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Since Mark’s Taking A Break...

This is the perfect time to re-watch some of my favorite game series! There are a lot of new people in the community and maybe some of you have never seen some of these before so here are my recommendations! All my favs! Sorry…there are many lol

Scary Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Alien: Isolation



DOOM (im noticing a pattern here)

Fran Bow

Until Dawn


The Evil Within


Outlast (personal fav)

Mad Father

The Last of Us

The Witch’s House

Eleusis (a classic!)

Amnesia: A Late Night Drink (tiny box tim origins!)

Funny Games

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

World’s Quietest Let’s Plays


Yandere Simulator

Funny Games with Wade

Five Nights at F**kboy’s


Markiplier Fan Games (*wink wonk*)

Prop Hunt

Markiplier Animated!

Don’t Starve

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Happy Wheels Highlights

Markiplier Reaction Compilations

Story Games

To the Moon




Challenges/Live Action Stuff

Try Not To Laugh

Markiplier Makes

A Day With Chica

short n stupid

Challenge Videos

Reading Your Comments

Impossible Let’s Plays

Live Action

Sorry about the long post but here they all are! I hope some people can maybe find some new series to watch or find some old favorites to watch again!

Happy Watching All~

Sooo I’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn lately … and I realized how big of a jerk I am. One of my favorite activities in the game is shooting fire arrows at peaceful Grazers, right into their blaze canister … which causes a huge explosion after a short delay.

I’m a horrible person :D

The game is awesome and I can’t imagine the amount of work and love .. especially love that Guerrilla Games put into it. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. No kidding.

Things I've Learned About Gods

Sometimes They introduce Themselves and explain why They are there.

Sometimes They give you no answers and expect you to figure it out yourself. It can take years to start seeing the big picture.

Gods can come for a specific reason.

They can come for no reason.

Sometimes you click really well with one and They teach you what They can, you share some memorable moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and then They leave without saying goodbye. You don’t hear from Them again. It takes time, but eventually you make peace with it.

Sometimes They go, but both of you fight tooth and nail to reunite. It takes so long to recover from that. You’re afraid to spend time with Them because you’re scared of losing that connection again. But you heal. You keep healing for a very, very long time.

They’ll ask you for favors. Some will give you nothing in return. Some will return with a gift long after you’ve forgotten about it. Some pay for the favor before They ask you to do something. You learn how to decline and accept favors. You learn which ones you’re content to do, even when They don’t seem to give you anything in return.

There will be a time when you make a beautiful offering. You’ll spend hours making it, having prepped for days before. You’ll pour your soul into it. You’ll offer it and They’ll politely accept it, but you can tell it doesn’t mean the same to Them.

There will be a time when you throw together something silly and small and don’t expect the gods to notice. But They do and They beam with pride and gratitude. It makes you wonder what offerings are to gods.

Gods will reject you. Sometimes it’s permanently. Sometimes They come back a year later and never leave.

You will reject a god. It will haunt you for a long time, but you won’t regret it.

When one comes in, the others assume They are welcome. You get used to unexpected guests.

No matter how long you study or how much you read, you will never truly understand. You don’t really know what it is you don’t understand and They never say, but it hangs in the absence of words.

There are many more beginnings than you would expect.

There are just as many endings. You’ll end up dreading losing something you’ll never lose. You’ll lose what you don’t worry about. You eventually learn how to grab onto the most important things and never let go.

They are in many things. They are in the sweet flowers and the singing birds. They are in the woman in front of you in the grocery store that you buy her groceries for her. They are in the cat that smacks you immediately after you make a joke at Their expense.

There are ones that go by one name, no names, and many names. There are names you will not be able to pronounce. You still try to.

You’ve Got To Be FUCKING Kidding Me

This seems to happen every time a new book by Sarah J. Maas comes out. The fandoms become vicious and hurtful. But seriously I had hoped we grew up and wouldn’t go through this again.

YES, SJM may have said Elain and Azriel are not cannon. BUT THAT DOENS’T MEAN THAT PEOPLE CAN’T STILL TALK ABOUT THEM. That does not give people the right to bash others beliefs and thoughts, hopes and dreams. They have just as much of a right to keep putting out their head-cannon ship headcanons as you do putting out cannon ship headcanons.

NO, YOU CANNOT TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK. That means their text, their art or their pictures. You CANNOT crop out watermarks, you cannot alter their pieces even the slightest and try and pass it off as yours. You cannot claim ownership from the piece if it is not yours. Yes, you might have found it online without the watermarks, BUT IF THE ARTISTS OR WRITER TELLS YOU IT IS THEIRS AND TO PLEASE CREDIT THEM. CREDIT THEM !!!!!! You do not have the right not to. To do anything that alters the originality and authenticity of the piece is, for all intense and purposes, stealing. 

YES, there are spoilers floating around. But for mine at least THEY ARE TAGGED !!!! And I for one may not put the word SPOILERS in all caps and bolded in the title. BUT PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE and when you see the words CHAOL and TOWER OF DAWN in the same sentence ASSUME THE POST INCLUDES FUCKING SPOILERS. 

NO, Artists are not always going to portray the characters as how YOU saw them. But that is how THEY saw them. That is how they created them. And you should be damn well grateful that they took the time to create their artwork. The SJM fandoms have, in my opinion, some of the best artists. And it is disgusting when people tell them to change something and that its different in the books. They have artistic liberty and if you want the piece a certain way THEN MAKE THAT ART YOURSELF 

And finally, THESE ARE SJM’s BOOKS. These are her characters and she has had years to develop them in the way she wants them to go. They may not be the way you want. But too bad. Accept and be happy that she is putting books out that have strong independent women in them that build each other up and can actually conquer the world. 

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any criticism but PLEASE let’s try as a fandom to not be as cruel as we have been in the past this time around. Because in the past few months, with the amount of hate and disrespect I've seen. It’s made me rethink logging on to Tumblr and posting many times. 

Still reading ToD but I wanted to draw Yrene! This is just a sketch, not exactly how I see her, but close for now lol. I meant for her hair to be more curly, but I was getting lazy lol.
SO FOR NOW, HAVE THIS. Maybe I’ll work on it more or another piece when I’m done with the book! But maybe work on the other stuff I gotta finish and still work on that comic (promise I’m still working on it lol)