dawn collection


Ariel as Wonder Woman.

I ended up buying two Wonder Woman dolls and I’m using one for a project so I decided to remove her outfit (which is pretty much impossible to put back unless you use glue) and decided to put it on Ariel for some pics. It doesn’t really fit but with some tricks for the pictures it looks great!!!

concept: we go frolic in the forest at dawn and collect pretty leaves until our baskets are bursting with an autumn colors

Until Dawn Collectible: Hannah’s Diary - Secret Page

—October 29th, 2013—

“I really think Josh is doing better now that he’s out of the hospital. I saw him today and he seemed better. He’s pretty upbeat, but he talked like he’s been doing therapy for such a long time. I guess I didn’t know. Mom and Dad never let on. Funny how you can not even know your own brother. I kinda need a good cry thinking about how lonely he must feel.”

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 11: Movie

I have a few book to movie adaptations but these are the prettiest :)

The footsteps are wet. Desire is wet.
Is going step by step—
the ash trail is wicked. The thicket wept.

Must be quieted—the vast space between the—there.
These tittied deities—Our Orishas—
how they seized what they did not know.

Every element is bare. Like ruptured mouths—
who could not say—who uttered—who died not pronouncing.
From Benin to this fractured exile.

                                          I am in this fist.
                                          I am a witness in exile.

Our old. Two settlers. Claiming Land. The collective hum.
A distant Lord Missy. And this huge hand reaches beneath the skin.
Want is______________. I am hot inside the bone.

Believe this exit.                                    Take. Take. Take

— Dawn Lundy Martin, from “The Morning Hour”