dax praxx

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Ok…I’m sorry, but this is one of the best fan videos I’ve ever seen.  No audio manipulation either, they kept everything genuine and simple and that’s probably what made it so good.

My misfit trio always has the most well acted scenes in this show, I love it.  (Clare, Eli, Adam)  It’s of course an EClare video, but still, Adam is still amazing lol

I am shameless sometimes. Just putting that out there.

That said!  We’re drawing close to the next round in ABNA and though I’m… 80% positive that I won’t be advancing, the knowledge that it’s coming up is very intense.  I’ve never entered one of my novels in anything…

Dax… Well, Dax isn’t like my other novels either.  He was a well laid plan, a puzzle.  I suppose that makes sense, even in writing process, considering that those words fit his personality as well.

His book’s been published for a short while and I’m still having trouble promoting it.  At the very least, that was what I hoped for from this competition… Still, I find myself hoping for more.  Dax would be an amazing diving partner into the literary world as his story is so solidly in my head.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s bound to have two fans in this world and two alone.  He’s so closed off, it sort of works anyways I guess.  Still, I want more for him.  For me.  

If ABNA doesn’t pan out, which is likely, then I’ll have to think harder.  Try more.  Strive stronger.

I was told that I would never amount to anything.  Never complete a book.  Never publish a book.  Never have the strength or guts to do any of it… All of these are complete now.  The satisfaction is fantastic, but… that’s all I’d been striving for up until it was done… I need to find something more to push toward.

The fire must burn; so my inner pyro demands.

I can’t let any sparks slip away.