 138: Headphones or Earbuds-
Day 139: Glasses-
Day 140: Apologies
Day 141: Element-
Day 142: Likable-
Day 143: Community Service-
Day 144: Insane-
Day 145: Mental Disorders-
Day 146: Dance-
Day 147: Garden-
Day 148: House-
Day 149: Children-
Day 150: Forgiving-
Day 151: Weather-
Day 152: Crime-
Day 153: Graceful-
Day 154: Adopted-
Day 155: Masks-
Day 156: Age-
Day 157: Flowers-
Day 158: Tolerance-
Day 159: Enemies-
Day 160: Memories-
Day 161: Assassin-
Day 162: Forgetful-
Day 163: Sensitivity-
Day 164: Government-
Day 165: Addictions-
Day 166: Regrets-
Day 167: Lazy-
Day 168: Superficial-
Day 169:Mythical Creatures-
Day 170: Serious-
Day 171: Belligerent
Day 172: Active-
Day 173: Common sense-
Day 174: Sports-
Day 175: Sense of Direction-
Day 176: Obnoxious
Day 177: Fashion-
Day 178: Passenger-
Day 179: Incandescent-
Day 180: Sassy-
Day 181: Mistakes-
Day 182: Monogamy-
Day 183: Circumcised-
Day 184: Disillusioned-
Day 185: Fortunate-
Day 186: Statuesque-
Day 187: Observant-
Day 188: Wilderness-
Day 189: Abortion-
Day 190: Whimsical-
Day 191: Jaded-
Day 192: Procrastination
Day 193: Bashful-
Day 194: Adaptable-
Day 195: Stereotypes-
Day 196: Panic-
Day 197: Gifted-
Day 198:Multilingual-
Day 199: Eloquent-
Day 200: Nutritious
Day 201: Ebullience-
Day 202: Chaos-
Day 203: Charming-
Day 204: Romance-
Day 205: First Date-
Day 206: Cultured-
Day 207: Jumpy-
Day 208: Meek-
Day 209: Income-
Day 210: Spit or Swallow-
Day 211: Dependant-
Day 212: Stuffed Animals-
Day 213: Macabre
Day 214: Edgar Allan Poe
Day 215: Darkness
Day 216: Angels-
Day 217: Cars-
Day 218: Fancy-
Day 219: Cliches-
Day 220: Cheat-
Day 221: Leather-
Day 222: Bars-
Day 223: Boredom-
Day 224: Public-
Day 225: Cruelty-
Day 226: Dysfunctional
Day 227: Stamina
Day 228: Evil-
Day 229: Holidays-
Day 230: Vacations-
Day 231: Religion-
Day 232: Quirks/Flaws-
Day 233: Mirrors-
Day 234: Sleepovers-
Day 235: Silence-
Day 236: Touch-
Day 237: Forgotten-
Day 238: Listening-
Day 239: Taboo/Forbidden
Day 240: Light-
Day 241: Magic-
Day 242: Test-
Day 243: Laws/Rules-
Day 244: Royalty-
Day 245: Rumor/Gossip-
Day 246: Dishonesty-
Day 247: Emotions/Feelings-
Day 248: Pride-
Day 249: Poverty-March 5
Day 250: Power-
Day 251: Ego-
Day 252: Curiosity-
Day 253: Attention-
Day 254: Hygiene-
Day 255: Torture-
Day 256: Competition/Competitiveness-
Day 257: Nervous habits/Tics-
Day 258: Coping mechanisms-
Day 259: Collect-
Day 260: Skill/Talent-
Day 261: Leader/Follower-
Day 262: Marriage-
Day 263: Superstition-
Day 264: Shopping-
Day 265: Relaxing/Resting-
Day 266: Moving-
Day 267: Traveling-
Day 268: Failure-
Day 269: Reincarnation-
Day 270: Possessive-
Day 271: Revenge-
Day 272: Affection-
Day 273: Time Periods-
Day 274: Hug-
Day 275: Blood/Gore-
Day 276: Giving Speeches-
Day 277: Performing-
Day 278: Playing-
Day 279: Secondhand Embarrassment-
Day 280: Costumes-
Day 281: Castles-
Day 282: Hell-
Day 283: Tradition
Day 284: Orphans-
Day 285: Homeless-
Day 286: Aliens-
Day 287: Outer Space
Day 288: The Universe-
Day 289: Treason-
Day 290: Cleaning-
Day 291: Birth
Day 292: Illusion-
Day 293: Debauchery-
Day 294: Piercing-
Day 295: Tattoo-
Day 296: Fire-
Day 297: Self-doubt-
Day 298: Humor-
Day 299: Riddle-
Day 300: Change-
Day 301: Second Chances/Mercy-
Day 302: Immortality
Day 303: Mortality-
Day 304: Hypocrisy-
Day 305: Control-
Day 306: Trust-
Day 307: Irony-
Day 308: Shame-
Day 309: Survival-
Day 310: Impulsive-
Day 311: Compromise-
Day 312: Morals-
Day 313: Compliment-
Day 314: Commitment-
Day 315: Honor-
Day 316: Weight-
Day 317: The Perfect Date-
Day 318: Perfect partner-
Day 319: Best Friend-
Day 320: Flags-
Day 321: Theme Songs-
Day 322: National Anthems-
Day 323: Betrayal-
Day 324: Secret-
Day 325: Distance-
Day 326: Drunk-
Day 327: Broken-
Day 328: Mental Attitude-
Day 329: Adrenaline
Day 330: Energy Level-
Day 331: Stress-
Day 332: Advantage!-
Day 333: Obsession-
Day 334: Boundaries-
Day 335: Challenge-
Day 336: Reflection-
Day 337: Science Advancement-
Day 338: Opportunities-
Day 339: Judgement-
Day 340: Excuses-
Day 341: Decisions-
Day 342: Luck-
Day 343: Priorities-
Day 344: Respect-
Day 345: Teach-
Day 346: Protect-J
Day 347: Encourage-
Day 348: Advice-
Day 349: Communication-
Day 350: Puzzle-
Day 351: Experience-
Day 352: Consequences
Day 353: Discipline-
Day 354: Motivation
Day 355: Simplicity
Day 356: Instinct
Day 357: Fame
Day 358: Unique
Day 359: Independent/Dependent
Day 360: Discover
Day 361: Legend/Stories
Day 362: Blame6
Day 363: Constellations
Day 364: Struggle
Day 365: Perspective