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DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 14: Capri Virkkunen
Born: February 28th, 1972 (Finland)

Bands/Projects: Solo (1997 – present); Amberian Dawn (2013 – present)

Capri’s first memory of singing in front of an audience was when she was only three years old.
As a teenager, she started to play piano but also concentrated on both classical singing and rock singing.
In the late 2000s, she took part in qualifications for the Finnish entries for Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions.
Capri works as a vocal coach in Tampere Workers’ Theatre and Musiikkiteatteri Palatsi.
In 2013, she portrayed the role of Frida Lyngstad of the band ABBA in a stage musical about the group.


“Jack acquired his Siren catalyst a long time ago. He kept her hidden from the world for years, but finally – you will be able to set her free ”

Ahh I’m so happy to finally debut my Angel cosplay!!!!

Photography by: @deaddigitalprince
Makeup by: @sass-master-kyoko
Top made by: Purifiedarachnid
Tights made by: bahamut dawn creations
Chest/back piece and hair clips made by: me !

Greek Mythology: Gaia (Gaea)

The greek goddess of the earth. She was one of the primoridal elemental deities (protogenoi) born at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the great mother of all creation–the heavenly gods were descended from her through her union with Ouranos (Uranus) (Sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontos (Sea), the Gigantes (Giants) from her mating with Tartaros (the Pit), and mortal creatures born directly from her earthy flesh.

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Edmund x Reader: Afraid

Prompt/ask: (Requested via message) Can you write something involving ed set in vodt? Where the reader is afraid of storms and he brings her to his cabin to comfort her? and kisses? thx!

Word count: 760

Warnings: none

Setting: VDT

The rain outside had become heavier with each passing minute, the storm almost consuming the Dawn Treader. You could nearly feel the entire weight of the boat move with you as you stood up and violently pushed your sheets back from where you previously lay.

Each step you took from your small bed seemed to be weighing you down, as if your socks were flooded from the rain outside. You just needed a breath of fresh air, away from the violent noises.

 As you closed the door to your cabin chambers and stepped into the window-less hall separating the rooms, you felt a surge of relief overwhelming you. Without another look around at the dark corridor below deck, you let your eyelids fall shut and your body sink to the floor.

“Everything alright?” 

Immediately, your eyes opened and your gaze turned to the gentle face of Edmund Pevensie. “Oh, uh, sorry.”

 “Sorry for…?” Edmund inquired softly. 

“Bothering you?” You offered, a bit timidly. 

“No no, I was just, uh-” He paused, “Actually, I don’t quite know.” 

The two of you remained in silence for a moment, you looking up at him from the floor. A crack of thunder broke the silence, its impact hitting the boat like a rush of water. You jumped involuntarily. 

Edmund shot you a look of concern as he took a step towards you.

“If you’d like, we could go to my cabin,” Edmund suggested, almost in a whisper as he knelt down a little. “Just so you-oh dammit.” 

He stopped mid-sentence, looking oddly flustered. “I’m just now realizing how this sounds.”

You chuckled softly in response, although your smile faded instantly as yet another wave of thunder hit you with a bang. You raised your eyebrows slightly.

“Uh, could we actually? Go to your cabin? I don’t, uh…really want to sleep in my own bed tonight.”

Edmund nodded without hesitation, kneeling down a little more so you could take his hand. 

“Of course, not like-well, you know. I won’t be spending the night...” You stammered, trailing off as you got to your feet. You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks as you stood up to meet Edmund at eye-level. You opened your mouth to speak again, the warmth of Edmund’s hand in yours.

“I just-”

“It’s alright.” Edmund said with a small, reassuring smile. “Come.”

 His cabin was only a couple doors down from yours, and as he opened it, you immediately felt safe. 

There was nothing different about this room compared to your own shabby one below deck, but something about it made you feel as if you had been homesick for it your entire life. Perhaps it was because it belonged to Edmund-although, seeing as you barely knew the man, you doubted that this was the case. 

“Thanks.” You said softly as he shut the door behind him. You stood awkwardly for a moment, suddenly becoming aware of how flimsy your nightdress was against your bare skin. 

“So, uh-”

 “Oh, do forgive me! Please, sit.” Edmund said hastily, guiding you to the small bed in the darkened room. “Make yourself as comfortable as possible, okay? I can get you some water if-” 

“That won’t be necessary Edmund, I’m fine.” You retorted, almost defensively-though you didn’t mean for it to sound that way. Even in the dark, you could tell Edmund was raising a skeptical eyebrow. 

He sat beside you tentatively, remaining silent for a moment as the rain continued to pound against the glass in the small window. 

“I’ve always been afraid of storms.” You muttered, more to yourself than to Edmund. The latter’s gaze snapped back to you, his eyes questioning you to elaborate. 

“Well, I’ve always hated the violence in rain. It’s like an ongoing war you see, each drop…racing for safety.” 

Edmund nodded, not breaking eye contact. 

“And it’s, I mean,” You continued, leaning back a little on the tiny bed, “Not…pleasant.”

To your surprise, Edmund chuckled faintly. “Well, if it was-as you say-pleasant, I don’t think you’d be sitting on my bed right now.” 

You groaned in mock-irration, a small smile forming on your features. “At least something has come out of this storm.” 

“Oh?” Edmund said with great amusement, standing up now. “And what exactly?”

 “Well, to begin with” You muttered, raising yourself from the bed with deliberate slowness, “I can confirm something.” Edmund raised an eyebrow. “What would you want to-”

 And then you were kissing. And, all of a sudden, the rain died out. All that mattered was Edmund.

Thank Aslan for the storm.

Edmund x Reader: Hidden kisses

Prompt/ask: Hey can I ask for a Edmund x reader where you are Caspian’s twin sister and they fall for each other but Caspian doesn’t like it

Word count: 642

Warnings: None

Setting: VDT

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! I hope you like it regardless.

The air on the Dawn Treader was clear and chilly. You remembered feeling the same breeze on the back of your neck in your distant, murky days spent in Telmar-although those winds were much less extraordinary. 

You inhaled sharply, breathing in the crystal draft surrounding you. The Narnian sea was exceptionally lovely at night. It seemed to dance before you, each wave rippling in the most magical and captivating way, forcing you into a trance of its beauty. 

“You alright?” A voice inquired tenderly from beside you. 

You clearly didn’t seem to notice when Edmund came up to join you on the deck; most of the crew had already gone to bed. 

Edmund always seemed to be there-not that you were complaining. The boy had something about him that captured your interest almost instantly, something that welcomed your presence. Maybe it was those questioning eyes, that messy hair, that soft-spoken tone…or maybe it was just Edmund. You had only just met the young King, and yet you felt as if you had known him for an eternity.

You nodded slowly, averting your gaze from the waters to Edmund’s soft brown eyes, hidden mostly by the dark.

“I just needed some air.” You said, barely moving your lips as you did so. Edmund nodded, seemingly in understanding. He leaned over the edge of the deck, looking out into the vast water-mass you had just been admiring. 

“Lovely, isn’t it?” He suggested thoughtfully. You remained silent, watching him.
“Did you have oceans like this in Telmar? Well, I suppose, Narnia.” He let out a small, nervous laugh. “Uh-you and Caspian grew up together in Telmar however, am I correct? Before you, I mean-” Edmund murmured, fumbling over his words a little.

You chuckled, playing with a strand of loose hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Edmund, I only knew my brother for a mere month of my childhood before we were separated.” You said casually, pausing to lean back away from the side of the deck. “We had the chance to reconnect about a week before the Dawn Treader set sail, actually.” 

Edmund nodded, breathing in. The two of you remained silent for a moment, taking in the feeling of the swaying ship and the increasingly chilly air.

“Oh, look!” Edmund announced suddenly, breaking the silence. In the dark, you could make out the form of him gesturing towards the sky.


Sure enough, as you glanced towards the heavens, you could see a blanket of constellations. It was nothing like you had ever seen before-never in your entire life. 

They weren’t very luminous-you had to look directly up at the sky to catch their light-but they were magnificent. Paintings of centaurs and lions filled the canvas of the sky, showering the stars from each constellation below into your stunned eyes. 

“…wow.” Was all you could muster, so astounded by the images before you. 

“Aren’t they wonderful?” Edmund asked softly. 

You felt him move closer to you, his breathing pace increasing ever-so-slightly. His breath was so close to your neck you could feel the heat radiating off of your skin. 



Edmund paused, his fingertips brushing against your waist and his lips grazing across your ear. 

“Can I kiss you?” He muttered in what was almost a low growl. 

“Edmund! What in Holy Aslan are you doing to my sister?”

Edmund flinched, releasing you immediately and facing Caspian with a dumbfounded expression. 

Caspian, who was glaring at Edmund in utter disgust, was standing in the small threshold where the steps leading to the cabins were. He appeared to be holding what looked to be a wooden cup.

“Caspian-” You started, almost close to laughter. Before you could finish, the cup was flying past your ear and into Edmund’s face.

It seemed like you would have to find some more creative kissing spots.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the show will ever set up a situation where the Winchesters have to choose between Castiel and Mary? I saw the post you made about Cas and the fives and there was a call back to season 6 mentioned where things spiral outta control if ONE thing is disturbing the balance and that immediately made me think of Mary. Like. She isn't supposed to be alive and all of her actions are causing things to happen that probably wouldn't have happened, y'know? I don't think she's gonna be in s13.

Yeah… I mean that was Billie’s whole deal with the Winchesters in the first place. Even back in s11. They upset the cosmic order themselves, but they earned themselves a mulligan by repairing the cosmic order in a fundamental way that had been broken since the dawn of creation.

But then Mary came back…


Billie tried to take her back to Heaven several times.

But there are two ways the show could go with this, and because of the way the season is structured, it’s unclear yet which way they’re taking things.

I don’t think it will come down to a situation where they’re stood up in front of Cas and Mary and told now choose

but what do I know?

Honestly, I think Mary would make the exact same move she did in 12.09, volunteering herself in Cas’s place.

There’s so much we don’t know yet though, and seriously, my LEAST favorite thing is speculation, so I’ll just leave it at this for now.

  • Blizzard: We're bringing Illidan back for a redemption arc!
  • Me: Oh, yay! He can reevaluate his past decisions and make a vow to be a better person while still fighting with every ounce of his being to defend Azeroth from the Legion. We'll get to see him grow as a person and prove that it's never too late to try to make amends!
  • Blizzard: He was predestined to be the Chosen Hero of the Light since the dawn of creation.
  • Me: Er...
  • Blizzard: Also his golden eyes are a sign of his special status.
  • Me: But what about the irony of his special eyes being the reason he felt entitled to a perfect life, and how the pursuit of that kind of power led to his eyes being seared out by Sargeras? Only to find out years later that golden eyes are actually a sign of great potential as a druid, if only he had had the patience and dedication to follow that path?
  • Blizzard: Chosen one. Desssssstiny.
  • Me: How can a redemption mean anything if the character doesn't learn from his mistakes and make a conscious decision to be a better person?
  • Blizzard: The naaru just love him to pieces.
  • Me: There's a naaru right outside the Black Temple when you go there to do the level 70 raid. They were fine with curbstomping him then.
  • Blizzard: Do you want Illidan back or not?
  • Me: I do.
  • Blizzard: Then take your Destined Champion of the Cosmos and like it.
  • Me: (meekly) Okay.

fyeahmyths’  thank god(s) it’s summer week!

day 6: god/goddess of nature >> GAIA  (greek)

GAIA (or Gaea) was the Protogenos (primeval divinity) of earth, one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation, along with air, sea and sky. She herself supported the sea and moutains upon her breast. Gaia was depicted as a buxom, matronly woman, half risen from the earth in Greek vase painting. She was portrayed as inseperable from her native element. In mosaic art, Gaia appears as a full-figured, reclining woman, often clothed in green, and sometimes accompanied by grain spirits–the Karpoi.

Edmund x reader: Thousands of years

Anonymous said: Hey could you write a story where Edmund and the reader (from earth) Have met before in Narnia and they meet again when she floats up to the Dawn Treader? He can dive down to meet her or something! Thanks! I just found your blog and I love it!!

~Taadaaaaa! Here you are! I loved writing this one💜~

Sometimes, Edmund would dream about her. He’d dream about the way her hand felt in his, about how sweet her hair smelled when he hugged her, about her lovely eyes that he was sure could shine forever.

But Edmund knew he could never see her again. He knew that the chance of meeting Y/n in Narnia once more was close to nothing. When you fall in love with someone who you met in a magical land, you are not always destined to see them when you return home. But Edmund still had an inkling of hope that his wife, from many years ago, would return to him.

“Beautiful weather today Edmund, is it not?” Edmund was severed from his thoughts by Lucy’s voice. “Oh, yeah…” He trailed off, staring into the sea. There was a lovely glint of gold shining through the royal blue waves.

Edmund opened his mouth to speak, looking over at Lucy, but closed it again. She wouldn’t understand. He and Y/n had been separated for so long, too long. He just hoped she would-

“Help! Someone help me!”

Edmund snapped his head over to look at the sea again. He adjusted his eyes. There, in the water, attempting to get the crew’s attention, was Y/n. “No…” He said under his breath, refusing to believe what he had seen. It couldn’t be. “By Aslan!” He said, much louder now, rushing over to the side of the Dawn Treader in astonishment. “Y/n!”

Without a second thought, without any supplies or rafts, Edmund dived into the cold and murky sea. Once his head was above water, he saw her up close. She was beautiful even when her entire body was drenched. “You’re…” He said, breathing heavily as he put his arm around her torso in order to help her up with him. 

“Edmund.” She said, a look of pure shock on her face as she looked him in the eye.

 “Hey! Ed!” Edmund broke their gaze to look up at the ship. Caspian was lowering the lift for him. Edmund gave him an appreciative nod as he grabbed the rope, grinning at Y/n. “Here. I’ll help you up.” He pulled the lift down further so she could step on it without it falling. He stepped on after her, holding onto the rope as the crew members pulled them up. “I can’t believe it’s you.”

 Y/n smiled, gratefully accepting the blanket Drinian offered her. She turned to Edmund. “I-I’ve missed you.” she said quietly, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders. Edmund laughed awkwardly, not knowing what to say to a girl he hadn’t seen in over 2,000 years. “Me too. I’ve actually-” Lucy suddenly ran over to Y/n, tackling her with hugs and blocking his view of her. “Y/n! It’s you! You’re here! So much has happened since I’ve seen you, I have to tell you everything.” Y/n laughed and grinned at Lucy, hugging the ecstatic girl back.

 Caspian chuckled, approaching the three of them. “Lu, i think it’ll have to wait.” He said, looking at Edmund knowingly. “These two clearly have some catching up to do.” He smiled at Y/n. “I’m Caspian.” Y/n smiled back as warmly as she could for someone who had just risen out of the water. “Y/n. At least,” she looked at Edmund, “That’s who I was in our world.” 

Caspian looked taken aback. “Queen Y/n?” The girl frowned slightly, nodding her head. “You know who I am?” Edmund let out a small laugh. “Everyone knows who you are.” He gazed into her eyes again. They were bright and beautiful, just like he remembered. Caspian and Lucy looked at each other, slowly backing away from the two teenagers.

 They were alone on their side of the deck now. Edmund let out a relieved sigh and immediately wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” He said, voice muffled in her hair. “I do. I’ve felt the same way.” Y/n pulled away, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

 “I think Aslan called me here.” She said thoughtfully, resting her head on his chest. Edmund shook his head. “My dearest love, it pains me to tell you he didn’t.” Y/n raised her head, searching his face for an explanation. “Why else would I be here?” Edmund leaned in so his lips were an inch from hers.

 “I wanted you back. I called you, Y/n.” And with those words, he kissed her for the first time in what felt like thousands of years. Well, because it had been thousands of years.