To Kanan Jarrus: 

I’m sure by now you are wondering where your daughter is. I understand you must be worried sick, but not to fear! Your little girl is safe with me. Yes, I picked her up for you, since you seem to have trouble…ahem…keeping an eye on her. 

I’m afraid I’m not one for very small younglings, so I’m going to make you a deal. Bring me my apprentice Ezra Bridger, and I will gladly give your precious little daughter back, completely unharmed and unscathed. 

In the meantime, we will be watching the fireworks from the tallest tower of the castle until you arrive. 

Best Regards,
Darth Maul.

P.S. I confess, she was terrified of me at first, but when I took her for a ride on Sleipnir, she enjoyed herself immensely…perhaps more visits with Uncle Maul are in order?