day 1 bugs

Day 1: Milk

MariChat May! Loved it last year, so here’s to hoping I knock out each day (Already a day late, so there’s my timing) 

Hypothetically, the words came right out his mouth with little prompting. Realistically…

Marinette hugged the back of her desk chair. “So…”

“So…?” Chat quirked a brow.

It’s about spitting out the question to begin with. Something about the innocent gleam in his eye made her hesitant.

But when Adrien asked if she knew Chat Noir… and yeah he had been visiting for a few days now because she had this crazy notion to thank him for the latest save where Ladybug had been nowhere in sight… haha…

But this is ridiculous.

But Adrien wanted an answer! A stupid answer to a stupid question. Why on earth it had to be this one… she’s no clue.

Alya’d been no help, her encouragement of, “if that cat is your ticket to Adrien, I say milk him for all he’s worth.”

“D-do you-?” She pressed her lips together, glowing at the wall. “-like… fish?”

“Am I herring you right?” Suddenly invigorated, Chat leapt to his feet. “I mean reely, Princess, of all the fishy questions you could fink of for a man in a mask.”

Continuing her staredown of the wall, her glower worsened. She grabbed the plush at her desk, contemplating chucking it at him. This feels like a set up. Impossible as that is, it’s like he’d been waiting the night for this moment.

“To answer you, yes, and I prefer tuna.”

She faltered. “Seriously?” Generic answer aside, at least that’s over now…

“I squid you not.“

The doll hit square between his eyes.

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Here we go everyone, here is the comic that I’m going to be making to help me us all get through this hiatus. (cries)

Marinette in Wonderland

Thank you to @time-is-strange for giving me the idea. (When this was originally going to be a 2000 followers thing- Then a 3000- and now it’s a 3297 followers thing- I’m going to shudder- that’s such an uneven number, hahaha. XD)

Anyways… This is the cover! And no, I’m not going to color this whole thing, I’m not psycho. This thing is gonna be mega-long and I’m going to do it in pencil (but…nice pencil. This is not a scribbly comic). But anyways… here we go.


Pokecember Day 1: Fav Bug Type

Yep, it’s that time of year again! I’ll be going in the same order as previous pokeddexy’s (with a small tweak to one of the days, but you’ll find out what that is later), but I’m calling it pokecember this time around since XY isn’t really new anymore lol. So expect to see some gen 7 pokes among my favorites this time around. :D

Anyway, I decided on Ribombee for my fav bug type because it’s cute and I thought it would be fun to draw.

If you want to see my pokeddexy drawings from previous years, look here!

I like to go into these challenges with really strict rules such as “I can only pick from the current generation” and that means X & Y… WHICH I REALIZE DOESN’T GIVE ME A WHOLE LOT OF OPTIONS THIS TIME, BUT HERE WE GO???

POKEDDEXY Day 1: Bug - Vivillon

Cute pixelly butterfly, ahhhh! My most favorite one is the ocean variety which I will probably never ever get a hold of, but I CAN DREAM.