dawn greene


Phew! Finally got all the four dragons done for the modern au! Shin-ah’s tattoo goes around his throat (since I couldn’t find a way to make it look nice on his face lol). I imagine modern au Shin-ah would spend his time looking after stray animals and making sure the neighborhood kids are okay. He’s got a big heart, the sweetie. He is my precious child

Hope everybody likes these four guys! 

~ Starr


More Superman/Wonder Woman #31

We have been sharing these pages from Superman/Wonder Woman #30 and #31. These issues were never released singly but put in the Superman Savage Dawn trade ( out now) and will be in the Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 5 Savage End in December.  It’s written by Brian Buccellato. 

If you want to catch up.





What is great about these issues is we find out stuff to questions we had. 

eg. Diana did find out that Bruce wanted Clark to be the one to take her down should she go rogue. Clark told her. I always wondered about that and am so glad to know he told her.  And she knew that there was no other choice really. This is part of why we loved new 52 Clark and Diana. They both knew and understood their responsibilities to the world. This love had real sacrifice to it. And that tanker toss! 

“I threw it.”  New 52 Diana was a beast! As she said it comes with the territory fighting alongside  Superman. 

We will post more later.