Moises: I also gotta tell you about my trainers!! and the mansion I stayed in!! It all started-

Kevin: MOISES!! Ugh! Sorry for the rude interruption from my brother >_>;; well, now that he said where he was born; as I was saying, I was hatched at a daycare center, apparently they found my egg in the wild and I was brought there.. I really want to know if I ever had parents or.. I was truly abandoned and supposed to be an orphan…

Moises: ….Can I continue? 8D

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Tamera looks at the Pokemon in front of her.  She was pretty certain that one was a Gardevoir and another was an Absol (which excited her greatly), and she thought that the third was a Zangoose.  But she’d never seen one with such coloring before.

“Hi there.  Would you all like some berries?"  Tamera asked, reaching int her bag.  Sol walked up to the female Absol and gave a slight nod in place of a greeting.

Oh? The Egg is hatching!

External image

Congratulations! Your Egg hatched into Kyurem!

Kyurem (genderless) - lv.1

Quirky Nature

Ability: Pressure

Moves: Icy Wind, Dragon Rage

Victoria: Ahmagad! Look at its ‘ickle hands! Let’s name him Chicken Bob!

Victor: Ahaha, he is cute, isn’t he?

((Thanks for the egg, dawnlandlynks! I’m not really going to integrate the kyurem into my plot since it has enough characters as is, but it was thoughtful :) Especially since kyurem happens to be one of my favorite legendaries~))

((Alright, here are the winners of the contest!

In third place, getting a lineart drawing, is tumblr user eastern-gray!

In second place, receiving a flat color drawing, is tumblr user dawnlandlynks!

In first place, receiving a shaded drawing, is tumblr user lz777!

All of you be sure to contact me within 24 hours with the character you would like drawn.  Any unclaimed entries will be redrawn.  You have until September 24th at 12:00 PST to claim your prize!))