jazzy-j-wolf  asked:

Hey Yam, I'm just wondering cause I only discovered you when you posted undertale art, what where you into before Undertale? It's just been on my mind lately and won't seem to go away. PS, your art is super awesome!

Hey Jazzy! Dawh no no it’s ok, it’s really nice of you to ask! 
I’ve always been into a lot of things, the oldest would be Zelda, Pokémon, Avatar the Last Airbender, Tales of Symphonia, Soul Eater, Okami and the Akatsuki from Naruto. 
The recent ones (like since around a few months or year or two ago) are Over the Garden Wall, Hunter X Hunter, Splatoon, Red VS Blue, Hyrule Warriors, Life is Strange, Steven Universe, Inside, LISA and (of course) Undertale. I do make original art and I would like to share it someday on a side blog but for now things are still a little too busy. 

It’s true that Undertale really helped me to get recognition and accomplish some things I would have never thought of, I really do looove that game and still do, but I do miss the time when it was quieter because now I have to deal very often with art thieves, rude people and other problems that really demotivates you to keep sharing art or at least Undertale art. 

Ahh but thank you so much dear, I can’t thank enough everyone who likes my art! I’ll keep going, never give up! 

orkachii  asked:

I think you are a beautiful human being who deserves so much love and hugs. You, to me, have a wonderful personality and make me smile everyday. I hope you live a fulfilled and joyful life, full of good fortune. Thank you for being around (*´∀`*)

dawh.. i do love hugs (:

i wouldn’t really say much to my personality; not really the best :U

–but it’s great to know that you’re smiling :D

twentyonepanickingsivans  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass on to 10 faves💫

(Dawh thank you, you’re too sweet <3 )

1. I’m pretty tall (compared to my (online) frens lawl), 180cm / 5′11.

2. I have blue eyes.

3. I live in The Netherlands, and tbh, I wouldn’t want to live somewhere else.

4. I call myself emo, but I don’t ‘dress/look like the stereotype’, like people often say to me. (my music makes me emo alright, and I’m emotional af).  My music taste is your face great, if I can say so myself, and no it’s not all emo okay (only 60% is I think).

5. I have brown (long) hair, and often wish I dyed it in a cool color (like purple, or something), but I’m too afraid to do it.

6. I think I’m kind to others; at least I keep my respects to them.

7. My birthday is on 19 April; I’ll turn 18 then, eeek.

8. I have lots of hobbies (drawing, writing, playing the violin, creating stuff, dancing, sleep, watching vids etc.); but tbh, I’m not that good in it xD

9. For some reason I have lots of friends? I don’t know why or how. Most of them are really cool peeps, they’re too kind to me.

10. I suck at school (stuff) and often look like I’m about to cry when I’m there, lawl. (Idk why, but I get teary eyed when I walk through the halls)(I’m in my exam year btw)