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hey so for kiradax month/week, today’s telling the crew so…

Kira is surprised that some people already know and Dax is surprised that not everyone does. Because like 90% of the crew or at least the (honorary) senior staff have seen them on dates and just… not realized they were dates.

Dax probably tells Sisko first, and he’s not at all surprised but he didn’t already know for sure. He’s just really happy for them. He’s like good for you old man hope you’re happy. And he tells Jake (with Kira and Dax’s permission) and here’s where it gets funny. Jake is like, “Damn, Mrs. O’Brien won the bet. I thought they’d wait another week to tell you.”

So Jake shows up to school the next day and gives Keiko a bunch of latinum and all of the students are probably like yay! They finally told Sisko! Nog’s like “I told you to bet a week earlier.” O’Brien (as in Miles) also sees this and is like what??

So Keiko’s like “oh it’s just the bet that Jake and I had going about when Kira and Dax would start telling people they’re dating.” And poor oblivious O’Brien did NOT see that coming and he’s like “they’re dating??” And Keiko’s like “yeah?? If I’m right they’ve been dating for like months now?? You see them in Ops every day Miles how did you not notice how often they flirt? Kira finds an excuse to lean over Dax’s station like 50 times a day.” And O’Brien’s probably like “I just thought they were friends.”

Keiko teases him about this for around seven years.

Also on that day Sisko probably calls Kira into his office and has a similar conversation with her about I hope you’re happy congratulations and Kira probably almost cried because she’s adorable and Sisko is the Emissary.

Anyways so O’Brien is at Quark’s or something the next day and Bashir is there waiting for lunch with Dax because she wanted to tell him something so Garak and him are having dinner instead. (There’s also a betting pool about them dating, one that Dax eventually wins.) So O’Brien’s chilling with Bashir until Dax gets there and he just absentmindedly is like “I can’t believe they’ve been dating this whole time.” And Julian, also oblivious, is like, “who???” And O’Brien, assuming Julian already knows, says “Kira and Dax.”

So Dax gets there and Julian is like, “YOU and KIRA are DATING and you didn’t tell me??”

And she’s like, “that’s what I wanted to talk to you about but honestly I kind of assumed you knew?” he did not. he also just wants Dax to be happy.

Kira tells Odo and Odo knew. He doesn’t super understand why humanoids are like this but he’s observant. He congratulates her, and they probably like hug it out because Odo is her Brodo.

Julian (with permission) tells Garak who is literally so unfazed by this. He’s just like “…yes… I know… did you not?”

Quark didn’t actually know but he’s really upset that he didn’t know when he finds out because half of the dates they go on are at his bar. They use the holodecks all the time. Had he known, he could have started a betting pool like Keiko and Jake’s and made a profit. Alas, hating women and not respecting them can hurt profit once in awhile. Who would have guessed?

Am I missing anyone? There’s Worf in later stuff but I’m barely there and I do not know him.

Kasidy! Kasidy knew. Kasidy obviously knew. Kasidy met Kira and Dax individually but immediately after knowing both of them knew that they were gay for each other. Jake’s been keeping her in the loop. Sisko tells her and she’s like “I know. I’ve always known. Your son also had a bet with me. He lost that one too. I know.”

Anyways, all these stories make it back to Kira and Dax and at the exact same time that Kira says, “How did all of you guys know?” Dax says, “How did all of you guys not know?” And then they all have a good laugh about that.

Please imagine McCree finally putting on weight after not being healthy for so long, and he gets really anxious over it, but Reyes is here to squish the chub and tell him how proud he is. He kisses McCree all over, reminding him that it’s perfectly ok to get chubby, that no one’s gonna judge him for it. McCree embraces his squishy pillow body so much better after that. 


Drama track from AZALEA’s 1st Single Torikoriko PLEASE!

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my two-year-old cousin found a doll in my aunt’s closet (my stepgrandma used to make those super real looking dolls and she made my mom and aunt each one) and now he’s carrying it around and calling it his ‘bebe’ and putting it to sleep and stuff, but his dad doesn’t like it. His dad is a really good guy, but he’s into cars and trucks and doesn’t think a boy should be playing with 'girl stuff’. He hasn’t taken the doll away from Dax, just dressed it up as a boy, I want to prove to him that people don’t think little boys playing with dolls is bad.

So, if you agree, can you reblog this? I want to prove a point to him, so that Dax can have his doll (and maybe a crib) AND his cars. 

I mean, come on. Look how cute he is with his baby.

Jak Fandom! Listen! (Long Post)

Brother! Sisters! Siblings of no particular preference! Lend me your ears! Eyes… Whatever!

So, I was playing through the JD trilogy again, as is my yearly tradition, and as I was playing Jak 3 I got to the Precursor-Bot fight. I beat it fairly quickly and was excited to get the Arc Wielder. I know it’s not the best gun, but shooting a whip of lightning will always be cool. Anyway! I realized something realized something in the cutscene immediately after the fight.

Link to said cutscene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjXqbBX092g

So, the Precursor-Bot explodes, parts fly everywhere and Jak and Dax are looking pleased with themselves for destroying yet another a priceless artifact. The usual. The Arc Wielder mod falls at Jak’s feet, keep in mind that this seemingly random piece of machinery just came from an old as dirt alien robot, and it takes Jak all of two seconds to go “Cool, I can put that on my gun and wreck stuff!”

So, starting from the top.

1)      Jak can identify machinery that is compatible with his morph gun, even if that machinery is of Precursor origin.

2)      Jak can identify which gun mode said machinery should be applied to. (The Vulcan in this case)

3)      Jak can apply said machinery to his morph gun without tools or referencing schematics for any of the parts involved.

4)      The gun and mod works perfectly for the rest of the game.

This shocked me until I went into the secrets and realized the largest section of the secrets menu is dedicated to gun mods. No, you don’t understand. It’s huge. Gun mods account for 34% of the secrets in general and about 59% of the secrets that actually effect gameplay.

Guys, what if Jak is selling the precursor orbs he gathers for parts so he can personally mod his guns?

I mean, thinking on it now, it makes so much sense on Jak’s part to learn how to mod guns, both as a logical progression and as an emotional one. Jak’s usual supplier of mods (Krew) is dead, and as Jak looks around as the dust of Jak 2 settles, he sees all of his friends just continue with their lives. Ashelin and Torn have the city to run, Sig goes back to his usual Wastelander business, Tess and Dax are running their new bar, and Keira goes back to her job at the stadium and Jak is just like… What now?

Because, let’s face it, Jak had no plans for himself past killing Praxis. He probably just assumed the dark eco would kill him or drive him insane so making plans seemed pointless. But then the end of Jak 2 rolls around and he is not only alive, but sane. How do you live after knowing, accepting that your life was coming to an end?

Worse than any of that is Praxis’ last words to Jak in J2. “You are the ultimate weapon, Jak, and I made you.”

What skills, besides racing and fighting, does Jak actually have? Jak was raised, at least in part, by Samos, who knew he needed to bring Jak up as a fighter or the future would be destroyed. Was he raised with any other path but that of a soldier in mind? Probably not. With his friends all going on leading relatively normal lives while he just tries to figure out what to do, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Jak feeling lost and like nothing more than the weapon Praxis made him to be.

So imagine Jak just sitting in a booth at the newly christened Naughty Ottsel just working with his gun. He had to have learned how to take proper care of it for it to work as well as it does, and maybe one day Jak’s just like “I bet I can make this shoot faster”. And he does. It takes him a while the first time around, but as time goes on gun modding becomes a hobby Jak can fall back on when Daxter is working the bar and he just needs to do something. Jak quickly discovers he’s not good at making new guns from scratch because when he tries to plan one out he gets the gun equivalent of writer’s block and just winds up staring at a blank paper for hours, so he sticks to just upgrades.

Upgrading guns eventually becomes second nature to Jak and he’s amazing at it but seeing as he’s not the social type, very few people actually know about his new skill. Daxter finds out because he’s Daxter and no secrets exist between these two. Tess finds out because of Daxter and starts looking into making guns herself, both as a new hobby and something to bond with Jak over when Dax is too wasted to talk to them. Jak shows Sig when he needs advice about Peace Makers, and Torn and Jinx find out while doing mission work.

Giving Jak materials for new mods becomes the standard present you give him when you want to cheer him up or need a particularly dangerous favor and modding may not be an actual job for Jak, but for the first time since arriving in Haven City Jak’s making things instead of destroying them, and he finally feels like he’s moving forward.

And then he gets banished.

He’s stripped of all the work he’s done over the past year as his gun is confiscated and his room at the Naughty Ottsel is sieged as Veger tries to put up more “evidence” of Jak’s connection with Krew and the metal heads. Then he’s dropped in the desert without as much as a standard pistol.

He’s picked up by the Spargans, tossed into the arena. He’s given a basic blaster, and all at once Jak realizes he’s got a fresh start in Spargus, and the worn, old blaster in his hands is a symbol of that. So he starts from square one again and tests his mods out in the arena regularly and the people of Spargus quickly catch on the fact that Jak’s gun has got some real oomph to it. Wastelanders start coming to him on the regular for tweeks and upgrades and this time around Jak’s actually getting paid for it. The payment’s not always in things like orbs or skull gems, but Jak’s more than happy to get booze for increased ammo capacity. Damas even makes his job official by giving a booth in the bazar to work at when he’s not doing missions.

It’s a little hard to keep working there after Damas dies, but Jak’s father told him to make war his own. To make his own life. And as hard as that may be sometimes, he going to honor his father’s advice. Jak cherishes the old Blaster Damas gave him as much as he does the armor and seal of his family, and the sting of losing his last gun to Veger hurts a little less now.

Okay. That’s my rant. Sorry it’s so long.

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Lexa Imagine: 43 (requested)

43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”

Warning: Arranged marriages and power struggles galore.

It was rare that Clarke made a personal appearance to anyone anymore, except maybe Bellamy or her mother. But when she did show her face, it was usually for something important.

“Lexa wants to see you.”

Clarke looks down at you as you sit on the floor, stitching up a pair of shorts. You look up at her, unimpressed.

“What, is the Commander is making you her lackey now?” You mumble, unfazed. “I didn’t know you followed her orders.” The thread falls out of the needle and you huff, annoyed that Clarke was making you lose your concentration.

“I don’t follow Lexa’s orders.” Clarke says seriously, watching you trying to thread the needle. “I’m here because what she is going to talk to you about is serious.”

Halting your fruitless attempts at sewing, you glare up at Clarke.

“Why does she need to talk to me?” You complain, wrinkling your nose. “I haven’t even seen her in weeks. You guys are too busy being almighty leaders and blah blah-”

“Take. This. Seriously.” Clarke growls, gritting her teeth. The stern tone of her voice makes you reassess the situation. Something was definitely wrong.

“What is it, Clarke? Why does she want to see me?”

Clarke doesn’t reply, instead she stares at the ground in thought. Bellamy rushes into the tent, his eyes finding Clarke.

“Don’t tell me you agreed to this.” He pleads, taking hold of Clarke’s arm. She shakes him off and turns around, storming out to get away from Bellamy, but he’s right behind her. As they both rush out of your tent, Clarke calls back “Go see Lexa!” and then it’s silent again.

Unsteadily, you get to your feet and take the short walk to Lexa’s tent. Her guards immediately step aside when they see you and you don’t bother announcing that you were entering the tent.

Lexa is leaning over the maps drawn of the forest when you walk in. When she hears the tent open, she looks up and her eyes lock with yours. Slowly, she turns and moves toward you, try not to show that your presence suddenly makes her a little unnerved. Aware of the tension in the room, your eyes flicker to the maps.

“Are we building new houses?” Is the first thing you say, looking at the diagrams on the table. Lexa barely moves, her demeanour apprehensive.


“Huh. Why?” You answer, wondering why Clarke was getting so worked up over something as simple as this. Lexa’s gaze flickers to the ground, and you realise by the way she’s acting that there must be something more to it.

“There will be alliance marriages taking place soon.” She confesses, looking up to see your surprised reaction. “A select few will marry. Those people will need new tents to live in.” She replies quietly, her whole body tense as she talks to you. The atmosphere in the tent is edgy, and you’re starting to realise why.

“Clarke?” You ask, although you’re almost certain of the answer.

“Yes. She chose Dax.”


“Yes. Echo.”

“…please, please don’t say me.”

Lexa doesn’t reply straight away, eyes watching you carefully.

“Clarke said no, but… I… I changed her mind. I demanded that you take part in the marriage alliance.”


Lexa freezes as you lose your temper, shouting at her like she wasn’t the leader of the people. Immediately her guards rush into the tent to see if she is okay, but Lexa just waves them back outside, not taking her eyes off you.

“Why? Why would you do that to me?” You question, suddenly feeling scared and upset as realisation sets in. “Clarke said I didn’t have to and you- you go and demand that I take part. Why me? WHY?” You ask desperately, feeling completely betrayed by her.

Lexa bites her lip and nervously plays with her fingers in a way that portrays her as a nervous teenager rather than a ruthless Commander. She’s anxious, building up the nerve to tell you the truth.

“I… requested your hand in marriage.” She admits, feeling slightly guilty now because of the reaction you just gave her.

Unbelievably confused, you stand and frown angrily at her. You’re breathing harshly, looking at her with a bewildered expression.

“You…” You utter raggedly. “You did what?”

Lexa moves a strong step toward you and you jump, stumbling back and away from her. Lexa almost cringes at the way you’re anxious to even stand near her. Gently, she takes a small step forward, her eyes on yours.

“You and I will be married.” Lexa announces, her voice steady and sure, a lot more confident than she feels.

You’re not sure what to do, standing there, feeling hopeless. You know that once Lexa has made her mind up on something, it’s non-negotiable. Head bowed down, you mutter a soft; “Why me..?”

Lexa takes another step toward you and this time you know better than to move away.

“I apologise that you do not find these circumstances acceptable.” Lexa murmurs, wanting to touch you but knowing she shouldn’t. “But I promise that I will be a loyal partner and I will honour our commitment in every way.”

Still not calm enough to think reasonably, you just stare at the floor, your mind racing.

“As my beloved, I will expect you to move into my tent. I will expect you to sleep in my bed. I will expect you to stand beside me, as I will stand beside you. In return, I can give you a good life- a great life.”

“Why me, Lexa?” You demand quietly.

Lexa simply stares at you unsurely, in two minds whether to tell you or not while you were in this state. Not wanting to upset you further, she mutters a quick “because it is what I command.” and expects that it to work on you as it does on her people, that you would except the answer and stand down. But you don’t.

“Lexa.” You growl, glaring at her. “I’m not in the mood to play games right now. Tell me why you chose me.”

Lexa sighs, easily defeated.

“Because I cannot marry another when I only want you…”

Your mouth opens, sucking in a shallow breath, your legs suddenly feeling weak. Lexa starts to walk toward you but you’re in too much shock to notice, not realising that she had even moved until she’s right there.

Lips inches away from yours, she whispers; “I want you… Very, very much.” You gulp, her heated words and the sudden sexual tension washing over you making you extremely nervous. “I’m already yours, and soon… You will be mine.

Licking her lips, Lexa gradually backs up before walking out of her tent, leaving you frozen in place, realisation dawning that you belonged to Lexa now, and that she had belonged to you all along.

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1. Last movie I watched – Notting Hill

2. Last song I listened to – Orinocco Flow by Enya

3. Last book I read – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf

4. Last thing I ate – Home made hamburger, very nice!!!

5. Where would I want to timetravel to – any time but now

6. Fictional character I would hang out with for a day - Jadzia Dax!! Please take me out dancing or just doing something fun. Anything with jadzia would be fun!!

7. If I could be anywhere right now where would I be - Vacation in Italy, or the archipelago. Ahhhh please just take me away.

8. Current fandom obsession – Star Trek who knew

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My nephew thinks the nike symbol is called a whoosh and if that isn’t the cutest goddamn thing you’ve heard today then I don’t know what is

Your bird deserves more than peanuts.

Literally and figuratively.

If you have no intention of doing research and keeping your birds properly, do not get a bird. 

They cannot live on peanuts. They cannot live on peanuts.

Today I had the horror of witnessing a distressed young Jardine pretty much on its death bed and I can not tell you how much it hurts to see. Possible liver and kidney failure, definitely malnourished and so puffed up at first glance I mistook it for baby fluff. This bird was so far gone by the time they decided to have them checked out that they had to be hand-fed to even survive more than an hour.

I don’t know if this little one is going to survive, but I’m almost certain they won’t be getting the acute care they actually need and improved husbandry from now on and it breaks my heart.

Please. Please. I know if you follow me, then you likely wouldn’t do this to your bird, but there are people out there who will kill their companion out of neglect.

You wouldn’t survive off of eating only peanuts. Your child wouldn’t survive eating only peanuts. Your bird won’t survive eating only peanuts.

The creatures in our care deserve better than to live short lives full of suffering.

Don’t get a bird until you’ve done thorough research. For the love of everything please don’t get a bird because you think it’s cute but know nothing about how to keep them healthy.

And goodness never get a Jardine just because you think Dax is neat. Please.