dawson cries

  • SWS {Better Off Dead}: Maybe I'm better off dead. If I was would it finally be enough to shut out all those voices in my head? Maybe I'm better off dead, better off dead! Did you hear a word, hear a word I said? This is not where I belong, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
  • ATL {Missing You}: Hold on tight, this ride is a wild one. Make no mistake, the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done. Now don’t lose your fight kid, it only takes a little push to pull on through. With so much left to do, you’ll be missing out and we’ll be missing you.
Addiction, It’s a terrible thing, and a very difficult thing to get through. But I would like to remind everyone here tonight, that if you are struggling with addiction or if you know someone who is, there is light at the end of that tunnel, even when it feels like there is absolutely no way out. There is a way to get through it, there is a way to get stronger and better off. So please, take care of yourselves and like I said, don’t lose hope.
This song is called missing you.
—  Alex Gaskarth, Birmingham 13.02.16

This is such a real, raw video. Shane gets so much flack on the Internet but in my opinion he’s one of, if not the most, real youtubers. He doesn’t glam things up and he shines lights on things people are afraid to talk about, like eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, self hatred, and now this. Keep doing you Shane, you’re such an incredible human being. Thank you for showing the world yet another way to spread self love 🌸


LOOK AT HIM! I got to high five one of my favorite humans on this earth and it means the absolute world to me. PLUS i got good pictures of him