Day 21: Finding your talent.

Our power as witches all manifest in different ways. They draw us, guide us to manners of The Craft that we can most excel at. 

This does not mean for me that I do not work to excel in all manners of the Craft, such is not some end goal to be reached, but a journey undertaken that can be most rewarding for witches. 

But especially when first starting out, it is important to find out how the inner fire within you best manifests, to find your base of powers. Your passion. 

For me, this was looking at my past interactions with the Otherworld, before I even begin to actively practice. 

I would have prophetic dreams, manifesting as night terrors since I was little. My spirit being out of my body, my physical self paralyzed, eyes open in fear.

And then in my first touching of the occult, it was a deck of Tarot Cards. At the age of eleven, I began doing readings. 

A seer. 

And another manner in which my witch blood manifests in power. The anger. The Rage. 

But that is a secret. 

The third remains a mystery to all, even at times me. 

But I know its name and that is for me to know alone. 

And there are many more.

Find your gifts to give to the world and yourself. Or maybe just yourself. 

Find your talent as a witch. Look at first to what you enjoy the most, and also what you are most scared of doing but feel the pull to do. Your power will manifest there. 

Use your common sense. Use your intuition. And stay safe. 

And maybe even go beyond a little safe.