Stop The Presses! (Bruce Wayne/Reader)

Imagine Bruce Wayne referencing you at Lex Luthor’s party and not Diana, but Clark doesn’t make the connection…

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“Wow…pretty girl…bad habit…” Bruce looked past Clark his eyes following you, “Don’t quote me…”

“I…right…” Clark glanced over briefly at a woman in red as she walked by, “What is your position on the bat vigilante?”

His eyes kept flicking over to you. That dress was stunning on you, “Daily Planet…do I own this one?”

“Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city.” Clark stared him down, “Good people living in fear…”

This caught Bruce’s attention more as he looked into Clark’s eyes, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

“I’ve seen it.” Clark retorted quickly, “He thinks he’s above the law.”

“The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they’re above the law is a little hypocritical…” Bruce glanced over at you talking to someone. You had a translator with you. He’d much rather be your voice then arguing about vigilantes with this reporter.

As the conversation wound down Lex approached them, “Boys! Mm! Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent, ah!” 

Bruce made a face as the young man clapped his hands together. There was no doubt that this man odd, “I love it! I love bringing people together! Hello…how are we? Whoa! Ow…you do not want to pick a fight with this person!”

The chit chat was unbearable until Alfred gave him the go for the file transfer. Thank god…as Lex moved away so did he. As he walked toward the stares  he stared at you.

You smiled at the older man you were with, but he managed to catch your eye. He saw your eyes light up as he smiled at you. Your mouth opened a little before your attention went back to your translator. He might have to make a pit stop on the way out.

The next ten minutes were a rush of negative feelings. He stood outside relaying what just happened to Alfred when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned irritation melting from his features instantly.

You smiled at him raising your hand up doing his name sign, “Bruce!”

He smiled looking into your eyes as he raised his hands up signing to you, “Y/N, how are you? What are you doing here?”

Your hands started moving but it was your face that drew him. He had to keep reminding himself to pay attention to what you were saying, “Save the books…Mr. Luthor contacted me in England…seemed like a good cause and good chance to come home.”

He smiled more, “You always had a big heart when it came to literature.”

“Well…being the deaf kid in class…reading was a better alternative then dealing with awkwardness.” You told him with a small smirk, “Until I met you at least.”

“Ah…” He nodded moving his hands slow to get it right, “That’s right, I made everything awkward…”

His felt his heart flutter when you made an audible noise. Something that you only did around those you were comfortable with. You looked up at him, “I missed you Bruce.”

“I’ve missed you too.” He smiled more, “Do you wanna…grab a drink? Catch up a little…I’m really no good at these parties.”

“Sure.” You nodded you turned wrapping your arm in his. He could feel himself beaming as cameras flashed left and right. No doubt the press would have a field day with this…


This Is The Same Ocean #3 is a risograph photography zine of sorts, published in Melbourne Australia and printed by Dawn Press.  This issues contributors are Cathy Marshall, Charlie Hillhouse, Chloe Sudgen, David Coen, Joe Miranda, Lloyd Stubber, Natalie Nikitovic, Phillipa Grenda, Pip Jones, Rob Corniner, Samual J Davison, Xavier Connelly and Zephyr A Pavey.  I really love how the risograph printer shows the colour.  It’s so hazy and dreamy.  

Go here to purchase it along with vol 1 and 2. :) 



August 18

Title: Departing at Dawn  

Author: Gloria Lisé

Gloria Lisé is an author, lawyer, professor, and accomplished musician. Lisé was 15 years old when a coup d'état overthrew Isabel Martínez de Perón’s government in 1976 and a military junta took power.

Translator: Alice Weldon

Synopsis: When her boyfriend is brutally murdered by the Argentine military, Berta escapes to the provincial countryside. Often lyrical, Gloria Lisé describes a young woman’s life on the run and the trauma of a generation targeted by their government.

Start reading with your own edition!

                   “ Let’s go back over; my beanie. Nate’s visor.
                  Touya’s cap. Morty’s bandanna. Brendan’s….
                  funky hat. Am I missing any victims of the
                  phantom hatnapper? Because I’m gonna
                  start counting up the charges to press.

I finally got my things together enough to release issue four of This is the Same Ocean. Come to the launch if you’re in Berlin, buy a copy from the webstore if you’re not or just tell your friends about it! Here’s the press release…

The fourth issue of the Melbourne / Berlin based, risograph photography journal presents the work of 10 European-based photographers. After appearances at the Tokyo, New York and LA Art Book Fairs and being included in the National Gallery of Victoria’s extensive Melbourne Now! exhibition, the journal’s fourth issue continues to experiment with print and production methods alongside the Melbourne-based Dawn Press studio. 

After an Australia-centric third issue I’m particularly excited for number four. It’s the first I’ve published TITSO since relocating to Europe and I’ve been in touch with a group of photographers working on the continent. 

The issue features work from David Boyson Cooper (Glasgow, Scotland), Lasse Dearman (Copenhagen, Denmark), Marijn Degenaar (Berlin, Germany / Gouda, The Netherlands), Jasmine Deporta (Bolzano, Italy), Victoria Mak (St Petersburg, Russia), Jessica Prescott (Berlin, Germany / Napier, New Zealand), Joe Skilton (London, UK), Katarina Šoškić (Vienna, Austria / Belgrade, Serbia), Ana Tabatadze (Berlin, Germany / Tbilisi, Georgia) and curator-publisher Samuel J Davison (Berlin, Germany / Melbourne, Australia).

The launch for the issue will be held at Studio \ - (Emser Straße 12, Berlin, 12051) on March 13th from 7pm. The online store will be updated to include the fourth issue from the same week with all copies being posted by mid-March. Stockists and other distribution details will be available at the This is the Same Ocean website.