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Dialing my delusional level down to 1% because it’s impossible for me to actually turn it off…

So, Beth Greene got shot in the head and from a medical standpoint it probably wouldn’t have killed her instantly, because of where the bullet entered and exited, so realistically she should have lingered at least for the few minutes it takes to bleed out, from… I dunno, a cavernous hemangioma?

But, whatever. She died instantly, because the plot demanded it and the bullet changed direction in mid-air, because the plot demanded it

So, Beth. Really dead. 99% sure.

As a fan, I demand an explanation because WTF of all WTFs.

But I don’t deserve an explanation, as I’m just a stupid Beth fan and true good, shiny fans of TWD never question TPTB or point out the flaws of the show, they just eat whatever they are fed without discernment.

There are some people though, who I think do deserve an explanation and that also happens to be the people responsible. If they don’t know why this is a good idea themselves, then it’s probably not a good idea.

Right? How’s that for logic?

And yes, I am aware that they offered explanations, but these limited responses are decidedly weakass.

So, since we don’t actually know who’s idea this was (Kirkman blamed this tipo but how often does Kirkman lie to/gaslight his fans? A lot, is the answer) I’m going to try and put on some different TPTB hats and explore their deal. Because each one of them would’ve had to have been talked into it, by themselves, or by someone else.

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Vinyl Stop Part 2


Hello my dears.  I’m sorry for not posting this sooner, just been kind of dealing with that thing called “the real world.”  Anyways, here is part 2 of the Vinyl Stop series.  I realized after editing this, I didn’t include the cat part of this that much, but I have plans to include him a lot more in the next part, sorry, there was a foundation I needed to set for it to work out the way I plan it to.  Anywhos,

Masterpost Here for Other Parts and Other Fics

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- Well, we have - we have similar jobs in a way. I wear a uniform, you wear, uh – I suppose you could call that a uniform.

Vinyl Stop

Hi Everyone!  I have no idea if anyone remembers but I saw this picture of a cat like laying in a record shop and I wanted to write a fic about it and well I started to.  Don’t know how many parts it will be but hey, let’s see where this goes shall we?  Also, Runaways Part 7 is under way and being written, whooo me!  Also I didn’t really edit this, so just be aware of that. lol

The lovely ladies asking to be tagged:

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So apparently, Scott Gimple has had Beth’s death planned out since season 4… I’m sitting here laughing. I’m a very positive person that always has hope when some shit goes down with my OTPs and that hope keeps me going and I’ve noticed things get better with that hope, so I’m just laughing at this bullshit.

If he had her death planned out since season 4, then what was the point of all the character development? She went from a character who was in the background, used as a prop basically, to a badass character in half a season and then just as her story is starting, she’s gone. We were constantly told we would love where her story is going, but her story has stopped before it even began, which makes me think, her story isn’t over. 

Tell me I’m in denial, whatever, I don’t care, I am always one of those people in the fandoms who looks at everything and finds something good out of it. 

I’m going to believe for a very long time that this is Carol’s dream, that when she was hit by the car, she dreamed everything and in the finale will wake up to see Beth watching her and in season 6 it starts over at the hospital to have a real ending that isn’t 100% OOC. 

The truth is, Beth wouldn’t have put herself or her family in danger like that, she wouldn’t have let Noah go either, she’s smarter than stabbing Dawn in her vest, that’s very OOC. That’s the first thing that made me think something wasn’t right about her death. Another thing was Rick, normally they would be very stealthy and slit throats and rescue them, not have some trade-off, also it’s very OOC of him to turn around and just say “No, he’s going home.” he would’ve just left her because the other people there wouldn’t have stopped them from just leaving. Also Daryl, if he did all that to rescue Beth then I think he would’ve at least given her a hug, not a pat on the back. 

This doesn’t seem right at all, they haven’t started filming season 6 yet, so maybe EK doesn’t know yet and maybe all this anger from over half of their fans will make them change their minds about killing her off because everyone - even people who don’t watch the show - know that she shouldn’t have gone.


Another thing, how did Carol go from completely unconscious to walking just fine in just a few hours? I thought she had internal bleeding. The whole episode has no explanation, it makes no sense, just the whole episode is complete crap that it has to be a sick, twisted joke.

"I get it now"

I didn’t quite get that line until now… But in order for Noah to leave, Beth HAD to die…
There’s no way Rick and the others wouldve let Beth stay… So in order for Noah to be able to leave, she had to die.
Beth stabbed Dawn in the vest, and in reaction got a bullet…
If we had to lose her, this was the perfect way. People are saying she died for shock value, you’re absolutely wrong. It JUSTIFIED her character to no end. She gave her life for someone else. And THAT is who Beth was. What a Greene way to go.

Least she’s with Hershel now..