I think Elisabeth Sobeck is rather interesting figure in Zero Dawn. She is shown to be this brilliant scientist who solved a lot of problems, so indeed she has earned easily all of that praise. She is determined to create Zero Dawn to the bitter end, and as you read stuff and watch holo-vids about her, you get the impression of a never tiring, never faltering leader, who slaves away to complete the project. 

But that is no the only side of Sobeck. Near the end of the game and after it, you get the access to his journals, and they reveal that she was, very nervous about everything. When she breaks the news to the rest of her crew that they have to keep working on GAIA, and that they can`t enter the safe bunkers, she is about to throw up. When she gets back to her office after that she breaks down in tears. 

I was bit shocked at first after reading those entries. The videos and previous things made her as a never stopping, never wavering leader, but the journals revealed that Sobeck too was very humane person. She was afraid too, afraid to die, afraid that the project would not be finished.

I guess Sobeck had to steel and showcase herself as this unfaltering leader. If she had showed doubts, I think it might have affected the groups morale.     

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can you share abt your experience with hzd? how far are you in the main quest? which level are you? did you freak out when first dicovering the 1st creatures (i just noped the fuck out of there at first lol)? i just love the game so much (sure there are some things that need improvement but for a 1st game it's rly good).

IF YOU CAN TELL I rather enjoyed this game.  Just a little. 

Wolf symbology


Wolf of the north - Aedion ashryver

Rolfe - the name has origins that mean wolf.

Ansel - has a wolf as the symbol of her family.

Fenrys and conall - the black and white wolf of donarelle- they shape shift. Plus their names also have connections to wolves.


Any more???

I feel like Aelin is finding any wolf she can to sic them on Maeve/ Erawan.


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