The Zeri Post. :D

This week was Zeri’s debut on the Dawngate Chronicles, and to celebrate that, I’m posting the full pages here together with her original character designs. 

Zeri was almost the first character I designed for Dawngate when I originally came on as a concept artist. I walked into the studio, and met the team, saw the art wall and heard some of the voice acting- they had a previous version of her designed and all her VO was done…I was totally captivated by the idea of her character (a loudmouthed, rainbow colored teen who paints magic with enormous brushes)…sometimes you feel like you just get it. A world with a Zeri in it, is a world worth telling stories about, imo. I had to try my hand.

So, unassigned, I went home and tried my hand at redesigning Zeri, and it worked! the team loved it, and this week I got to bring her into the Chronicles with the painty color assistance of the stalwart John Loren. Hands down the most fun I’ve had on the comic yet :D

Are you a Zeri fan too? Celebrate the South’s young prodigy by throwing down some of your own fan art!

I’ll reblog your work in a collected post next week and the best Zeri fanart will get a sketch of whatever they like by yours truly! 

EDIT: some deets- submissions are open for a week- so by the end of Next Friday we’ll wrap it up. And once you’re done, note me or shoot me an ask or shout at me on twitter @FromHappyRock! :D

Hope your weekend is a lovely one- 
Until next time- Sparkles!



yeah! EA made a company to try and expand themselves into the MOBA territory. 

No! It isnt just another league of legends! If you think that Dawngate is just a carbon copy of league you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself because league was literally a mod for DOTA.

The style of dawngate is so interesting and so much more pleasing to look at than league is. League is all the same every game. mid, top, adc, support, jungle. and its all the same. ever. single. time. Danwgate breaks all of that.

-You only have two lanes, and it’s all up to whoever you’re playing with to decide if you want a jungler or not, because guess what? the EXP scaling in game is flexible enough to withstand a three man lane. I mean in theory you could do a 4 man lane and a 1 man lane but that’s all up to you.

-Multiple goals in the game, which makes for WAYYYYY better gameplay. 

- The characters are actually different! wow! a woman with breasts that actually match her body type! wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! Her ass isnt hanging out either!! wow!! look at that functional armor!! i dont think i need say anything else.

-ONGOING PLOT! league ditched any plot they had a little over a year ago. Its all just about the game. They dont expand on the characters, they don’t give them ties. they don’t have a kick-ass official comic, either. 

literally shut the fuck up everyone who’s complaining over dawngate. please.


Hey guys! I haven’t been the best at keeping things super updated around here, but if you haven’t been reading Dawngate Chronicles recently, don’t miss out! Lots of exciting stuff going on, John’s killing it on colors and we’ve taken some community feedback and have throttled back the pace a bit to make sure we land each narrative beat as best we can, while still keeping up a decent clip! Hope you like what you see!

Today’s page: 

Start reading the most recent arc: 

More art always! And some exciting Jelly things are bubbling away…they have moved up from the backburner :D




I have been very remiss in my repping-Dawngate-Chronicles duties! But we have been plugging away and trying to turn out the best work we can along the way- here’s what you may have missed in the last few weeks! 

Catch up at http://dawngatechronicles.com/

Luminious rainbow paint! Arms in Jars! Mulan-esque suit-up scenes! Mysterious secondary characters! A lot of the color purple! RENZO! This comic has it all :p 

Hope you are well out there, tumblr




and also

Chronicles Page 56 is up and debuts my second favorite character: RENZO!

Hi everyone- a busy day around the studio today- two new things are live and worth your attention! 
This weekend’s Boston comic con was a wild success (first time ever behind the table selling my own work, and as you can probably tell: I HAD SO MUCH FUN)

So expect maybe some more conventioneering in the future. I sold through 75% of my Jellybots stock and I’m looking into another print run and options for making it available to all you lovely people here online!
(stay tuned!)
A big old blog entry is brewing. For now, enjoy the art!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Dawngate Chronicles for an important tea party! Page 27 is live:


Looks like it went up without some important date and location information (as well as a few color tweaks) so while we wait for that to update officially, I am uploading the full page here! It is one of my favorites because…well…that line.


To catch you guys up (I’ve been so busy making ‘em that I haven’t been as diligent about updates) two new pages and a change of scene over at the Dawngate Chronicles:



And don’t worry- we’ll be back around to see Freia and Fenmore again in a bit…but there’s a big world out there and what fun is a story without a bit of dramatic tension, eh?

:D SO excited to bring you guys along for where this is going…good stuff ahead!


Today is a new Chronicles day! 


It’s spring time in Neissen! Nothing is horribly sad! Yet!

We’ve been really enjoying switching up the palette as we move between scenes- this was a chance for John and I to celebrate the coming of green again to the trees of new england- I guarantee you that if/when we get sick of summer you will see some snow in the Chronicles :p

Also: close up on owl themed background ladyknight because those are suhweet.



Our Dawngate Chronicles art features prominently in Waystone/EA’s big E3 Dawngate announcement video! I had no idea!! :D

Ahh wednesday and another page of the Chronicles:


Today the sibling get a little raw; Raina’s maternal instincts intensify and Zalgus has an uncharacteristic protective moment. Alas, we leave them for now (I love these guys, and I enjoy drawing them) for parts unknown. Mt. Arsalan seems to have held more questions than answers.

Oh and don’t worry- they’ll be back again. But stay tuned for Friday…there are other stories loose in the world that must be revisited…questions that need answering.