okay so most of us have or will see Shane Dawson’s coming out video. There are some things I want to go over.

-don’t make this about Shoey.
don’t leave comments about it, tweet him about it, anything. This was obviously very hard for him to do and you’re diminishing it by making it about some ship.

-yes, he misgendered Caitlyn in his video.
and called her Bruce. But he did CORRECT himself with the right pronouns. I’m sure he’s very aware of his mistake so don’t banter him about it. There are more important things in the video.

-his coming out video IS valid. it IS important. and he IS NOT attention seeking. I don’t want to see no fucking bi discrimination or anything towards him or anyone for that matter.

-his sexuality is valid. so if you feel like he does, you’re sexuality is valid too.

-don’t make this about Shoey.