One and the Dawn of Reality by Ed Cheverton

A4. 14pages. 3 colour risograph printed by @ottopress

“In an invisible rift, between all known and unknown sciences and laws of physical space, lies the Spectrum. A dimension in a constant chaotic flux, home to an infinite number of cultures and species. The Spectral Pilot, champion of honour and newly anointed spiritual messiah to the Spectral Guard, journeys to the Guild Archive of the Astral Watch in search of knowledge. However, he discovers much more than he expected….

One and the Dawn of Reality chronicles the birth of existence and the origin of the Spectrum.”

Really pleased to show the cover and couple of pages from One and the Dawn of Reality, which is being released by the brilliant @ottopress​ at ELCAF this June. This is the first Spectrum comic I’ve made, although it’s not the first in the Saga of The Spectral Pilot and Earth mother but more an origin of the creation of The Spectrum itself.

Is there a day or two or sequence from that film that you will always remember when you think back on the making of the film?

Amy Adams: I’m going to go with the bathtub scene. I’m just kidding. Just trying to lighten it up. That was actually horrible trying to protect my modesty and unflattering garment while the demigod stood above me. I had lost self esteem for two weeks after that. It’s true. I’m hideous.

Henry Cavill: She’s not and wasn’t.

Amy Adams: I had so much fun on this film and I love working with Henry so much. Coming back to that relationship in a richer way was really awesome. There’s a moment in the third act that became one of my favorite moments. It’s a quiet moment between two women. As an actress, I like quiet moments.

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