dax is the best


Nick: You know, your Uncle Miles knows a little bit about being different, too.

Dax: …really?

Miles: Mm-hmm. Your grandpa wasn’t just my best friend, he was my only friend for a long time. Trust me, I’ve been there, Dax. It gets better, though.

agardenintheshire  asked:

top 5 lost gals & if it's not too broad star trek? i don't remember which ones u watched rip

thank you!! for the record, i’ve watched TOS, TNG, voyager and we started watching DS9 literally yesterday. coincidentally on women’s day!

top five lost ladies (i love all the lost ladies, they’re such a great cast of women and i’m terrible at picking a fave, so nobody take this as a Solid Fact)

  1. kate
  2. claire
  3. ana lucia
  4. charlotte
  5. danielle

and sun and alex and shannon and… this list and the order mean nothing really except, I LOVE THE WOMEN OF LOST aaahhhhh

top fives trek ladies

  1. seven
  2. janeway
  3. b’elanna
  4. i love beverly and deanna equally
  5. jaylah (maybe)

first impressions:

sisko - the station’s stern stepfather who just wants the kids to like him

kira - my wife

jadzia dax  - best of both worlds

bashir - my other wife

odo - alien sam vimes

quark - i would say ‘every ferengi stereotype ever’ but hes actually willing to have serious conversations with women so

jake - trek’s first major character who is both a child AND not completely awful


10 of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Best Moments

Kristen and Dax are 100% #RelationshipGoals.