I don’t know if I’m the only person whose older brother has done this but we have a joke agreement that I’m going to marry his best friend so they can be brothers

And don’t you dare tell me that’s not something Matt and Shiro probably did????

Matt going up to shiro and saying “hey listen I wanna be #brosforlife so you’re gonna marry my sister, Katie, cool?” And shiro just saying yeah sure whatever bc katie is his younger sister by years and it’s a joke so who cares.

And pidge knows about it too, she’s young and has really only briefly met shiro once or twice but whatever you say Matt.

Years later on the ship Pidge remembers but doesn’t want to say anything bc oh shit shiros hot and she’s just the dorky younger sister and Shiro probably forgot all about that

And one day Shiro comes up and says “hey pidge, is the wedding still on?”


The Chronicles of Narnia Series

So seeing as it was my birthay and @alice-c-anna (@aslansblessings) yesterday, it only seemed right to dedicate my latest Narnia edit to her. Hope you like the edit and that your birthday turned out awesome because you certainly deserved it!

Okay but like, that prank alone costed a couple hundred (at least) to plan and set up. Honestly if Josh’s parents actually monitored Josh’s spendings, the whole prank would have never happened.

Also, way did the credit card company not freeze his accounts cause like. He bought a fake body and two adult pigs. Wtf is josh buying that that wouldn’t raise any red flags?

If there is anything about 2016 that deserves my praise, it’s that I would like to thank the fine people at Warner Brothers Studios for allowing the re-ignition of major flames in my fangirly life that Marvel first started in 2003. I love these men of mine. 😘😘😘

Reading the text data points and emails that people were sending to each other in Horizon Zero Dawn is hilarious sometimes. That Travis Tate dude was fucking wild lol. And Margo was worried people wouldn’t take her seriously because of her Valley girl voice and demeanor but Elisabet was telling her how smart she is and that people will take her seriously. Plus I love how diverse this game is. Samina Ebadji was a Muslim woman and head of the Apollo system construction in GAIA which would give future humans the knowledge of our world. AWESOME! And at the beginning I remember an audio log from a woman talking about loving another woman which YESSS!

Horizon: Zero Dawn SPOILER FREE

For those of you who don’t own a PS4…


Horizon: Zero Dawn is way more than I expected it to be and a MUST HAVE for any gamer that enjoys an open world exploration, action and awesome writing (both for the characters, main and otherwise and the game overall).  

I think the main game can be finished much faster than how I played it (I’m a bit of a weirdo about completing every quest and prefer the scenic route over fast-traveling) but it definitely pays to do all the quests (reasonably placed and numbered I might add *shoots a glare at DA:I).  Aloy is a fantastic and refreshing protagonist (not just because she’s a woman, but because of how she handles certain situations, her curiosity and ambition, physical strength and maturity etc).

If Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed and the Witcher 3 are on your shelves, this one should be there too.

Next stop - Mass Effect Andromeda!