Im trying to figure out what is really my style bc people say that it looks like ava’s demon esque-not that i dont like that bc senpai but the originality hnngg also i wanna work at disney/pixar/dreamworks so styles„, big dream i know so step by step first haha)

Im actually going for disney + punky eyes idk or actually„ EYEBAGS FTW
Or like dark circles pfft

so i made a thing, yes i know i’m super lateee!!! :C things were in my way when i was trying to make this on time sigh- this was for attack on space’s season two episode one i mean gu es s  wh y es pe ciall y with the whi t e ro ses huH HUH besides the fact that holy shit aOS SEASON TWO ( and just before season one i really wanted to do annie but then i didn’t have time and i kept on forgetting lmao) 

wip 8ver of my own trickster design and imagine she’s swinging on a white and pink candy (that’s twisted) swing