Aloy is a babe (seriously after she fell off the cliff and woke up without all her armor and equipment on I was like DAMN THAT BOD) and she’s so badass and complex. Also I swear it’s not just wishful thinking because obviously I want all the queer ladies BUT DOES ANYONE ELSE GET LADY-LOVING VIBES FROM HER?!

PS totally agree with @dishonoronyourtauntaun that this is kinda like Grounders: The Video Game.

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can you share abt your experience with hzd? how far are you in the main quest? which level are you? did you freak out when first dicovering the 1st creatures (i just noped the fuck out of there at first lol)? i just love the game so much (sure there are some things that need improvement but for a 1st game it's rly good).

IF YOU CAN TELL I rather enjoyed this game.  Just a little. 

Been wanting to ramble about Fire Emblem 9 and 10 at length for a while. Dunno how interesting it’ll be, but I’ll give it a shot. Spoiler warnings for both games

I got both of them the respective years they came out, so that’s 2005 for PoR and 2007 for RD. Holy shit that was a long time ago. At the time, I hated the former but loved the latter. FE9 was, for a long time, my least-favorite game of the series, while FE10 is still my second favorite, after 7.

FE9 bothered me in a lot of ways when I was younger. The music felt half-hearted (aside from the Black Knight’s theme), the animations were stiff, something about the character portraits looked… weird to me (they still do to a degree, but I still can’t quite pinpoint why), the gameplay felt ponderous, and even back then, I felt like the game was padded to hell. Also, for some reason, I didn’t like a lot of the characters, though on reflection I’m not sure why. I remember liking Lethe enough for her to be a constant most of the game, I apparently liked Jill and Nephenee well enough. But I also thinking Ike was pretty “eh” at best, I thought Elincia was annoying, and for a lot of the rest it wasn’t until later that I looked at them and thought “man these characters rule.” Think it’s safe to say my not liking the characters much severely dampened any appreciation I could glean from the story, though.

FE10 was such a vast improvement when I played. Skills were reusable. The animations were better. Battles progressed a lot more smoothly. Character art was better. The music was fantastic. The main character was a mage! That was something I had been hoping would happen for a few games, so Micaiah being a magic-focused “lord” was awesome to me. Still is, actually. I like Micaiah, but I’m apparently in the minority. The story kicked ass, too. It was the first time I had been exposed to an “Order vs Chaos” conflict (which probably partly explains how I got hooked into playing the mainline SMT games for the first time), and I thought Yune turning out to not to be evil was great.

It’s been over a decade, now. FE9′s grown a lot on me. I still have some beef with it, particularly with how long and padded out it is. There are several points in the game where any enthusiasm I could have just comes to a dead halt, and I have to force myself through it. Chapters 14-17 are probably the biggest offenders here, with 22 and 23 being close seconds, and I’m not even sure why chapter 25 exists.

All in all, though, as a gameplay experience, I put it about on par with FE6–not terrible, but compared to the sequel they’re pretty dull. Though what makes FE9 good, and what FE6 is lacking in, is the story and worldbuilding.

A recent epiphany I had somewhat recently is that, while the “old school” Fire Emblem games has some great characters, they also had some boring and flat ones, too. But that’s OK, because unlike what Awakening and Fates would have you believe, the strength in Fire Emblem games isn’t the characters themselves, but the settings. A lot of FE games have great worldbuilding to them (though again, it’s very weak in 6; 7 more than makes up for it), and FE9 is a very solid example of it.

I never really got good chances to discuss the series at length with many people before recent years, so I never personally encountered this myself, but I get the feeling that there’s a portion of people who say FE9 and FE10 just boil down to “racism is bad” and that’s about it. But after the things I’ve learned reading from and listening to marginalized people on here, Twitter, and college, I gotta say, there’s quite a bit that this game does really well with racism and prejudice. It’s eerie how close to home some of the dialogue is at points.

That said, I’ll acknowledge that there are almost certainly plenty of flaws with how FE9 and 10 deal with racism, prejudice, and marginalization–one thing that sticks out to me is that the Serenes arc is wrapped up way too easily, but I’m certain there’s other stuff–but it does better than a lot of the stuff I’ve seen. Some examples that spring to mind… (screencaps of game dialogue courtesy of the Path of Radiance Let’s Play on lparchive dot org; highlights mine)

Honestly, I feel like FE9 exceeds FE10′s story in a lot of ways, which is kind of disappointing since it’s pretty dang clear that the story was all planned out from day 1. But perhaps they bit off more than they could chew with FE10. It, too, is a very long game, and while it doesn’t necessarily feel padded in the same way FE9′s campaign is, I get the feeling that the whole thing was a big juggling act between keeping everything moving forward, while not giving too much away too soon, but still managing to resolve the story before running out of time or going over budget. 

The second and third points are what really hold it back, in my mind. I think there should have been more hints that Sanaki has an older sister and that the apostle’s family has heron ancestry, because once those hints start trickling in, it’s so late in the game that they seem to be asspulls. I frankly doubt they were though, I just think that they wanted it to be a grand revelation but didn’t want the audience to figure it out before the big reveal… but they couldn’t just end the game and not mention it.

The resolution to Naesala’s arc is another victim of this–it lacks any catharsis beyond Naesala’s boss dialogue with Lekain, and you’re not given any guarantee that you’ll see it. It would have been amazing to see someone like Tibarn or Reyson come to grasp what Naesala and Kilvas had to go through.. but we don’t. Likely because there wasn’t any time left.

Anyway, this is all very long and meandering, so I guess I’ll end it here. I was gonna compare Ike and Micaiah a bit more, and a list of things I could tweak about Radiant Dawn, but I can do those some other time. Soon I expect I’ll start replaying Radiant Dawn, first time I’ll be at it since my very first playthrough… it’s a long story.

That’s all for now, I hope this was interesting to somebody.

last night i had a dream where i found a super good eruri fic on ao3 but for some reason throughout the entirety of the last chapter every other word was strikethroughed and there was no explanation as to why. then when i sent the author a message on their tumblr asking why it was like that they yelled at me and made a callout post and blocked me.

that was the dream.

I JUST FINISHED OITNB AND IM CRYING WHAT THE FUCK HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT A YEAR????????? listen when they separated flaca and maritza i burst into tears fuck fukcfdklfg and that ending was terrible .