dawn zulueta


Yes! Finally, Emily and Marco is back from lala land! After they got together, the tension had lessen. I mean, okay they were sweet when they got together but the  tension and excitement somehow had quite faded because there was no longer the chase. They were the happy-content type of couple that can get dull eventually. But now, I am happy that Emily and Marco had gone back to THAT ground where normal couples go to a shaky ground. 

It’s not that I want them to go into a shaky-to-the-point-of-breaking-up-ground but rather at least something that could test/challenge their relationship. As a fan, I’ll be looking forward to see how they would make up every time they argue, how they would handle disagreements and compromises. I think it will be exciting and thrilling. :) Hold on to your buckles, Emily and Marco shippers. :D //endrant ~ lol.


OH. MY. GOD! ako na. ako na ang 200% ang tili sa fan sign na ‘to! grabe, these two never fail to make me go kilig all the time. i repeat, ALL THE TIME.

And mama Dawn even wrote 'MAMA’ for her siggy. iiiiiiiihh!!!! love na love niya talaga kami. ♥

tawa ako ng sobra sa flip vid nila. lalo na sa “We know what you’re writing!”. hahaha! nakonsensiya naman ako bigla. para sa sarili ko at mga kasama ko sa chardawn thread. =))))

pero keri lang, sa kaadikan naming yaon kaya’t mayroon kaming fan sign na gaito ngayon.

grabe, i’m beaming with pride. I’M A PROUD CHARDAWN PEXER! ♥

mas lalo pakong mag iingay sa pex from now on! hahaha!

Oh what a bliss! My awesome fellow theater junkies and I watched Atlantis Production’s “A Little Night Music” with the gorgeous Dawn Zulueta playing the role of Desiree Armfeldt. Wonderful show! I became an instant fan. Dawn left me in complete awe. Of course we all know how amazing a film actress she is, but I never thought she’d be spectacular on stage, too. Her rendition of “Send in the Clowns” is just magical. The other cast members (which includes Nonie Buencamino, Jay Valencia Glorioso, Cris Villonco, Felix Rivera, Jake Macapagal, and Jenny Jamora) were really good as well. The show is definitely a must-see. I have to give my props to its director, Bobby Garcia, too, for giving us yet another wonderful show. 

“A Little Night Music” runs until 30th of October. Don’t miss it!