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Jerome x reader

Summary: where the reader is Jerome’s therapist (Harley Quinn) and they develop feelings for each other.

(Y/n) POV:
I sit in the metal chair starring at the empty red couch. I check my watch and sigh. 5 minutes late. I huff my breath cause my hair to fly out if my face. I tap my pencil on my note pad till the sound of the rusty door opens. I look behind me and see two guards on either side of my new and very first professional patient.

One guard turns to me with a worried look. “Are you sure you don’t want him in bonds?” “Yes I’m sure.” The guard nods and they both walk out closing the door and leaving the two of us alone.

“Welcome Jerome. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I’m here just to talk is all. Would that be okay?” I ask in a light voice making sure to use my words carefully not wanting him to snap. He nods and sits on the couch. “Ohh. Comfy!” He bounces up and down a few times causing me to giggle at his child like behavior.

He looks up at me and smirks. “When they told me I was gonna be put in therapy I expected an old broad with rotting teeth…not a beautiful girl like yourself. Tell me how old are you? You seem young to be getting this position.”

I blush slightly and look at my pad. “How about we make a trade? Next two weeks we talk about you and then if you want you can ask me anything and I’ll answer. Deal?” I stick my hand out to him asking for agreement. He grasps it and brings it to his lips kissing my skin tenderly.

“So Jerome let’s start at the beginning.” Jerome told me about his mother and how she was abusive. He even went into exact detail about how he killed her. That’s information the cops don’t even have; so for me to have it I feel very privileged.

We had gone over his whole story and all his memories in just 8 days. Right now he sits in the couch constantly moving around bored. “Can we play a game?” Jerome asks looking at me. I tilt my head to the side and smile. “What type of game?” Jerome stands up and talks around me. “Well…more like role play actually. You be me and I’ll be you.” “Honestly Jerome I don’t think you could pull this skirt off.” I say smirking at him. “Oh you’d be surprised, but what do you say? It’ll be fun! We’re not exactly doing anything productive anyhow.” I sigh and look at this mad man. “You Mr. J are sure one of a kind.” I giggle and go sit on the couch.

Jerome picks up my pad of paper and pencil and sits straight up acting professional as possible. “Now (y/n) let’s start from the beginning.”

“Well my parents were nice people, good people, but my mother was killed in a car crash. After that my father started drinking and he soon became abusive. I stayed out as much as possible, but that didn’t work because when I came home he got upset and beat me. One day the neighbors heard my screaming and called the cops. I was taken away and into a safer home. That was when I was 10 and since then I’ve been missing something. In school I was always called weird just because I never fit in. I started home school when I was 16 and finished all my education earlier then all my school mates hence why I’m so young and have my job.” I breath deeply trying to hold in tears.

“You know the same pain as me. The one thing I need is someone to laugh with and just love me. Maybe even join me in my crime.” Jerome says as he writes something down on the pad. “Yes! Exactly!” I exclaim siting up. Jerome stares at me and smiles; his lips stretched wide and his teeth showing. “Who’s someone who makes you happy (Y'n)?” Jerome asks while staring at me with soft eyes. I know what you’re thinking. How unprofessional she is. Falling for her patient. Not to mention he’s a psychopath. You sure do know how to pick em! “Well I would have to say you J. We’ve become friends and you make me laugh and feel wanted I guess. I don’t have many friends so it’s nice.” Jerome smiles at my answer. “Well (y/n) you got one now.” He smiles once again but it’s not the menacing creepy smile he gives. It’s filled with actual happiness, and maybe some soft of affection.

“What’s your favorite holiday (y/n)?” I look at him strange confused by the sudden subject change. “Um Halloween actually. I always go to this once costume party with my one friend.” “How exciting! What do you dress as doll?” I blush looking down at my fingers. “Usually harlequin.” “The clown character? Huh. Interesting.” I raise my eyebrow at him. “Interesting how?” “Well if you just change up the letters slightly or miss say it you could get the name Harley Quinn. Ever thought of a name change (y/n)? It would suit you.” I ponder on the name. Harley Quinn. Not bad I must say.

Suddenly a beeping sound is heard meaning our time is up for today. “Ugh. Come on doll don’t send me back yet. We’re having fun!” Jerome sighs dramatically slumping in the old rusting chair. I giggle walking over to him and resting my fingers under his chin and pulling his eyes up to mine. “Same time tomorrow J. I promise.” I kiss his cheek quickly, but he holds my neck and pulls me back to him, and presses his lips against mine. He’s are cold, but surprisingly soft. Jerome pulls back to my dismay. “Same time tomorrow doll.” He winks and walk to the door for the guards to come and escort him back.

I walk home and unlock the door to my appartment turning the light on making my surroundings known. Especially the unknown man sitting on my couch. I gasp and quickly pull out my gun from my vase by the door. “Who are you?” “Nice response time. Could use that.”

I walk closer with my gun pointed right at his head. “Who are you?” I ask once more. “Theo Galavan. I’m here to help you.” “Help me? I don’t need any help.” “No? Not even with a certain inmate at Arkham?” I lower my gun slightly but still keep my guard. “What do you mean by that?” “Oh drop your act Ms.(Y/l/n). It’s not hard to see you have feelings for Jerome, but seeing as his current placement it’d be hard to grow any type of romantic side. I can help get him out.” I lower my gun fully and stare at the man. “What’d you have in mind?” Galavan smirks and pats the seat next to him.

You know what I love the most about Bellamy’s character? He’s deep and he doesn’t even need words for us to understand that. 

I’ve seen people who think Bellamy doesn’t even feel guilty about what he did in S3 and he’s just back to the “monster” he was in S1. Well let me tell you something, if there is one character who is completely broken by guilt on this show, it’s Bellamy. And unlike most characters, he had to face it alone, he didn’t have a choice

Since S1, he’s being slowly consumed by his guilt and regrets, Bellamy just never forgets and move on. He thinks he’s guilty for his mom’s death whereas all he did was trying to give a good life to his sister, he protected her and hid her for 16 years, he literally raised her on his own when their mom told him she was his responsibility. Their mom was floated because she disobeyed the council’s rules, she took a risk by having a second child, yet Octavia doesn’t feel guilty about her death, Bellamy does. Octavia blames him for it, and he believes he’s the one responsible, he bears it so she doesn’t have to. Then, later in S1, Bellamy, trying to save himself, threw the radio in the river so the 100 wouldn’t be able to talk to the Ark. What he DID NOT know, was that they were about to sacrifice 300 people up there. Look at his face when he learns that. He doesn’t quite realize what this means yet, but he knows he’s made a mistake. And now he has to live with the fact that he’s responsible for their death too. But don’t think he can forget that, he is literally haunted by it. He is willing to die because he can’t handle the guilt anymore. He thinks he only deserves to die, because all he does is hurt people

Bellamy, from day one, thinks so low of himself. Sure, he’s made mistakes, everyone on this show have done wrong things, yet Bellamy is probably the one who feels the more guilty about it. You think he enjoyed torturing Lincoln? Wrong. Look at him when he has to hit Lincoln, look at the pain that is clear on his face because deep down he knows he’ll never forgive himself for that but he thinks it’s the only solution to save Finn. Then he says “who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things” and we can all see how guilty he already feels about what he did, and how he wishes things would have been different. To me, Bellamy has never been a bad guy, he’s just a lost boy who is haunted by regrets and who is trying his best to lead a hundred teenagers in a dangerous world. Bellamy thinks he’s a monster, he’s insecure. Clarke gave him some confidence, she lead him into making decisions and being a good leader, yet he still thinks low of himself. What he did in Mount Weather in S2 was truly heroic, he did everything right. When he pulled that lever with Clarke, he did it because he knew how she would feel after that if she did it alone. He’s been feeling that since his mom died. Guilt and regrets. And he’s been handling that alone since day one. But since he cares about Clarke, he couldn’t let her feel what he’s always been feeling. So he pulled that lever with her. And so he got more blood on his hands. But at least this time, he didn’t have to handle it alone, because he had Clarke. At least that’s what he thought, until she left him. Now there was no one to share his guilt, no one to wipe the blood off of his hands.

 Everyday he had to face his demons alone, he had to see Jasper, knowing that he killed his girlfriend, he had to face the 44 that were locked in Mount Weather whereas he knew how many people he had to kill to save them. And he was on his own. But this time, he decided to deal with his guilt differently. He got angry. Angry at Clarke, angry at the grounders, but most of all angry at himself. He made the wrong decisions in S3 because he’s driven by his emotions, broken by his guilt, consumed by his regrets. Maybe he followed Pike because at least, Pike looked at him, he payed attention to him when everyone else barely noticed him. Bellamy is not a leader on his own, he needed Clarke to help and lead him in S1,  and now that she left, he needed Pike because he’s too insecure to make decisions by himself, he’s convinced he always make the wrong decisions, especially since he trusted Echo and let everyone die in Mount Weather because of that. Bellamy is not weak, but he does not have enough faith in himself to lead alone. He needs to be leaded. 

I hate Pike but let’s face it, Pike is THE ONLY ONE who’s asked Bellamy how he was this season. And Bellamy didn’t say he was okay. Because he’s not. He’s done wrong things, and he knows he has messed up, he knows he went too far, but he doesn’t know what he has to do anymore. Pike was the only one who said Bellamy didn’t have to take all the blame for what happened in Mount Weather is 3x03, Pike said he was just as responsible, he shared his guilt, for once. Bellamy’s completely lost because everyone his giving up on him, except two people : Pike and Kane. He started by following Pike, but quickly realized all his methods were going too far, and finally Kane was the only one who could bring him back. Not Clarke, not Octavia, but Kane. Because Kane never gave up on Bellamy. In Mount Weather, Kane was the only one who told Bellamy that he “did good”, and that was even an understatement. Bellamy has risked everything to save his friends, and look at the thanks he got. Everyone gave up on him. Everyone always made him handle his guilt alone, everyone always blamed him, I am not surprised he became the way he was in S3. Maybe he decided he had suffer long enough, maybe he wanted revenge, maybe he felt alone and felt important by Pike’s side, maybe he just didn’t know what he was doing, but one thing is sure : when Bellamy was not okay, all his friends gave up on him. And that, that is not okay.

Bellamy has been my favorite character, hands down, since the very first episode, because he’s a lot deeper than people think, he’s constantly haunted by his pain and guilt, he’s insecure, he’s lonely, but to me, he is a hero.

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I have words about Mystic Messenger

I was gonna post this earlier but Tumblr mobile ate it.

I stayed up entirely too late last night playing through the end of 707’s route and the secret endings and the following is a summary of my thoughts about the characters, characterization and the overarching plot line. I didn’t expect to get so involved in this silly lil game but other than a couple criticisms I absolutely ADORED playing this game and the world within its text. :3

Below the cut cuz long and SPOILERS.

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Ruby Rose Kisses (Almost) Every Girl RANKINGS

I haven’t seen this one yet so I’d like to resurrect this terribly underfed blog (sorry about that by the way) to list, in order, my favorite Rube Smooches- as written by @xekstrin. (This is just my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Viz Media, Paramount Pictures, or any other corporation to which I have no relation. I’ll also announce that if you’re tired of this blog not producing (sorry,) you can always follow me on my normal blog, @gottalovethosecostcomuffins​, which has been known to reblog at least one thing per day. Maybe more. Let’s begin!

21. There are really that many of these? Goodness. I’ll be here awhile. The bottom of this list is BY NO MEANS the “worst” Ruby smooch, as if there could be such a thing, but something has to go here!
Ciel starts us off this morning. I honestly pictured the obstacle course for MW2 for this piece. This also scratches my “Ciel is a tough, smol cookie” HC, which is nice, but it also mentioned suicides, which I hated, so there.
Kiss rating: 7/10. Good on Ruple for being conscious of her own sweat. Simple soul confirmed.   

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I had a fanboy once

Those involved: C- Best pal (15 at the time)

R- Fanboy (15 at the time)

annnnnd myself (16 at the time. C and I are both girls)

Whoooo boy, sorry this is gonna be a long one. C and I had been pals for years and would hang out constantly. A few years after we became friends, through a mutual liking of anime, we started attending the local convention. During what I believe was our 3rd year attending, we ran into R.

For whatever reason, I forgot really, the convention was relocated to a small hotel sort of nearby. The convention had already been established for a few years prior so at the time, the attendance was close to 3k so you can imagine how that went at a smaller venue that was more for small conferences and not anime/pop-culture conventions. Anyway, C and I found out that we would be able to attend kind of late and we didn’t have much time to plan out a cosplay so C went as Misa from Death Note and I went as a somewhat popular villain from a popular crossover game (not going to name who but we’ll call him M).

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Banding Together

So I made my first attempt at writing a fic! It’s a Mikayuu/Yuumika Idol AU story, hope you like it! Comments will be appreciated ^.^

(Apparently you’ll get cavities, proceed with caution)

Summary: Yuuichiro and Mikaela become idols to help their orphanage stay afloat while discovering their feelings for each other.


Want to be the next generation’s idol?

 The letters were in a big, bright font and were displayed on TV after the hosts of a variety show had waved goodbye to the viewers. Yuu, a teenage black-haired boy, was watching the program on a whim after finishing his homework when that sentence caught his attention.


 The word felt so nice and familiar, it made the boy smile. If only…

“Mika! Want to be an idol with me?”

 As he shouted for his blond friend, he took quick notes of the details of the audition now being displayed on the screen and grinned. 

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My Gilmore Girls Revival Rant

If you know me, you probably know that I hated the revival. Mostly because of the assassination of one of my favorites characters, Logan Huntzberger, but also the destruction of a character that was a role model for young girls for over 15 years, Rory Gilmore.

When I finished ‘Fall’, I was destroyed. I waited 9 years for this, and I couldn’t believe what ASP and DP had done to my favorites characters, but because I love Rory and Logan, together and as individuals, I decided to embrace the open ending and create my own happy ending for them. 

The thing is that ASP has said that she is waiting for the fan’s reactions to the revival to see if she was going to continue the story. Well if she’s interested, I’m not going to lose the opportunity to tell her my mind. So here it is.

First of all, I’m an avid Rory/Logan shipper. I always have and always will be. So yes, this may be tainted by my love for them.

I love them. And because I love them I wanted nothing for them but happiness. And by happiness I don’t mean that I only wanted to see them together. I could totally accept that their story had ended. That they both had met someone new and move on. I could totally be ok with Rory reconnecting with Jess or Dean, or completely in love with Paul. That would have been great. But we didn’t see that. Just like we didn’t see Logan being madly in love with Odette or being free of his dad’s manipulations. That’s not what the revival showed us.

What we did see was a completely lost Rory. The girl who worked his ass off to catch up on a demanding school and got to be Valedictorian, a girl who went to one fo the best universities of the planet was unemployed and a failure in every aspect of her life. And yes, I understand that life is not a fairy tale. But this is a tv show who is famous for being positive. And seeing one of the heroines fail is not good. If you had told me that the plot of the revival was to see Rory reborn stronger I could accept this, but the conclusion was the most depressing thing I had ever seen. She ends up jobless and pregnant with her engaged ex boyfriend’s child. FUCK THIS SHIT.

Don’t come to me with the whole ‘it’s the circle of life’ because I’ll murder you. Fuck that. Rory’s storyline FOR SEVEN SEASONS was to get a better life than her mother’s. She wanted to be great, she wanted to be someone and make it on her own. Apparently all that was pointless because she was always doomed to repeat his mother’s mistakes. BULLSHIT. Rory is 32 in the revival she’s not 16. She’s her own person, she has always been smart and she has her own values. And now, suddenly, everything that Rory was and did for seven seasons is forgotten in order to fit the ridiculous idea of ‘the circle of life’. Because she’s Lorelai 2.0. Well, screw that RORY LEIGH GILMORE IS NOT LORELAI GILMORE. SHE DESERVED BETTER.

Now Logan. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM? One of the things that was so special about Logan and what made him different from Rory’s previous boyfriends is that he had his own evolution as a person. When we met Logan for the first time he was an arrogant jerk that only cared about parties and spending his dad’s money . But as the episodes went on he changed. He realized that he didn’t have to accept everything that her father said. That he had the right to choose his own path. For three seasons he fought as hard as he could to be his own. And when he failed he decided that it was time to be independent and star over from the botton. He wanted to work hard. And all the revival did was destroying his character evolution. He was suddenly working for his dad again. He was living in London again. He was miserable again. And why? Because we’re supposed to believe he’s just like Chris? Well, let me tell you something: LOGAN HUNTZBERGER IS NOT CHRISTOPHER HAYDEN. He’s his own person. He has his own beliefs and values. HE DESERVED BETTER.

As for Rory and Logan relationship, I’m a mess. Again, for three seasons we saw these two go from casual friends to casual dating to boyfriend – girlfriend to share a roof. They grew up as persons together. They challenged each other and because of that they became a better version of themselves. Logan gave Rory that feeling of spontaneity and freedom that she was lacking. He pushed her boundaries. He believed in her 100% and supported every decision she made, even if he didn’t agree with it.  While Rory showed Logan that it is possible to have fun and being responsible, that you can be happy with small things. She supported him. She helped him and took care of him in a way that nobody ever had. She gave him a home. They had a life together and they were happy. Rory and Logan overcame so many obstacles, and the only reason they did that was because they loved each other and they kept choosing each other time after time.

For six hours we saw them being as cute as possible. She told him about her day and asked him about his. He knew which one was her lucky outfit. He was happy at the perspective of her becoming an author. She called him every time she was upset because he’s her rock. And he was willing to listen to every word she had to say. And when she realized that she couldn’t keep doing the cheating anymore, she was broken and so was he. And because he didn’t want to end things in a bad note, he asked his friends to put on a show with the only purpose of making her happy. Because he respects her, because he didn’t know where they were standing, he got her a room for herself. And after spending ‘the perfect night’, they both realized it had to end, and they both almost cry. And for the last time, he proved how much he knew her because he told her something that we all know, she doesn’t need saving.

So now I’m supposed to believe that they just let each other go? Without fighting, without at least talking about what they feel? They spent the entire revival together, in the wrong circumstances, but still together. And not once they talk about what they meant for each other. It was so obvious they still love each other and yet they ended up apart and miserable. How am I supposed to believe that Logan, a guy who without hesitation jumped into a relationship with Rory just because he couldn’t let her go, is not dumping his faceless fiancé for her (and their baby)? Logan, the guy who stood up to his family to defend Rory after dating her for A DAY. This is not the Logan we met and fell in love with 11 years ago. This isn’t the Rory we’ve loved since 2000. THEY DESERVED BETTER.

And to make matters worse, those fucking last four words, ‘I’M PREGNANT’. So, what you’re telling me is that Rory is ending up alone, jobless, trapped in Star Hollows raising a child by her own, while the man she loves, the father of her child, is also trapped in a loveless marriage. And Logan will be working for his father , miserable married to a woman he doesn’t love while the woman he truly loves is raising their child. They’ve been together and in love for 11 years and the conclusion is that they’re both destined to be apart and unhappy, although there’s not a real good reason for them not to be together? Even worse, we don’t even get to know if Logan will ever find out that he’s a father. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS? THEY DESERVED BETTER.

Finally, if I’m supposed to believed that these two do not love each other, you should do a better job as a director, because that is not what the actors showed on screen.

So there is it. This was my rant, as articulated as I could, since English is not my native language.

Now, I’ll continue to picture the beautiful family that Rory, Logan and their baby will make.

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