dawn kelly


Titans Go!

With the casting news of Garfield Logan/Beast Boy on the Live-Action Titans series being announced, we finally have our complete team! Again, I’m not sure what to think about the casting choices – mainly because I haven’t seen most of these actors – well act, so I’m keeping an open mind and hope for the best.

Cast/Team Members:

  • Brenton Thwaites as Richard John “Dick” Grayson/Nightwing
  • Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Anna Diop as Koriand’r/Starfire
  • Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger/Dove
  • Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
  • Alan Ritchson as Henry “Hank” Hall/Hawk

Guarding the sky is a three-woman job. 


Official records show that the Battle of Circinius IV, which resulted in the glassing of the planet and the annihilation of the entire population save for three cadets of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science, took place in the year 2526. Kelly-087 and Fred-104, along with the rest of the SPARTAN-II candidates, were born in 2511, making them fifteen years old at the time.

  • Kurt: What’s wrong with you, Dude?
  • Ram: Kurt..I..I think I’m pregnant!
  • Kurt: What? You can’t be pregnant you’re a boy.
  • Ram: But I’m nauseous and hungry and tired all the time.
  • Kurt: You are NOT pregnant! You’re a drunk on a hangover!
  • Ram: Whoa! I think I felt it kick!
  • Kurt: You’re Not…….!!! Oh why do I even bother with you?