day 16

Molecule of the Day: Warfarin

Warfarin (C19H16O4) is an extremely important drug; it is used as an anticoagulant, and is routinely used to prevent blood clotting and the subsequent migration of the clots to other parts of the body, which could cause severe effects such as cardiac arrest and hypoxia of tissues.

It was first discovered when a mysterious case of cattle bleeding to death after minor medical procedures occurred in the 1920s. This were traced back to mouldy fodder made from sweet clover, and upon analysis, warfarin was found to be responsible for the effects. Since then, it has been used as a useful life-saving drug worldwide.

Warfarin acts by inhibiting Vitamin K epoxide and quinone reductases, which are responsible for regenerating Vitamin K. Since Vitamin K is needed for the carboxylation and thus activation of proteins responsible for blood cells to adhere to each other, a lower amount of clotting factors is produced, and consequently blood clotting is inhibited.

Warfarin does have side effects: most commonly, due to the decrease in blood clotting, the risk of bleeding, or more severely, haemorrhaging, increases. Other possible adverse effects, such as necrosis or osteoporosis, are uncommon. However, consumption of particular foods, such as ginger and garlic, and drugs, especially antibiotics, can increase the risk of side effects by impeding the metabolism of warfarin.

Warfarin has also been used as a rat poison since 1948, although its usage has been declining due to increasing resistance to it as well as the emergence of more potent poisons.


GENOARY DAY 13 - 16:-

13. What’s a mother to do with her child?

14. What would Geno do while waiting for his appearance in the UnderVerse animation?

15. The whole Afterdeatg family is here!!

16. How would you think Human!Geno woukd look like?




Geno, Fresh, Error, CQ herself by @loverofpiggies
Reaper by @renrink
Goth by @nekophy
Human!Geno, Arts by me

Finland Chronicles, part 16

You probably have heard of “Power Walking”, but have you ever heard of “Nordic Walking”? 

No? Well, let´s fix that!

Nordic Walking, which has been a “thing” in Finland (and some other Nordic countries) for decades and was formally defined by Mauri Repo (head coach of the Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation) in 1979, is basically just power walking - but taken to a next-ish level.

Meaning: you do it with specially designed poles.

Yeah, granted, you do kinda look like an idiot who forgot his/her skis at home, but apparently it´s well worth it because the benefits to your body from basic and boring walking are not much in comparison to Nordic Walking. It develops greater overall strength and improves cardiovascular function - and you use up to 40% more calories than you would by just putting one lame-o foot in front of the other!

Plus, with Nordic Walking you end up using 90 percent (90 PERCENT!) of all muscles of your body…

… which is why I am out of breath and ready for bed simply from looking at all that, but you know… Some people go for it.

Besides, it´s relatively easy (pretty much all you have to know is how to walk…), people of all ages can do it, and in the winter the poles are an excellent tool against the slippery slopes masquerading as streets out there!

Here´s a little instruction clippie for ya! Who knows, with the help of this magical activity, you too could potentially still be alive and kicking when that #SexualAlbum is released in 2047!

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March CAS Challenge Day 16- Scientist

I still haven’t seen Hidden Figures (I KNOWWWW! I’m The Literal Worst I want to see it SO bad) but I wanted to do a simmified Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson. 

“Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson was born August 26, 1918. She is an African-American physicist and mathematician who made contributions to the United States’ aeronautics and space programs at NASA. She was known for accuracy in computerized celestial navigation, and she conducted technical work at NASA that spanned decades. During this time, she calculated the trajectories, launch windows, and emergency back-up return paths for many flights from Project Mercury, including the early NASA missions of John Glenn and Alan Shepard, and the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the Moon, through the Space Shuttle program. Her calculations were critical to the success of these missions. 

In 2015, Katherine received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Day 16 - Home

(And this is the end of the drabble series Winter Holiday! Thank you everyone for reading! Future drabbles will be separate from each other like before.)

- Zen has logged in –

Yoosung★: Hey Zen! Unpacked everything already?

ZEN: Nah, I dove right into bed when I got home
ZEN: Just woke up
ZEN: These 20 hour flights wreak havoc on my skin T.T

Yoosung★: Gonna take a few days to get rid of the jet-lag too

707: The holiday was loads of fun though~!
707: I’ve been uploading all our photos on the RFA tripter bot!

ZEN: Already?

MC: Yeah, it was a blast!
MC: I really loved my first holiday with you guys

Jaehee Kang: I’m very happy to hear that MC. ^_^
Jaehee Kang: I also enjoyed it.

Yoosung★: I agree but I’m still happy to be back
Yoosung★: I know it’s barely been 2 weeks, yet it feels like we’ve been away for a month
Yoosung★: I’ve missed so many LOLOL events!

Jumin Han: In my opinion our trip didn’t last long enough.

ZEN: Oh?? I can’t believe Mr. Work-a-holic is saying this.

MC: Same, I’m already dreading doing my own cooking and cleaning
MC: Oh wait, Jumin doesn’t have to worry about that

Jumin Han: I do cook sometimes

Yoosung★: Must be nice to be so rich

707: I have a feeling Hyung doesn’t miss the holiday itself lololol
707: He was on earlier chatting about how white fur wasn’t like white hair at all

ZEN: o////o WHAT

Jumin Han: It’s true though.

MC: Wow, first chat and already you guys are flirting

Yoosung★: I expected this the moment Zen logged in honestly

MC: Yeah, I guess

ZEN: We’re not?? Flirting!??

Jaehee Kang: It’s fine if it’s within the RFA – Korea isn’t as open as our holiday destination was.
Jaehee Kang: Though please try not to let it dominate every chat.

Yoosung★: Yeah have pity on the rest of us

ZEN: Jaehee, et tu?

Jumin Han: We’ve spent so much time together and I still find myself missing you.
Jumin Han: When will you move into the penthouse with me?

ZEN: !!!
ZEN: Last I checked, you still have a cat and I still have allergies

707: Interesting, he didn’t say no~

ZEN: Shut up Seven

Jumin Han: Elizabeth will be groomed daily and have her own suite to live in
Jumin Han: And I’ll get you the best cat allergy medication there is if needed
Jumin Han: I want to wake up with you every day.

MC: omg so romantic

707: Mr. Executive is so smooth 8D

ZEN: You know how I feel about you spending money on me ;;;;

707: Just give up already Zen, we know you’re going to say yes soon enough

Yoosung★: Ya

MC: Ya

Jumin Han: Ya

ZEN: Wow really????
ZEN: Maybe I like my apartment and want to stay here
ZEN: I have bags to unpack, I’m leaving

- Zen has logged off –

Jaehee Kang: Maybe we went too far?

707: Don’t worry, this is just part of his thought process :3

MC: Yoosung, toss me an event invite on LOLOL so I can force myself to stay awake

Yoosung★: On it!
Yoosung★: Seven, wanna join too?

707: Ofc, let’s go~~~~

- Message from Jumin Han: -
I’m sorry. Take your time to think about it. I love you.

- Message from ZEN: -
You’re a jerk

- Message from ZEN: -
I love you too

This is definitely the prettiest picture I’ve taken so far. And it still doesn’t do justice to how A M A Z I N G this peach cobbler oatmeal was. It tasted so naughty, oh my god, I still can’t get over it 😂 And it was so simple, just a mashed banana, some frozen peaches I cut in half, cinnamon, ginger, oats, and water topped with some toasted crushed pecans 👌🙌 10/10