The Chronicles of Narnia Series

So seeing as it was my birthay and @alice-c-anna (@aslansblessings) yesterday, it only seemed right to dedicate my latest Narnia edit to her. Hope you like the edit and that your birthday turned out awesome because you certainly deserved it!

So I have a lot of feelings about Jess and Mike and I’m kinda sad they’re so underrated ?

It was pretty obvious to me at the beginning that they were a new couple and that their feelings were all new too, so I just feel that what happened after strengthened their bond and love for each other a lot.

Jessica was pulled off by some sort of creature, in the middle in the night, on a desert mountain. She must have been terrorized. She called Mike to rescue her but I feel like it was desperate and that she didn’t really think he would come. She was so scared she fainted at some point. And when she opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was Mike. Jess’s love for Mike must have grown so much at this moment. She didn’t think he would come, and yet, there he is. He’s probably putting his life in danger for her. “He came for her”. That must have touched Jessica so deeply.
That is not something everyone would do.

And Mike, oh gosh. Mike thought he lost her. Forever. He thought she was dead. We had the proof of how much this was hurting him by how he acted with Josh. He was so angry he pointed a gun at him.

And I think that all of those events also changed them.
Especially Jess, because of how fragile she actually is inside. I feel like, after the lodge thing, she changed a lot, way more than the others. She totally lost that “bitchy” side of her, let her insecurities out way more and became a sweet and gentle person.
And I think that Mike became really protective over her. He lost her once, there’s no way he would let her go a second time.

Their bond is so special and beautiful, there’s no way they could develop such a strong bond with anyone else.

Okay, Mike x Jess rant over.

Yona of the Dawn Volume 3 Releases December 6

Since I almost forgot (because December just kinda creeped up on us here), I figured other people might have as well. So this is a reminder that Yona of the Dawn Volume 3 comes out this coming week! Release: December 6, 2016. 



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people be like ‘ashley wants you to shoot her but if you try to she lets chris die lmao what a hypocrite’

people are forgetting that it’s the sum of your choices that matters most. if you point the gun at chris first she starts screaming for him to change his mind to kill her instead. if you then point the gun at ashley she doesn’t hold it against him.

her saying to kill her so he can live is brave. but to have chris just automatically go ‘alright bye’ and point the gun at her makes ashley second guess the kind of person that chris is. he goes from this sweet guy who saved her once already to someone who would gladly shoot her if his own life was at risk. it makes her think that he’d willingly cut her out of his life to save his own skin. so of course later on, when he comes running up to the cabin and it’s his life in her hands, all she’s going to remember is staring into the muzzle of a pistol. would you let that person inside?

there’s an old adage that says actions speak louder than words. the moment chris turns that gun on her without flinching, all of what they just said becomes white noise. it just becomes that gesture of the boy that she genuinely loves looking at her down the barrel of a gun, ready to pull the trigger.