dawn of hope

I want something more...

I want the wallpaper of my life to be waterfalls and daffodils, not papers stacked high around me.

I want to stretch my legs across every continent, not spend my days sitting in a spinning chair.

I want to learn about cultures by meeting their people, hearing their music, and tasting their foods, not by Google searching places I’d rather be.

I want to see how dawn and dusk grace every landscape, not be trapped in bumper to bumper stressing about being a few minutes late.

I want to live an extraordinary life filled with adventures and experiences, not waste my life in this awful rat race.

Raven Queen Moments

Thanks to @shalizeh7 for the art!

cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?                                                                                               Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

Thank you to Andrew C., Dan R., David T., Fletch, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, @melissamelrita, @mrsgoodreaver, Olivia A., and Rosie-lostbetweenthepages for their help compiling this list!

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