Nesta could feel the grey light of dawn pressing against her eyelids, but she refused to open them. Last night had not been what she’d imagined. It had not been what she’d dreamt of or longed for…

But it had been perfect nonetheless.

She’d been sad and angry again, and Cassian had stayed with her, had walked her home after the meeting. He’d not gone to many meetings in the year since the war’s end, and they’d not spoken much in the weeks since Starfall—when he’d left her, crying and alone and hollow in the entryway of her small apartment.

But yesterday had been the anniversary of her mother’s death. A date Feyre was too young to recall, a date Elain was too medial to look back on, a date Nesta was too old to forget.

So Nesta remembered. Because Nesta always remembered. Because Nesta remembered everything even if she wanted to forget.

Because someone had to remember.

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Oh my god, you guys.

I’m listening to Sierra Dawn Thomas’s post-game press and she’s talking about why she and Hali, despite having played on the same season, don’t really connect on Survivor or in real life.

So apparently after she was cast, Sierra sent Hali a text saying “Can’t wait to see you in Fiji, girl!” and Hali literally responded “Who is this?”


PJO Ship Aesthetics: Art School Pipazel

She had always considered there to be two types of art. That which you made for others, and that which you made for yourself.

Lit by nothing but the watery light of early dawn, Hazel pressed charcoal against paper and drew for herself.

And although the lines that formed at her fingertips were for her own enjoyment, the visage they created was of someone very different from herself.

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GaFou for the ship ask meme, please? :3

I’m all for this ship….as long as Gaston has been redeemed and realizes everything he ever needed was right in front of him and is a Good Guy now. Anyways……..

• who wakes up first in the morning – Gaston. This guy’s up at the crack of dawn to bench press horses or whatever insane workout he does.

• who’s the first to fall asleep at night – Gaston. He’ll have his head in Lefou’s lap and Lefou will pet his hair and he’ll just fall asleep.

• what they playfully tease each other over – Gaston teases Lefou on his crush on him and Lefou teases Gaston about what a big softie he’s become.

• what they do when the other’s having a bad day – kisses mostly. Lefou will tell Gaston no longer about how great he is (because he now knows the man has flaws), but about how much he loves him and Gaston has this awkward way of flirting that always seems to work on Lefou and make him laugh.

• how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments – Lefou will just come straight out and say it. Gaston will go and pout somewhere and then come back and burry his face in Lefou’s tummy and mutter “I’m sorry” into his belly. Lefou makes him say it more than once by playing the “what was that? I couldn’t hear you” card.

• which one’s more ticklish – L E F O U

• their favourite rainy day activities – Gaston will work out and give Lefou a kiss every time he comes down from a push-up and up from a sit-up. Then, when he’s done and all sweaty, they take a shower together and have super hot shower sex.

• how they surprise each other – Gaston is not very good at showing affection and sometimes he’ll just give Lefou a gentle hug from behind or a kiss on the cheek or mouth out of nowhere. Lefou will go out of his way to find Gaston’s favorite things from their childhood together like the candy he loved that he thought didn’t exist anymore and stuff like that.

• their most sickening shows of public affection – after he almost killed the prince, Gaston is terrified to show his face in public again for the longest time so whenever he does go out he’s always holding Lefou’s hand tightly and keeping his head down and letting Lefou lead him around and whenever Lefou would pick up something for him he’d mumble “thank you” and give Lefou a kiss on the corner of his mouth. Later, after he has proved he was good now, he goes out in public on his own and if he sees Lefou he’ll wave with this big smile and stride over confidently and sweep Lefou up and kiss him deeply every single time he sees him. Every. Single. Time.

Neighbour Boy

Request: your theme is so cute D: can i please request a fluffy fluff fluff fluff neighbor!vernon au D:

A/N: I hope this is fluffy enough for you! Also, sorry if your name is the same as the friend’s, I picked two at random. 

“Hey, Y/N, that neighbour boy is looking over.” your friend, Sofia, said, as she peered out your bedroom window. Your other friend, Dawn instantly dropped her books and ran to the window next to Sofia. You stood up on the spot, allowing you to see your neighbour, Vernon. He was sat at his desk and had frozen like deer in headlights at the sight of being caught by your friends. He then shoved his nose into his textbook, causing Dawn and Sofia to giggle.

“Leave him alone.” you said quietly, hoping they didn’t see your cheeks blush. You had been living next door to Vernon for over ten years now, and whilst the two of you played together a great deal as young kids, the older you two got, the more shy you both became, until it was reduced to simply catching each other’s eyes through the window, smiling when either one of you felt brave enough.

“Do you like him?” Dawn asked, longing out the ‘i’ in ‘like’ far too much for your liking. You just shrugged her off, going back to your History textbook.

“During the last months of his life, Lenin was well aware of the rivalry-” you began, but was cut off short by Dawn.

“Lenin isn’t important right now.” she spoke over you. “What is important is Neighbour Boy.” Dawn then looked to Sofia, who had a smirk plastered across her face. “What say we take a little trip to visit him?” she suggested, and before you could object, you were being pulled to your feet and dragged out your room and down the stairs, pleads being ignored by your friends.

The three of you made your way outside, and over to Vernon’s house next door. “Guys, is this really necessary?” you asked, as you climbed up the porch behind Sofia and Dawn.

“Yes!” the two of them said in unison, before Dawn pressed the bell to the house. You felt your stomach drop, and you only wanted the ground to swallow you up, as you heard footsteps climb down the stairs and over to the door.

Vernon opened the door with a confused look on his face. He went to open his mouth to speak, “Hi, I’m Sofia, I’m a friend of Y/N. We were just upstairs discussing the party my friend Dawn here is throwing next week, and we’d love for you to come.”

Dawn nodded, “Yeah, we could do with more cute boys.” As you stood a few paces away from your friends, you felt your face go bright red, and couldn’t help but notice Vernon’s doing the same when you looked up briefly to see him nod slowly.

“Great! You can go with Y/N. Saves you getting lost.” Sofia smiled, clapping her hands together. “See you then!” And with that the door shut and you struggled to find your words, as you turned into a stammering mess. “No need to thank us. Now, let’s get started with the party planning.”


It had been a week since Sofia and Dawn had invited Vernon to their party, and before you knew it, you had been dragged into the planning process. You barely had a moment alone, with Dawn or Sofia forcing you to stay at Dawn’s house to help with the preparations until as late as possible to make sure you couldn’t uninvite Vernon. When the night of the party arrived, you woke up in a nervous mess. You didn’t know what to wear, what you were even going to talk to Vernon about. You just hoped you’d be able to steal one or two drinks to give you some courage.

The rest of the day passed by in a haze, and the next thing you knew it was time to get ready. After a shower, you stood in front of your wardrobe, waiting for a dress of yours to step out and say “wear me!”, and was only drawn away when your phone alerted you to a text from Dawn that read wear THE red dress! You always look AMAZING in red. See you tonight ;).

You knew exactly what dress she meant. It was a cute dress that ended about half-way up the thigh that was fitted around the chest, with a loose skirt. The back was what caught the eye; red string that criss-crossed at the top and tied in a loose bow at the bottom. It was a dress you had been pushed into buying by Dawn, and never had the courage to wear. “Well, it’s now or never.” you sighed, as you began to get ready.

When you were done, you threw a jacket on to keep you warm and peered out the window. From your room, you could see Vernon’s desk and bed, where Vernon was currently sat, staring at the floor and tapping his leg furiously. It was easy to see how nervous he was, causing you to smile.

As if he knew you were there, he looked up and over at you, standing up as he breathed in, nodded and left his room. A minute or two later, you heard your doorbell ring, and your mum calling you to let you know Vernon was at the door. You took a deep breath in, breathed out and made your way downstairs, grabbing your bag as you went.

You quickly said goodbye to your mum before she could ask any questions, and walked out the door, continuing down the path and onto the pavement, heading in the direction of Dawn’s house. It didn’t take long for Vernon to catch up to you. You both continued at a slow pace in silence as you got to the end of the road, where Vernon stopped a few steps away from the curb.

“Y/N, can I be honest?” he said, causing you to stop. You nodded, signalling him to continue. “I’m not really comfortable going to the party.”

“Oh.” you started, understanding why he might not want to go, however, you couldn’t deny there was a part of you that wanted him there, even if it would take you hours to find the courage to talk to him.

“Do you want to maybe see a movie instead?” he asked, taking you off guard. Your mouth fell open in surprise, and you weren’t quite sure what to say. Your silence must of made a part of him panic, as he quickly added, “I-it’s just that, you look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, and I’d hate to see it go to waste if we turn back now.”

You smiled to yourself, then stepped forward, taking Vernon’s hand in yours. “A move sounds like a lot of fun.” Vernon laced his fingers through yours, and pulled you closer as you made your way down the road towards the bus stop, and you felt your nerves begin to melt away.


Haven - Isaac Lahey

Request ;; an isaac imagine where he calls you his ‘safe haven’ ?? you can decide why or what happens around that, also so so much fluff please. thanks, i love your writing x 

A/n ;; I listened to ‘i get to love you’ by ruelle whilst writing this and i know this isn’t a songfic but you should totally listen to that while reading this bc it makes it 100% more adorable :)))

Warnings ;; mentions of abuse but so much fluff holy shit

Words ;; 1.1k

Published ;; 2nd september, ‘16


Stay safe + ily🌛

The sound of your window being slowly opened and someone stumbling through, knocking a few things off of your dresser as they tried to balance out their landing, awoke you from your slumber. Shooting up from your position, a small gasp escaped from your lips before you recognised your boyfriend’s tall figure and your muscles relaxed immediately.

“Isaac,” You breathed out, reaching over to your bedside table to flick your lamp on; the room emitted into a dull light as you shoved the covers away from you, you made your way over to him, your eyebrows raised in concern; any trace of sleep which you previously felt vanished when you saw his shaken persona.

“Did I wake you? I-I’m sorry, I just needed to see you,” He muttered, his voice small and shaky. Placing your soft hands on either side of his face; he leaned into your touch and your eyes darted across his bruised face, examining the damage his father had done to him this time.

“No, it’s okay, I'm glad you’re here,” You whispered, your (y/e/c) eyes locking with his teary but beautiful ones. Leaning in closer, you pressed a soft, chaste kiss to Isaac’s lips: having to stand on the tips of your toes in order to do so.

“Me too,” He murmured, momentarily resting his forehead against yours.

Lacing your fingers with his, you mumbled a quiet “come on” and lead him into your bathroom. It was routine for the two of you at this point, Isaac would climb through your window late at night, covered in bruises and cuts. Your heart ached every time you heard your window open because you knew that it had happened again and as much as you wanted to do something about it, Isaac repeatedly told you not to, that he didn’t want you to.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” You asked softly, beginning to clean the vast cut above his eyebrow whilst he held an ice pack against his cheek, you muttered a few quick apologise every time Isaac winced. 

“It was the freezer,” He whispered, not wanting to explain further into it. His eyes bloodshot, bruises and scratches were scattering his skin, his hair dishevelled- which he had run a stressed hand through every couple of minutes. 

Sighing, you didn’t say anything- you knew when he didn’t want to talk about it so you just wrapped your arms around him; he buried his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the smell of your just-washed hair. His shaking arms clutched around your waist in despair as you ran a hand through his curls soothingly. You felt his tears on your skin and you hugged him tighter, his body shaking as he tried to hide his sobs but you knew. You always knew. 

The feeling in your stomach made you feel uneasy, you hated what his father would do to him. You hated knowing that every time Isaac goes home, there’s a chance that he might not come back to you. And that doesn’t settle well with you and you knew it didn’t settle with him also, which is why you didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let you tell anybody.

“I just wish you would let me help you, you don’t deserve this,” You closed your eyes, the familiar tears springing up in your eyes but you pushed them down rapidly, slowly pulling away from the desperate hug when his sobs had calmed. Wiping away his stray tears with your thumb, you helped Isaac back into your room, his ribs were bruised badly and he had a limp.

Flicking the light off, both of you lay down in your bed, Isaac pulled you closer so you’re head was resting on his shoulder and his arm wound around you as the two of you got comfy and wrapped up in the sheets. “Y-you help me more than you think, (Y/N), you’re the reason I keep going, you’re my home.” He whispered to you, his voice slightly scratchy from the crying as his fingers tracing random patterns on your cheek lovingly. 

You smiled at him, the proximity of your faces and bodies making you feel completely loved, you couldn’t help but cuddle even closer to him at the confession. You’d thought he would stop there but he didn’t. He wanted you to know exactly how he felt about you, he thought the absolute world of you and nothing would ever change that. He knew you were the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“I need you to know that you’re the only person I have, everybody always leaves, but you didn’t. You stayed, you’ve stayed with me throughout all of this and I need you to know much you’ve helped me. I can’t even explain it, you don’t even know how much you mean to me and it’s crazy to think because I should be telling you every second of every day. You’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, to see your face every morning and every night. You’re my safe haven. And I love you, so god damn much that it hurts.”

You didn’t think that words could even describe what you were feeling at that moment, the smile on your lips couldn’t sum up how happy you were when you were with him. You didn’t even know he thought that highly of you and now you knew, and you loved him even more than you did five minutes ago. So instead of answering, you pressed your lips to his in a sweet kiss, your soft lips moving in sync with his in probably the most passionate kiss you’ve shared.

When you pulled away, the smile on your face could’ve lit up the dark room. “I love you so god damn much that it hurts too, Isaac Lahey,” He laughed for the first time that night, a grin gracing his features; you laughed along with him before pulling him in for another kiss, smiling against his lips, the feeling of euphoria even higher than ever. 

“We just had a cheesy couple moment, we agreed not to have those!” You laughed aloud, the realisation suddenly dawning on you.

Isaac grinned, pressing his lips to yours once more before wrapping his arms around you, “I don’t care, you’re adorable and it needed to happen.” 

“I’m not adorable, you’re adorable.” You sighed contently, pressing a lingering kiss to his collarbone, making him smile.

“Shut up, you are.” Isaac chuckled, it was moments like these that the two of you loved the best. The moments where nothing else mattered except each other. 

“Did you just tell me to shut up? I take it back, you’re an ass.” You joked, lightly hitting him on his chest and he grabbed your hand with his larger one, lacing your fingers together.

“Don’t make me tickle you.”

“Bring it, Lahey.”


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happy neww yeears * Garren the Lucario bows*

“Well a happy New Years to you too.” Dawn smiled as she pressed a button launching a vast display of fire works welcoming in 2017 which wakes up Joey who was sleeping. “Huh-what? Happy what-now?” He yawns then falls back to sleep