Jan-YOU-ary - dawnversion2point0

The past couple of days there has been people talking about the right time to run a marathon. These people have talked from their own experiences and have shared what they believe to be sound advice. It really is. You need to listen to your body and run the races that you are prepared for, both mentally and physically.

Today, an amazing tumblr posted that she would not be running the full-Mary that she had planned on running. She stated that shedding feel she was where she needed to be in order to have a good experience. She listened to her body, evaluated where she was physically, and ultimately made the decision.

Good for you!

Now this didn’t slow her down, it only made her refocus her goals and attention on where she can make progress. She looked at her half-Mary time and said “I am going to improve that.” THIS. This motivates me to no end. She knew that she wasn’t ready for one and instead of giving up, she set her goals in an attainable goal and is going to go after it. Lemons to lemonaid.

Dawnversion2point0 is a triathlete, weight loss adventurer, and multi half marathoner. She showed me that there is a right time to push yourself and that is when yard ready for it. Your time will come and you will hit that milestone! Keep doing what our doing, the sky is the limit! Thank you for all you do!