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This is the Same Ocean is a risograph photography journal printed by Dawn Press in Melbourne, Australia. Each issue features a selection of photographers from around the world and is curated and designed by photographer Samuel J Davison. Copies of This is the Same Ocean will be available from our stall this Sunday at the MCA Zine Fair.


This Is The Same Ocean #3 is a risograph photography zine of sorts, published in Melbourne Australia and printed by Dawn Press.  This issues contributors are Cathy Marshall, Charlie Hillhouse, Chloe Sudgen, David Coen, Joe Miranda, Lloyd Stubber, Natalie Nikitovic, Phillipa Grenda, Pip Jones, Rob Corniner, Samual J Davison, Xavier Connelly and Zephyr A Pavey.  I really love how the risograph printer shows the colour.  It’s so hazy and dreamy.  

Go here to purchase it along with vol 1 and 2. :) 

(Screen) Printing


The Riso RP 3100 AW at Chase and Galley. (Image source)

The risograph is a printer but it works more like screen-printing where you feed the paper back through the machine to print one colour at a time.

The whole process is very hands-on and the printer becomes part of the creative process. The final product replicates the charming imperfections of screen-printing because the colours are often misregistered. It also allows the overlapping colours to blend together in a manner reminiscent of old comic books.

The riso is also very economical to use. This makes it easier for independent publishers to afford a small to medium print run. Wikipedia explains the cost benefits:

For schools, clubs, colleges, political campaigns and other short run print jobs, the risograph bridges the gap between a standard photocopier (which is cheaper up to about 50 copies) and using a commercial printer (cheaper over about 10,000 copies).

In Melbourne, Dawn Press operates a riso and you can see some of their beautiful work on their facebook page.

Chase and Galley operate out of Collingwood and produce the Australian literary journal Meanjin on their risograph. They also create books, magazines and other specialist publications. 

Melbourne even has it’s own Risograph Printer’s Guild. A member of the guild, Xavier Connelly, said 

“I’ve tried to push boundaries on how people use it,” he says. “I was worried about [Riso printing] becoming too faddish too quickly and people getting bored. I wanted to try to get to the level where the printing wasn’t quirky … it’s just good printing.”


I’d like to chat even more now, but the day is dawning, the crowd is pressing in, and Philogenes is in a hurry. So, please, farewell and give Pilia and Caecilia my greetings in your letters and accept greetings from my son Cicero.
—  Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum VI.II.10

I finally got my things together enough to release issue four of This is the Same Ocean. Come to the launch if you’re in Berlin, buy a copy from the webstore if you’re not or just tell your friends about it! Here’s the press release…

The fourth issue of the Melbourne / Berlin based, risograph photography journal presents the work of 10 European-based photographers. After appearances at the Tokyo, New York and LA Art Book Fairs and being included in the National Gallery of Victoria’s extensive Melbourne Now! exhibition, the journal’s fourth issue continues to experiment with print and production methods alongside the Melbourne-based Dawn Press studio. 

After an Australia-centric third issue I’m particularly excited for number four. It’s the first I’ve published TITSO since relocating to Europe and I’ve been in touch with a group of photographers working on the continent. 

The issue features work from David Boyson Cooper (Glasgow, Scotland), Lasse Dearman (Copenhagen, Denmark), Marijn Degenaar (Berlin, Germany / Gouda, The Netherlands), Jasmine Deporta (Bolzano, Italy), Victoria Mak (St Petersburg, Russia), Jessica Prescott (Berlin, Germany / Napier, New Zealand), Joe Skilton (London, UK), Katarina Šoškić (Vienna, Austria / Belgrade, Serbia), Ana Tabatadze (Berlin, Germany / Tbilisi, Georgia) and curator-publisher Samuel J Davison (Berlin, Germany / Melbourne, Australia).

The launch for the issue will be held at Studio \ - (Emser Straße 12, Berlin, 12051) on March 13th from 7pm. The online store will be updated to include the fourth issue from the same week with all copies being posted by mid-March. Stockists and other distribution details will be available at the This is the Same Ocean website.



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