dawn of the second day

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ok. ok so. imagine Mike realizing he's in love with his best friend since forever. the same one who he was thick as thieves w in middle school & even tho they're both busy in high school, make sure to find time to hang out. the same bff who he made silly little yarn friendship bracelets with as like a 7 year old, THE SAME ONE WHO GOT HIM A WOLF PLUSHIE AS A BDAY GIFT ONE YEAR, & he's at a loss bc. oh god. where did his confidence go how does he deal hOLD ME

*dj khaled voice* youre smart, youre loyal, youre grateful, i appreciate that. 


i just– all your examples a re so cute and beautiful im

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I ended up doodling Yona today. Because YONA~<3

HZD Platinum!

I got my platinum trophy in Horizon: Zero Dawn the other day! Will be starting a second playthrough soon to get more cool screenshots of characters and such. I’m still going to be keeping up on doing my daily HZD screenshots posts. And also trying to keep it spoiler free for some time to give people a chance to experience this amazing game themselves! Anything I think is a bit spoiler-ish i won’t post for a while.

Our party is meeting with the leader of a large gang preparing for war inside of a prison. We skipped over some crypts to the East and plan on going back for the possibility of loot.

DM: “We will prepare our defenses for 2 days and then war will be at our walls.”
Mage: “Tonight we rest. Tomorrow we head to the crypts in search of reinforcements to assist us in turning the tide of battle.”
Cleric: “Look to our coming on the first light of the second day. At dawn, look to the East.”
DM ooc: …Are you going to sound the Horn of Helm Hammerhand one last time too?
Cleric ooc: …Maybe.


It was late in the afternoon when a very flustered Jubilee appeared in the Observatory, stumbling as she exited the swirling vortex of sparks and snow. She wobbled a little, blinking furiously as she tried to reorient herself before seeking out Copernicus to let him know she had returned. Honestly, if she had thought it would take her all morning to go home and prepare for the day, she would have left him a note or something. As it was, she attempted to will the redness from her cheeks as she went off in search of the Gremlin.