day 195 of 365


Day 195
Impressions Exotiques Mvt 1. Idylle champêtre by Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Recovery comes in stops and starts
It is not a linear progression
You will have difficult mornings
And peaceful afternoons
A frustrating day at work
And kittens to curl up with when you get home
Sometimes your journey will seem almost easy
And sometimes you’ll want to give up entirely
But even when it seems like
Your world has fallen apart
And you can barely keep moving forward
Try to remember that
No matter how bad it seems
You’ll get there in the end
And a minor setback
Just paves the way to new success
So just be patient
These things take time
I promise
You’ll be just fine
—  “I Am Not Surrendering Today” by Jessy Hudson
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194/? + 195/? - 101/365 + 102/365: yesterday i spent six hours on campus, getting quite a bit of work done. i also just did some reading and chilled. when i got back i watched a lot of project runway, before watching a couple of episodes of how to get away with murder with hannah.

today i had a bit of a late morning compared to lately, but i still went to campus for quite a bit. got some work done, then headed to ben’s. we had a great time, just watching shows and youtube, ordering pizza and having some great catch-ups. since i got home i have, again, just been watching project runway and now i am suuuuuper ready for bed!

First I saw you then
I loved you
now we’re strangers
who forgot the sound
of our own voices
and the color
of each other’s eyes.
—  Leigh, day 195