harry and his team: hasnt said a fucking word since the dawn of time
the press: maybe if we contact them theyll tell us about harrys time at the gym today :)


Some more sneaky peeks of One and the Dawn of Reality

A4. 14pages. 3 colour risograph printed by @ottopress

“In an invisible rift, between all known and unknown sciences and laws of physical space, lies the Spectrum. A dimension in a constant chaotic flux, home to an infinite number of cultures and species. The Spectral Pilot, champion of honour and newly anointed spiritual messiah to the Spectral Guard, journeys to the Guild Archive of the Astral Watch in search of knowledge. However, he discovers much more than he expected….One and the Dawn of Reality chronicles the birth of existence and the origin of the Spectrum.”

Published by the brilliant @ottopress​ and debuting at ELCAF this weekend (10th-12th June). This is the first Spectrum comic I’ve made (I will have a few reference zines from The Spectrum at ELCAF), although it’s not the first in the Saga of The Spectral Pilot and Earth mother but more an origin of the creation of The Spectrum itself.

Stop The Presses! (Bruce Wayne/Reader)

Imagine Bruce Wayne referencing you at Lex Luthor’s party and not Diana, but Clark doesn’t make the connection…

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“Wow…pretty girl…bad habit…” Bruce looked past Clark his eyes following you, “Don’t quote me…”

“I…right…” Clark glanced over briefly at a woman in red as she walked by, “What is your position on the bat vigilante?”

His eyes kept flicking over to you. That dress was stunning on you, “Daily Planet…do I own this one?”

“Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city.” Clark stared him down, “Good people living in fear…”

This caught Bruce’s attention more as he looked into Clark’s eyes, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

“I’ve seen it.” Clark retorted quickly, “He thinks he’s above the law.”

“The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they’re above the law is a little hypocritical…” Bruce glanced over at you talking to someone. You had a translator with you. He’d much rather be your voice then arguing about vigilantes with this reporter.

As the conversation wound down Lex approached them, “Boys! Mm! Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent, ah!” 

Bruce made a face as the young man clapped his hands together. There was no doubt that this man odd, “I love it! I love bringing people together! Hello…how are we? Whoa! Ow…you do not want to pick a fight with this person!”

The chit chat was unbearable until Alfred gave him the go for the file transfer. Thank god…as Lex moved away so did he. As he walked toward the stares  he stared at you.

You smiled at the older man you were with, but he managed to catch your eye. He saw your eyes light up as he smiled at you. Your mouth opened a little before your attention went back to your translator. He might have to make a pit stop on the way out.

The next ten minutes were a rush of negative feelings. He stood outside relaying what just happened to Alfred when he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned irritation melting from his features instantly.

You smiled at him raising your hand up doing his name sign, “Bruce!”

He smiled looking into your eyes as he raised his hands up signing to you, “Y/N, how are you? What are you doing here?”

Your hands started moving but it was your face that drew him. He had to keep reminding himself to pay attention to what you were saying, “Save the books…Mr. Luthor contacted me in England…seemed like a good cause and good chance to come home.”

He smiled more, “You always had a big heart when it came to literature.”

“Well…being the deaf kid in class…reading was a better alternative then dealing with awkwardness.” You told him with a small smirk, “Until I met you at least.”

“Ah…” He nodded moving his hands slow to get it right, “That’s right, I made everything awkward…”

His felt his heart flutter when you made an audible noise. Something that you only did around those you were comfortable with. You looked up at him, “I missed you Bruce.”

“I’ve missed you too.” He smiled more, “Do you wanna…grab a drink? Catch up a little…I’m really no good at these parties.”

“Sure.” You nodded you turned wrapping your arm in his. He could feel himself beaming as cameras flashed left and right. No doubt the press would have a field day with this…

WestAllen Dream!

Oh my god I just had a dream last night that Iris and Barry already had their twins. They looked about 5 or 6 and they were telling them goodnight! Barry went into Dawn’s room and gave her a kiss goodnight, called her his speed princess and tucked her in, and all of a sudden something broke through her window! Barry got that ass… I mean in a blink of an eye he ran and pushed that thing back out of the window! Then Don ran into Dawn’s room along with Iris right behind him, but tell me why Iris has a gun already in her hand like she was just waiting on it to happen! Then she put Don in Dawn’s bed and pressed something that created a forcefield around the children and Iris jumped out the window to help Barry I’m assuming. My point of view was still of the children in their room, but you could hear Iris firing them shots outside at the intruder that Barry was fighting I’m assuming! Y'all it was soooo lit. They were like ain’t nobody coming for our children. I’ve never had one so good like this before, yo!

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First of all, Thank you, afflecklove, for allowing me to share your great story.

She first didn´t give me permission as you will read the reason below, but changed her mind after a few journalists published her picture on social media out there.  So here its:

afflecklove: *long caption warning lol*
As a few of you who have followed this account for a while may know, this past year I battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since I was a minor at the time of diagnosis and all cancers are considered life-threatening illnesses, I was referred to the Make-a-Wish Foundation to, well, make a wish!
My very first thought was meeting Ben. I knew that it would be tough to pull off, but I also knew that I would regret it if I didn’t try. (As my dad and I would joke, shoot for the stars and hope you meet one!) I had absolutely NO IDEA that Warner Brothers would surprise me with the whole cast (and Zack Snyder!) They were all outrageously sweet.
Obviously Ben is extremely busy, and it was hectic and crazy trying to fit me into his schedule, but it means the WORLD to me that his team was willing to work and make this happen.
After missing most of my senior year to chemotherapy treatments and surgeries, it was beyond wonderful getting to look into the eyes of my biggest inspiration and thank him for keeping me smiling during the toughest endeavor of my life. He was extremely nice and welcoming (he called me gorgeous, kissed me on the head, wished me luck in college, and when I told him I was interested in criminology he said “if you need help, call me. I’m the world’s greatest detective!” And we chatted more omg) and he truly made my biggest wish come true today. & after actually getting to spend a little time with him, I’m more confident than ever in saying that when it comes to the crazy world of celebrities, I truly picked the very greatest role model. 💕💫 *ps make a wish didn’t want this on social media but all the celebrities’ teams were okay with it so shhhhh lol so this NEVER happened, I don’t want to get in trouble lol but I had to share.


Until Dawn press kit arrived yesterday! I didn’t take a picture of everything in the kit, since there’s already a few posts about it floating around, but I did take pictures of some of the stuff i thought was really cool.

The press kit I bid on came with a crew shirt, and it’s really big on me, but it looks awesome. On the reverse of the mountain map is some kind of dialogue map I assumed Josh made of things he could say in different situations? Especially since it has a lot of in-game dialogue on it, such as “special little subjectes,” “I can smell you,” “the last happy moments of this creature’s life,” and “live and learn,” but then there’s also options on it such as “throw vase” so I’m unsure what this is really for.

It comes with four postcards of the mountain and sanatorium, and on the reverse are some of Josh’s blueprints for the sawblade and some menacing, blood-smeared words.

So yeah, I’m super happy with this purchase!