day 2 prompt 2

Title: roots that twine together 
Chapter: 2/7 daffodillying around
Author/Authors: @satyr-syd 
Day/Prompt: 2/Reminiscent ~ New Life (@bokuakaweek​)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Side Pairings: None
Summary: Akaashi Keiji knows the natural world better than anyone in his village. That is, until Bokuto Koutarou, a boy with mysterious powers over plants, makes him question everything he thought he knew.

Akaashi helps Bokuto plant daffodils.

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Victuuri Week Day 2: Historical Drama AU (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

in which Viktor is a yangban who falls in love with this extremely cute and intelligent scholar ~


down time


Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back


Everyone is making me feel so many things today. InuKag week is the best week of the year. I’m crying. 

I tried to go for the fear or the feeling of being so close and yet so far. (How are people so good and poetic with their posts? I’m so bad with words. How do?) 

transweek2017 - day 3: non-binary

tracer is undeniably non binary sry. i always saw her as gender non-conforming and that she’s comfortable dressing however she likes but still identifiable as a butch lesbian  👍


the rest is under the cut because there are too many lmao

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How Long Distance Isn’t Always as Long as it Seems – The Distance in Episode 1 and Thoughts about Aria

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 2 – Yuuri Prompt – Long Distance/Reunion

So, for the second day of Victuuri Week 2017, I’d like to talk a bit about the distance in episode 1 and how Yuuri and Victor’s emotions were carried across it. More specifically, what Victor might have interpreted from Yuuri’s skating of Aria compared to what Yuuri may have been feeling while performing it.

What first comes to mind for me are the lines from Stammi Vicino, “I hear a voice crying far away // Have you been abandoned as well?”

I always got the feeling when I saw Yuuri skate in episode 1 that it was a goodbye of sorts. He plays it off like a confession but I don’t really think it was a confession of love, at least not in the way that Yuuri might initially think it is. To me, it looked like it was a program filled with sadness, loneliness, and, in some ways, was a cry for help. It could be called a confession, but it was more a confession of pain and sorrow. A confession for his lost love of skating. A confession that Yuuri felt something was missing from his life. But I don’t really think he consciously realized any of this.

Victor, however, has been skating this program all season and, while he did have this program created before he knew Yuuri and had the encounter at the banquet, the emotions within it would definitely have evolved over the course of the year. As an example, we see that happen with Yuri on Ice and Eros. The emotions put into a program greatly affect both the performance as a competitive piece as well as how it comes across to the audience and anyone else who views it. These emotions also help shape the impressions held by the skaters themselves.

But what might Victor have been feeling during that free skate at Worlds? I think that it was probably very similar to Yuuri. If you look at his expressions, you can see a lot of loneliness. There’s also sadness but, more than anything, it gives off the feeling of missing something. Whether or not Victor realizes what this thing is would be a discussion for another time but you can certainly tell that Victor was grasping for something.

Victor himself knows all this. But that wouldn’t stop him from taking his current interpretation and the feelings that he puts into the program and projecting them onto Yuuri’s. It’s just part of human nature to try to connect to others using emotions that you understand. So, in the end, the impression that he would have come away with when he watched the video would have been a mixture of the feelings Yuuri was expressing (whether they be his conscious or subconscious ones) and Victor’s own emotions.

I firmly believe that it was a combination of these feelings, both from Yuuri and Victor, in the video Victor watched that allowed him to finally come to the decision to close the gap between the two of them. He had an intense moment of identifying with the feelings Yuuri was expressing with his skate. Of course there were other reasons behind his decision as well but ultimately humans are emotional beings and Victor is absolutely no exception to this rule.

One thing to remember about the beginning of the series is that, as much as Yuuri didn’t contact Victor during the 3 months between the GPF and Worlds, Victor didn’t contact Yuuri either. And we know that he easily had the means to due to him being able to show up at Yuuri’s house without warning. There’s no way where Yuuri was staying in Detroit wasn’t public knowledge as well.

However, due to the coming together of their shared longing and emotions, they were able to reach a middle ground. They were able to create a connection across the distance, no matter where they were, to begin an emotional relationship perhaps even before the two of them really realized it. And I personally think that’s a beautiful thing.

In the end, the long distance really wasn’t so long after all.

A super quick sketch for Viktuuri week!! I can’t let this awesome event pass by without contributing. I did this at work, took me like 45 min in between meetings hahaha I’m the worst. I’ll try to do other ones with a bit more quality time. 

And Yuuri with long hair because YES. Long distance prompt.