Japanese vocab with Yuzuru - Day 16

Ok let’s have a brief but fun post today :D

1. 表現(ひょうげん|hyou-gen): expression, representation

As I mentioned before, Yuzuru has always wanted his jumps to blend into his program well, and he takes the expression of all elements very seriously:

4回転を表現の一部にする(4かいてんをひょうげんのいちぶにする|yon-kai-ten wo hyou-gen no i-chi-bu ni su-ru) 
To make quads a part of my expression.

2. 表情(ひょうじょう|hyou-jou): (facial) expression

And here I introduce to you my most favourite Yuzuru’s pun of all time, using the word 氷上(ひょうじょう|hyou-jou), meaning ‘on ice’, which has the same pronunciation:

Host: I think you don’t realize this, but you’re not only a genius skater, but also a genius at expression (表情の天才|hyou-jou no ten-sai)
Yuzu: No, no, but only when I’m on the ice, right? (氷上だけにね|hyou-jou da-ke ni ne) XD

Inktober Day 16 - Favorite Heartless
I really like the ghost heartless (especially the little sounds that they make), though I don’t really like their extended hands.

Side note: I think that I might like this week since I can draw the darkness (or villain week).

(I’m also happy since I got new pens!)