Luke Cage Trailer

What if...

All our YouTubers just stopped posting. They stopped uploading, tweeting, liking, it all just stopped. There were no “goodbyes” or “farewells”, they just left. Vanished without a trace. No one knows what happened or why.

Then a week or so passes and you turn on the news. It says that they’re dead. They were found in their homes or apartments, dead. There is no current cause of death or any evidence of any type of struggle.

But either way,

They’re gone.

And they’re not coming back.

I know that this is a horribly dark,
But I’m in a horribly dark place right now, and this came into my head.

me: * trying to keep a conversation going*

me: *tries to say something relatable*

me: do you ever think that everyone else is a figment of your imagination and you’re the only real person and literally you can do anything to anyone cause they’re not real





me: ˙ ͜ʟ˙