Because when I fall into a fandom, I fall into it hard - and there’s precious little UD merchandise.

I’m not afraid of showing these guys off now that I know Chris and Ashley have safely made their way across the Atlantic to @chaoticaddict. I began them in late November and have been working on them on and off since. Considering I had no previous experience whatsoever of making felt dolls, I’m really pleased with how they turned out! 

They are all 8″ tall and made almost entirely of felt (except Josh’s shirt which is actual shirt material. It frays, annoyingly). Their hair is darning wool. Ashley’s bust was made using (I kid you not) small pompoms, hidden by her top.

I didn’t start Josh properly until Chris and Ashley had departed for America, but I felt I could experiment a little more with him, so I strengthened his limbs and neck with pipecleaners while I was stuffing him, and slimmed down his face. I wasn’t sure what to do with his hair, as it’s not very clear in-game whether it’s straight or curly. It even seems to have grown an inch or two once he takes the mask off. I looked at lots of fanart but no one else seems to be quite sure either. Eventually I settled for curls because it makes him more distinct from the others, and it’s closer to Rami. >8D

I’m really proud of his face. The fact that it had to be flat meant that obviously I couldn’t copy Rami’s amazing chin, but I think I’ve got the right intensity in his eyes. I don’t know quite how I did that, but I had some great reference images of both Josh in-game and Rami, which really helped.

The only other one of this set that I may make is Sam, but I’m so tired after completing Josh that I figured I’d have a rest. It’s just so nice to finally be able to give him his much-needed hugs.