Nesta could feel the grey light of dawn pressing against her eyelids, but she refused to open them. Last night had not been what she’d imagined. It had not been what she’d dreamt of or longed for…

But it had been perfect nonetheless.

She’d been sad and angry again, and Cassian had stayed with her, had walked her home after the meeting. He’d not gone to many meetings in the year since the war’s end, and they’d not spoken much in the weeks since Starfall—when he’d left her, crying and alone and hollow in the entryway of her small apartment.

But yesterday had been the anniversary of her mother’s death. A date Feyre was too young to recall, a date Elain was too medial to look back on, a date Nesta was too old to forget.

So Nesta remembered. Because Nesta always remembered. Because Nesta remembered everything even if she wanted to forget.

Because someone had to remember.

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Oh my god, you guys.

I’m listening to Sierra Dawn Thomas’s post-game press and she’s talking about why she and Hali, despite having played on the same season, don’t really connect on Survivor or in real life.

So apparently after she was cast, Sierra sent Hali a text saying “Can’t wait to see you in Fiji, girl!” and Hali literally responded “Who is this?”


PJO Ship Aesthetics: Art School Pipazel

She had always considered there to be two types of art. That which you made for others, and that which you made for yourself.

Lit by nothing but the watery light of early dawn, Hazel pressed charcoal against paper and drew for herself.

And although the lines that formed at her fingertips were for her own enjoyment, the visage they created was of someone very different from herself.

oh, baby [draco malfoy]

request: “Could u do Draco x reader with prompts 97 and 103 please? It would be so interesting plus I love your writing. You’re so cool xoxo” -anon

word count: ~3000

a/n: why thank u anon, i AM pretty cool! (kidding im actually SO lame like u dont even know omG) anyway i wrote this at like 3 am and im posting it at 5 am so. i’m a few hours late (like a day actually but who’s counting, NOT ME) but happy bday to the real OG man draco malfoy! now enjoy this hot mess of sleep deprivation, angst, snark, and marina and the diamonds inspiration

97: “i don’t want to have a baby.”

103: “i had to see you again.”

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harry and his team: hasnt said a fucking word since the dawn of time
the press: maybe if we contact them theyll tell us about harrys time at the gym today :)

anonymous asked:

GaFou for the ship ask meme, please? :3

I’m all for this ship….as long as Gaston has been redeemed and realizes everything he ever needed was right in front of him and is a Good Guy now. Anyways……..

• who wakes up first in the morning – Gaston. This guy’s up at the crack of dawn to bench press horses or whatever insane workout he does.

• who’s the first to fall asleep at night – Gaston. He’ll have his head in Lefou’s lap and Lefou will pet his hair and he’ll just fall asleep.

• what they playfully tease each other over – Gaston teases Lefou on his crush on him and Lefou teases Gaston about what a big softie he’s become.

• what they do when the other’s having a bad day – kisses mostly. Lefou will tell Gaston no longer about how great he is (because he now knows the man has flaws), but about how much he loves him and Gaston has this awkward way of flirting that always seems to work on Lefou and make him laugh.

• how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments – Lefou will just come straight out and say it. Gaston will go and pout somewhere and then come back and burry his face in Lefou’s tummy and mutter “I’m sorry” into his belly. Lefou makes him say it more than once by playing the “what was that? I couldn’t hear you” card.

• which one’s more ticklish – L E F O U

• their favourite rainy day activities – Gaston will work out and give Lefou a kiss every time he comes down from a push-up and up from a sit-up. Then, when he’s done and all sweaty, they take a shower together and have super hot shower sex.

• how they surprise each other – Gaston is not very good at showing affection and sometimes he’ll just give Lefou a gentle hug from behind or a kiss on the cheek or mouth out of nowhere. Lefou will go out of his way to find Gaston’s favorite things from their childhood together like the candy he loved that he thought didn’t exist anymore and stuff like that.

• their most sickening shows of public affection – after he almost killed the prince, Gaston is terrified to show his face in public again for the longest time so whenever he does go out he’s always holding Lefou’s hand tightly and keeping his head down and letting Lefou lead him around and whenever Lefou would pick up something for him he’d mumble “thank you” and give Lefou a kiss on the corner of his mouth. Later, after he has proved he was good now, he goes out in public on his own and if he sees Lefou he’ll wave with this big smile and stride over confidently and sweep Lefou up and kiss him deeply every single time he sees him. Every. Single. Time.


Jim Kirk x reader

Words: 1162

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I tried posting this the other day but my tablet hates me and I’m on my mom’s laptop right now. I’ve had baby fever real bad as of late so I’m gonna make you suffer with me. (Mwahaha.) I wrote this a few weeks ago and felt like posting it cause I haven’t posted anything in forever. I hope you like it! Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. Enjoy!


Originally posted by treksanity

(All gif credit goes to owner)

You were roused from your sleep by the bed dipping. Your eyes slowly opened and were met with the sight of your husband holding your four month old daughter with his back to you. Jim seemed unaware of your consciousness as he started talking to the fussing bundle in his arms. 

“Little one, you’ll wake your momma. Let’s let her sleep.”

The baby continued to be upset, so Jim started rocking her gently back and forth. He started singing lowly, getting into a rhythm with his movements.

“Bones sinking like stones

All that we’ve fought for

Homes, places we’ve grown

All of us are done for

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Intra-Hearts Masterlist: (Harem!MidCin x Fem!Reader) [Modern!AU] Complete


This story is now complete and this masterlist, as well as the masterlist page, now contain the links to the epilogue, Intraunion. The same warnings still apply; read them before you read the story. I am not responsible if you fail to do this and then have issue with its content.


A very important explanation, all warnings, cautions and information about this story can be found under the cut, for the sake of making accessing the links it easier.

These are very important, as this story contains bullying, graphical violence, gore and death.

Do not proceed without reading them, as I cannot be held responsible if you do so and then have an issue with any part of the story.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Prologue: Intrahuman

Warning: the lengths of these parts are appropriate as to the nature of each part, and so some are shorter than others, while some are significantly longer (121,471 words long in total). This is the prelude to the main story.

The dates in these parts refer to the day when the boys realised they loved you, but this is not always the day the story starts on.

They haven’t always loved you as they do now. For years, you’ve been their friend, their best friend, their saviour and their support. You’ve saved them countless times, have been there from day one. But they used to see you as simply that; a friend.

They swore to you, they would never feel more than that. They made an oath to preserve the principles of the group.

“We’ll always be just friends. Even when people make stupid assumptions and say things because they’re idiots and can’t handle this concept, we’ll stick together. We’ll show them that a group like this can work, without any complexity. We’re friends. That’s it.”

So, why did things change, and how?

Now, you can know. This is where it all started. This is how each of them fell in love with you.


Interlude: Intra-Hearts

Most of these parts are between 10,000-12,000 words long (158,000-ish words long in total). This is the main story.

You grew up with them. You’ve known them all for years. Those beautiful boys, the ones everyone adore, are yours. Sealed in a friendship you all swore into, you are a part of their family, and they are a part of yours.

You’ve all been secure for a long time. But now, everything changes,

You promised to never love them as more than friends, to only ever see them in an innocent light. You made an oath to yourself to never do that, to only ever be their friend, but now it’s all falling apart. The network of security that’s held you together all through your life is collapsing beneath you. Most people can only love once at any one time.

Your heart has finally been unlocked, and the love it holds for the nine most important people in your life has been unleashed. They’re changing, and so are you.

Will you let yourself love them, and will they love you in return?


Epilogue: Intraunion

Most of the chapters of this story are between 10,000 and 13,000 words long, with the exception of the final two, which are 16,000 words long each (The total word count is 171,000). This is the epilogue to Intra-Hearts.

To prevent confusion considering my use of the British meaning of college, the reader, suitors and all other characters their age are 17/18.

Note: I try to limit if not avoid entirely the use of original characters where possible in my writing, but sometimes I feel it necessary to use characters and give them presence, and so I also tend to cross-reference them in different stories. As such, for those who have read “Castle”, you might remember Xander and Tobias from that. I’m using them again here (apologies! I really felt like I needed them here again.), but simply in terms of their personalities etc.

Their history in “Castle” is different to what it is in this story, and so I warn you not to try to apply the likes of their mother in “Castle” to the universe in which this story is set. Thank you!

You never thought it was possible to love so many, but life proved you wrong.

You fought through the hardships of youth with them. You emerged from the edge of death with them, have learnt and come to understand humanity with them. You’ve all realised that humans are not simple, that love is not easy. You’ve accepted who you are, and have allowed yourself to love them after all this time.

Amidst the joy of having them close at long last, something is coming. A threat looms over all of you, lurking in the darkness around the light your love emits. Only time stands between you and inevitable danger.

College is rough, but this is something else. You’ve protected them for a long time. Now, they must protect you, or lose you entirely, no matter how much it hurts. Can your relationship with them endure through, or will it crumble under the pressure?

Your union must fight on, or else will it surrender to this unforgiving world and fall apart, taking each and every one of you with it.

  1. Part I | Morning | Love
  2. Part II | Reveal
  3. Part III | Threat
  4. Part IV | Preparation
  5. Part V | Escalation
  6. Part VI | Invitation
  7. Part VII | Noon | Future
  8. Part VIII | Family
  9. Part IX | Breach
  10. Part X | Soulmates
  11. Part XI | Resolutions
  12. Part XII | Recognition
  13. Part XIII | Vow
  14. Part XIV | Night | Final | Intraunion 


Masterlist Page Link

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Neighbour Boy

Request: your theme is so cute D: can i please request a fluffy fluff fluff fluff neighbor!vernon au D:

A/N: I hope this is fluffy enough for you! Also, sorry if your name is the same as the friend’s, I picked two at random. 

“Hey, Y/N, that neighbour boy is looking over.” your friend, Sofia, said, as she peered out your bedroom window. Your other friend, Dawn instantly dropped her books and ran to the window next to Sofia. You stood up on the spot, allowing you to see your neighbour, Vernon. He was sat at his desk and had frozen like deer in headlights at the sight of being caught by your friends. He then shoved his nose into his textbook, causing Dawn and Sofia to giggle.

“Leave him alone.” you said quietly, hoping they didn’t see your cheeks blush. You had been living next door to Vernon for over ten years now, and whilst the two of you played together a great deal as young kids, the older you two got, the more shy you both became, until it was reduced to simply catching each other’s eyes through the window, smiling when either one of you felt brave enough.

“Do you like him?” Dawn asked, longing out the ‘i’ in ‘like’ far too much for your liking. You just shrugged her off, going back to your History textbook.

“During the last months of his life, Lenin was well aware of the rivalry-” you began, but was cut off short by Dawn.

“Lenin isn’t important right now.” she spoke over you. “What is important is Neighbour Boy.” Dawn then looked to Sofia, who had a smirk plastered across her face. “What say we take a little trip to visit him?” she suggested, and before you could object, you were being pulled to your feet and dragged out your room and down the stairs, pleads being ignored by your friends.

The three of you made your way outside, and over to Vernon’s house next door. “Guys, is this really necessary?” you asked, as you climbed up the porch behind Sofia and Dawn.

“Yes!” the two of them said in unison, before Dawn pressed the bell to the house. You felt your stomach drop, and you only wanted the ground to swallow you up, as you heard footsteps climb down the stairs and over to the door.

Vernon opened the door with a confused look on his face. He went to open his mouth to speak, “Hi, I’m Sofia, I’m a friend of Y/N. We were just upstairs discussing the party my friend Dawn here is throwing next week, and we’d love for you to come.”

Dawn nodded, “Yeah, we could do with more cute boys.” As you stood a few paces away from your friends, you felt your face go bright red, and couldn’t help but notice Vernon’s doing the same when you looked up briefly to see him nod slowly.

“Great! You can go with Y/N. Saves you getting lost.” Sofia smiled, clapping her hands together. “See you then!” And with that the door shut and you struggled to find your words, as you turned into a stammering mess. “No need to thank us. Now, let’s get started with the party planning.”


It had been a week since Sofia and Dawn had invited Vernon to their party, and before you knew it, you had been dragged into the planning process. You barely had a moment alone, with Dawn or Sofia forcing you to stay at Dawn’s house to help with the preparations until as late as possible to make sure you couldn’t uninvite Vernon. When the night of the party arrived, you woke up in a nervous mess. You didn’t know what to wear, what you were even going to talk to Vernon about. You just hoped you’d be able to steal one or two drinks to give you some courage.

The rest of the day passed by in a haze, and the next thing you knew it was time to get ready. After a shower, you stood in front of your wardrobe, waiting for a dress of yours to step out and say “wear me!”, and was only drawn away when your phone alerted you to a text from Dawn that read wear THE red dress! You always look AMAZING in red. See you tonight ;).

You knew exactly what dress she meant. It was a cute dress that ended about half-way up the thigh that was fitted around the chest, with a loose skirt. The back was what caught the eye; red string that criss-crossed at the top and tied in a loose bow at the bottom. It was a dress you had been pushed into buying by Dawn, and never had the courage to wear. “Well, it’s now or never.” you sighed, as you began to get ready.

When you were done, you threw a jacket on to keep you warm and peered out the window. From your room, you could see Vernon’s desk and bed, where Vernon was currently sat, staring at the floor and tapping his leg furiously. It was easy to see how nervous he was, causing you to smile.

As if he knew you were there, he looked up and over at you, standing up as he breathed in, nodded and left his room. A minute or two later, you heard your doorbell ring, and your mum calling you to let you know Vernon was at the door. You took a deep breath in, breathed out and made your way downstairs, grabbing your bag as you went.

You quickly said goodbye to your mum before she could ask any questions, and walked out the door, continuing down the path and onto the pavement, heading in the direction of Dawn’s house. It didn’t take long for Vernon to catch up to you. You both continued at a slow pace in silence as you got to the end of the road, where Vernon stopped a few steps away from the curb.

“Y/N, can I be honest?” he said, causing you to stop. You nodded, signalling him to continue. “I’m not really comfortable going to the party.”

“Oh.” you started, understanding why he might not want to go, however, you couldn’t deny there was a part of you that wanted him there, even if it would take you hours to find the courage to talk to him.

“Do you want to maybe see a movie instead?” he asked, taking you off guard. Your mouth fell open in surprise, and you weren’t quite sure what to say. Your silence must of made a part of him panic, as he quickly added, “I-it’s just that, you look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, and I’d hate to see it go to waste if we turn back now.”

You smiled to yourself, then stepped forward, taking Vernon’s hand in yours. “A move sounds like a lot of fun.” Vernon laced his fingers through yours, and pulled you closer as you made your way down the road towards the bus stop, and you felt your nerves begin to melt away.


(a fic commission for @littlegumshoe thanks a lot!)
(commission post will be up soon, meanwhile feel free to inquire!)

i. The words sear painfully on your skin. Nothing new, the pain dulled at this point. It’s a detail of the story that draws your attention. “Hands touched before the light of dawn. When the sea was emerald green.” The light of dawn.

ii. They’re shipping metal and glass across the sea. No way to keep a secret from you, not when walking between your side-streets.

iii. A woman living in your spires has eyes the color of amber and burns across her face. You have seen that before, but not here. Only in the spaces between the stars. When she whispers against your skin she says she has sailed west. She has seen the Sun, the Sun, the Sun… There is no sailing west. There is no sunlight under the Earth.

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Dawn Lyen & Rutina Wesley Interview on Sway In The Morning Part 1 (Link to Part 2)


T. Walking Dead → Simon x OFC.
Prompt List | Masterlist

A/N: my first time writing a simon fic, so apologies if it seems a little ooc. it was so warm last night it was hard to get to sleep so i wrote this instead, haha! heavily inspired by @purplemuse89​‘s “Y for Yes”.

          “Simon. Simon, are you awake?” Dawn’s voice was barely above a whisper within the hot darkness, a thin sheen of sweat layered over her tanned skin. The summer heat had become unbearable—even for her—and it had startled her awake in the early hours of the morning. A quiet snore was the woman’s reply and she released the breath she was holding through her nostrils, like a dragon expelling smoke. Even the invisible plume was hot against her forearms, and curls of chestnut draped over narrow shoulders as she rose from Simon’s chest, his bare skin clammy enough that she couldn’t bear the contact any longer.

          She shed the thin blanket that clothed her and stumbled in the darkness, her eyes still adjusting to its chokehold as her hand slid between the curtains, shaggy and grey and barely pinned to the window frame. A slit of silver cut over Dawn’s face and down between her naked breasts as the moonlight pooled through the opening. The world was mostly silent through the open window, beyond the gargled clamour of captive walkers and the echoes of chattering between the guards stationed throughout the Sanctuary. But there was no breeze to whistle in her ears or kiss her cheeks. No cool air to make her nipples bud in delight. Just a heavy hotness that was relentless in the starlit night.

          It was then that Dawn realised the steady rhythm of muffled snores had ceased and she turned her head to see Simon watching her, his elbows on his thighs and legs hanging over the edge of the stained mattress, the ashen blanket the only thing covering what lay between his legs.

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