day 041

disclosure (4a// ladynoir)

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The morning sun casts her in such a perfect light that he loses control of his tongue: “I love you, my Lady.”

But even as he says the words, a tremble runs down his spine. He remembers vividly the first time he’d confessed to her, how she’d looked at him, how she’d run away.

She seems to remember, too: she freezes, just as she did that night. Then, shyly, (and it’s been so long since their first akuma battle that he’s forgotten that Ladybug can be shy), she smiles at him.

“I love you, too, Cat Noir,” she tells him.

He stumbles and rolls to a stop, splayed flat on his back. “Really?” he asks. His head feels light.

“Really. Are you okay…?”

He laughs. “Yes. Yes! It’s just… It’s the first time you’ve said that to me, Ladybug.” And he beams at her, blissful beyond belief.

Ladybug seems confused. “It can’t be,” she says uncertainly, kneeling beside him.

“It is,” he reassures, and leans up to plant a chaste kiss on her cheek.

She giggles. “I suppose you’re right,” she relents, gathering his head onto her lap.

“Why would you think you’ve said it before?” he wonders aloud.

“Well, we’ve kissed enough,” she points out, “and I suppose I… thought it enough that I took it for granted?” She sounds a little sheepish.

He presses his face into her belly, prompting giggles. “Ladybug,” he mumbles into magical fabric, and she shoves him out of her lap, still laughing.

“Ladybug,” he repeats.

“Yes, kitty?”

“Can you say it again?”

Her ears are red. “Say what?” she asks.

“You know.”

“I’m not sure I do.”

He sighs dramatically. “Oh, but how else can I be sure of your love—?”

Ladybug stops laughing. He glances at her, and is surprised to find her staring solemnly back at him. “Don’t,” she says quietly. “Please. Don’t ever doubt that I love you, Cat Noir.”

He rolls onto his knees. “I’m sorry, my Lady.”

She wraps her arms around him, and he marvels at how slight her body is, at how strong her grip is. “I love you, my kitten.”

“And I you, my Lady.”

i feel good; (another) dance playlist

001. My Copycat (Orange Caramel) 002. A-Cha (Super Junior) 003. Kiss Kiss (Ladies’ Code) 004. MaMaMa (Tasty) 005. Follow Me (2ne1) 006. Swing (Super Junior-M) 007. Domino (4minute) 008. Iyah (Boyfriend) 009. Step (F(x)) 010. I’m Him (Mino) 011. Mr. Taxi (SNSD) 012. Destiny (Infinite) 013. Miss You (Tiny-G) 014. Message (Myname) 015. Huh (4minute) 016. Stranger (SHINee) 017. I Feel Good (EXID) 018. WOW (BTOB) 019. Expectation (Girl’s Day) 020. Good Tonight (GOT7) 021. Crush (2ne1) 022. Very Good (Block B) 023. One More (Fiestar) 024. Spellbound (TVXQ) 025. Mamma Mia (Kara) 026.Dress Up (Boys Republic) 027. Gun (9muses) 028. Bingle Bingle (Bigbang) 029. Bad Girl (Ladies’ Code) 030. Secret Night (VIXX) 031. Butterfly (F(x)) 032. Good Luck (Beast) 033. Toy (F(x)) 034. Beep Beep (BTOB) 035. Lovey-Dovey (T-ara) 036. Baby I’m Sorry (B1A4) 037. Vista (Fiestar) 038. Crooked (Gdragon) 039. Saturday Night (Crayon Pop) 040. Day N Night (Tasty) 041. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (SNSD) 042. Mirotic (TVXQ) 043. Bad Girl Good Girl (MissA) 044. Bonamana (Super Junior)

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Countdown to Mockingjay Pt. 1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 041/325