dawn lighting

hey, welcome to my new fic! it’s set to be a few chapters long and will incorporate a few lil things i’ve been wanting to write about. so! 

An Indecisive Relationship (With the Truth) 
Summary: Two weeks away from home, two unanswered messages, and two very big misunderstandings. Aren’t summer vacations supposed to be relaxing? 

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some of my fav cast tweets from 2.10    [all episodes]



Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.


33890 by Clive Nichols
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Jace: I can save Simon.

Clary: It doesn’t work like that. He’s my boyfriend.

Jace: Our boyfriend

Clary: What?

Jace: What?


Jace: *whispers* my boyfriend