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If Julian and Garak had a relationship on DS9, Julian would constantly go to Jadzia for advice. There’s just too much baggage and pain between them for him to not go to someone. She’s so experienced and he’s already opened up to her a lot via conversations and the medical school notebooks, so that candidness is super easy for him. She swears to keep it a secret, but occasionally speaks to Sisko privately about matters so Sisko knows that Julian’s okay. He occasionally passes fatherly advice through Jadzia about self-care and healthy habits and getting distance when fights get bad so lines aren’t crossed. Garak knows what’s going on but says nothing because they advice they give is actually helping their relationship and himself.

Seemingly random thought: Jak fandom is seriously my favorite fandom. 

Like, I spontaneously started compiling a file of all of my favorite art pieces into a file on my computer so, even after the inevitable crash and burn of this tumblr hell scape, I can always find them, and remember them, and the good times, even if we all get scattered across the internet afterwards. 

I have such good memories of this fandom and the fact that we’re still going and creating new fan content with each other and have fairly minimal discourse(at least that I have noticed) is really awesome, and in part why I remain so inspired to make more. 

Jak fandom is best fandom. 

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I need to know who Human Play Squips boyfriend is and how he got them. I need it for ships.

Human PSQUIP’s name is Pascal Vasquez! He’s hispanic and has powers over electricity, but they’re hard to control [and that + adhd stuff makes him an energetic jumpy boy] and he has stuff in his vest that keeps him from getting too much energy built up–

If too much electricity builds up in someone like him without it being rid of, it’ll send him into a state called ‘overcharge’ [think VoltP but a bit more violent? like he’s willing to punch someone to get rid of energy but him touching anything with his hands causes a violent discharge of all that energy at once]

BUT ANYWAYS !! His best friend (and boyfriend) is Dax Trojans, who is owned by @gruvu !

He’s blind [from, like, really bad cataracts that set in at a young age, later on he gets them fixed and he makes sure Pascal is what he sees first when he comes out of that, it’s cute], and he works at a place that sells stuff like donuts and coffee. Like a Dunkin Donuts, kinda. It’s owned by his sister.

Him and Pascal met there, actually! They ended up bonding, becoming close friends, and then started falling in love. In.. some way. We haven’t really fleshed out exactly how they ended up so close yet, but they’re The Best honestly

Here’s some art of them Gru drew as a little bonus thing based on a thing we wrote together! 

A1 Since Day 1

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Request:  Hey I was wondering if you could write an imagine with John murphy where the reader is always defending him (even back in the ark when Pike hit him) so every time the reader gets in trouble with someone he always stand for her

Word Count: 1,300

Warning: Hints toward sexual abuse, cussing

“What does it say?” Y/n asked. She examined the bracelet her best friend John Murphy had given her. It was made out of material from the drop ship and was thin and silvery. There was a  pendant with something written on each side. She smiled up at him.

Murphy rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “On the front it says A1 and on the back it says day 1…you know-”

“My A1 since day 1.” They said in unison. Y/n held her arm out.

“Help me put it on.” She said. Murphy took the bracelet and clasped the gift around her wrist. She sat back down on the ground and picked up the piece of tech she was working on. “Why’d you make this for me?” She asked.

Murphy sat back down too and picked up his spear he was sharpening. “Friend-iversary.”

Today marked the four years Y/n and Murphy had been friends. She remembered freshman Y/n sitting with Murphy at lunch time because he had no one else to sit with and the time she punched a guy in the face for picking on Murphy. She thought about the time Murphy helped her steal medicine for her sick mother and the time Murphy sat with her all night when her mother died. She thought about the time Pike punched him in the face, and she was the only person who seemed to care that a teacher literally punched a student in the face to ‘teach him a lesson’. They were close, but being thrown into the Sky Box for similar crimes brought them closer. Being sent to the Earth only strengthened their friendship even more. When he was banished, she felt like part of her was banished as well. Murphy wouldn’t let her go with him though. But that was then; now, they’re as happy as two best friends could be when the world around them was falling apart.

She kicked his foot so he would look up at her. “I love you, Nerd.”

“Love you too, Asshole.”

They returned to silence, working on the tasks Clarke and Bellamy had given them. Y/n laughed at the idea of them finally taking orders from Clarke and Bellamy, especially after fighting their control for so long. She wanted to do what she could for the camp, though. They needed to if they wanted to survive.

They worked. Y/n asked about Murphy’s new girl Emori and Murphy picked on her for having a crush on Bellamy. They threw sarcastic comments back and forth for a while when Raven entered their clearing, limping as she did so. “Hey Y/n, have you finished that suppressor?”

Y/n stood up and handed Raven the device, which she had finished moments before. “Should work fine. If not, don’t shoot the engineer.”

“Will you come help me put this on?” Raven asked. Y/n nodded and grabbed her tool kit.

“See ya at dinner.” Y/n called to Murphy.

“Don’t miss me too much!”

Hours had passed, but it felt like days since Y/n had last been outside. She helping Raven fix a truck that they found in an underground bunker and the engine of the truck was a lot messier than they imagined. Bellamy came to help at some point, and after hours of working, tried to get the girls to take a break but they refused. They were determined to get it finished tonight. And when Y/n started the truck and the engine revved that beautiful sound, the day’s hard work seemed to pay off. Getting around the woods would now be a thousand times easier and quicker than before.

“We’re going to the Mess to get some food. You wanna come with?” Bellamy asked. As much as Y/n wanted to say yes, she was too tired. Sleep was always more important to her than food.

“I appreciate it but I think I’m just gonna go to bed. See y’all in the morning!” She waved goodbye and headed to her tent.

“Hey Y/n!” A voice behind her shouted.

She groaned and turned around to face the person. It was Dax, one of the more unfavorable delinquents who was known around the camp for trying to kill Bellamy. Y/n never liked him and she never would. “What the hell do you want Dax?”

“Oh come on Y/n, there’s no need to be hostile. I just wanna talk.” He said as he came closer to Y/n. She backed up slightly.

“Well you can just talk to the hand because I’m not in the mood.”  She turned around and walked away, but Dax reached out and grabbed her arm to hold her back.

“Now, that’s no way to talk to a guy who just wants to get to know you.”

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Y/n yanked her arm out of Dax’s grasp. She clenched her fists, ready to punch him in the face. He grabbed her again and she tried to kick him in the shins, but her legs were too short to kick out. Y/n screamed as Dax put her in a chokehold. He covered her mouth with his hand and she bit it as hard as she could. He moved the bloody hand. Y/n screamed louder in an attempt to get someone to help.

“She told you not to touch her, douche bag.” Murphy yelled, entering the fray. He held a gun in his hands and pointed it at Dax’s head. “Let her go.” He turned the safety off.

Dax laughed a sick laugh, one that made Y/n’s skin crawl. “I was just trying to have a conversation with her.” He moved Y/n so she was covering his front, so no matter where Murphy shot, Y/n would get hurt too.

“You wouldn’t have to touch her if you were just trying to talk. Let her go, or I shoot.”

The world seemed to stop turning for Y/n. Dax wasn’t moving, Murphy wasn’t moving, and Y/n couldn’t move with the way Dax was holding her.

“Murphy…” She whispered. Seeing his best friend like this made him react, not think. He shot his gun in the air, which startled Dax. Y/n took advantage of the moment and kicked his shins, then his instep. Dax let go of Y/n and doubled over in pain. She hit his head with her elbow, knocking him to the ground. Murphy threw his gun and ran over to Dax’s body. He kicked Dax in the stomach. He did it again. And again. And again, until he was sputtering blood and Y/n was pleading for Murphy to stop.

Murphy knelt down so only Dax could hear him. “Touch her, or anyone else again, and I will end you.”

He turned his attention away from Dax and back to his best friend. He pulled her into a hug before saying anything. She felt her nerves calm and her breathing settle. “You’re okay. You’re okay.” Murphy whispered into her ear.

“Thank you, John.” She pulled away and wiped a tear from her cheek that had fallen.

“For once it’s me saving you, and not the other way around.” He joked. She smiled and hugged him once more.

“This role reversal has me feeling some kind of way.”

“Yeah, well you can sleep it off in my tent.” Murphy wrapped an arm around Y/n’s shoulders and squeezed. She wrapped one around his waist as they walked to his tent.

She kissed the hand that was on her shoulder. “Happy Friend-iversary, A1.” They both had nightmares that night of Dax, but somehow being in each other’s company made it all not so scary. And for once, they slept peacefully. 

first impressions:

sisko - the station’s stern stepfather who just wants the kids to like him

kira - my wife

jadzia dax  - best of both worlds

bashir - my other wife

odo - alien sam vimes

quark - i would say ‘every ferengi stereotype ever’ but hes actually willing to have serious conversations with women so

jake - trek’s first major character who is both a child AND not completely awful

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 2

What’s that? It’s the Wartime Miniseries PART 2!

We’re at the Deep Space 9
We’re at the Terok Nor
We’re at the coommmbination Deep Space 9 and Terok Nor

[dance breakdown]

6x04 ‘Behind the Lines’
- Nog has managed to produce BRANDY from somewhere, because “I may be a cadet, but I’m still a Ferengi.” Nog is that dude in The Great Escape who can always get you stuff, isn’t he.
- THE DEFIANT CREW HAS A CEREMONY FOR WHEN THEY USE UP A POWER CELL. Chief O’Brien PRESENTS IT to Captain Sisko, who then GIVES A ROUSING SPEECH with CALL-AND-RESPONSE ELEMENTS. do you know how much I love call-and-response??? it’s a whole personal story, having to do with Moby-Dick and my high school English teacher, and, in retrospect, the fact that he was the one who used to be a Captain in the Marine Corps…. anyway, can attest that call-and-response is a guaranteed way to create strong group bonding AND startle awful vice principals your enemies. y’know looking back, that my English teacher was seen by the administration as a defiant Romantic revolutionary with a worrisome student army is also making a lot of sense….
- me last time: “what strange new rhythms will you all have fallen into out here”
  Ben to his Admiral right now: “It’s just a little ritual we fell into”

mmmm Kira providing this diegetic VO of what’s going through this Cardassian’s head at the bar while she and Rom look down on him from the second level, GOOD STUFF

- Kira: “How did you get ahold of Damar’s pad anyway?”
  Rom: “I’m good with my hands.”
  high oh.
- I think that Jem’Hadar just broke a Cardassian’s back over his knee? what kinda fight choreography can you guys afford these days!
- Weyoun, through a grin: “Our men need to see that we’re still allies. Smile.”

Is This Helping

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Maintaining Relaxed Hair

Ladies, I know a lot of us are joining the natural hair camp but there are still a lot of us who still have relaxed (permed) hair. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your relaxed hair & grow longer, stronger hair!

1. Go for low heat styling

Flat irons and curling irons are very convenient, but daily use will eventually lead to dryness and damage. Heat tools are fine for occasional use, but try to get into the habit of low or no-heat styling when you can. Examples of styling techniques that don’t require a lot of heat include:

  • Roller Sets
  • Wrapping
  • Satin-covered rollers
  • Flexi-rods

Also, try any of these protective styles that allow no/minimal heat: Buns, Braids, Updos

2. Relax your hair every 6 to 12 weeks depending on your hair’s needs

Do not relax your hair every time new growth appears, since relaxing too often causes damage to the hair. Do not pull the relaxer through to the ends of your hair. You only need to relax the new growth!

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Hello, amazing person! Who is your favorite DS9 character? I know it's hard to pick just one but, maybe, three top characters? And maybe tell us what your three favorite episodes per season are? Only if you want to and have time, I just love hearing your opinions. :)

Hello anon!!! You sent this to me when I was in the beginning of Season 7 and I saved it until here at the end so I could give you THE DEFINITIVE ANSWERS.


**Note on picking method, although I’ll try to explain more if anyone wants, as coming up with a rationale for my emotional choices is one of my favorite INFJ pastimes

Character: Julian “Biscuit” Bashir, let’s face the facts and they are these. Actually it would be harder to pick ONLY TWO MORE of my darlings than to just leave it at that, so I will. This is the only cheat I’m gonna give myself though!

…except for how I’ve just decided that instead of 3 favorite eps per season I get 21 total. Because a few seasons are fave-heavy so we’re just gonna redistribute, shhh, don’t worry about it.

1x04 ‘Babel’ - Chief O’Brien trips a booby trap left on the station and all hell & nonsense breaks loose, in the first instance of the DS9 plot conceit that dreams are made of. Specifically mine.

1x16 ‘The Forsaken’ - Just a lot of great character work here, across the whole crew. This is where I was starting to feel like I was really getting to know these people, and I really liked them.

2x22 ‘The Wire’ - One of my favorite episode of television I have ever seen. Like of all of them, of all the television. It’s astonishing, just on an objective level, even before you get to my personal soft spots for storytelling and spies serving tea and narratives that don’t tell me the answers, GOD, never tell me.

2x23 ‘Crossover’ - In which we learn that I unironically love Mirror ‘Verse episodes like some sort of astral raccoon rolling around in this dumb glittery space garbage. (Anyway, in an unexpected “haha help me” discovery, my notes reveal that Julian was already one-sidedly referring to O’Brien as his best friend at this point.)

3x07 ‘Civil Defense’
- Conceivably the best DS9 recap I’ve written, which makes me happy as this second station booby trap episode would be in the running for the best of the series. An absolute ball of fun made even more lovable to me by how fucking impeccable the plotting of this one is. A triumph of the writers room, a showcase of an ensemble piece, an exemplar of the space genres.

3x20-21 ‘Improbably Cause’ / ‘The Die is Cast’ - Two-parters count as one, especially GARAK TWO-PARTERS. A gift to Andrew Robinson, a gift from Andrew Robinson. Andrew Robinson!

3x22 ‘Explorers’ - Ben and Jake go on a father-son road trip in the prettiest space sailing ship the world has ever seen, and Miles and Julian get drunk and talk about their feelings: this episode is worth its weight in latinum.

4x03 ‘Hippocratic Oath’
- Lost-crashing onto a desert island in space, NCO Chief O’Brien needs to figure out how to negotiate the increasingly undeniable/unfortunate reality that Dr. Bashir is his superior officer as well as his second spouse, in a uniquely Tarra-oriented episode that I love dearly.

4x15 ‘Bar Association’ - The one where Rom unionizes and Worf tries to figure out just what Star Trek he’s on now is honestly one of my favorites of the whole lot. Initially I was going to classify it as a standalone, but then remembered I’ve tried to explain it to people only to realize each time that it actually required such strong foundations in character and culture to work as well as it did.

4x16 ‘Accession’ - Tons of fantastic religion and relationship stuff for Kira Nerys and Ben “The Emissary” Sisko, one of my most favorite pairs, and meanwhile the Julian/Miles/Keiko storyline just shoots for the STARS.

4x24 ‘Body Parts’ - Again, every element here firing on all cylinders. Quark commissioning Garak to murder him when he least expects it, Nerys being adopted into the O’Brien family, the whole station scrounging up things to help Quark build his bar back, my tears….

5x03 ‘Looking For Par’Mach In All the Wrong Places’
- Perhaps the best way to get across just how much I love the Andy Robinson-directed station rom-com that plays like a Deep Space Harold Lloyd film, is if I tell you it bumped ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ off my Season 5 set.

5x06 ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ - A glorious thing. Ohhhh the nostalgia, the jokes, the X-Files-esque framing device, the love, the fuchsia….

5x14-15 ‘In Purgatory’s Shadow’ / ‘By Inferno’s Light’ - Garak + intrigue + the single greatest reveal that has ever happened to me. So good I can hardly stand it. THE WAY THEY USED THE COSTUME CHANGE. God. Some part of me is still yelling.

5x25 ‘In the Cards’ - Pure happiness. Baseball cards, mad scientists, Jake and Nog on a Quest of Tasks, and begins with a high style wartime dinner table tableau that is second only to the first few minutes of Legion ‘Chapter 3’ for my all-time favorite episode opening. Hell, it might even still be first. Representative note: “this was the best episode, it’s this one.”

6x01 ‘A Time To Stand’ & 6x05 ‘Favor the Bold’
- I love my weary weird war-worn Defiant crew, I love my crackling, smoldering Kira, I love living on a starship again, I love all the resistance plotting in Quark’s bar — I love this S6 miniseries!! I’ve picking my two favorites out of the six because we’d already established that two-parters count as one. Don’t think about it too much and it makes sense.

6x07 ‘You Are Cordially Invited’ - One of the best Jadzia Dax episodes of the series, and not just because she throws a party with a fire dancer and physically fights her mother-in-law.

6x25 ‘The Sound of Her Voice’ - Such a beautiful conceit. In many ways this is an episode about loneliness, but it comes together in a way that is actually celebrating how much connections with others truly mean to us as people. Just a wonderfully Star Trek sort of episode, in its graceful melding of the heartfelt and philosophical with a high-grade ~science fiction~ plot. 

7x06 ‘Treachery, Faith, and the Great River’ - The peak Nog episode and the peak Weyoun episode. In its melding of the hilarious and the misadventure and the fucked up, it hits that rollicking heart-rocking surreal realism vibe I associate with Heller’s Catch-22, which makes sense as memory-for-trifles told me that was the inspiration for the Great River plot. Nice.

7x21 ‘When It Rains…: Part 5’ & 7x22 ‘Tacking Into the Wind: Part 6’ - I am…treating this like a two-parter within the 10-ep conclusion stretch. Just let it happen. And when you do you will get: Kira donning a Starfleet uniform, Julian medically yelling at people over Space Skype, Miles apparently just starting to sleep over in the infirmary, Winn banishing blind Dukat to beg in the streets of Bajor, and The Garak & Kira Show, feat. the Damar Development – the Cardassian Resistance being one of my verrry favorite things to come out of this season.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ - Miles/Julian, Deep Space Inception. my notes: “like if I’d written this story myself I would think ‘well that was self-indulgent’ — that’s the level of My Thing we’re at here.”

Honorable Mentions, holy shit there’s a lot of good stuff in this list:
2x02 ‘The Circle’ / 2x03 ‘The Siege’ - 3x03 ‘House of Quark’ - 3x16 ‘Prophet Motive’ - 4x01 ‘The Way of the Warriors: Part 1 & 2’ - 4x05 ‘Rejoined’ - 4x09 ‘Our Man Bashir’ - 5x05 ‘The Assignment’ - 5x12 ‘The Begotten’ - 5x16 ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ - 6x14 ‘One Little Ship’ - 6x18 ‘Inquisition’ - 7x03 ‘After Image’ - 7x04 ‘Take Me Out to the Holosuite’ - 7x05 ‘The Siege of AR-558’ - 7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’

And you didn’t ask these but I’ll tell ya

Favorite Whole Season: SEASON 4, omg Season 4, are u kidding me S4

Favorite Writer: Ron Moore, followed by my guy Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Favorite Director: Michael Dorn definitely. All three episodes he directed appear in this post – a perfect batting average.

[Masterpost of Tarra Treks Through DS9 because crosslinking all of this seemed ridiculous]