I wasn’t born self-confident – I fought for it. So to anyone who feels at her worst right now, realize there’s a way out. I wasn’t at my best either. It took the right mentors and the natural growing pains of life to get where I am. Everyone can get there. You’ll get there. Believe it.

Every all time low show ever:

Alex: says something about how beautiful the crowd is/ usually says it’s the most beautiful crowd.
Jack: says something about his dick
Zack: does hundreds of cool jumps that no one ever seems to notice
Rian: drums over literally everything Jack and Alex say between songs

If you’ve been sending Alex hate, YOU’RE the one who’s literal trash. Alex said NOTHING wrong. All he said was all lives matter, which is 100% true. In no way, shape, or form was he trying to make it about white people or make it seem like white people were oppressed. I have no clue where people got that idea from anyways. He was also 100% right about the fact that the whole deal in Baltimore has gone way beyond protesting. Protesting is great and all, but not when it gets to this people. He was right, fighting violence with more violence is not the way to do it. It’s fighting fire with fire. If you’re protesting against animal cruelty, would you start being cruel to animals to “send a message”? No, because that’s exactly what you’re fighting AGAINST. Point is, Alex said absolutely nothing wrong and all of this crap being said about him needs to stop because the things being said about him disgust me.

It makes me really sad to know that people are out there in the world telling Alex to kill himself. It’s just not cool man. It’s not cool to tell anybody that regardless who they are. I just don’t see how you could tell anyone that. Alex is such a genuinely nice human being. All of All Time Low is and they don’t deserve the hate that they’ve been getting. Especially not for caring about others lives and there home. The show that got rescheduled to May 29th, all that stuff that they’re doing to make it up to you guys that where going, that’s a lot of stuff. They did that because they love us and they genuinely care. We need to start showing more support and love instead of this hate. They don’t deserve it. They’re wonderful people. They deserve love and nothing less. Just like everyone else in the world. So don’t go around telling others to kill the self. Better yet just don’t say anything that you wouldn’t like being said to you. Remember they have feeling too.