dawn of a golden sun


All the music from this game is lit as fuck. It really is a shame that no one talks about the Golden Sun series, and that Dark Dawn didn’t get its (obviously planned, but that’s another post) sequel.

No, seriously, you emerge from [Massive Spoilers Dungeon], suddenly these creatures are everywhere and holy shit are they for tons stronger than all the random encounter creatures before, and [Massive Spoilers City] where you’re fighting them is still considered an urban area by the game so your psynergy is regenerating really slowly (and also you’re using more of it, because you can’t just hit these things with weapons for one or two party turns and expect it to go well until much later in the game), and you get into your first random encounter of the end of Act II, and this plays. It’s the only random encounter theme in a triple meter—12/8, to be precise—which is a fucking clue to just how bad you’ve fucked up the universe at this point in the game, and the descant just pinwheels its way up and down the scale, as if the spider-things you’re facing are crawling all over you. I love this theme.


Golden Sun Remix: Forest’s Requiem

I hope I am not the only one who knows of the Golden Sun games. I have played Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as well as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This game series is a very good one and I wish Camelot would make another installation for it. Golden Sun was my very first GBA game and I have loved the games ever since~

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: if they weren't sure about the status of a fourth golden sun game, why did dark dawn ask so many questions? how did alex survive the golden sun event and his encounter with the wise one? and what the hell has he been up to since? who are the tuaparang? who is the high empyror? what is the umbra clan? what are their motives? where did isaac and garet go? who let garet grow that bad dad mustache? was that big psynergy vortex at the end the mourning moon? where is felix? where's piers? did piers hook up with mia's daughter? WHY DID CAMELOT MAKE THE FIRST PART OF A STORY THAT THEY WEREN'T SURE THERE WOULD BE A SECOND PART TO?